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NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.


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NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.




160 - Celebrating Jeff Beck with Steve Lukather

For fans of guitar, it’s hard to imagine a world without JEFF BECK. To help us process this unfathomable musical loss, we “land the ‘copter” in front of STEVE LUKATHER’s house, where we go inside and join the Toto/Ringo Starr guitar ace by a warm fire and get his take on his friend Jeff Beck’s life, legacy, and music, as well as his thoughts on the profound influence Beck has had on how most of us play electric guitar. And, yes: Luke has had plenty of exciting adventures with Jeff Beck,...


159 - Vinnie Moore Plugs in and Reflects on UFO and His New Solo Album

The lead guitarist of UFO since 2003, renowned guitar virtuoso VINNIE MOORE plugs in one of his new Kramers, runs it through a great sounding old Marshall, and shares the licks and approaches he employs on his new solo album, DOUBLE EXPOSURE, and also with UFO. Presented by Guitar Player magazine and Hosted by JUDE GOLD.


158 - Deep Purple's Simon McBride Shares His Mesmerizing Guitar Approaches

Ready to “fly the ‘copter” all the way to Germany? Well, being that I was just on tour opening shows for Deep Purple all over Europe (so cool!), you know there was NO WAY I was not going to land an interview with their brilliant new guitarist, Simon McBride. This exciting episode takes us all the way to the KP Arena in Oberhausen, for an inspiring backstage guitar hang with the Irish 6-string virtuoso, who plugs in his custom Paul Reed Smith and demonstrates for you many of the captivating...


157 Musashi "Moose" Lethridge's Caffeinated Blues-Ska-Funk-Metal

From his own solo tunes to his guitar and bass work for the English Beat, the Uptones, Sacrilege B.C., and other headliners, Musashi Lethridge -- "Moose" to his friends and fans -- is a soulful guitarist/bassist/singer/one-man band. In this epic guitar hang with his longtime friend — your host, Jude Gold — Musashi plugs a steel-string into his P.A. system (he even adds a wah pedal!) and chronicles his musical adventures by playing ska, blues, metal and other musical examples that have helped...


156 - Q&A with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Jackson's Jon Romanowski

From what makes a metal concert transcendent to the shocking things people throw on stage to his gear of choice to his love for Jackson guitars — including the brand new Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 just released today — Anthrax founding member Scott Ian sits down with Jude Gold and a Slime Green (Jackson's color name) SL3 for a heavy discussion about heavy guitar. The talk even covers Ian's 14-fret Jackson (which, you'll find out, he used to channel the sound of a famous hip hop DJ)....


155 - Yasmin Williams' Thrilling Steel-String Approaches

New guitar hero alert! Virtuoso steel-string fingerstylist and composer YASMIN WILLIAMS is a guitar star on the rise. In this exclusive interview, the young Washington D.C.-based guitarist performs her solo pieces and riffs for you, and demonstrates the techniques and inspirations that are the hallmarks of her captivating style — a shimmering sound that has landed her appearances everywhere from NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series to the Kennedy Center to features in the New York Times and other...


154 - Jim Peterik Performs His Platinum Hits and Shares the Stories Behind Them

Playing and deconstructing several of his hit songs for you, JIM PETERIK — who you might know from such radio smashes as Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” 38 Special’s “Hold On Loosely,” and Ides of March’s “Vehicle” (a number one song Peterik wrote when he was just 18) — is on the show! He’s one of rock’s most successful songwriters. Today, we’re “flyin’ the ‘copter” over to Peterik’s Chicago-area recording studio to play guitars with the legendary rocker and find out how he used his immense...


153 - Jamie West-Oram Demonstrates the Fixx's Shimmering Guitar Parts

Demonstrating and deconstructing the riffs behind the Fixx’s greatest hits, JAMIE WEST-ORAM plugs in and lets your ears revel in his famous stereo sound. Deconstructing smash singles such as “One Thing Leads to Another” and “Red Skies,” Jamie also shares guitar parts from the Fixx’s new album, Every Five Seconds, as well as takes you on a tour of his pedalboard and reminisces on the famous “blizzard of cups” gig at Oakland Stadium — a concert your host, Jude Gold, attended in the ninth...


152 - Errol Cooney Shares How to Build a Solo -- and How to Build a Career

From Janet Jackson to Stevie Wonder, ERROL COONEY is one of the most in-demand guitarists working today. Presented by TASCAM and the cool TASCAM MIXCAST 4 podcast workstation this episode finds Errol plugging in and jamming on Stevie Wonder tunes and much, much more, as he regales an inspiring musical adventure that has found him playing with everyone from the two aforementioned superstars to Christina Aguilera, Lalah Hathaway, and Legally Blynd (led by one of Errol’s favorite guitarists,...


151 - Philip Sayce's Paint-Peeling Strat Mastery

PHILIP SAYCE plugs in! The soulful master of the Stratocaster invites us into his home where he cranks up one of his favorite Fender rigs and shares how he developed his fiery, fret-melting brand of blues rock, as well as how he created the songs on his latest album, SPIRIT RISING. Plus, the Welsh-born, Canadian-bred guitar hero shares what he learned being bandmates with such greats as MELISSA ETHERIDGE and the late JEFF HEALEY. Sayce also offers some deep gear talk, diving into everything...


150 - Alex Machacek

Inspired by everyone from Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Pass, and Mike Stern to his late, great guitar buddy, Allan Holdsworth, ALEX MACHACEK is a spectacular voice in the world of jazz fusion guitar. I had a blast “flying the ‘copter” over to his home studio, plugging in a couple of his signature-model Strandberg guitars, and having him demonstrate for us several inspiring soloing techniques and compositional approaches. In this interview, Alex also shares his life story — how, after years of...


149 - Dave Uhrich's Heroic Chicago Shred

Today we plug in and jam with Chicago guitar hero DAVE UHRICH. A solo artist, super sideman, and stellar session cat, Dave stays busy playing, teaching, tracking, and composing. He has even worked out a solo arrangement of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (which he performs for you on this show). Dave also reflects on playing with legendary and none-too-serious WLUP "The Loop" deejay Kevin Matthews (and his alter ego, Ed Zeppelin), his Ibanez guitars (which we are playing in this interview), his Laney...


148 - Erick Walls' First-Call Funk and Gospel

In addition to winning Grammy Awards for his work on albums by Beyoncé and John Legend, guitarist/composer ERICK WALLS has recorded and/or performed with many other superstars, including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Will Smith, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, Whitney Houston, and Michael McDonald, to name a few. And from the moment Erick plugs in on this episode, you’ll hear that he also has deep church roots. (He’s played guitar at West Angeles Cathedral...


147 - Gustav Viehmeyer’s Shredding Sidewalk Swing

How cool would it be if Django Reinhardt jammed out on some Nirvana? Well, unless you get to heaven and find Kurt Cobain and the aforementioned Gypsy jazz legend jamming together, the closest you may come to hearing that all-star duo is listening to the amazing GUSTAV VIEHMEYER performing on today’s episode of this show. Gustav may be just 26 years old, but he swings like a veteran jazzer. And he has guitar chops that will thrill jazz fans and rock/metal/shred fans alike. And yes, you will...


146 - Ricky Z

Grammy-winning solo artist, session ace, and super sideman RICKY Z (aka Rick Zahariades) is one of the most versatile guitarists you'll meet. That's why he has played with everyone from Josh Groban, Steven Tyler, Harry Nilsson, JpegMafia, Jessica Simpson, John Fogerty, Steve Lukather, Nick Lachey, Don Grusin, the Sweet, Beto Cuevas, Vesta Williams, Lauryn Hill, and Sheila E., to Gary Wright, Paul Anka, Al Stewart, Rick Derringer, Ronnie Laws, All For One, Sophie B. Hawkins, Kristine W.,...


145 - Jim "Kimo" West, "Weird Al" Yankovic Guitarist and Grammy-Winning Fingerstylist

Plugging in no less than four amazing (and totally different!) guitars on this episode, Jim "Kimo" West, the Grammy-winning solo artist and longtime lead guitarist for "Weird Al" Yankovic, demonstrates everything from his own music and his take on the hypnotic Hawaiian II-V-I turnaround to "soprano" textures and rock guitar feedback (the latter via a rare Moog guitar). Hosted by Jude Gold. Presented by Guitar Player magazine


144 - Fernando Perdomo Makes a '74 Mustang Sing

FERNANDO PERDOMO is equal parts lead guitarist, producer, and musicologist, which means you're in for an exciting ride through all things rock and roll as he invites you into his Los Angeles studio, plugs in his favorite Fender Mustang, and shows you the way he plays guitar — and the way he transplanted himself from Miami to California to become an established producer, sideman, and solo artist. His latest project, ENERGY OVERLOAD, features explosive guitar/drums interplay between himself...


143 - Bryan Kehoe Shares How to Make a Pedalboard Scream

From Les Claypool (Primus) to Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) to M.I.R.V to Duo De Twang (again featuring Claypool) to his own band, Kehoe Nation (AKA Kehoe International), nuclear-powered guitar hero BRYAN KEHOE — with his badass guitar kung fu, operatic singing voice, and anything-goes comedic spirit — is a treasured member of any band he is in. He’s also a full-time “brand evangelist” for Jim Dunlop and that company's lines of pedals, picks, capos, cables, strings, slides, and other...


142 - Sid Jacobs Fretboard Deep Dive

It's hard not to describe the amazing SID JACOBS as a master of guitar, but he'll be the first to tell you he's an eternal student of the instrument. And it's true — the renowned jazz solo artist, teacher, and instructional book author is still on a mission to unlock more secrets of the fretboard. Luckily for us, in this episode, Sid shares a ton of playing approaches — everything from blues turnarounds to the "jazz/Bach overlap" to the cool lick taught to him by the late, great Lenny Breau...


141 - Doug Rappoport

Soulful hard rock guitar ace DOUG RAPPOPORT plugs in and shares what it's like playing with rock legend Edgar Winter and also how he tracked what just might be the most blazing guitar moment in TV commercial history. Doug also reveals some the tracking approaches he employed on his solo song "Bionic Warz." This episode is brought to you FOCUSRITE and their great line of Focusrite audio interfaces. Learn more at