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#10 - Thinking of changing careers? (My story)

This episode is only for those of you who have been in acting for a little while - for those of you just starting out - thanks for listening, but I'll talk to you next time. :) Now that it's just us - I wanted to share with you my story on transitioning from an acting career to the office world. If you're thinking of doing the same thing, or just looking for something a little more stable, maybe you'd be interested in learning from my story: In 2007 I was fortunate enough to perform in White...


#9 - My Money Rant

I might be listening to a little too much Gary Vaynerchuk lately, because I started ranting (speaking passionately) about why I think we should all talk about money and finances. It’s fun to talk about your interests or the things in which you’re an expert, but it’s usually not fun to talk about finances. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it certainly buys you choices. You should be planning for your future. Don’t depend on Social Security - it may not be there when you’re old enough to...


#8 - SETC's - Auditions and More - an interview with Marci Duncan

I knew SETC’s (Southeastern Theatre Conference) as a great audition opportunity for college students, but I learned they have opportunities for actors at all stages of their career. Check out my conversation with Marci Duncan, the audition committee chair, as I get some insider info on how to prepare for and what to expect at the big spring auditions. Marci Duncan -Actor -Audition committee chair for SETC -Florida Theatre Conference Screening Coordinator -Professor at University...


#7 - Actor Websites - An Interview with Tom Lapke from Two Cats Web Design

Actor Websites – An Interview with Tom Lapke – Two Cats Web Design Tom Lapke – Actors Launchpad SECURITY ALERT: Be very careful about what information you put out there: Get a Google Voice number that forwards directly to your phone. Don’t post pictures with your house number or nearby house numbers in them. Don’t do Facebook Live videos walking down your own street. For more information, or to contact Tom Lapke check out Two Cats Web Design. A huge thank you to Tom for the...


#6 - What you should be doing in September

NYC Temp Agencies Kelly Services – Call (212) 949-5313 Career Group - Send your business resume to Atrium Staffing (212) 292-0550 Green Key Resources - RJL Resources Beacon Hill Staffing - Sarah O’Brien or (212) 231-4231 NYC Catering Companies Abigail Kirsch Great Performances At Your Service Staffing Amerivents NYC Promotional Agencies – Promotional Model, Brand Ambassador Event Pro...


#5 - What happened to Survival Jobs for Actors?

The conversation has now grown bigger than just Survival Jobs. So join me on my Podcast, Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer, and let's connect on Social! I'm @MichelleDyerLaT on Thanks for listening! ~Michelle


#4 - Even Broadway stars should have a side hustle - Interview with Meredith Patterson

I don't care if you ever listen to any of my other episodes... if you currently are, or one day hope to be a working actor, you need to listen to Meredith Patterson - NOW. Ok, now it would be super cool if you listened to my other episodes, too, but this one is kinda epic, because the advice I'm trying to share with 'yall is not coming from me - it's coming from Broadway Star (42nd Street, White Christmas) Meredith Patterson! Golden Gems!! Meredith has "found her jam" with Arbonne and I...


#3 - What to do/know before you go [to NYC]

What can you do before you make the big move to NYC? If you're anything like I was, I was so eager for the big move to New York City. I can still remember scouring for books on the acting profession trying to prep while I was still stuck in the Midwest. Whether you're in college, on a cruise ship, or at home saving up for the big move, here are something things you can do to get yourself prepped and ready to rock the second you set foot in New York. To your success! ~Michelle...


#2 - Temp Talk with Regina Gatti

In this interview with actress turned recruiter Regina Gatti learn about how Temp Work could make a great Survival Job and add experience to your resume for your future endeavors, whatever they may be! If you'd like to speak with her about opportunities she might have for you? Email your resume and a little bit about yourself to


Podcast Episode #1 - Healthy Eating on the Road - Interview with Melissa Robinette

In this episode Melissa Robinette and I discuss Healthy Eating on the Road for performers. We've got some great tips for your regional and touring gigs. [caption id="attachment_411" align="alignright" width="300"] Melissa Robinette[/caption] MelRob was born into the circus and constantly works as an actor. She started putting together, advertising, booking, and negotiating her own contracts for her one woman show at age ten, complete for her one woman show at age ten, complete with self...