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Ep. 12 (w/ Esteban Xound , Jon Swan &$umKindaToken) - The Sweety Treaty Show

With Wacey mysteriously missing again, Michael and DJ Levi hang out in the booth with Esteban Xound and many time returning guests $umKindaToken and Jon Swan. This week's episode is filled with firsts and bests. Debut of Jon Swan's new ep, a new single from Token, the first MC GoodMedicine track ever played on the show, and the absolute cleanest and slickest sounding Dojo we've had so far (mostly Nick is proud of that one). Esteband Xound: -IG @esteban_xound -Youtube...


Ep. 11 (w/ ZHE The Free & Tawnya Plain Eagle) - The Sweety Treaty Show

We've mentioned the infamous freestyle club before, but now meet the one who made it. In this week's episode Wacey and Michael talk to ZHE the creator of Freestyle club, they spit some of the hottest freestyles we've had on the show so far and check out some of her original music. They also hang out with journalist and documentian Tawnya Plain Eagle, even getting to hear a sneak peak of her newest project! ZHE The Free: -Soundcloud -IG @zhethefree Tawnya...


Ep. 10 (w/ DJ BLKFT & Blackfoot Boy) - The Sweety Treaty Show

This week Michael and Wacey talk to DJ BLKFT (Aistai Papom) and Blackfoot Boy (Racey Big Snake). Two childhood friends turned DJs about their story and check out some of their music including a freestyle to DJ BLKFT's first original ever Hip Hop beat in one of our best freestyle's ever. Freestyle Beat SIK: BLKFT: -SIK -Soundcloud Blackfoot Boy: Hau5 Time Is Anytime:...


Ep. 9 (w/ Troo Knot & JoePlant64) - The Sweaty Treaty Show

This week on the show we have JoePlant64 (Joe Plant) and Troo Knot (Brayden Lyster) as our special guests. This week we try to keep it a bit shorter but still go for an hour and a half having everything from goofy jokes to super deep conversations. Joe Plant: -IG -Youtube Troo Knot: -Bandcamp -Fb -IG...


Ep. 8 (w/ Sinzere & Ryan Willert)

In this episode the boys talk to Rapper Sinzere and artist Ryan Willert about everything from their pasts, to music to history to what they're up to now, and have some laughs along the way. Few Losses Music Video: Sinzere: -Soundcloud -Twitter -Facebook -IG @sinzereofficial -Spotify


Ep. 7 (w/ DJ Levi) - The Sweety Treaty Show

In this episode Michael and Wacey phoned in from British Columbia have a chat with our very own DJ Levi. They talk about music, hip hop and Levi's own music production. They do a freestyle of one of DJ Levi's beats, and Michael does a live rendition of a song he wrote that week. Just Watch: Our Social Media: -IG @thesweetytreaty -Twitter @thesweetytreaty Michael (aka GoodMedicine) -IG @michaeldanielbroadfoot Wacey -IG @tasty_wacey DJ Levi:...


Ep. 6 (w/ Cartel Madras) - The Sweety Treaty Show

This week we have Calgary Hip Hop group Cartel Madras to talk about the how the group came together, crazy stories and listen to some of their music. They also have one of our best freestyle sessions yet. Cartel Madras: -Tickets to Private Show: -Trapistan EP: -IG @cartel.madras -Twitter @CartelMadras -Pork and Leek: -Red Notice:...


Ep. 5.5 WACEY'S BACK!!! - The Sweety Treaty Show

Big beautiful boy Wacey makes triumphant return to the show after his month of adventure off the grid. He and Michael talk about crazy stories from his trip and reconnect in this mini episode. They also both take a try at a custom made beat "Throne" by our own DJ Levi. Throne: Our Social Media: -IG @thesweetytreaty -Twitter @thesweetytreaty Michael (aka GoodMedicine) -IG @michaeldanielbroadfoot Wacey -IG @tasty_wacey The Sweety Treaty Show is...


Ep. 3 (w/ Trevor Solway, Telly James & Jimmy) - The Sweety Treaty Show

On this week's episode of Michael and Wacey talk to Trevor Solway, Telley James and Jimmy about their recent experience of making a movie. They talk about the project, acting, artistic expression and much more. As always they get up to a little freestyling and for the first time on air Wacey jumps in and drops some bars. Links: Trevor Solway Twitter: @TrevorSolwayENT Inst: @trevorthecreator Telly James Twitter: @TellyJames Inst: @Telly4Real Jimmy (Pending) NAPI Film Collective Film Festival...


Ep. 2 (w/ Yung Papi Bonito) - The Sweety Treaty Show

This week The Sweety Treaty Show is joined by @kashmoneykream (AKA Yung Papi Bonito) who released an mixtape exactly one week before recording! We listen to his music and the meanings behind them, and have the rapper freestyle for us live! Conversation about resistance, art and vulnerability riddle this week's episode! Catch Yung Papi Bonito’s Mixtape: The Sweety Treaty Show is produced within the traditional territory of Treaty 7,...


Ep. 1 - The Sweety Treaty Show

On the first official episode of The Sweety Treaty Show, Follow @tasty_wacey, @michaelbroadfoot and "DJ Nick" as they learn about the MRU MEG Science Summer camp with both past and present co-ordinators. Special guests join us @lynzibenz and @walkstheearth to talk about the Camp, Calgary Stampede, and the Skoden Water tower in Sudbury, Ontario! The Sweety Treaty Show is produced within the traditional territory of Treaty 7, which is the lands of The Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksika, Kainai &...