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A music podcast where a husband and wife swap songs and judge each other's taste in music.

A music podcast where a husband and wife swap songs and judge each other's taste in music.


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A music podcast where a husband and wife swap songs and judge each other's taste in music.




With Friendos Mark and David - Part 1 (i.e. Love and Positivity)

Happy Pride Month! For this very special 2 part episode, we have invited another couple to join us! We talk to Mark and David about how we all celebrate pride, and we share and discuss LGBTQIA+ artists / songs. With the four of us each sharing a song, this episode ended up being fairly massive. This is just part 1 and it's over an hour long! Our songs for this week: Body of Song by Bob Mould, off his 2005 album Body of Song released via Granary Music / Yep Roc Records. SIHEYMN's Lament by...


With Friendo of the Pod Kris - Bonus Mini Episode

Hello friends! I cut a big chunk of the end of our special episode with Kris. It didn't have much to do with the songs, but I found the conversation to be interesting and I hope you do too. Unfortunately, we've had some IRL (In Real Life) things get in the way of our regularly scheduled program, so I'm stalling a bit with this mini episode. But I wanted to release something for y'all! I hope you enjoy this little mini, and new episode coming up soon! Support the show


With Friendo of the Pod Kris - Part 2 (i.e. I Like the Stank)

It's part two of our celebration of Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! In the conclusion of this special episode, we go through Sam and Peter's songs and to discuss with our friendo Kris! Our songs for this week: 日月神教第一節 (Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1) by Ripped to Shreds, off their 2019 self-released EP 魔經 - Demon Scriptures. Freelance by Toro y Moi, off his 2019 album Outer Peace released via Carpark Records. Support the show


With Friendo of the Pod Kris - Part 1 (i.e. It's a Grower Not a Shower)

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! In this two part episode, we invite our very good friendo, Kris! We've known him for quite some time, and he was even in our wedding party. For part 1, we cover Kris' song by K-pop supergroup GOT the beat. He's a big fan of K-pop and was the perfect person to speak to teach us the ins and outs of how The Avengers of K-pop was formed. Stay tuned for part 2 in a couple weeks, where we cover both Sam and Peter's songs! Our song for...


Heavy Guitar Snake

This week we continue with our celebration of Arab American Heritage Month. Sam chose a song from a Lebanese indie rock band, while Peter chose a song from an anonymous black metal band from Saudi Arabia. We also begin the pod discussing the potential end of an era. The Bay Area may lose its one and only country station and Sam has a sads. Our songs for this week: Raksit Leila by Mashrou' Leila, from their 2009 self titled and self released (?) album. Atba'a Al Namrood by Al-Namrood,...


But and Butt

Happy Arab American Heritage Month! Peter and Sam discuss what countries are considered Arab countries, and an upcoming Disney+ show. This week Peter presents a song from the one and only Myrath of Tunisia, and Sam chooses a blast from the past which is somebody you may not know is half Syrian. Our songs for this week: Nobody's Lives by Myrath, from their 2016 album Legacy released via Nightmare Records (US), Verycords (Europe), Groove Master (MENA), and King Records (Japan). Nobody's...


I Got My Hipster Butt Out There

For the second episode of March we are continuing our celebration of female artists for Women's History Month! Sam goes outlaw country while Peter slaps you in the face with a blazing fast tech death tune. Our songs for this week: I Don't Owe You Anything by Tanya Tucker, from her 2019 album While I'm Livin' released via Fantasy Records. If You're Going to Do It, Do It Now by Anna Pest (ft. Jason Evans), from her self-released 2021 album Dark Arms Reach Skyward With Bone White...


Endless Sea of Peters

For March we are celebrating female artists for Women's History Month! Peter kicks things off with an all female death metal band, while Sam steps outside of her norm a bit with a blues tune. Our songs for this week: Death Arcana by Crypta, from their 2021 album Echoes of the Soul released via Napalm Records. Woman Down by Beth Hart, from her 2019 album War in My Mind released via Mascot Label Group / Provogue. Support the show (


"Jazz Isn't Dead It Just Smells Funny"

Sam and Peter continue to celebrate Black History Month by starting off the episode talking about The Beatles (hear us out!). Sam's song is by a San Francisco Bay Area artist and Peter chose to highlight one of the members of the West Coast Get Down. Today's episode title come from one of Frank Zappa's most famous quotes. Our songs for this week: Hard to Love by H.E.R., from her 2021 album Back of My Mind released via RCA Records. Red by Cameron Graves, from his 2021 album Seven released...


Fish with Dish

And we're back! We're fresh off of our podcast vacation, and we have decided to feature black artists in honor of Black History Month! We also have another criss-cross applesauce where Peter's song is country adjacent, and Sam's song is a ripping rap/metal hybrid. Our songs for this week: Hold On by Yola (featuring The Highwomen, Sheryl Crow, and Jason Isbell), which is a single from 2020 released via Why Queue Records. The song benefits MusiCares and National Bail Out...


Top 5 Songs of 2021 (Surprise Butt Sax)

Happy (Almost) New Year! As we wrap up our first full year as a podcast, we look back at our 5 favorite songs of 2021. We were so hopeful that 2021 would magically be a better year. In many ways it was, but we still have a long way to go before we return to normalcy. Here's to a better year, cheers to every single one of you, we appreciate you all! Peter's Top 5: 5. Personal Shopper by Steven Wilson, from his album The Future Bites released via Caroline International 4. A Clockwork...


Pinching Tuchus (Happy Hanukkah)

Happy holidays y'all! We are a bit late but we wanted to celebrate the holidays with a special Hanukkah episode! Peter picks a part serious, part jokey, but pure fun song. Meanwhile, Sam picks a traditional Hanukkah song covered in a modern jazzy style. Our songs for this week: The Hanukkah Song by Too $hort, a single from 2012 released via Short Dogg Holiday Music. Ma'oz Tzur by Leslie Odom Jr (feat. Nicolette Robinson), from his 2020 album The Christmas Album released via S-Curve...


Face Mouth Lips Butt Beard (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 4)

We did it y'all! We made it to the fourth and final part of our Quadrilogy! For Part 4 of our Podcast Anniversary Quadrilogy, we are now in modern times in the 2010s and talk about the "evil evil" streaming service: Spotify! Peter digs himself even deeper into the progressive metal rabbithole, while Sam circles back to her roots. We hope you enjoyed our anniversary episodes, and we can't thank everyone enough for listening to us ramble for a year! Cheers to you and here's to many more years...


Spicy Coffee (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 3)

For Part 3 of our Podcast Anniversary Quadrilogy, we breach the 2000s and talk about the infamous file sharing software: Napster! In this period of Sam's life, she took a break from Country music until she heard Miranda Lambert's first top 10 hit, while Peter was crashing headfirst into progressive metal. Stay tuned to part 4 (the finale!) which will be released next week, where we will finish out our anniversary celebration by covering the 2010s. Our songs for this week: Gunpowder &...


Fake Bagpipes (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 2)

We continue our pod celebration with Part 2 of our Anniversary Quadrilogy. This time we hit our hormone fueled teenage years and we pick songs from the 90s! We begin by discussing the beginnings of playing music, then head into some grunge, and end with a bluegrass leaning pop country tune. Stay tuned to part 3 which will be released next week where we tackle the 2000s! Our songs for this week: My Wave by Soundgarden, from their 1994 album Superunknown released via A&M Records . Sin...


Our Perdcast (Anniversary Quadrilogy Part 1)

Happy Anniversary to the pod! Our very first intro episode was released on Nov 3, 2020, and we wanted to celebrate by giving y'all four episodes for the month of November. Welcome to Part 1 of our Quadrilogy, where we are picking a song from each decade of our lives. We start off in the 80s (ish) where you get to know where Sam's country roots start, and where Peter's love of both synth and metal comes from. Stay tuned to part 2 which will be released next week where we tackle the 90s! Our...


Two Spooky Songs - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! On this week's episode, Peter and Sam share a few spooky stories, and swap songs that are dark and macabre. WARNING: Explicit content! Well, there's explicit content every week, but in particular we speak a bit about domestic abuse as well as a truly vile cannibal true crime story. Our songs for this week: Goodbye Earl by The Chicks (formerly Dixie Chicks), from their 1999 album Fly released via Monument Records. Eaten by Bloodbath, from their 2004 album Nightmares Made...


Baby Hater (A Tribute to The Beatles)

This week we pay tribute to one of our favorite bands, The Beatles! October 15th, 1960 marks the first recording session that included Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Peter and Sam swap their favorite Beatles songs, Special shoutout goes to the Alphabeatical podcast, where they cover all songs by The Beatles in alphabetical order. You can find more info here: Our songs for this week: A Day in the Life from their...


It Feels So Tight

On this week's episode, Peter and Sam stumble upon an unintentional theme of making judgements on how an artist sounds based on their looks. Sam gives Peter Mickey Guyton's song Remember Her Name. It is off Guyton's debut album of the same name which is out today. It's an important album in the country world, showing us all that representation matters as well as paying tribute to Breonna Taylor. For the second half, we lighten up the mood with a surprisingly funky tune from Swedish group...


Moon June Spoon

On this week's episode, Peter and Sam discuss a couple shows they have been watching lately, the comfort we find in our rituals, and the suburbs. The shows are Giri/Haji on Netflix, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga on Hulu. Our songs for this week: Rituals by Rolo Tomassi, from their 2018 album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It released via Holy Roar Records. I Can't by Caitlyn Smith, from her 2020 album Supernova released via Monument Records. Support the show...