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A one-on-one long-form interview/conversation based podcast about music, with guests whom make music, work in music, or are involved in music in some shape or form. Based in Sydney, Australia.

A one-on-one long-form interview/conversation based podcast about music, with guests whom make music, work in music, or are involved in music in some shape or form. Based in Sydney, Australia.
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Sydney, Australia


A one-on-one long-form interview/conversation based podcast about music, with guests whom make music, work in music, or are involved in music in some shape or form. Based in Sydney, Australia.






DPPOD S06E07 - Grant Walmsley

DPPOD - Grant Walmsley (aka Grant Walmsley Freebird), formerly of The Screaming Jets, Hang Seng, Agents Of Peace, currently of Grant Walmsley Freebird Blues Band and Monsters Of Rock Down Under talks to DPPOD. Grant talks of growing up in a house full of music and how The Screaming Jets came to...


DPPOD S06E06 - Murray Cook

DPPOD - Murray Cook AM (aka Murray Wiggle), formerly of The Wiggles, currently of Bang Shang A Lang and The Proposition talks to DPPOD. Murray talks of being introduced to music by television, wanting to play guitar at a young age, moving to Sydney and being immersed by Sydney's music scene, and getting involved with a children's music project at university that would be the inception of The...


DPPOD S06E04 - Charles Cilia

DPPOD - Charles Cilia, of Charles Cilia Custom Guitars Australia (Cilia Guitars) and formerly the guitarist of bands Jerk and Ink talks to DPPOD. Charles talks of becoming obsessed with guitars when he was a teenager, playing in bands as a teenager, how making his first guitar would eventually lead to a career as a luthier, and how answering a musicians wanted ad in Drum Media would see him become the guitarist in the band...


DPPOD S06E03 - Dave Larkin

DPPOD - Dave Larkin, of Dallas Crane, Gun Street Girls and the Dave Larkin Band talks to DPPOD. Dave talks about the music of his youth, the moment he decided to buy a guitar, the life and times of the band Dallas Crane, and of being a graphic...


DPPOD S06E02 - Steele Saunders

DPPOD - Steele Saunders, Melbourne based comedian and prominent Australian comedic podcaster of I Love Green Guide Letters and Steele Wars talks to DPPOD. Steele talks of his skater punk youth, starting a punk zine Return Of The Punk Guy, and how the band The Descendents would become the most important band in his...


DPPOD S06E01 - David McCormack

DPPOD - David McCormack, of Custard, David McCormack & The Polaroids, formerly of The Titanics, Who's Gerald?, COW, Silver Backwash, Miami, Static Exhale, and The Millionaires (amongst other bands too) talks to DPPOD. David talks of his Brisbane beginnings, finding The Beatles and Devo as a child, his exposure to several musical instruments. The rise, the fall and resurrection of the band Custard. And making a living composing music for cinema and TV at Sonar...


DPPOD S05E07 - Roderick Kempton

DPPOD - Roderick Kempton (aka Wally Kempton and Wally Meanie), of The Meanies, Even and X, and also of Cheersquad management, talks to DPPOD. Wally talks of his music beginnings, booking bands in Melbourne, becoming the bass player in the Meanies and Even, managing bands and the struggles of managing too many bands at once, and how he recently got asked to join...


DPPOD S05E06 - Russell Hopkinson

DPPOD - Russell Hopkinson (aka Rusty Hopkinson), of You Am I and Treatment, previously of Radio Birdman, Nursery Crimes, Vicious Circle, Cremator, The Kryptonics and The Bamboos (among several other bands) talks to DPPOD. Rusty talks of his punk and hardcore origins in Perth, the life and times of You Am I, starting his own record label/distrubution company, and of being the Asia-Pacific representative for Daptone...


DPPOD S05E05 - Tony Mott

DPPOD - Tony Mott, music photographer talks to DPPOD. Tony talks of how a mere hobby of photography would eventually turn into a profession that would allow him to work with a multitude of musicians. http://tonymott.com


DPPOD S05E04 - Michael McMartin

DPPOD - Michael McMartin OAM, of Melody Management, Manager for the Hoodoo Gurus, established Trafalgar Records, and has been involved with several music related organisations such as MMF, IMMF, AAM, PPCA and Support Act talks to DPPOD. Michael talks of seeing Elvis Presley in his youth, releasing records for Radio Birdman and being the manager for the Hoodoo Gurus. http://www.hoodoogurus.net


DPPOD S05E03 - Morgana Ancone

DPPOD - Morgana Ancone, formerly of Nitocris, Morgana & The Monstars, The Lady Bites, Fukushima Bang Bang and currently of Boxing With Ghosts and Foo Foo Fa Noo, talks to DPPOD. Morgana talks about her first band Nitocris and playing gigs nearly every weekend for near a decade. The issues of starting your own band and the enthusiasm of still creating music today.


DPPOD S05E02 - James Roden

DPPOD - James Roden, formerly of The City Lights, The John Reed Club, The Morticians and currently of The Cops talks to DPPOD. James talks of growing up with music in Canberra, being in bands, the initial creation of the label Ivy League, and the trials and tribulations of The City Lights.


DPPOD S05E01 - Dave Graney

DPPOD - Dave Graney, formerly of The Moodists, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, The Dave Graney Show, Dave Graney & Lurid Yellow Mist and currently of Dave Graney & The MistLY (amoungst several other bands) talks to DPPOD. Dave talks about most of bands he has been in, living to UK, recording albums and touring in Australia.http://www.thedavegraneyshow.com


DPPOD S04E07 - Ray Ahn

DPPOD - Ray Ahn, of Hard-Ons, Nunchukka Superfly and The Television Addicts talks to DPPOD. Ray talks of his earliest memories of music as a child in Korea, seeing AC/DC when he was five years old, deciding to learn bass guitar with a determination to join his mates band, in which he succeeds, a band that would become the Hard-Ons.http://www.hard-ons.net


DPPOD S04E06 - Peter Oxley

DPPOD - Peter Oxley, of Sunnyboys, Ed Kueper's band and also formerly of The Sparklers talks to DPPOD. Peter talks of the trials and tribulations of being in the band Sunnyboys, life in music after Sunnyboys demise, the return of Sunnyboys, and the documentary about his brother Jeremy.


DPPOD S04E05 - Justin Hamilton

DPPOD - Justin Hamilton is a Stand-Up Comedian and hosts his own podcast "Can You Take This Photo, Please?", talks to DPPOD. Justin talks of music in his youth, before a fortunate moment of seeing David Bowie live at a gig in Adelaide would change his life and make an everlasting impression. Justin also talks about how he began his career as part of a comedic musical...


DPPOD S04E04 - Chris Dubrow

DPPOD - Chris Dubrow, formerly of iNsuRge, Soulscraper and currently of Blackbreaks talks to DPPOD. Chris talks about his beginnings of busking in Melbourne, the bands he would be in whilst in Melbourne, then moving to Sydney and forming iNsuRge. Whilst never really leaving music, Chris then goes on to study economics and law, work in politics and in I.T.


DPPOD S04E03 - Peter Cox

DPPOD - Peter Cox, a Curator at the Museum Of Applied Arts And Sciences (MAAS) Powerhouse Museum talks to DPPOD. Peter talks Australian music history and about music related exhibitions he has previously curated at the museum, exhibitions like "Spinning Around: 50 Years Of Festival Records" and "Real Wild Child: Australian Rock Music Then And Now".http://maas.museum


DPPOD S04E02 - Tamara Dawn Bell

DPPOD - Tamara Dawn Bell of HITS, also of Grieg and formerly of Gazoonga Attack talks to DPPOD. Tamara talks of growing up listening to metal in her early teens, before taking an active interest in the bands local to Brisbane. The rise and fall of Gazoonga Attack, and doing the hard yards for a decade in HITS.


DPPOD S04E01 - Lindy Morrison

DPPOD - Lindy Morrison OAM, formerly of The Go-Betweens, current Artist Director at the PPCA, and also National Welfare Coordinator at Support Act. Lindy talks to DPPOD about Brisbane beginnings, life after The Go-Betweens, law, representing musicians and social work.