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A music podcast featuring a different composer each episode. We'll ramble a bit then attempt to write a piece together in a day using only their instrument.

A music podcast featuring a different composer each episode. We'll ramble a bit then attempt to write a piece together in a day using only their instrument.
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A music podcast featuring a different composer each episode. We'll ramble a bit then attempt to write a piece together in a day using only their instrument.








extra mess • Mandy Parnell

Mandy Parnell, the mastering engineer legend, is the next guest for this very special 'extra mess' episode. She is one of the most respected and in demand mastering engineers in the world. Many of you working in music have probably heard of her, for those of you that haven't you need only look at the artists she has worked with to get a sense of the level at which she works: Bjork, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Jamie XX, Max Richter, Lianne La Havas, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Glass Animals, Manu Chao,...


extra mess • Hannah Peel

I’m extra excited to bring you the first of a bunch of bonus episodes, some ‘extra mess’. The first features one of today’s leading composers and songwriters, Hannah Peel. Her musical explorations will transport you into the far corners of the universe. She expertly blends electronic and acoustic elements, blurring the lines between them; the results are beautiful. We talk about her last album Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia, the album proceeding it Awake but Always Dreaming and how these...


#9B Matt Calvert [MUSIC MAKING]

Welcome to the music making part of the podcast. In only a few hours Matt and I make a new track from scratch using nothing but his shiny new resonator guitar and Ableton manipulations. Listen to it unfold. If you’re an Ableton user this is a good one for the likes of you - Matt knows what he’s doing, I learned loads of useful tricks so hopefully you will too. I had a blast making this piece with Matt, he’s one of my favourite guitarists and composers - it’s possibly the most ‘electronic’...


#9A Matt Calvert [CHAT]

Here it is - the final episode of Series 1!! What an incredible bunch of months it has been and I'm excited to bring you this jam packed, final episode featuring none other than guitarist, composer and electronic music wizard, Matt Calvert. Three Trapped Tigers, Strobes, Heritage Orchestra, Ma & Evil Ex are all projects you’ll see his name attached to and these are some of the most progressive music outfits around today (many of them favourites of mine). You’ll hear interludes of this great...


#8B Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch [MUSIC MAKING]

Follow Emilie and I as we co-compose a new piece together. Like in every etm episode we only use one instrument; for this episode we're using piano, getting into it's inards and playing with lots of extended techniques and layering. As part of the rules we can manipulate the recordings electronically but we only have an afternoon to finish the music. I should say a special thank you to the composer Danny Mulhern for generously allowing us into his studio to use his piano and record the...


#8A Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch [CHAT]

Episode #8 is the penultimate episode of Series One. I was overjoyed to speak to and write music with the amazing composer, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch. Emilie's practice focuses mainly around a central piano sound (being a pianist) that acts as a spring board for expansion into electronics, sound design and beautiful string writing. Emilie has released two album, both of them using an instinctive writing process beginning at the piano before evolving beyond. Like Water Through The Sand and...


#7 Mira Calix

MIRA CALIX is up next on excuse the mess. Mira is a multidimensional artist that first gained prominence for her experimental electronic music released on Warp Records. However, her projects go beyond the electronic world. She has worked with many prestigious contemporary classical ensembles, choreographers, theatre companies, robots, scientists, festivals and venues all over the world. As her career has progressed Mira learned she is "an environment builder". Works have become more...


#6 Douglas Dare

This episode delves into the mind of a much loved singer songwriter, Douglas Dare. A key artist on the Erased Tapes label. If you’re a songwriter or interested in learning how one of these song driven creatures think then hit the play thingy, don’t waste any time because it’s a bit of an epic episode (but hopefully a good companion for your daily commute). Douglas let’s us in on his composition process and explains a variety of themes and inspirations behind his past, present and future...


#5 Mark Lockheart

Mark Lockheart is up next on excuse the mess. A composer and saxophonist primarily working in jazz but always finding himself in very different worlds due to his adventurous tastes and versatility as a musician and collaborator. He has been at the forefront of the British Jazz scene (somewhat of a legened!) via his work with some of the most pioneering musicians. Working alongside the likes of: Loose Tubes, Jah Wobble, Kenny Wheeler, Billy Jenkins, June Tabor, Perfect Houseplants, Polar...


#4 Robert Ames

Hello there! Episode #4 features one of the most important voices to emerge in contemporary music culture in recent years. Robert Ames is the co-artistic director, co-principal conductor and violist of the London Contemporary Orchestra. Since the LCO's creation 10 years ago they have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and have gained a reputation as one of the most innovative groups around. Their performances and projects are anything but the norm, they are no standard...


#3b Emily Hall (Gender Inequality in Music)

An important subject, which is rightly getting a lot of discussion at the moment, is that of inequality for women working in music and beyond. I spent a day with composer Emily Hall as part of episode 3 of excuse the mess. We got quite in depth on this subject over lunch and we thought it best to release as a separate episode. We reference an article a fair bit, as it acted as a great springboard for discussion - an article by Grace Banks for the Quietus which you can (and should) read...


#3 Emily Hall

Welcome all to episode #3 of excuse the mess. In this episode I take a trip to Stroud to meet Emily Hall, a really brilliant contemporary classical composer. We potter about the local countryside and discuss her music including her upcoming release, 'Life Cycle' (Bedroom Community) a song cycle about motherhood and how that album was part of a pivotal moment in her compositional approach. We discuss her background and previous album 'Folie à Deux' (Bedroom Community). We also discuss a very...


#2 Laura Jurd

excuse the mess has returned, fuelled by funding from the art enablers, Arts Council England and PRS Foundation - big thank you’s go to them. I’m very excited to bring you episode #2 featuring Laura Jurd, the jazz composer, trumpeter and improvisor; one of the most exciting voices on the British Jazz scene. Her band Dinosaur infiltrated a more mainstream audience last year when their debut album ‘Together, As One’ which was nominated for a Mercury Prize. We talk about Dinosaur, their...


#1 Manu Delago

Welcome to the pilot episode of 'excuse the mess' featuring Manu Delago.Manu is a brilliant composer, percussionist and hang drum pioneer. He writes for various things including his band Manu Delago Handmade. He also works with the likes of Anoushka Shankar, The Cinematic Orchestra and the one and only Björk. In this episode you're going to hear us discuss his relationship to Indian music, Anoushka and Björk, his band and the people and process behind it. We touch upon the guest vocalists...