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Interviews with music industry movers and shakers, , tips, and news

Interviews with music industry movers and shakers, , tips, and news


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Interviews with music industry movers and shakers, , tips, and news




Episode 427 – Music That Streaming Favors, A New Music Format, And Founder Jules Standen

My guest this week is Jules Standen, who worked as an engineer with groups like The Lemonheads, The Smiths, and Siouxsie and the Banshees before starting an online forum for engineers in 2002. That hobby eventually grew into, a place for all things audio, from gear forums and classifieds to gear databases and reviews, Q&A sessions with famous producers and engineers, and a worldwide audio community. Gearspace is now celebrating its 20th year serving online audio geeks...


Episode 426 – California’s 7 Year Law, Evolving Songwriting, And Sound Designer Bob Pomann

My guest this week is Bob Pomann, who discovered his unique ability to tell a story through sound while doing sound effects for the original Saturday Night Live. He went on to create Pomann Sound, a full-service audio-post and sound design house located in midtown Manhattan on the Penthouse floor, now in its 38th year, going strong since 1984. Bob went on to design sound for Disney’s long-form animated series, Doug, and his specialized sound can be heard on series including Little Einsteins,...


Episode 425 – Mixer Andrew Scheps, Renaming Rock, And Elvis Weddings In Vegas

My guest this week is Andrew Scheps, who’s won 3 Grammy awards and mixed huge hits for Adele, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Beyonce, Jay-Z, U2 and many more. Andrew has also spent quite a lot of time mixing in Dolby Atmos lately, and his tutorials on the subject are some of the best available. He’s also spent a lot of time working on audio apps and plugs, creating his Scheps 73EQ and Parallel Particles in collaboration with Waves, and most recently, his own Bounce Factory. Bounce...


Episode 424 – Composer Jim Hustwit, Music Videos Are Dying, And The Global Music Vault

My guest this week is Jim Hustwitt, who quit his marketing job in 2011 to work as a music producer and composer. Since them Jim has produced music for Universal, EMI, BMG WestOne & NinjaTune and has been commissioned to write music for the BBC, Sky 1 and Channel 4. He’s also walked the boards of the National Theatre and London’s West End. During the interview we talked about shifting from being a singer-songwriter to composer, the approach to writing trailer music, battling the temp score,...


Episode 423 – Drummer And Historian Daniel Glass, Sony Unrecouped Balances, And Gibson Vs Dean Lawsuit

If you're a drummer or regularly work with drums, you're really going to like my guest on the podcast this week since it's filled with things you probably never knew about the instrument. It's Daniel Glass, who’s an award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator based in New York City. He previously appeared on Episode 305. Daniel is widely recognized as an authority on classic American drumming and the evolution of American Popular Music. He's recorded and performed all over the...


Episode 422 – Picking A Social Media Manager, Gibson Guitars Are Dad Rock, And Kali Audio Execs

My guests this week are director of marketing Nate Baglyos and director of acoustics Charles Sprinkle of the speaker manufacturer Kali Audio. Both held executive positions at JBL before joining forces to start the company. Kali studio monitors are built to offer the best possible value to its customers, while providing high-performance products that fit any budget. During the interview we talked about why opera singers aren’t fun to be around, why designing professional speakers is more...


Episode 421 – Why There Are No Big Hits, Interesting Vibrations, And Peter Sinclair Of BeatBread

Peter Sinclair, the CEO of BeatBread. BeatBread enables artists and songwriters to get advances from 1k to 2mil based on strength of the catalogs. Unlike other services, the company allows artist to keep 100% ownership of their masters, publishing, touring, merch and synch. You can design the agreement that works for you after the service gathers your data, which only takes a few minutes. It’s a way to stay independent without having to sign a bad deal just to get some working capital....


Episode 420 – Songwriters Get A Raise, A New Kind Of Loudspeaker, And James Dickerson Of HitSend

If you've ever tried to get an approval on a mix from someone, you know how hard that can get. You want them to hear it in all its glory, yet you don't want to send the high-res file without getting paid first. Plus, getting notes that make sense can be a real chore. That's what my guest on the podcast this week, James Dickerson, has solved with his new service called HitSend. HitSend allows you to share a project with a client, receive timecoded feedback so you know exactly where to make...


Episode 419 – Pianist Jason Tonioli, Songs Uploaded To Spotify, And Streaming Level Normalization

Jason Tonioli has managed to do something that everyone thought was impossible these days, and that’s crack 7 figures of income with only sheet music sales. He’s recorded 8 albums and created more than a dozen piano solo books as well as dozens of individual pieces of sheet music that he’s self-published. One of Jason’s secrets is that he creates music that’s simple and fun to play, yet sounds more complicated and advanced than it really is. When Jason isn’t playing piano he’s also a well...


Episode 418 – Music Exec Vinny Ribas, The Truth Behind Artists And Social Media, And One Hit Wonders

My guest on the podcast this week is Vinny Ribas, who’s the founder and CEO of both Indie Direct and Cartne. Vinny has worked as both an agent and an artist manager, but is also an executive coach and strategic business consultant. He’s also branched out online in creating Indie Connect and his latest venture Cartne. Cartne takes the mystery and guesswork out of being an indie artist by providing the answers to over 250 of the most pressing questions and challenges that artists have. It also...


Episode 417 – Therapist Elisa Di Napoli, Spotify Pro Artists, And Vinyl Pressing Gets A Boost

My guest this week is Elisa Di Napoli, who’s a holistic life coach, hypnotherapist, author and performer. Elisa specializes in helping professionals and artists overcome creative blocks and beat stage fright so they can better share their gifts with their audience. She’s been a holistic clinical hypnotherapist as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner for two decades, where her approach combines Positive Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Esoteric Western Practices with Hypnosis...


Episode 416 – Composer Ron Jones, Dying Fandom, And Will No Compression Recordings Be A Trend?

My guest this week is Ron Jones, who’s had a long career writing for some of the biggest hit television shows of our time. Ron has worked a variety of popular prime-time shows like The A-Team, Magnum P.I., Hardcastle and McCormick, Hunter, and Star Trek Next Generation, but he may be better known for his work on animated shows. These include The Smurfs, Scooby-Doo, Disney’s Duck Tales, Fairly Odd Parents, and the ever popular Family Guy and American Dad. During the interview we talked about...


Episode 415 – Record Store Day With Larry Jaffee, Women In Music, And Digital Drugs Delivered By Sound

My guest this week is journalist Larry Jaffee, who’s going to take us behind the scenes of the biggest vinyl selling day of the year, Record Store Day. Larry has been editor in chief of several magazines and websites covering the media and marketing businesses, including Medialine, which specialized in physical music product. His writing has been published in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Adweek, and numerous other publications. He also currently teaches media studies at St....


Episode 414 – Mixer Gary Lux, NFTs For Indie Artists, And The Musical Instrument Revolution

My guest this week is Gary Lux, who is one of Hollywood’s premier music mixers with literally thousands of projects to his credit. Before stepping out on his own, Gary was the head music mixer for Universal Studios, where he earned two Emmy Award nominations for his work with The Jacksons, and Frank Sinatra. He has a wide range of music mixing credits including Usher, Sting, Rob Thomas, Britney Spears, Norah Jones, No Doubt, and many more. Gary was also one of the first to delve into 5.1...


Episode 413 – Positive Grid’s Laura Whitmore, Deceiving 2021 Music Revenue Numbers, And The End Of The Effects Pedal

She Rocks Awards - 01212016 My guest this week is Laura Whitmore, who started her career in the direct marketing department of CBS Records before a 20 year stint as the marketing director for Korg USA. There she was instrumental in marketing, PR and artist relations for the Korg, Marshall, and VOX brands as well as editor of Korg’s ProView Magazine. Laura then started her own PR and marketing company called Mad Sun Marketing, with clients like Acoustic Amplification, Peavy, Sterling Audio,...


Episode 412 – Tour Music Director Hayden Maringer, TikTok Becomes A Music Distributor, And Vacuum Tubes Get Scarce

My guest this week is Hayden Maringer, who has performed countless shows and tours all over the world working with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood, and many more. Hayden established himself as a music director and guitarist, but also as an actor, working as the lead guitar player on the Fox hit TV show Glee. He has also worked as a composer, with credits such as “The Scorpion King: Quest For Power,” commercials for Ford, and shows on NBC and BBC....


Episode 411 – Modern Musician’s Michael Walker, Spotify Songwriter Royalties, And The Sonic Difference Between CD and Vinyl

My guest this week is Michael Walker, who went from being a living-out-of-his-car touring musician to reaching #2 on the iTunes Alternative Charts in 6 months by using some simple grass-roots marketing techniques. After touring professionally for eight years, Michael decided to set up Modern Musician to teach other artists and bands the skills that he learned to have a profitable music career. Michael now takes clients through a 3 tier system of discovering an artist’s identity, developing a...


Episode 410 – LANDR’s Daniel Rowland, AI Art Copyright, And High Resolution Recording

My guest this week is Daniel Rowland, who’s an audio engineer, producer, educator, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Montreal’s LANDR Audio, and longtime professor at MTSU in Nashville. Daniel has been part of numerous international tours; produced the music for an Oscar-winning Pixar film; and mastered multiplatinum/Grammy-nominated albums, while working on projects for artists as varied as Nine Inch Nails, Seal, Meek Mill, Phillip Glass, and Gwen Stefani, along with dozens of Disney...


Episode 409 – Engineer Steve Genewick Talks Atmos, Why Entertainment NFTs Are Stagnant, And Kanye’s Stem Player

My guest this week is Steve Genewick, who’s worked at Capitol Studios in Hollywood for 25 years. Steve was one of the very first mixers to get into Atmos music mixing and now has more experience than just about anyone. Among the artists that Steve has mixed in Atmos includes Aerosmith, Miles Davis, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, REM, Maroon 5 and many more. During the interview we spoke about setting up a home Atmos studio, getting thrown into the Atmos learning curve, how he uses objects and...


Episode 408 – Vienna Symphonic Library’s Paul Kopf, Short Run Vinyl Pressing, And AKM Chip Factory Fire Update

My guest this week is Paul Kopf who’s the product manager for the go-to orchestral sample library for most film composers - the Vienna Symphonic Library. A composer, producer, musician and singer, Paul has been a staff member of VSL since the year 2000 when the company was founded, and is an expert for the world’s largest orchestral database with several million recorded samples. As a Product Manager, he’s responsible for product design, beta-testing, presentation and documentation and is...