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The Travelling Entertainer interviews touring musicians and artists about life on the road, or rather, life between the road and the stage. The Travelling Entertainer is a podcast that has conversations with musicians, artists and anyone in the music industry about their experiences travelling the world and how it has changed their lives.




The Travelling Entertainer interviews touring musicians and artists about life on the road, or rather, life between the road and the stage. The Travelling Entertainer is a podcast that has conversations with musicians, artists and anyone in the music industry about their experiences travelling the world and how it has changed their lives.






Panchiko - Owain and Shaun

Our next guests are Owain and Shaun from the band Panchiko! We caught up with Panchiko on the opening night of their US Tour at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, Washington and talked about the band's interesting past and how they are embracing a once in a lifetime opportunity! Buy all things Panchiko on their Bandcamp page, including the limited yellow vinyl for their new release Failed at Math(s): See to the backstory of Panchiko here:


Queen Kwong - Carré Kwong Callaway

Today's guest is the absolutely fantastic recording and performing artist, Carré Kwong Callaway AKA Queen Kwong. The Travelling Entertainer talks in depth with Carré about her first start in the industry opening for NIN, to her new amazing record, Couples Only, her best and worst performances, her friendships with Roger O'Donnell (The Cure), Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line and producer of Couples Only) and Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes) and the trials and tribulations of touring around the world. Get the new record, Couples Only, on vinyl here: I Know Who You Are:


Joe Cardamone - The Icarus Line / Dark Mark Vs. Skeleton Joe

Our next guest is none other than the artistic legend that is Joe Cardamone. The Travelling Entertainer Podcast goes deep into Joe's experiences of touring the world with The Icarus Line, his transition to a solo artist, the current state of the touring and we talk about his latest release with Mark Lanegan titled Dark Mark Vs. Skeleton Joe. You can buy Dark Mark Vs. Skeleton Joe here: Videos: Living Dead: Sanctified: Stitch It Up with Jimmy the Cab Driver:


Connor Abeles - Cab Ellis

The Travelling Entertainer podcast sits down with Connor Abeles, the front man of the LA based band, Cab Ellis. We talk with Connor about his time growing up in Maryland, how he started to freestyle rap at the age of 16, his time at Emerson college, gigging in Boston, moving to Los Angeles, recording their last release Nighttime OCD, recording their new record The East Coast Hold On at Bear Creek Studios and a host of other topics. Listen to Nighttime OCD here: Videos: Roaring 20s: No Regard:


Nick Petrou - (Alec Benjamin / Cab Ellis)

The Travelling Entertainer podcast welcomes Nick Petrou, bass player extraordinaire, touring member of Alec Benjamin's band and recording artist and member of the LA based band Cab Ellis. Nick shares his experiences from being a student at USC to how he came about to play the bass, how he got the gig with Alec Benjamin, his experiences touring around the world and how Cab Ellis came about.


Jeff Girton - International Touring Orchestral Violinist

In this episode of The Travelling Entertainer Podcast, we speak with New York's finest international touring orchestral violinist, Jeff Girton. Jeff shares his experiences of travelling around the world and provides insight on what it's like to peel back the curtain on his life on the road.


Jeffrey "The Houseman" Clemens - G Love and Special Sauce, Robert Finley, Dan Auerbach

The Travelling Entertainer talks with the absolute legendary drummer that is Jeffrey "The Houseman" Clemens. In this episode, we talk about the origin of his name, going out on his first international tour and we end the conversation talking a little about his future with The Special Sauce. There is also some great stories about Jeff touring the world as well! Catch Jeff on tour at


Jeff Fielder - The Mark Lanegan Band - Amy Ray - Tekla Waterfield

In this episode, we speak with multi-instrumentalist, producer, guitarist in The Mark Lanegan Band and the Amy Ray Band, Pacific Northwest power house, the one and only, Jeff Fielder. Jeff opens up about his first time touring regionally, internationally, how he ended up as a permanent player in the Mark Lanegan Band, some of the venues he's played in and a lot about his experiences touring the world. You can find his new record Trouble In Time, a collaboration between Jeff Fielder and Tekla Waterfield here:


Pip from Pip Blom

The Travelling Entertainer talks with The Netherland's finest musical export, Pip from Pip Blom! On the heals of their new release, Welcome Break, coming out October 10th via Heavenly Recordings, Pip talks about the trials and tribulations of being a touring artist with some great insight into the band as well. Pre-order the new record, Welcome Break here:


Garrett Dutton aka G. Love (part 1)

The Travelling Entertainer Podcast talks with the one and only Garrett Dutton aka G. Love. In this episode we talk with Garrett about how he has been coping during these COVID times, his first time touring internationally and his take on collaborations. For all things G Love related, please visit their website at Purchase G Love's new album The Juice here:


Garrett Dutton aka G. Love (part 2)

The Travelling Entertainer talks with the one and only Garrett Dutton aka G. Love. In this 2nd interview, we talk with Garrett about his time with Epic / Sony, his experiences travelling around the globe as a young artist, the state of his vinyl output and Garrett talks about future release plans. For all things G Love related, please visit their website at Purchase G Love's new album The Juice here:


Opie Ortiz of The Long Beach Dub Allstars / Dubcat

Today we speak with the one and only Opie Ortiz of The Long Beach Dub Allstars about his time in the Sublime camp, his new record with the Long Beach Dub Allstars, doing time in a Japanese cell and some inside perspective about what it is like to being a touring artist around the world. Buy the new Long Beach Dub Allstars record here: Check out Opie's Soundcloud site:


Checking In with Jimi Jazz of G Love and Special Sauce

We talk with the legend that is Jim Prescott, AKA Jimi Jazz of G Love and Special Sauce during these "stuck at home" times about how his tour supporting the recently released G Love's The Juice was abruptly cancelled, what it is like to play in front of an American audience vs. a Japanese audience and Jim shares a few stories about running into famous musicians around the world as well. Check out Jimi's solo release on Bandcamp:


Checking In With Aldo Struyf (The Mark Lanegan Band, DJ Aldolino)

We are back with our "forced to stay at home and not tour" interviews. First up is multi-instrumentalist and previous guest of The Travelling Entertainer, Aldo Struyf of the Mark Lanegan Band, DJ Aldolino, Crayon Sun, Creature With The Atom Brain and Millionaire. We talked about the hiccups involved with the Somebody's Knocking European Tour, Aldo's new music under DJ Aldolino and how Aldo is coping during this trying times for musicians around the world. Buy Aldo's solo music as DJ Aldolino here: Buy the limited 7 " vinyl here (if available):


Isobel Campbell (Belle and Sebastian / The Gentle Waves / Mark Lanegan / Solo Artist)

The Travelling Entertainer welcomes the lovely and talented Isobel Campbell to the podcast. We talk with Isobel about her new record, There Is No Other, out now on the Cooking Vinyl label, her experiences touring the world, moving from place to place and the artists that have inspired her along the way. You can purchase her new record, There Is No Other here:


Jim Prescott - AKA Jimi Jazz of G Love and Special Sauce (part 2)

The Travelling Entertainer Podcast is back with part two of our interview with Jim Prescott, AKA Jimi Jazz of G Love and Special Sauce!


Jim Prescott - AKA Jimi Jazz of G Love and Special Sauce (part 1 of 2)

The Travelling Entertainer welcomes legendary bass player Jim Prescott, AKA Jimi Jazz of G Love and Special Sauce to the program. Born in Vermont, Jim “Jimi Jazz” Prescott's formative years were spent in various North East and New England towns, completing high school at North Kingstown Senior High School in Rhode Island. At that most important of jazz institutions, the jam session, Prescott met Garrett Dutton, and, with drummer Jeff Clemens, formed G. Love & Special Sauce. In December of 1993 they completed their eponymous debut and the following year began a rigorous world wide touring schedule that would last nearly fifteen years. Highlights include multiple performances at some of the top festival in U.S., Australia, Europe and Asia, notably Glastonbury in the U. K. and the Fuji Rock festival in Japan. While on the HORDE tour in the mid 90's G. Love & Special Sauce acquired their college based following that supports the band to this day. Appearing in several MTV videos including the minor hit “Cold Beverages”, as well as the late night and daytime talk show circuit including, The Jenny Jones Show, Jimmy Kimmel, The Late Late Show, Late Night With Conan O'Brian and David Letterman, along with extensive club touring garnered the group a serious following of a certain age and musical disposition. Prescott's compositions with G. Love & Special Sauce have been featured in multiple major and independent films and television, notably Day Trippers, Cellular, and American Dad. Prescott co-produced major label 8 CD's with the band, working with legends like Dr. John, and producers as varied as Jim Dickinson, T-Ray, Chris D. and Mario C. the innovative Beastie Boys producer. With the experience of working in some of the worlds finest studios, Prescott relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and created Loft Studios to record some of the jazz and new music coming out of the region at that time. His undeniable sense of style combined with the regional eclecticism in the beginnings of his multifaceted solo work that ranges from adult pop through all of jazz to avant-guard noise art and audio colage. In 2006 Prescott moved to Portland to form JamBox with All Fellas Band alumnus Jonathan Long and expanded his recording mission to the community while beginning a pursuit of his personal vision in film. The JamBox provided technology and space for detailed multi-track digital recording, in a relaxed setting designed for collaboration. Despite the success of multiple recordings and film and video productions JamBox closed in 2010 due to lease issues. After leaving G. Love & Special Sauce in 2008, Prescott returned to musical study with jazz legend Glen Moore, and an extended weekly jam session downtown. He currently collaborates in a variety of groups on string bass, leads his own groups and continues in audio production for film and video. In classic Portland fashion his expression has enlarged to include conceptual art and film making.


Robert Pomakov pt. 2 (Musician and Internationally Performing Opera Singer)

The Travelling Entertainer catches up with Robert Pomakov to have a continued conversation about life and travelling in the world of opera!


Robert Pomakov (Musician and Internationally Performing Opera Singer)

The Travelling Entertainer goes to the opera! Our guest is non other than Robert Pomakov, musician and internationally performing Opera Singer! In the 2019-2020 season, Canadian bass Robert Pomakov makes a number of important house debuts including debuts with Opéra National de Paris as the Bonze in Madama Butterfly directed by Robert Wilson, Den Norske Opera as Gremin in Christof Loy’s production Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin , and Cincinnati Opera as Vodník in Rusalka. He returns to the Metropolitan Opera to cover the roles of Fiesco in Simon Boccenegra and Timur in Turandot. Concert engagements include Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis with the Calgary Philharmonic under the baton of Music Director Rune Bergmann. Mr. Pomakov has been a prize winner in several of the world's premier singing competitions: a finalist in the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Belgium, second place at the Belvedere Competition in Vienna and third place in Plácido Domingo's Operalia. Mr. Pomakov was decorated with the Simeon, the First Honorary Medal from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, and with a diploma from the Minister of Culture for his achievements in opera's art and special merit to Bulgarian culture and its dissemination all over the world, an encouragement award in the George London Foundation Competition, an world. Other prizes have included first prize in the Oratorio Society of New York's completion, an award from the Marilyn Horne Foundation Competition, the Victoria Scholars Grant, Second Prize in the Canadian Music Competition, and First Prize in the Kiwanis Music Festival in Toronto. Pomakov is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music.


Dave Lory (Jeff Buckley, Savatage, Allman Brothers Band, Courtney Love)

The Travelling Entertainer talks with Dave Lory, author of Jeff Buckley: From Hallelujah To The Last Goodbye, tour manager of Savatage, The Allman Brothers Band and a long term record executive.