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Discover an artist from a different perspective ... An elegant mix of music and words of a musician ( pop, rock, folk, soul, etc... ) ( Découvrir un artiste sous un autre angle ... Mix élégamment posé entre la musique et les mots d'un musicien ( pop, rock, folk, soul, etc... ) )

Discover an artist from a different perspective ... An elegant mix of music and words of a musician ( pop, rock, folk, soul, etc... ) ( Découvrir un artiste sous un autre angle ... Mix élégamment posé entre la musique et les mots d'un musicien ( pop, rock, folk, soul, etc... ) )




Discover an artist from a different perspective ... An elegant mix of music and words of a musician ( pop, rock, folk, soul, etc... ) ( Découvrir un artiste sous un autre angle ... Mix élégamment posé entre la musique et les mots d'un musicien ( pop, rock, folk, soul, etc... ) )







VIPop #37 One never comes out unscathed from listening to a Songdog album ... Led masterfully by the Welshman Lyndon Morgans, the depth of this universe, with its exacerbated romanticism, is not easily revealed ... It's however by the flamboyance of this imagination deployed here, at the heart of a musicality as rich as it is subtle, that he succeeds in highlighting the greatness and decadence of our human condition ... Lyndon Morgans is an artist at the deepest level, and he has the...


Elysian Fields

VIPop #36 For 25 years, the New Yorkers of Elysian Fields, around the duo Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow, have succeeded in perpetuating a unique, alchemical sound, made up of roughness, sensuality and an ever-flush light. The quality of their discography over time is truly impressive, and apart from the fact that it's of course primarily the result of a fertile talent, it 's also the result of a searching and benevolent humanity that fully nourishes us like distant friends and yet so...


James Yorkston

VIPop #35 Without looking for it in the least, James Yorkston has become a kind of master-standard of folk-music ... For the last twenty years, this Scottish singer-songwriter has made this territory his playground and exploration, by bringing in a pop and libertarian spirit, in particular ... And he's as moving as he's just on totally stripped down songs that he's warmly communicative on songs with more lyrical flights, often shared with other excellent musicians ... And you know why ? ......


Erik Arnaud

VIPop #34 Erik Arnaud est rare, et il nous est très cher … S'il existe autant de trajectoires d'artistes que d'artistes, ce qui est certain c'est que depuis ses débuts à la fin des années 90, il nous a habitué à recevoir de ses nouvelles avec parcimonie … La joie qui est la nôtre aujourd'hui de l'accueillir dans notre Collection VIPop en est d'autant plus grande … Pour le reste, se dévoile ici une œuvre de franc-tireur, entre lucidité au scalpel, désenchantement générationnel et « love...


Michael J. Sheehy

VIPop #33 Michael J. Sheehy is both an artist of immense talent and a summary of the history of rock ... Since the creation of the Dream City Film Club more than 20 years ago, he has walked an often chaotic road, but behind this poisonous flamboyance, this visceral blues or this melancholic appeasement, there is also the journey of a man who is certainly deeply attached to becoming what he is and it's truly a deep joy for us to give you the opportunity to hear this right word. Michael J....


The Monochrome Set

VIPop #32 What a joy to welcome The Monochrome Set for a VIPop ! ... 40 years of existence for this unclassifiable English band ...Pop ? Rock ? Punk ? New-Wave ? ... Certainly all this at the same time ... Some "Stop & Go", some movements among the musicians, but an always unique style and an intact energy around the singer Bid ... He is the one who answered our questions and he wins to this day the Grand Prix for the most laconic answers among all the episodes of the VIPop Collection ! 😀...



VIPop #31 On se souvient très bien du jour où l'on a croisé pour la première fois la musique de Chevalrex … On entendait là à la fois quelque chose de familier et pourtant de totalement inédit … Etait-ce cette recherche éperdue d'un équilibre entre l'intime et l'épique qui nous troublait ? … Etait-ce cette douce ironie qui se positionnait bien loin de tout cynisme qui nous enchantait ? … Etait-ce cette musicalité limpide et qui ne se refuse rien qui nous envoutait ? ... Peut-être … En tous...



VIPop #30 ... On the borders of various musical influences, Spain has invented a unique "flow" that is recognisable among all ... And behind this "flow" and the meticulous arrangement of these musical notes, it's the breathing of Josh Haden's soul that can be heard, deaf, deep, difficult, before bursting into the light, again and again ... Powerfully beautiful ... Rarely has music demonstrated as much as here that it's co-substantial with the nature of human destiny. ... Come and listen to...


Benjamin Adair Murphy

VIPop #29 Discovering the music of Benjamin Adair Murphy was a real pleasure ... If he currently lives in Mexico City, his music is a totally successful syncretism of various American music ... Blues, folk, rock, country, soul, jazz, he succeeded in appropriating all these styles to take us, without ostentation, on a road that is his own, which crosses the United States from East to West and lists its treasures, but which also notes its lacks and denounces its sufferings ... Music as a balm,...



VIPop Special #1 ... Au début était le livre de Pierre Lemarchand "Nico - The End" ... Puis, comprenant que nous ne pourrions ajouter quelque chose de significatif à ce livre d'une densité rare, nous avons pris le parti d'en faire tout autre chose, tout en gardant sa partie biographique comme colonne vertébrale ... Et il nous a alors semblé pertinent d'aller voir les traces laissées par son oeuvre auprès de musiciens ou écrivains ... Nous espérons que la diversité des témoignages recueillis...


Hugo Race

VIPop #28 Apart from the fact that he's one of the musical heroes of the founder of Le Village Pop 😉, Hugo Race could almost sum up the "Rock Spirit" on his own ... Always on the move for more than 30 years, between shouting, cold anger, appeasement and spiritual search, in an absolute independence, he has multiplied his experiences, confirming that otherness is the best ally of an authentic personal quest ... With talent and generosity, he has scattered his road with precious stones for...


Johan Asherton

VIPop #27 Heureux ceux qui découvriront aujourd'hui l'oeuvre du musicien français Johan Asherton, ils appréhenderont là un artiste au talent et à la résilience infinis ... Commencée il y a plus de 35 ans avec son groupe "The Froggies", sa carrière est tout autant un modèle d'audace que de fidélité à lui-même ... Balancant toujours entre folk et rock, c'est essentiellement outre-manche qu'il a puisé son inspiration pour créer son propre espace musical ... Et si son choix de chanter en anglais...


Cathal Coughlan

VIPop # 26 Whether he shared the creative process with Sean O'Hagan in the cult band Microdisney, or then as a solo artist, under his own name or that of Fatima Mansions, few artists have managed to install such a powerful and personal musical universe while exploring such different musical styles ... Being alternately "pop" and a few moments later almost "borderline", he always made us understand better what can be the complexity and the talent of a real artist ... And this ability to be...


Fred Signac

VIPop #25 Le Village Pop est très heureux d'accueillir le chanteur français Fred Signac pour son 25ème VIPop ... S'inscrivant clairement dans la lignée des grands de la Chanson d'Ici, il réussit depuis une vingtaine d'années le tour de force d'allier une écriture motrice et ô combien puissante, avec des fulgurances dignes d'un Ferré, à une réelle attention pour la musique, ici élément viscéral d'une dialectique "mots-notes" qui ne tourne surtout pas en rond ... Le Village Pop compte sur vous...


Dashboard Hula Girls

VIPop #24 The small town of Beacon, located in the state of New-York, is best known for its amazing museum of contemporary art, the Dia ... But Beacon's real treasure is Jeffrey Ashey, he's financial director, and writes the most moving songs of the moment as the Dashboard Hula Girls ... You have to listen at least once in your life to this cavernous, breathless, and yet so alive voice, mix with the clear and deep voice of Jackie Rudy to better understand the space of a song the whole extent...


The Crayon Set

VIPop #23 Originally from Dublin, this sextet exists since 2013 and creates a pop music that draws its sources in a traditional melting pot of folk, pop and rock, but they put these touches of modernity that make all the difference ... Come and listen here to some of the tracks from their new album "Downer Disco" to be released this year as well as the words of their leader Robert Baker. Originaire de Dublin, ce sextet existe depuis 2013 et créé une musique Pop qui puise ses sources dans un...


Morton Valence

VIPop #22 London duo, composed of Anne Gilpin & Robert Hacker Jessett, who have been around for more than 10 years, this band is really an Unidentified Singing Object ... Urban Country ? ... Maybe ... But above all, Morton Valence has managed, where so many others have failed, to bring out in his music an incredible syncretism between the different musical styles that have crossed pop music until today... Will Robert give us their secret ? Duo londonien, composé de Anne Gilpin & Robert...


Jerry David DeCicca

VIPop #21 After starting his career and made 5 albums with The Black Swans, Jerry David DeCicca, singer-songwriter based in Texas, started a solo career 6 years ago ... 3 albums later, he managed to impose a classical and deeply personnal writing whatever the tempo he plays, and he knew how to tame us with his warm voice ... Rejoicing ! Singer-songwriter américain basé au Texas, Jerry David DeCicca a débuté sa carrière au sein de The Black Swans avec qui il a réalisé 5 albums, avant de se...


Theo Hakola

VIPop #20 Theo Hakola is an invigorating soul ... This American writer-singer-songwriter who has been living mainly in France since the mid-70s has become one of the leading figures of the French rock scene over the years and has just released an album "Water Is Wet" of incredible fullness ... Wouldn't his secrets lie in a deep acuity of vision, an indestructible faith in the human being and a sense of humour that is so life-saving ? Theo Hakola est une âme revigorante ... Cet...


Jim White

VIPop #19 No artist seems to us today more capable of embodying #americana in all its fullness than Jim White ... Generous, cultured and humble at the same time, Jim White's music resembles like two drops of water to the man who created it ... And if you add to this gentleman's stature the right dose of torment necessary to make an outstanding storyteller, then it gives here some very very precious moments ... Thank you very much, Jim. Aucun artiste ne nous semble aujourd'hui plus capable...