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no guitar is safe - the official guitar player magazine podcast with jude gold puts you in the room for face-to-face interviews and playing sessions with the world’s most respected guitarists from their first guitar first riff and first gig...

no guitar is safe - the official guitar player magazine podcast with jude gold puts you in the room for face-to-face interviews and playing sessions with the world’s most respected guitarists from their first guitar first riff and first gig...
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no guitar is safe - the official guitar player magazine podcast with jude gold puts you in the room for face-to-face interviews and playing sessions with the world’s most respected guitarists from their first guitar first riff and first gig...




Episode 77 - JMJ

Producer/bassist JMJ plugs in his new Fender Artist Series JMJ Roadworn Mustang bass and jams with host Jude Gold. JMJ also reflects on his adventures touring and recording (he has worked with such headliners as Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Air, Dixie Chicks, Pink, and more), shares what he has learned as a producer (his clients have included Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, Wolf Alice, and other bands), and offers insights into what it means to have great "time," be a great musical director, and be a...


Episode 76 - Daniel Gilbert

Esteemed guitar virtuoso and educator DANIEL GILBERT plugs a Suhr guitar into a Suhr amp and demonstrates the mighty power of triads and other handy guitar shapes. Gilbert also reflects on his 30+ years of teaching at Musicians Institute, as well as shares hilarious and inspiring stories of those magical days back when he, Tommy Tedesco, Pat Hicks, Howard Roberts, Beth Marlis, Frank Gambale Paul Gilbert, Jennifer Batten, Steve Lynch, and many other famous alumni and teachers all roamed the...


Episode 75 - Michael Staertow

Presented by Guitar Player magazine, this episode finds us cruising the 'copter way up to Rochester, NY, to rock out with MICHAEL STAERTOW, lead guitarist for legendary Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm. Staertow has held the Gramm gig for nearly seven years, and from "Hot Blooded," "Double Vision," and "Urgent" to "Feels Like the First Time," "Head Games," and "I Wanna Know What Love Is," the set of tunes Staertow plays lead guitar on each night is packed with an astonishingly high number of...


Episode 74 - Mimi Fox

Today, we cruise the 'copter up the Bay Area, north of San Francisco, and drop in on renowned jazz virtuoso MIMI FOX. Playing both acoustic (a Taylor steel-string) and electric (her signature-model Heritage jazz box), Mimi reveals some of her favorite approaches to improvisation, song arranging, and performing. She also shares what it was like be the only jazzer at Paul Gilbert's guitar camp, sign a record deal with Steve Vai, and have late, great jazz legend Joe Pass as her mentor.


Episode 73 - Scott Tarulli

Guitar virtuoso SCOTT TARULLI invites host Jude Gold up to his Boston guitar attic to share the improvisation, composition, and risk-taking approaches that inform his playing, teaching (his side hustle is teaching at Berklee College of Music) and songwriting, as heard on his solo album, Anytime Anywhere.


Episode 72 - Elliot Easton

ELLIOT EASTON and THE CARS were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month, and on this episode Elliot plugs in with host JUDE GOLD to show you exactly how he created the iconic guitar parts that helped the band get there. Elliot also shares music from his new band, THE EMPTY HEARTS, and reflects on what he learned tracking Cars guitar parts with super-producers such as ROY THOMAS BAKER and ROBERT JOHN "MUTT" LANGE. Presented by Guitar Player magazine and


Episode 71 - Zakk Wylde

After an afternoon rehearsal with Ozzy Osbourne, metal guitar titan ZAKK WYLDE plugs in with host Jude Gold, mere days before the launch of Ozzy's globe-spanning, two-year No More Tours 2 farewell tour. On this episode, Zakk plays several great Ozzy riffs for you and shares guitar approaches he used on Black Label Society's new album, Grimmest Hits.


Episode 70 - Adrian Legg

In the hands of ADRIAN LEGG, a guitar becomes an orchestra, which explains why Guitar Player magazine readers voted Adrian Legg "Best Acoustic Fingerstylist" four years in a row in the '90s. This episode puts you onstage with Adrian at the Tower Theatre Lounge in Fresno, CA, an hour or so before doors open. Get ready -- the British guitar legend is about to blow your mind when he demonstrates several of his sonic secrets for you, including his soulful pedal-steel-style bends, his sneaky...


Episode 68 - Matt Scannell

Vertical Horizon lead guitarist, lead singer, and band leader MATT SCANNELL has come a long way since he was a kid in his parents' living room trying to play his first riff on a nylon-string guitar. Since then, Scannell has sold millions of records with Vertical Horizon, become buddies with one of his heroes (Rush drummer Neil Peart), and amassed a wonderful collection of tube amps. I was thrilled to talk shop and jam with Matt at his home studio, as well as hear tracks from Vertical...


NGIS 67 - Guthrie Trapp FINAL

GUTHRIE TRAPP, presented by AUDIO-TECHNICA. From Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, and George Jones to Alison Krauss, Lyle Lovett, and John Oates, Nashville guitar ace GUTHRIE TRAPP has worked with an astounding array of renowned headliners. He also has a new solo album coming out March 9 called LIFE AFTER DARK that features such A-list guest stars as Vince Gill, Paul Franklin, and Sam Bush. And Trapp tells you all about these musical adventures and more — and plays a ton of guitar for you, as...


Episode 63 — Josh Workman

From Django jazz to pop, rock, bebop, and beyond, JOSH WORKMAN is an astonishingly well-versed cat. And from the opening moment of this episode forward, he plays a ton of spirited guitar for you, and even shares a super-useful, Barry Harris-inspired "six-to-diminished" lesson. I've been friends with Josh since we met as youths at music camp, where he was already playing like a pro. It was only a few years later that Josh actually BECAME a pro, ultimately landing gigs with Indigo Swing...


Episode 52 — Marc Maron

For the two-year anniversary of No Guitar Is Safe, I am proud to bring you a guitar hang with "the Jimi Hendrix of podcasting," MARC MARON. I met up with the famed interviewer/comedian/actor (and, yes, guitarist) in his now-legendary garage — the same place he has interviewed everyone from famous actors, musicians, and comedians to President Obama. The garage is also the same place where, as you'll hear, Marc likes to crank up vintage amps and play the blues. (Check out Maron's new hit...


Episode 51 — Adam Levy

A versatile, super-tasty jazz cat who found his way onto huge-selling crossover records by star singers such as Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman, ADAM LEVY is one of the chillest, most thoughtful and grounded pro guitarists you're likely to meet. I had a wonderful time jamming with him on everything from John Coltrane's "Equinox" and Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason" to Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" and Adam's own solo song, "This Is Our House" (off his stellar EP, Blueberry Blonde). We...


Episode 50 — Jeff Kollman

Presented by AUDIO-TECHNICA and their E-Series monitoring headphones, this episode features a deep guitar hang with JEFF KOLLMAN. Whether Kollman is playing blazing instrumentals with his own band, Cosmosquad, rocking stadiums with Japanese superstar Eikichi Yazawa, or blowing off steam with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith in the Bombastic Meatbats, his brilliant guitar playing lights up every stage he graces. Here, Jeff tells you all about each of those gigs and more. He also...


Episode 45 — Gretchen Menn

Guitarist/composer/pilot GRETCHEN MENN details the making of her new instrumental album, Abandon All Hope. She also reflects on her adventures with Led Zeppelin tribute band, Zepparella, and jams with host Jude Gold on riffs and themes by J.S. Bach, Jimmy Page, and Django Reinhardt, to name a few. Bonus: Gretchen argues that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is high art.