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Killer Content, Done Our Way. Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.

Killer Content, Done Our Way. Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.
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Brisbane, Queensland


Killer Content, Done Our Way. Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.




'Browny and Intern Adam Do UNIFY Gathering 2019'

UNIFY Gathering. An experience and a half for heavy music fans who travel from all over Australia (and the world) to attend the sleepy country town of Tarwin Lower in Regional Victoria to see bands of various genres playing their hearts out and then joining in on the festivities with punters across the venue. This year was no exception. This time around for us, we brought along our Wall of Sound UNIFY Intern winner Adam Rice who took out the competition and won the chance to interview some...


Episode #64 feat. Scot Vogel of Terror

Alright punks! We're back for 2019 with the legendary Scott Vogel of Terror on co-hosting duties chatting about his three decades in the heavy music industry, ignoring doctors orders and their upcoming Australian Tour alongside Stick To Your Guns, which is set to be one of the BEST shows to kick off the year right with. Podcast host Browny is back (duh!) and he's discussing the 2019 Grammy Nominations and which bands got themselves a nod as well as the new release forecast for the year and...


‘Good Things Backstage Shenanigans’

The Good Things Festival made its debut up Australia's East Coast between December 7-9, 2018 and of course, we had to work out way into the compound to get you up close to some of the bands from the lineup. Backstage in Melbourne, Victoria, podcast host Browny was joined by fellow Wall of Sound writer/interviewers Ricky Aarons and Todd Gingell who all sat down with some of the most enjoyable musicians we've ever had the chance to interview for a face to face including the likes of Bullet For...


Episode #63 feat. Jade Puget of AFI

Usually when bands release an album and the hype wears down, there's the long wait that follows before fans can finally get their hands on some new material, but every now and then an act can surprise us all with a small taste of what's to come in the form of a single or EP and that's what AFI have done with their new offering The Missing Man EP. The new collection of songs showcases what the band are truly capable of when they use their 27 years of experience together (20 for this week's...


Episode #62 feat. Ian Kenny of Karnivool

Stop Everything: Karnivool are back together again and they're not only working on new music but they're hitting the road to play UNIFY Gathering 2019 and we can hadly contain our excitement. Joining us on this very special 'Countdown to UNIFY' podcast is frontman Ian Kenny who not only opens up about what's taking so long with the band's new material, but also the feelings of neglect he deals with when thinking about the fans who are eagerly waiting to hear it. It's no secret the man is one...


Episode #61 feat. Brad Smith of Heroes For Hire

Yeah, you read that right, Sydney pop punks Heroes For Hire are getting back together again for a string of Official Farewell Shows in December and you better believe we're fuckin excited for them. Joining us on the show EXCLUSIVELY this week is frontman Brad Smith who is talking all about the reunion including how the idea came about, what happened back in 2013 when he was publically ousted from the band which consequently lead to their demise and if this is a one-time only opportunity or...


Episode #60 feat. Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

Australia. We're not just known for kangaroos, stingrays, emus, drop bears and deadly killer magpies down here, we've also got a healthy collection of rock bands, some of whom have been going hard for decades and we've got the frontman of one of those bands on the show this week. Dave Gleeson is someone you'd describe as a typical Aussie bloke, but he's also an icon in the industry, having fronted both The Screaming Jets and The Angels and he's joining the show this week to chat about the...


Episode #59 feat. Monique Pym of Reliqa

Every now and then, a band comes along from your own backyard that you discover and realise think "oh shit, these guys have potential", then, out of nowhere, they back up their first release with something that's just so far advanced, you'd be mistaken for thinking its an entirely different band! Welcome to our train of thought with Reliqa. The band reign from the Central Coast in Australia and are set to release their brand new Eventide EP on Friday which is a genre-crossing orgy of madness...


Episode #58 feat. Joey Jordison of Sinsaenum

As heavy music fans, we tend to follow our favourite musicians throughout their careers and all the different projects they start up or are apart of and this week's special guest co-host is a prime example of that as we say G'Day to legendary drummer Joey Jordison of the new, death/black metal hybrid Sinsaenum. The HEAVY AF supergroup is made up of various metal musicians including Frédéric Leclercq of Dragonforce, Stéphane Buriez from Loudblast, Dååth's Sean Zatorsky, Mayhem frontman Attila...


Episode #57 feat. The Wonder Years & The Used

Australia has a Heavy Music Festival Season Again (on the East Coast) and the latest addition to grace us with its presence is Good Things Festival featuring a stack of bands like The Offspring, Dropkick Murphys, Bullet For My Valentine, Northlane, Make Them Suffer, La Dispute, All Time Low and the two special guests co-hosting this week's episode of the podcast. First up is Dan Campbell from pop punk band The Wonder Years who joins us to chat about their latest album Sister Cities which...


Episode #56 feat. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage

They say some people can look intimidating and that's how Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach was once perceived, but once you get to know the guy (or at least have a chat with him) you realise just how human and similar to the rest of us he really is, so you can imagine how stoked we were to have the metal frontman co-hosting on this week's episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall ahead of their appearance down under next week supporting Parkway Drive + their own headline shows. A...


Episode #55 feat. Anthony 'Aff' Caruso of Hellions

If you're not on the Hellions bandwagon yet, boy you're missing out on some good quality, genre-crossing punk/alt rock. The legends from Sydney spawned from the ashes of the band The Bride (RIP) and have since bypassed and exceeded all expectations first thought, moving fast into the top position of Australia's heavy music echelon and establishing themselves as a band who are beloved by fans and critics alike. They're back with album number four Rue, which follows on from the success they...


Episode #54 feat. Being Jane Lane

Oh hey, we're back and bringing some punk rock goodness for you to devour with the Gold Coast's Being Jane Lane on co-hosting duties this week. The ladies have had a huge year scoring opening slots for Unwritten Law, Clowns, Frenzal Rhomb and featuring on the Big Gay Day and Dead of Winter festival lineups as well as earning a spot on the VB Hard Yards Tour which is where podcast host Browny sat down with frontwoman Teigan Le Plastrier and shred-master Phoebe Chim. It's been guns blazing for...


Episode #53 feat. Kim Benzie of Dead Letter Circus

You know what's great about Australian music? When the band are talented and dedicated to the cause, their legacy lasts a lifetime and they just continue to get better with age. That's one of the things we love about Dead Letter Circus who started out opening for bands like The Butterfly Effect, Linkin Park and Chevelle to becoming a household name and heading out of their own, large-scale headline tours and even scoring a slot on events like Big Day Out, Pyramid Rock, Sounds of Spring and...


'Big Sound Big Chats'

The annual Australian music junket Big Sound returned for another year of beers, band showcases, more beers and some good old-fashioned chitchat amongst some of our best upcoming bands within the heavy metal/hardcore/pop punk genres and we managed to track down some of our favourite stand outs from the week that was. Join podcast host Browny as he catches up with the likes of Wildheart, Windwaker, Bare Bones, The Beautiful Monument, Gravemind, Bad Juju and Stateside to chat all about their...


Episode #52 feat. Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction

Oh hey, sorry for the influx of podcasts lately but there's been so much news happening we needed to be on top of it all including The Amity Affliction's brand new album Misery which is the center of attention on this week's podcast with frontman Joel Birch joining Browny on co-hosting duties. He opens up about the band's drastic new direction which sees them quite heavily bring the synth from the background of their songs and gives it a position front and centre for all to see and hear, but...


Episode #51 feat. Adam Kiefel of PurEnvy

Australian heavy metal is in fantastic hands at the moment especially with our recent discovery of one of the BEST upcoming heavy/thrash metal bands we've had the chance to lay ears on and (luckily for you) they're featuring on Episode #51 of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall. The band is PurEnvy and they reign from Newcastle's Hunter Valley, but it's not wine drinking these lads are known for, it's the blistering, face melting shredding on their new album Redemption that needs to be heard...


Episode #50 feat. Winston McCall of Parkway Drive

We are celebrating 50 Episodes of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall with a Very Special Parkway Drive dedicated show featuring the band's legendary frontman Mr Winston McCall who is on co-host duties chatting all about the band's new #1 album Reverence and their upcoming tour with Killswitch Engage and Thy Art is Murder. Since the band formed in 2003, they've released six incredibly mesmerising albums, each release outdoing the last in terms of style, ferociousness and progression, however,...


Episode #49 feat. John Floreani of Trophy Eyes

Australia's pop punk scene is in great hands, especially with Trophy Eyes at the helm, their new album The American Dream is the topic of conversation in Episode #49 of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall with frontman John Floreani on co-hosting duties. The band, while still young into their careers, have achieved so much in a short amount of time, worldwide success, signing to a top label and unfortunate accumulation of hate/negativity from so-called fans. John explains that they didn't...


Episode #48 feat. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

It's always a pleasure whenever a Grammy Award Winning artist joins us on the podcast but none have been as fun and energetic as Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale who is this week's special guest co-host and she is ready to chat all things Vicious, the band's fourth studio album which saw the Nashville natives recruiting heavy music (and Halestorm) fan Nick Raskulinecz who was more than willing to whip the awesome foursome into shape, whilst also being a bit self-indulgent in helping them make...