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These Are The Songs That Are On The Soundtracks Of Our Lives This Is My Jam is a weekly podcast that asks interesting people about the important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important.

These Are The Songs That Are On The Soundtracks Of Our Lives This Is My Jam is a weekly podcast that asks interesting people about the important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important.
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These Are The Songs That Are On The Soundtracks Of Our Lives This Is My Jam is a weekly podcast that asks interesting people about the important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important.






Local Man Ruins Everything – Ross Penning – Episode #51

Ross is a man who’s making his place in this world. He’s not waiting around for someone to offer him to what he wants… He’s going out there and creating what he wants. Album download:


Closing in – Aaron Stone – Episode #50

It’s the best to hear what people love… to see the twinkle in someone’s eyes. This episode is all about that. It’s all about Aaron Stone’s love of Imogen Heap. Aaron talks about his love of Imogen Heap and how they/she has affected Aaron’s music. Aaron is the lead singer and driving force behind the amazing […]


Emotion Sickness – Nickolas Blazina – Episode #49

It seems to be rare to find someone that seems to be on the same wave length. It seemed like Nickolas and I connected in our love for music… It’s cool to talk to someone who loves and appreciates music with all their heart. It’s that passion for music is what This Is My Jam […]


Writing On the Walls – Madelyn Munsell – Episode #49

Madelyn Munsell is a fierce, talented and yet sweet woman. She has overcome a situation that might have stopped her from being who she is. Maddy is studying to be opera singer AND the lead singer of the amazing band Mocklove. Look out for Mocklove. Support Mocklove… they have everything to become the next big thing. […]


Smells Like Teen Spirit – Paul Olson – Episode #47

Paul Olson is a hard working dude. He’s a dedicated father and husband. He’s also the front man of the great band “the Suit”. Paul talks about the song that changed his life and started his lifelong trajectory. Paul knows first hand of the impact of music… both what it has done for him and […]


Introducing Palace Players – Trevor Bartlett – Episode #46

Trevor Bartlett is a super talented guy. He’s always had bands that were great… not just great but they were great hangs as well. Trevor plays in the band Author which is a super cool band you all should check out. The jam Trevor picked today wasn’t one of nostalgia but actually, one that affected the […]


Black Honey – Anthony Jones(the Push) – Episode #45

Anthony Jones is typically a man of few words. So when he gets into his struggles with his personal demons it says a lot. Anthony has always been a rad dude to hang around. You really should check out his radical band as well. @antjonez @thepushrocks


Light After Darkness – Chris Beland – Episode #44

Chris Beland tells his story of his amazing journey. From finding out who his real father is to donating a kidney. Chris was a great guy to talk to. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation as well.


Garden – Colin Harvey – Episode #43

Colin was a great guest. It’s fun to have conversations with honest people. This Conversation was highly spiritual. But again, it’s honest about the situation Colin is in. I enjoyed the conversation and I hope you also enjoy it.


Paid In Full (Seven Minutes of Madness) – Joe Kolfage – Episode #42

30 years ago this song came out. It wasn’t just cutting edge it was influential. It changed how hip hop was made. At the same time, it influenced a youth kid. That kid was named Joe Kolfage. Joe took that song and created his own music. It’s been 30 years and Joe is still creating […]


Chad Paramore Sr. – Reject – Episode #41

I met Chad while he was playing in the band Messengers. He was/is a guy who loves music. In facted, he’s stoked on it. The song that Chad picked is from a pioneering band called Living Sacrifice. They started something that became huge… they created a genre. Chad is may not be playing in his […]


The Ascent of Stan – Greg Lindholm(The Suit) – Episode #40

Greg is an amazing guy. He’s talented and a excellent guy to hang with. Greg has his own studio, The Warming House. He’s always a great guys to talk about music. Keep an eye on what he’s doing… and I highly suggest that when you see The Suit playing a show you go see them. […]


The Cave Of Rebirth – Igor Efimov – Episode #39

I’m not going to lie, I was intimidated by this conversation. Partly, because I didn’t know Igor… but mainly because when I first heard the song I was like “I have no clue what to say about this song”… and anyone who picks a song like this has to be above my pay grade. But […]


Lithium – Josh Christienson – Episode #38

Josh is a long time listener and supporter. He’s the senior pastor of the Imagine church in Otsego MN. Josh talks about his time in college and his search for who he is. Follow him on… Twitter: ImagineChurchMN Instagram: ImagineChurchMN Facebook: ImagineChurchMN


My Name Is Jonas – Nate Washburn – Episode #37

It’s like it was meant to be… Or pure coincidence. Either way, there are the songs that have changed our lives. Some times they send you on a journey of a life time… It all started with one song. Nate, is one of those people. If it weren’t for the Weezer Blue album he probably […]


Trial By Fire – Leroy Hamp(War Of Ages) – Episode #34

Yes, this it THEE Leroy Hamp of the mighty War Of Ages. I got a chance to talk to Leroy Hamp about his beginnings in Erie, PA. We also talked about War Of Ages new album Alpha. You’ll be able to hear one of their best songs on the new album. Leroy talked about how […]


A More Perfect Union – Cj DaFoe – Episode #32

Music can be inspired by all kinds of things. Love, hate and boring old things we all learned in social studies class. I guess it’s changes things when it’s accompanied with some kick ass punk rock. We tried something different with this episode. We decided to record at our local Tap Room… The Foxhole If you […]


Helena(So Long & Goodnight) – Jim Hughes – Episode #32

Jim Hughes is a really great guy and he’s super talented. He has been able to make music his life’s work… it has taken him around the world. If it weren’t for Jim finding this jam, who knows if he would have found the life he’s living. Check out what Jim is doing, it’s worth […]


Astro Zombies – Mitch Konieczny – Episode #31

We all have our stories of life change. Most music fans can pin point a time when they found “the song”. Mitch’s story is different from mine, but it makes prefect sense considering the times. Sometimes it’s a big brother, sometimes it’s a movie and today it’s video games. It really doesn’t matter what it […]


Sugarcoated Poison Apple – Steve Nylin(Motion City Church) – Episode #30

Steve is the pastor of Motion City Church in Minneapolis. Steve didn’t always want to be a pastor… He once wanted to be a play punk rock. Steve discovered one super important band… that band was MxPx. It gave him experiences, friends and memories for a lifetime. Twitter & Instagram: @MotionCityMN Twitter & […]


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