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These Are The Songs That Are On The Soundtracks Of Our Lives This Is My Jam is a weekly podcast that asks interesting people about the important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important.

These Are The Songs That Are On The Soundtracks Of Our Lives This Is My Jam is a weekly podcast that asks interesting people about the important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important.
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These Are The Songs That Are On The Soundtracks Of Our Lives This Is My Jam is a weekly podcast that asks interesting people about the important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important.






All That You Have Is Your Soul – Jesse Dvorak – Episode #74

Jesse and I go way back. And as long as I’ve known him he’s been pushing to do something creative. When I heard Jesse was in L.A. I knew what he was up too… I knew he was making films and working on his art. As we find out, chasing after your dreams are never […]


This Charming Man – Tyler Mallet(Distance Here) – Episode #73

Tyler Mallet is one of the good guys. Tyler is a barber, plays bass in the band Distance Here and absolutly loves The Smiths. We talks about a lot of things… we even address depression. Distance Here Spotify Bands mentioned: Protomartyr Cold Cave _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our […]


Complicated End times – Shane Riley – Episode #72

Shane Riley is the drummer of the band Tigerwine. He talks about how great their summer has been. Talking points of this conversation: Tigerwine: “Where the dream of the 90’s is still alive” “We get to do this..” “playing with a smile on our faces” “more IS less”. Shane is a great guy and he […]


Bloodwork – Christian Holliday(Gaffer Project) – Episode #71

Christian is a fascinating guy to talk to. He plays drums in the two-piece doom rock band Gaffer Project. Here are a few things you can look forward to hearing about. Heavy Metal conversion, living in a van, Living Sacrifice, saved by a homeless man named Charlie, fears… we all have them. @GafferProject […]


Into the Wayside Part I/Sick – Grant Whiteoak(Heart To Gold) – Episode #70

I’m pretty confident that this is a first for podcasting history… Somebody better call Guinness Book. Anyway, Grant WhiteOak is this week’s guest. He’s the guitarist and vocalist of the amazing punk band Heart To Gold. We talk about creativity in heavy music. Grant shares the story of how his band got the name Heart To […]


Perfect Situation – Justin Hieb(Weathered) – Episode #69

Justin Hieb of the band Weathered has an interesting story. Very few people have a similar one… But most of us can relate to the feeling of living in an uncomfortable and painful situation. Weathered’s brand new album Stranger Here is all about Justin’s past and struggle. It’s a beautiful album. Weathered signed to Facedown […]


Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Roddie Gadeberg(Niiice) – Episode #68

Roddie Gadeberg is a thoughtful and nice person. He’s also the guitarist and singer of the punk band Niiice. Roddie has a very interesting take on a VERY popular song. Twitter: niiiceband ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact...


Our Father – Steve Reishus(Taking The Head Of Goliath) – Episode #67

This was a very candid and honest conversation. It’s not every day you can talk to a man like Steve. This is a contrast of episodes. Steve plays in a death metal band… but his jam isn’t death metal, it’s a worship song.


A Favor House Atlantic – Brandon Buttner – Episode #66

Brandon is up to some really cool stuff. I first met him playing noisy music where kids would jump around too. Now, Brandon is working with the likes of Leona Lewis and Pitt Bull. He’s come a long way in the right direction. If you’d like to hear what he’s been working on the Youtube […]


Every New Day – Jason Wisdom(Death Therapy) – Episode #65

Who would have thought a metal guy talks about a ska song? Jason Wisdom is the bass player and vocalist of the band Death Therapy. Death Therapy is on Solid State Records. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer...


Drown – Hunter Babcock(Wolf Skin) – Episode #64

Hunter Babcock is the lead vocalist of the band Wolf Skin. Hunter talked about his favorite band Bring Me The Horizon and how they’ve inspired him. He’s young and hopeful. Wolf Skin is one of those up and coming bands. They have the makings of a band that could go someplace. @HunnaBabs Twitter: Instagram: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]


Over It – Josh Gilbert(Household) – Episode #63

Josh Gilbert talked about the nuances of Relient K, touring while being an introvert, changing his style of singing and his favorite song from his band’s newest album. Josh is a very thoughtful and sweet man. For me, Household is one of my new favorite bands. I’m stoked that these guys have good things happening for them. […]


Stare At The Sun – Laura McElroy(Comrades) – Episode #62

Laura is in the band Comrades. Laura is a great person who loves what she’s doing. It’s awesome to see where they are at today and know where they came from. This episode, we talk about Thrice(I give a much-needed confession), we talk about Laura’s solo music and the beauty of touring. Comrades are one of […]


23 – Hunter Puhr(Rounding Third) – Episode #61

Another guest who’s jam is a Jimmy Eat World song. This is one of my favorite conversations I’ve had in a long time. I think it was Hunter’s passion that got me. I didn’t know Hunter before this conversation, but I’m pretty sure Hunter brings excitement and passion where ever he goes. @rounding3rdmw […]


All Consuming Fire – Elijah Shoffner(Deathbreaker) – Episode #60

Elijah talks about growing up all over the country… and Germany. How his older brother changed the direction of his life. Elijah plays in the Facedown Records band Deathbreaker. Deathbreaker is a rad band and you really should check them out. Elijah’s twitter Elijah’s facebook Elijah’s Instagram Deathbreaker’s facebook Deathbreaker’s Instagram DeathBreaker’s Facedown page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]


Ain’t No Grave – Jeremy Schaeffer(Earth Groans) – Episode #59

I met Jeremy Schaeffer a long time ago… He was a great guy then and still is. Jeremy Schaeffer is the frontman of the Solid States Records band Earth Groans. Jeremy’s jam is Ain’t No Grave by Johnny Cash… anyone who picks a Johnny Cash as their jam will always give us common ground. Http:// Http:// […]


Sweetness – Ryan Menghini – Episode #58

Ryan is in LA trying his hardest to live out his dreams… even if it may be lonely at times. Ryan is one of the many super talented who was a part of the music scene that passed through the First Street Warehouse and the Minnesota independent music scene. Ryan was in the bands Blank […]


Forgive and Forget – Dave Owens(NamesWithoutNumbers) – Episode #57

Dave Owens is one of the founding members of the awesome band Names Without Numbers. They are back again making some really great music again. This conversation was really fun. I’m really excited for you to hear this episode… and to hear Names Without Numbers new music. I’ve messed with the format a little on […]


A Single Tear – David Marshall – Episode #56

David Marshall is the lead singer of the band Snakehound. This episode we talked about star wars, fan theories, being dads and husbands, good music, an outrageously underrated band and Home Alone 3. Snakehound released a brand new song and it’s called Timberline. they have a full-length album coming out June 1st. Go to their Bandcamp page […]


Skinhead Youth – Wiley Willis – Episode #55

We talk about skinheads, punk rock/ hardcore and Wiley’s band 2 Minute Minor… amongst a bunch of other stuff. This interview happened a couple months ago and I didn’t realize 2 Minute Minor’s new album would be coming out last week, go check it out HERE. Anyway, check out Wiley’s band(s) 2 Minute Minor and […]