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A live discussion on Independent Music, Artist and Labels and all things associated with being Independent in the music industry.

A live discussion on Independent Music, Artist and Labels and all things associated with being Independent in the music industry.
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Carlsbad, NM


A live discussion on Independent Music, Artist and Labels and all things associated with being Independent in the music industry.




Independent Everything: LIVE with Ohio's Best Kept Secret - Rap Artist ~ Shawn C

Shawn C is the next big rap star to come out of Ohio. Shawn C has many big shows under his belt and has opened up for Young Jeezy, Webbie, Paul Wall, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys and the Young Bloodz. Shawn C has toured with the King of the South T.I. With his up temp flow, fancy wordplay and extraordinary swag, Shawn C's next single "From The O (O.H.I.O)" Featuring MGK NEWLY SIGNED ARTIST Ray Jr. "From The O" will be the next Ohio anthem and is guaranteed to take Ohio by storm. With great...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Crump/Rap/Hip-Hop Artist ~ Kentucky (KY) Boy

Dawan Hopson, stage name Kentucky Boy, is a man who grew up in the mean streets of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He started rapping & freestyling at the age of 10. Although he never graduated from high school, he has always dreamed of becoming a rap superstar. Throughout Dawan's life, he has sold drugs, been in and out of jail, and has even been shot. You would assume that he's the typical rapper! But Mr. Hopson is a changed man. In fact, he is a very talented musical artist who now tours with the...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Independent Artist ~Frankie Da Game Spitta

Frankie Archie II (born June 16, 1982), better known by his stage name "Frankie Da GameSpitta", is an independent artist from Pine Bluff, AR. After releasing his first two CD's "Mind of a Game Spitta" and "How The West Was Won" He gained local success by performing in clubs across his city and state, which gained him radio airplay. With the admiration from his peers and family, he is currently pushing to gain success across the nation. While on his grind as an Independent Artist, Frankie Da...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Battle Rap/Hip-Hop Artist ~ D Hall the Queen

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan D Hall the Queen grew up listening to a wide variety of music. As a child she was introduced to artists ranging from Bob Marley to Prince to Queen Latifah?. It was that early exposure that led Hall to want to pursue a career in music herself. Hall says, "Music is something that has always been with me. Since I was old enough to work a walkman, record player, my dad's old 8 track player I've been immersed in music. My mom, often jokingly asks when am I...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Hip-Hop Artist Rhyme Scheme of D.R.S. Ent.

If you have been paying attention to the underground music scene, you have heard of Rhyme Scheme, a rising Hip Hop artist making his claim to fame into Hip Hops mainstream. Having grown up in Detroit’s inner city, serving a tour in Iraq, and adapting to the diversity of California, Rhyme Scheme delivers evocative messages through his lyrical talents that are quickly gaining notoriety. The depth of his lyrics, mixed with a fused sound of old-school hip-hop with a modern delivery, has created...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Cleveland Unlimited Records Artist~Prynce Tone

I was born in Chicago Heights Illinois. When I was a child I was not sure what of where I wanted to be because honestly looking at my neighborhood i never thought I would live past 16. When I was young got into a lot of trouble with burglaries and gun play. Selling drugs came later on in life as well did gang banging. As a child I believed pretty much everything my older peers said so whatever I was instructed to do I handled and didn't question. I dropped out of high school and joined the...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Newark, NJ Hip-Hop Sensation ~ Chaos

Chaos born Jameel Laboo is from Newark, New Jersey. Growing up in the drug infested, murder filled streets he used music as his calm. Never had plans on the public hearing his music it was just his pain reliever. Until hearing the late 2pac and instantly wanted to become a rap star. But a lost criminal case sent him to prison. Since his release he's been focused. Having recorded songs with Maino, Troy Ave, & Amil. He also dropped a series of mixtapes called the Never Change series. And most...


Independent Everything: LIVE with C-Town Records Rap Artist ~ Tha MESSAGE

Tha MESSAGE is no stranger to struggle, born into a blue collar family with a long line of field and mill workers. His father a diesel mechanic, worked long hours and many different shifts to support his mother and him. His mother worked different jobs throughout the years but due to her bouts with Bi-polar, it was very difficult to hold down a job. Throughout his youth he moved many times, being forced to try to fit in, he was often teased about his weight among other thing such as his own...


Independent Everything: LIVE with The Crew ~ M2M Freestyle Sept. 2015

Join us on this episode of our monthly roundtable discussion... FRANZ... aka Franz The Hybrid One ~ host of Radio ( Radio) which airs Tues & Thurs 7-10pmCST; All Thingz Hybrid Radio (which airs Sat 7-9pmCST & Sun 7-10pmCST, on the Spreaker network), and the Executive of Metal 2 Music Records ( among many, many, many other things will be ~ GIVING YOU "ALL THINGS HYBRID AND ALL THINGS METAL 2 MUSIC!" DELSHUN... artist,...


Independent Everything: LIVE with the Ladies of Real Nail Qweenz International

Yani Williams is President & Founder of Real Nails Qweenz International On her journey she has met several inspirational and influential people that have help direct the current path that she is now on. Her intentions were never to grow her nails to extreme lengths however now they are part of her which makes it very hard to trim or cut them. Growing her nails to an extreme length became a passion and she sought out people that were like minded or shared her passion. She saw Lena Cole on...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Memphis Rapper ~ MINDFRAME

I go by the name of MINDFRAME representing for my team #ABKLLD(Air Born Kings, Life Long Dreams). A foretold king coming from the streets of Memphis, TN. Born in 1990, I'm an artist with a specific view on life always striving for greatness and does not mind being different or unique. A talented rapper who is well-skilled in punchlines and metaphors, a heart-filled poet, and motivational speaker. Music was my only gateway to begin expressing myself. Im intelligent, down to earth, and a man...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Dallas, TX Hip-Hop Artist ~ KINGWEEZY

Making the transition from most "Slept On" to The New Face of Dallas Hip-Hop, has KINGWEEZY fans boiling with excitement and anticipating his NEXT Gigantic Leap and Career Shifting move. BOLD Dreams intertwined with a unique sound and hidden inspirational anthems in each track seem to be KINGWEEZY's formula for his rapid success. Dallas,TX latest poster child, is ready, willing, and definitely able to ?C.H.A.N.G.E the Hip-Hop game by making enjoyable music you're not embarrassed or ashamed...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Hip-Hop Storyteller & Songwriter ~ Wydeframe

Wydeframe, born Christopher Kesee, was born February 5, 1987 in Vernon, Texas. Although Wydeframe’s current music genre is hip-hop music, he enjoys all musical genres. He has experience writing for different genres such as country, pop, and hip-hop music. Wydeframe has always enjoyed writing hip-hop music; but recently put the petal to the metal to forge ahead with his music career when he showed his musical talents to business associates. When professionals he trusted (dj’s, promoters,...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Ross Galvan, Owner of WaveForms Designs

Nakia and Delshun go LIVE for another exciting episode of Independent Everything. Joining us today will be Ross Galvan, Dallas, TX native. Ross is an engineer, who is into Hip-Hop & Rap. You can find him any given day at Waveform Designs, a studio, that specializes in Recording, Mixing, and Mastering, where he is the Owner. Independent Everything is the globally broadcasted Blog Talk Radio show of Metal 2 Music Records/SMG/UMG. The show airs every Sunday and Wednesday at 5:30pmCST. LIVE...


Independent Everything: LIVE with M2M/SMG/UMG Hip-Hop Femcee ~ Ms. B

Ms.B is a female Hip-Hop/R&B artist, who hails from Pittsburgh PA. The last year has been a very busy one for Ms.B. She has earned a feature in Niji magazine, an internet based circulatory from the U.K. She also has been on several blog talk radio shows such as The Artist Loft and Independent Everything. In June of 2014, Ms. B was signed to Metal 2 Music records. Since then she has released several songs under the label, including her promotional release entitled It’s My Time, available on...


Independent Everything: LIVE with the CEO of Closet Music Ent. ~ BGG Yung

What's good. I'm Devon "BGG YUNG FALLEN ANGEL" Patton. I am from Mobile, Al. I was born to Rhonda and Tyrone Patton. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I got into the rap game cause of how the new generation flows to this new whack style of lyricists. I was influenced to start rapping because I sought a change in what I listen to and hear across the airwaves. "Now a days most rappers talk about the same thing. The game is in need of a hero not a zero, so I became the face of the new hero," he...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Viral Rap Sensation ~ Ron Oneal

Ron Oneal is a viral sensation, born in Brooklyn, NY October 25th, 1985. He is a rapper who goes by his given name or simply ‘O’. All Star Weekend February 2015 the opportunity presented itself in the form of Ron Oneal being in the right place at the right time. The scene is set in the projects of Manhattan’s Lower East Side Jacob Riis Houses, Ron Oneal found himself face to face with the Rick Ross. Seizing the moment Ron Oneal unleashed a verbal assault that drew onlookers and had Rick Ross...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Music Matters Filmmaker ~ Scott Kirby

PAYOLA. What is it? Why is it banned in the music industry? How does it affect the selections of music that you hear on your radio? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered. Special guest will be Scott Kirby, Director and writer of the documentary MUSIC MATTERS. He traces the decline of the industry to a U.S. bill passed in 1960 called the "Payola Act." The law made it illegal for record companies to pay radio stations to play their records, unless they disclosed the...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Memphis R&B/Hip-Hop Artist ~ Tatiana Evans

Tatiana Evans is an R&B/Hip-Hop artist from Memphis, TN. Music has always been her passion. At a young age, she sang in schools and in the church choirs. As Tatiana got older, she started getting in the studio to record her music. At age 25, her cousin-in-law, Hollowpoynt, gave her free studio time and her uncle, Kimbo Brown, gave her free beats. To show the world her dream and how passionate she is about music, her uncle also shot her video. You can listen to "I Wish"by Tatiana Evans on...


Independent Everything: LIVE with Delshun Mays of The B.A.R.S.Crew

Bailey Langford aka T.R.A.M.A. (the realest and most artistic) Bailey grew up in Oakdale, LA....he mostly listened to country music at that time. In fact the first album he ever bought was a Taylor Swift CD. He didn't get into hip hop until he moved to Lake Charles, LA in high school..after listening to Lil Wayne's Carter 2 he fell in love with words and felt that he needed to relieve his mind by writing down the wordplay driven metaphors he thought of.....A few years later he connected with...