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Music Industry Analysis, Interviews, Tips, News, and Reviews




Episode #353: Elton John Guitarist Davey Johnstone

SONY DSC NEWS Our musical attention span is getting short and what will happen by 2030Taylor Guitars gives the company to its employees GUEST Elton John guitar player and musical director Davey Johnstone Davey Johnstone has played guitar and been the musical director for the Elton John Band since 1972. During that time, Davey has played on all of Elton’s albums and tours. In fact, he recently celebrated his 3,000th show with Elton in 2019. Davey’s also played and recorded with a wide range...


Episode #352 – Alexandra Bartles And Rick Snoman Of Pro Audio Ears

My guests this week are Alexandra Bartles and Rick Snoman of Pro Audio Ears and Altar Recording Studios, the world’s first boutique recording studio dedicated to Electronic Dance Music. Alex is a practicing audiologist with over 18 years experience who specializes in tinnitus retraining therapy. She also serves on the AES education and historical committees, and is co-chair of the Electronic Dance Music committee. Rick is an award winning producer and remixer, who’s worked with Britney...


Episode #351 – Rating Your Musical Taste, Interactive Sheet Music, And Drummer Matt Starr

My guest this week is drummer Matt Starr, who's worked with Ace Frehley, Joe Lynn Turner, Mr. Big and many others both recording and touring . Matt is also a successful career coach, using his past success and failures as a guide to help musicians getting started or those that are stuck in place. During our interview we talked about going from frontman to sideman, his secret for networking, working with producer Mike Chapman, and much more. On the intro I’ll take a look at rating your...


Episode #350 – Annual Music Industry Predictions For 2021

No guest this week, but you'll find plenty to listen to as I give my top predictions for what will happen next year in the music industry. We'll look at a wide variety of topics including: How music venues adapt to the new worldLive streamingThe many facets of the TikTok storyFacebook getting biggerSongwriting changing once againVinyl shortages and what might happenPodcasting petering outSmarter plugins becoming the normand much more. var podscribeEmbedVars = { epGuid:...


Episode #349 – 2020 Annual Year End Review

No guest on the podcast this week, but I will be taking my annual look back at how the music world changed in 2020. Even though the pandemic dominated the headlines, there was so much more that happened in the past year. We'll cover: Some of the serious fires that shaped our year and our futureThe booming guitar marketThe ups and downs of Guitar CenterStreaming numbers, platforms, and changesSome lawsuits that could change songwritingIntroduction of new gear and technologyAnd much more....


Episode #348 – Producer Mark Plati Part 2, Three Types Of Media, And Top 10 Audio Hardware Pieces

NEWS The 3 types of media every artist should knowTop 10 Audio Hardware pieces from this year by GearNews GUEST Producer/Engineer Mark Plati - Part 2 Mark Plati has worked with a wide range of major artists including Prince, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees, The Cure and many others. In Part 1, which was Episode #338, we talked about we talked about working with Prince and Bowie, music for theater, following up on opportunities, and much more. Today in...


Episode #347 – Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon, Apple Music Prices, Production Relief From Congress

NEWS A look at Apple Music prices around the world Production relief from Congress with the HITS bill GUEST Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon Zack Zalon started his music business career as the general manager of the legendary Troubadour club in Los Angeles. Soon after Zack became president of Virgin Digital, and then managing partner of We See Dragons, an agency designing digital platforms for clients like National Geographic, Comcast, Citibank and more. In 2018 Zack co-founded Super Hi-Fi using...


Episode #346 – Miles Copeland Part 2, AI A&R, and Deep Fake Vocals

NEWS Warner Music uses AI-driven A&R to sign more artists Popular artist vocals and lyrics can now be deep faked GUEST The Police and Sting manager Miles Copeland - Part 2 Miles Copeland formerly managed The Police and created IRS Records. IRS was at the forefront of punk and New Wave as the home for bands like REM, The Bangles, Dead Kennedys, The Go Gos, and many others. He also managed Sting in his solo music and film careers. In Part 1 we talked about Miles growing up in Egypt and...


Episode #345 – Police Manager Miles Copeland – Part 1, YouTube Ads, And Thunderbolt 4

NEWS YouTube can now puts ads on all your videos whether you like it or not Thunderbolt 4 is coming to a computer near you GUEST Police manager and IRS Records founder Miles Copeland Miles Copeland formerly managed The Police and created IRS Records. IRS was at the forefront of punk and New Wave as the home of bands like REM, The Bangles, Dead Kennedys, The Go Gos, and many others. He also managed Sting in his solo music and film careers. The son of one of the founders of the CIA and a...


Episode #344 – Musician Robert Martin, Gamers Avoid Royalties, And Sound Without Speakers Or Headphones

NEWS Labels make Twitch crack down on music infringement Immersive sound without speakers or headphones GUEST Musician, vocalist, and mixer Robert Martin Robert Martin was a long-time member of Frank Zappa’s band, the musical director for Bette Midler, and toured or performed with Paul McCartney, Michael McDonald, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs, Etta James, Patti LaBelle, Bonnie Raitt, Kenny Loggins, and many others. Robert also recorded with Prince, the Moody Blues, Lyle Lovett, Gladys Knight,...


Episode #343 – Engineer John Cuniberti, Drive-In Concert Audio, And Spotify’s New Discovery Mode Tool

NEWS Is Spotify's new Discovery Mode tool pay-to-play? Drive-In Concert audio is actually pretty good GUEST Engineer John Cuniberti Check out his OneMic series on YouTube Engineer John Cuniberti began his music career as the drummer in Eddie Money’s first band, transitioned to mixing monitors for Stevie Wonder, and eventually became chief engineer at San Francisco’s famed Hyde Street Studios. It was there John engineered a long line of seminal records for Bay artists like Joe Satriani and...


Episode #342 – Mixer Billy Decker, Ripper Sites Coming Down, And Audio Chips About To Get Scarce

NEWS The RIAA is going after 41 YouTube ripper sites A fire at the AKM factory means audio chips are about to get scarce GUEST Nashville mixer Biller Decker Check out his Template Mixing And Mastering book You can also listen to Billy on Inner Circle Podcast #197 Billy Decker has mixed hits for Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean. Jaime Lynne Spears, George Jones and Sam Hunt, among others, that have sold over 25 million albums. Billy is different from most other mixers in that he’s...


Episode #341 – World Maestro Colin O’Donohoe, Ice Cream Truck Music, And 100th Anniversary Of The Theremin

NEWS The company that monopolizes ice cream truck music The 100th anniversary of the theremin GUEST World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe Colin O’Donohoe has worked as a composer, conductor, band leader, drummer, flautist and audio engineer in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Brazil and Turkey. In 2010, his Pangean Orchestra united instruments and musicians from around the world and gained international recognition to where he was nicknamed “World Maestro.” Colin also composes for television...


Episode #340 – Producer Gareth Jones, The Rise Of Fake Artists, And Mixing ITB Acceptance

NEWS The rise of fake artists in streaming Even old analog engineers are now okay with mixing in-the-box GUEST Producer/engineer Gareth Jones My guest this week is producer/ engineer Gareth Jones, who’s a pioneer in the use of cutting edge digital equipment, sampling technology, and synthesizers. Gareth produced five albums for techno innovators Depeche Mode and six albums for synth-pop superstars Erasure, and many more. As the mixer of John Foxx’s seminal album Metamatic, he realized that...


Episode #339 – Studio Designer Carl Tatz, Reimagining The Album, And The Prophet 5 Reissued

NEWS The album is being reinvented for the streaming eraThe legendary Prophet 5 synthesizer is being reissued GUEST Studio designer and Phantom Focus developer Carl TatzHear more from Carl on Episode #17 Carl Tatz has gone from being a studio owner in Nashville to designing studios, mixing rooms and listening rooms for some of the biggest clients in the world. He then took that to another level by developing his own technology and products. Carl wanted to take monitoring to another more...


Episode #338 – An Internet Minute, Recycled Plastics For Acoustics, And Producer Mark Plati

NEWS A look at what happens on the Internet in a minute in 2020Acoustic materials made from recycled plastic bottles GUEST Producer Mark Plati - Part 1 Mark Plati has worked with a wide range of major artists including Prince, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees, The Cure and many others. Mark was initiated into the New York City music scene working under the tutelage of dance music legend Arthur Baker in New York City in the late 80’s. In 1991 he began a...


Episode #337 – Neighboring Rights Royalties, Gibson Aging Technology, And Producer/Soma Breath Founder Niraj Naik

NEWS Neighboring rights and what it means to an artistGibson's latest guitar aging technology GUEST Music producer and Soma Breath founder Niraj Naik Niraj Naik is a music producer and self-described renegade pharmacist from the U.K and founder of SOMA Breath, one of the fastest growing wellness movements fusing ancient techniques with modern science. Niraj is also the founder of Breathe In Beats, a music collective renowned for their legendary conscious music festivals. These dance music...


Episode #336 – Engineer/Producer J.J. Blair, Music Piracy Evolving, And Sony De-Emphasizing Electronics

NEWS Music piracy is evolving, or so an industry association wants you to believeSony is de-emphasizing electronics GUEST Engineer, producer and musician J.J. Blair Musician, engineer and producer J.J. Blair has a long list of engineering credits including Joe Bonamassa, Kelly Clarkson, Jeff Beck, the Black Eyed Peas, Keith Urban, Weezer, and many more. He’s also produced and mixed the Grammy winning record "Press On," by June Carter Cash, engineered on the Grammy winning and #1 Billboard...


Episode #335 – The 2020 Social Universe, Guitars Selling Again, And Songwriter Andrea Stolpe

NEWS The social media universe in 2020Guitars are selling better than ever during the pandemic GUEST Songwriter/educator Andrea Stolpe Andrea Stolpe has written songs for Faith Hill, Julianne Hough, Daniel Lee Martin, Jimmy Wayne, and others. She’s also worked as a staff writer for EMI, Almo-Irving, and Universal Music Publishing. Andrea teaches songwriting at the University of California’s Thornton School of Music, and is the author and instructor of Berklee College of Music’s online course...


Episode #334 – Producer/Plugin Developer Dan Korneff, 50% Visa Increase, And An Immersive Audio Format War

NEWS You won't see too many mid-level foreign artists touring after a 50% visa price increaseGet ready for the immersive audio wars as Sony 360 Reality Audio is released GUEST Producer/mixer/engineer and plugin developer Dan Korneff Producer, mixer and engineer Dan Korneff has not only worked with prominent names like Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Papa Roach, Lamb of God and My Chemical Romance, but has developed some of the coolest audio plugins available. Dan not only knows how to expertly...