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Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos is the only podcast that dares to tackle Tori Amos's extensive catalog. In each episode Efrain & Danny will discuss a different tune, in chronological order of release.

Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos is the only podcast that dares to tackle Tori Amos's extensive catalog. In each episode Efrain & Danny will discuss a different tune, in chronological order of release.
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Drive All Night: The Songs of Tori Amos is the only podcast that dares to tackle Tori Amos's extensive catalog. In each episode Efrain & Danny will discuss a different tune, in chronological order of release.




0335 BFP Era Tracks - I'm On Fire

As Efrain and David get hashtag Closer to Choirglrl, they stop for a moment to fan the flames of desire. The boys pay tribute to Bruce Springsteen with a deep exploration of I'm On Fire as well as other Springsteen covers that Tori has done throughout her career. This episode includes a fantastic interview with Ken Rosen of estreetshuffle[dot]com -- a daily Bruce Springsteen blog that rivals any Tori fan site. Also included: rare interviews, sound bites, live performances and more!


0334 BFP Bee Sides - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Efrain and David get a little emotional as they cover the final bee side from the Boys for Pele era. Complete with rare live performances, sound bites, clips and an exploration of the Judy Garland original, the boys leave no rainbow un-Overed. If you've been dreaming of this episode, then the dream you dared to dream really did come true.


0333 BFP Bee Sides - Alamo

Efrain and David take a last stand to unlock the mystery of Alamo. Along with cohost Sakre Heinze, the boys unravel the mystery of the lyrics as well as embark(adero) on an extensive exploration of the live evolution of the song--backwards! Complete with rare clips, soundbites and more. We took our chances!


0332 BFP Bee Sides - Sister Named Desire

We celebrate the most obscure Pele Bee-Side with the most guests EVER crammed into a single episode. Packed to the brim and thirsting for more, this desirous episode Includes interviews with Super-Fans Julie Chappell, Jessica Levi, Shea Stimac and Lindsey Nettleton as well as conversations with PRT, Stefan Svendsen, Lauren Eschwie and Canadian Musician Matthew Presidente (who can only be described as our resident Commander in Desire). Co-hosted by Dor Dotson and Sakre Heinze, we promise not...


REWIND - It Might Hurt A Bit (Part 1)

In the first episode exclusively for our Patreon Supporters we took a serious (and Serial) swan dive into The Lost Duet between Tori Amos and Michael Stipe. Complete with sound clips, re-enactments and dramatizations, exploring this track didn’t hurt one bit!


0331 BFP Bee Sides - Frog On My Toe

Efrain and David explore Tori's relationship with her maternal grandfather through hisTORIcal quotes and clips. Includes an interview with Emi Kane, aka The Girl With the Kaleidoscope Hair, who brings a fresh perspective about the song and its themes. Also includes a very thorough live dissection.


0330 BFP Bee Sides - Tribute to Nancy Shanks

In honor of the wise and beautiful Nancy Shanks, we replay our interview from 2018.


0329 BFP Bee Sides - Amazing Grace / Til The Chicken

Still on their retreat, Efrain and David are back with an explosive discovery about this song. Learn all about it with them as they find amazing grace til the chicken come home. Includes flashback interviews with George Porter Jr and Jared Goode, who each share a very different thought on how this song was recorded (spoiler alert, we think Jared is right!). Also includes rare clips and live performances!


0328 Bonus Episode - Nothing Like A Man

In this special episode from our Patreon archives, we fall down the rabbit hole with Amber Rose who has uncovered a track written by Tori Amos & Cindy Marble. Featured in the 1988 video The Party, Tori sings background vocals for The Rugburns on this track, and it truly is EVERYTHING you want it to be! This episode is complete with clips and an in depth film critique by Director Josh Johnson (Rewind This), plus special interviews with Amber Rose, Dor Dotson (Genuine Article) and Cory...


0327 BFP Bee Sides - Graveyard

For this very special episode, we take a trip to Hollywood Forever Cemetery where we attempt to conjure up some ghosts! If you love the sounds of helicopters and Los Angeles street traffic, then you’ve found the right episode! Includes an interview with two figures from beyond the grave to give us a little detail about the afterlife. Also includes a full live exploration of Graveyard, as well as rare clips and interviews.


0326 BFP Bee Sides - Samurai

Efrain and David head down to the sanctuary to learn about their la la la la love, too. Includes an interview with a real life Samu-tic, Jared Goode, who brings up possible Motormaids connections. Also included are rare clips, and a dramatic reading of an online Tori Amos Samurai war.


0325 BFP Bee Sides - That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)

To the Tune of The Sandwich Song *clears throat* eef and david finish out the Chas N David pair – rare clips and jigs, and lots of small talk, Laura C having a share – taking some time to eat pints or two, and chips on the retreat – licorice, pies, doritos too, diet coke at our feet – eating all night, and not riding bikes, old watchword peels and lots of meals, yes. That’s what we like.


0324 BFP Bee Sides - London Girls

Efrain and David attempt to get to the bottom of these London Girls, but are entirely too enticed by the promise of free drinks--just the way Chas N Dave would have wanted it. Includes a loving tribute to Chas Hodges, as well as rare clips, a full exploration of the live evolution of the Tori version, and an interview with a real life London Girl (and friend of the show) Priya Sen. Don't muck about!


0323 BFP Bee Sides - Toodles Mr. Jim

Listen as Efrain and David splatter and swatter everything they know about Toodles Mr. Jim through the airwaves, and into your earbuds. Includes an interview with Toodles Superfan and reigning Wait! Wait! Don't Tor Me Champion Alexander Léger-Small. Including rare sound clips, covers and a full live exploration.


0322 Bonus Episode - RAINN Special Live From New York Commentary

This Valentines Day, spend the evening with Efrain and David as we provide a live commentary track for Tori's 1997 RAINN Benefit Concert Live From New York. Finally! The commentary you've always needed about the show you always wanted. So grab your wine, curl up in your most luxurious blanket, turn on youtube and tell your significant other to Ride On, Yes, to Ride On yes. This commentary follows the youtube video with the title "Tori Amos - Live From New York" by user: ernandogarcia


0321 BFP Bee Sides - Hungarian Wedding Song

The BFP bee sides continue as Efrain and David pick their wedding outfits and get their undead guest lists ready to print. Including rare sound clips, covers and a full live exploration. Plus Tori's response when questioned about the word Froperty.


0320 BFP Bee Sides - This Old Man

Pele returns as Efrain and David tackle the bee-side era with not only a knick-knack but also a full on paddywack. In this first installment of the Silly Songs, you'll hear Tori themed interviews with Efrain's old man Bob Schunior and David's old man Duane Anderson. Plus the winner of our Pele Deluxe Contest! Also included, as always, are rare sound clips, a full live exploration, line by line analysis and more!


0319 Boys For Pele - Wrap Up

In this fully loaded episode, Efrain and David wrap up the entirety of the Boys for Pele album, picking up things they missed along the way with a little help from their friends. Emails are read, voicemails are played, tweets are responded to, theories are considered. Included are interviews with friend of the show Shea Stimac and a real life Courtney Love stan, Ian Lewandowski. Plus a surprise visit from the Pele Baby (#CollegeYears) and a contest that will blow your mind. Figure it out!...


0318 Boys For Pele - Twinkle

In this last episode of the proper season, Efrain and David shine a light on Twinkle because they sure can. Boys (for Pele) so hard. And don't miss the three very special announcements at the end! Also included in this episode: a teary goodbye to our Pele Baby as we send him off to adulthood, plus an unexpected cliffhanger as Shaggy wages war on an unlikely suspect. Also not to be missed interviews with Val Patterson, Tim Karu, and John Oursler. Plus a thorough LIVE exploration including...


0317 Boys For Pele - Putting the Damage On

The Boys For Pele season is winding down! Soon it'll be BFP Bee Sides and then Choirgirl! But as Efrain and David pack their things and head off to the mountain top, take a listen to their best impression of their best Angie Dickinson. Don't make them scratch on your door! Included in this episode: a check-in with our Pele Baby, a delicious installment of Sincerely Shaggy, and the first trailer for our exciting new project! Plus a thorough LIVE exploration including rare TV clips, sound...