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Uncovering the hidden gems and future stars of local/regional musical talent. Upstate Music Mine showcases local musicians, venues, and events from the Upstate region (Greenville and surrounding areas) of South Carolina. Featuring a steady rotation of the freshest, local, original content, UMM hopes to provide a platform for some of the best unknown and rising talent in the country.

Uncovering the hidden gems and future stars of local/regional musical talent. Upstate Music Mine showcases local musicians, venues, and events from the Upstate region (Greenville and surrounding areas) of South Carolina. Featuring a steady rotation of the freshest, local, original content, UMM hopes to provide a platform for some of the best unknown and rising talent in the country.


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Uncovering the hidden gems and future stars of local/regional musical talent. Upstate Music Mine showcases local musicians, venues, and events from the Upstate region (Greenville and surrounding areas) of South Carolina. Featuring a steady rotation of the freshest, local, original content, UMM hopes to provide a platform for some of the best unknown and rising talent in the country.




S2E25: "Season 2 Finale" (feat. Quasi Quasar & The Velo Fellow)

We brought the heat for the Season 2 closer.. An amazing instrumental/rock/blues/jazz/progressive band called Quasi Quasar joins us with a LIVE performance from The Velo Fellow! We had a chance to have our first "roundtable" as well as the UMMPod's first live band recording on an episode ever! Take a listen as we get to know the guys from Quasi Quasar (and patrons/staff providing your background bar ambience) and provide you a juicy soundclip from said performance in the middle of our...


S2E24: "Penultimate" (feat. Luxx & Audiovisions Entertainment)

This week's lineup features a great alt/indie/rock band called Luxx, that are beginning to establish themselves among the best rock bands in the area. We sit down with Carter and Gannon from the band and play one of their tracks as we usually do. After Luxx, we caught up with Bradley Keegan of Audiovisions Entertainment (an UMMpod sponsor) and highlight his show at Gottrocks this week with The Happy Dog Band! As always, we wrap up with "This Day in Music" and the weekly schedule rundown.....


S2E23: "Plip Plop" (feat. Quality Time & UMMpod Sponsors)

We're pumped to showcase a great indie-punk rock artist this week, Quality Time! These guys rocked the house at the UMA's this year and took home an award for themselves in the process. We had a great chat with frontman Pearson about the band and plan for a live feature in the near future! Mixing it up this week, we're supplementing our featured venue segment for a dedication/shout out to our amazing Sponsors and Supporters. With season 2 only two episodes away from conclusion, we're...


S2E22: "Hoyt as a Pepper" (feat. Vital Wave & John Hoyt of

This week's episode features a brand new alternative-rock outfit called "Vital Wave". We sit down with an old friend and drummer of the band, Phillips Solesbee. Be on the look out for this new fun rockin' group. After a conversation with Phillips, we had the pleasure of speaking with John Hoyt of He also is the main man behind the show that is the Upstate Live Music Meetup, and we have a chance to highlight this year's event with John. Mr. Hoyt also rocks the stage in...


S2E21: "Umm x 6" (Feat. The Faulty Plowers)

We're back and featuring some local music veterans with their new group called "The Faulty Plowers". Featuring Tim Lee, Russ Chapman, and Kevin Hueuer; this power trio is rocking the scene with a style self-described as " ". After a good chat with Tim, we dive into 'This day in music' and finish out the show with this week's music schedule. Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next week!! Support the show ( )


S2E20: "UMA Recap Mini-sode" (feat. The Upstate Music Awards)

Special Mini-sode for you guys this week! Jonny and I attended The Upstate Music Awards ceremony and had an absolute blast. Thank you so much to everyone involved and to everyone who supports the show/original music in the upstate music scene! *This special episode is a short and sweet run-down of the finalists and winners. See you next week, thank you UMMPod Nation!!! Support the show ( )


S2E19: "Songwriter Sessions w/ Brando Jones Films" (feat. Helen Campbell, Jazzy Trinity, Grayson Downs, Jill Sprague, Clark Thurston, and Kaph)

We're thrilled to bring you a jam packed episode where we go live with Brando Jones Films and SIX Upstate artists during their video shoots at The Spinning Jenny! We had a great time taking in the sights and sounds of the Songwriter Sessions, and of course, chatting with the artists on location. Artists Interviewed: Helen Campbell, Jazzy Trinity, Grayson Downs Band, Jill Sprague, Clark Thurston, and Kaph. Thanks to Brando Jones Films and the Spinning Jenny for collaborating with us on this...


S2E18: "Layin some Mojo onya" (feat. Mojo on Max & Buchanan's Bar and Grill)

This week we feature an up-and-coming band known as "Mojo on Max", as Max Simpson drops by "Studio West" and sits in on an interview with Jonny. Then, we have a chat on the ummpod guest line with Vernon Buchanan of the new venue, Buchanan's Bar and Grill located in Taylors off Wade Hampton Blvd. We enjoyed his outlook on life and his vision of running a family friendly, music promoting, fun bar for everyone around. As usual, we wrap up the show with the 'This Day In Music' segment followed...


S2E17: "Obscure Mammals" (feat. Salti Ray)

We have another fun show for you today featuring a power duo of talented ladies called "Salti Ray". They are one of the many talented artists making a name for themselves in the indie music scene and we were pleased to be able to feature yet another great female-led group on the show again this season! Check our their song "Luxury" during our interview segment with Salti Ray. As always, we wrap up the show with our "This Day In Music Segment" and our Live music schedule (credit to John Hoyt...


S2E16: "E Dubbs" (feat. Eric Weiler & Farewell to Pour Taproom)

This week's show is a little short and sweet. We have local blues-rock-soul artist Eric Weiler on the show and give you a taste of his song "Gonna Move On". After we caught up with Eric, we are back in action with our mini schedule segment followed by our "This Day In Music" to wind things down as usual. To wrap things up, we give a shout out to a great local venue that had to shut its doors over the weekend, Pour Taproom. Much love to everyone involved. We featured them early into the...


S2E15: "Beer Pressure" (feat. Clark Thurston & Tap Three LLC)

We're back and highlighting some more fresh faces and places in the scene. Our Spotlight Artist this week is Clark Thurston, who's folk indie sound resonates your heart strings. Thanks to Dr. Luvbeatz for hooking us up with Clark this week. Also, we show a little love to a Woodruff-based venue called "Tap Three" which offers a fantastic, artist-friendly performance platform. Thanks to Ben Harrison for coming on to tell the folks about his exciting new project (and side projects). Thank you...


S2E14: "2.14" (feat. Jeff Anderson & The Honky Tonk Revolution)

Happy V-Day everyone! Much love to ummpod nation and to our first ever return Spotlight Artist, Jeff Anderson & The Honky Tonk Revolution! Funny how S2E14 fell on 2-14, don't you think? Anyway, we had a good time catching up with Jeff, and had the pleasure debuting his latest single, "Hell Naw" on today's episode! Love his new-age, innovative, yet classic country sound! Thanks for tuning in lovebirds, we'll see you next week! xoxo -Ryan Stearns and Jonny Keyz Support the show...


S2E13: "CenterSport" (feat. LA Kenzie & Think Tank Brew Lab)

This week's show features a talented local hip hop artist named LA Kenzie and an exciting new venue, Think Tank Brew Lab. We had a good time talking with Bradley Keegan of Audiovisions Entertainment, who books the bands for both Think Tank Brew Lab and Pour Taproom. Thanks again for tuning in!! See you next week! Support the show ( )


S2E12: "#Jorts" (feat. West of Caroline w/ Special guest co-host Dr. Luvbeatz)

One of our favorites, Dr. Luvbeatz aka Ryan McCarthy, joins us on the UMMPod to help co-host this week's show! We had fun discussing some new and established artists on the scene as we feature another up-and-coming act, a blues-rock driven band called "West of Caroline". After a fun interview with the aforementioned power duo, Phd Beatz and I discuss the UMA (Upstate Music Awards) nominees a little more in depthly to help provide some context to the upcoming ceremonies. Thanks again as...


S2E11: "English Majors and Radical Numbers" (feat. Luke Israel & Fireforge Crafted Beer)

Stoked to have Nicole and Brian of Fireforge Crafted Beer on the show finally, and we had a great time talking to them. Quickly becoming a staple in the area, Fireforge has showcased several of our former guests and up-and-comers in the Upstate music scene. Speaking of new artists on the scene, our Spotlight Artist this week is the talented Luke Israel &The All-Star Specials, as we discuss their debut single to be released in just a few weeks from now. Thanks as always!! Support the show...


S2E10: "Snow, Cars, and Guitars" (feat. Alyce Drive &

Today we're bringing you a pair of special guests! Alt/Indie Rock duo Alyce Drive joins us, as well as one of our friends and sponsors, Scott Koegler of! Support the show ( )


S2E9: "Kind buds & Mead" (feat. Kismet Kind & The Wandering Bard Meadery)

We're excited to finally get the talented ladies of 'Kismet Kind' on the show this week! After a great interview with Corinne and Ashley, we're pleased to be joined by Adam of another great upstate venue, The Wandering Bard Meadery. Thanks for tuning in as always and we'll see you next week!! Support the show ( )


S2E8: "Holidaze" (feat. Austin Webb)

We're back featuring a fantastic an old friend, singer-songwriter Austin Webb, and his modern country sound. Its been a hectic holiday season for us and everyone, so the artist interview was withheld for todays episode, but we're currently rescheduling his appearance for the near future. In the meantime, enjoy his music and this week's epsiode of The UMMpod! Support the show ( )


S2E7: "Smoochin' Jonny outside the bar" (feat. Scotty K. & The Upstate Music Awards)

On this week's show, we have a great chat with our longtime friend of the show and Upstate Artist, Dr. Luvbeatz, as he helps promote another musician he's been collaborating with, Scotty K! Scotty K has a diverse sound, just like Dr. Luvbeatz, so their pairing makes a lot of sense and we had a fun conversation that we left mostly unedited for your listening pleasure. Our featured business this week is The Upstate Music Awards, which we touch on during the artist interview and during other...


S2E6: "Greenville Music History & Husam Music (feat. Husam & The Greenville Music History Podcast)"

We're back with another double dose of great guests for you this week! We are thrilled to bring you a exclusive look at The Greenville Music History Podcast/Restoration Project that David Sims and Jack Hines are bringing to the Upstate music scene. Also, we have a fantastic Spotlight Artist, Husam, who's based out of the DMV area who was referred to us courtesy of our friends from the All Gas No Breaks Podcast (@agnbpodcast)!! Thank you for listening, UMMpod Nation!! Support the show...