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NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.


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NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.




172 Michael Thompson Shares the Shimmering Sound That Made Him a Studio Legend

Today we plug in with session king and bandleader MICHAEL THOMPSON — “MT” to his friends — who is one of the most recorded guitarists in history. Thompson has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Ray Charles, Fleetwood Mac, and Beyoncé to Lionel Richie, Bob Seger, Neil Diamond, Michael Bublé, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, and Earth, Wind & Fire, to name just a small fraction of the staggering roster of superstars he’s tracked with. The L.A.-based guitarist has also released multiple Michael Thompson Band solo albums over the years, including 2023’s “The Love Goes On.” Hosted by JUDE GOLD and taking place at MT’s home studio, this episode offers a deep dive into Michael’s life, career, gear and signature sound — the shimmering, melodic, funky and fully rockin’ guitar approach that made Thompson an A-list session cat for such super-producers as David Foster, Babyface and John “Mutt” Lange during the peak of the session guitar era. Presented by GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE and GUITARPLAYER.COM.


171 Will Bernard Explores Everything from Funk to Free Jazz ... and Shares Some Cool Pedals

Grammy-nominated funk-jazz virtuoso WILL BERNARD plugs in! Home for the holidays, the renowned New York-based ES-335 tamer invites me into the Berkeley, California, house he grew up in, where he cranks up a Carr combo, shares some funkalicious pedalboard recipes, and offers insights he's gained from releasing tons of his own solo records, working as a hired gun, learning jazz and more from the great Dave Creamer, studying slide guitar ragas with Debashish Battacharya, talking free jazz with Ornette Coleman, and, of course, playing with the popular, major-label funk fusion ensemble T.J. Kirk. PRESENTED BY GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE, this was a great rainy-night guitar hang! Enjoy. — Jude Gold, Host, No Guitar Is Safe podcast.


170 Smash Mouth Guitarist Greg Camp Celebrates Steve Harwell and the Art of Writing Hit Songs

For this episode, we head out to Nashville, TN, where Smash Mouth founding guitarist GREG CAMP plugs in and shows you how he gets his magical, multi-platinum-selling "surfadelic" Jazzmaster sounds. He also details the art of writing hit songs (he wrote Smash Mouth's biggest hits, including "All-Star" and "Walkin' on the Sun"); introduces you to his new band, the Defiant; and celebrates the life and music of late, great Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell. Special thanks to Daneil Adams, who lets us listen to an unreleased track produced by the great Eric Valentine — the master behind the mixing desk on hits by Smash Mouth and so many other bands. Hosted by Jude Gold. This episode is brought to you by Guitar Player magazine.


169 George Lynch Plays Several Great Solos (and One Bad One)

One of the greatest soloists in hard rock, metal, and beyond, George Lynch has a signature mojo that has earned him legions of devoted fans ever since the '80s, when he broke big as lead guitarist for the platinum selling rock band Dokken. Since then, with his own band, Lynch Mob (who have just released a new album, called Babylon), and his many other projects, Lynch has emerged as one of the most prolific guitarists in rock. On this episode, we catch up with George at his home studio, where he plugs in a vintage Stratocaster, plays guitar with us, and shares what motivates him, both on stage and in the studio. PRESENTED BY Guitar Player magazine and HOSTED BY Jude Gold.


168 Ariel Posen Rocks Crossroads and Shares His Slide Sorcery

Mere hours after he rocked one the world's biggest arenas as part of Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival, ARIEL POSEN plugs in with us at his Los Angeles hotel room and demonstrates his singular sound, including the way he gets soaring slide notes out of a hollow, steel-bodied, Strat-shaped baritone from Mule Resophonic Guitars, and how he "tortures circuits" to make fuzz pedals sing. The Canadian guitar hero also offers a deep dive into several songs off his new album, REASONS WHY. Hosted by JUDE GOLD. This episode is presented gy Guitar Player magazine and


167 Grammy-Winning Guitarist Andrew Synowiec Plugs In!

Grammy-winning solo artist and first-call session ace ANDREW SYNOWIEC plugs in several guitars, jams with us, previews his new album, FUN, more than a week before its release (it comes out September 8), and takes us on a sonic tour of his amazing Los Angeles studio. Having recorded and/or performed with everyone from the Who, Bette Midler, and Elton John to Ariana Grande, Michael Bublé, and Nick Jonas — and having done film music sessions for blockbuster franchises such as Frozen, Batman, Mission Impossible, and Spider Man — Andrew has gained mountains of professional guitar experience in his 20 years in Los Angeles ... and he shares a bunch of that experience right here on this episode. Hosted by JUDE GOLD. Presented by GUITAR PLAYER magazine and Additional thanks to G7th Capos for the custom, laser-engraved No Guitar Is Safe capo we gift Andrew at the end of this episode.


166 Allen Hinds and His '52 Telecaster Return

Blend the playing styles of Freddie King, Allan Holdsworth, and Duane Allman, and — as you’ll hear on this episode — you’d probably get something sounds like the great ALLEN HINDS. When it comes to improvising epic solos, grooving behind world-class singers (he’s worked with everyone from Bobby Caldwell and Randy Crawford to Gino Vannelli, Roberta Flack, and Natalie Cole), building “mutt guitars” out of vintage parts, dialing in pedalboards, and maintaining guitars, Allen is such a deep player that No Guitar Is Safe felt a return visit to his guitar lair in the Hollywood Hills was fully merited. Plus, we introduce Allen to an intriguing new delay pedal from Keeley and Andy Timmons called the Halo. (Does Allen fall in love with it after just a few notes? Does he steal it from us and refuse to give it back? Listen and find out.) And, last but not least, Allen explains why, if you haven’t already, you need to start recording and releasing your own music NOW. Hosted as always by Jude Gold. Presented by Guitar Player magazine and Thanks to G7th Capos for the laser-engraved “No Guitar Is Safe” capo we give each guest on the show.


165 Jamming with Wayne Henderson: Fantastic Picker, Luthier, and Humanitarian

WAYNE C. HENDERSON is a stunning steel-string player, and he's equally known for the amazing guitars he builds. Highly sought after instruments, Wayne's handmade guitars (and mandolins) have been ordered by everyone from Vince Gill and Eric Clapton to Brad Paisley, Peter Rowan and Doc Watson. To make a Henderson, Wayne says he just gets out his pocketknife and carves away "anything that doesn't look like a guitar." Last but not least, Wayne is known for the spectacular one-day music gathering he and his friends hold on a mountain in Virginia each year — the Wayne C. Henderson Music Festival and Guitar Competition, which raises scholarship money to help children learn to play instruments and love music. I attended the festival this year and had such a great time, two days later I brought some mics and stands over to Wayne's shop and convinced him to play some solo pieces, jam with me and do an interview, and you are about to hear it all here. This episode is presented by GUITAR PLAYER magazine and GUITARPLAYER.COM. Thanks for listening! ——Jude Gold, Host and creator, No Guitar Is Safe.


164 - Rafael Moreira Dimes Some Bogners and Relives Musical Adventures

As if playing the famous “More Cowbell” episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE wasn’t cool enough, rock/fusion (emphasis on the ROCK) virtuoso RAFAEL MOREIRA — who invites us into his home studio for this epic jam and guitar hang/interview — has also worked with superstar singers such as P!NK and CHRISTINA AGUILERA, his hero PAUL STANLEY, and played huge guitar moments in the house band of such hit television shows as THE VOICE, ROCKSTAR INXS, and AMERICAN IDOL. Plus, RAFA details some of his solo music, the music of his hard rock band (Magnetico), and even plays a little drums for us. Meanwhile, host JUDE GOLD hits the “50 out of 50” touring milestone. Presented by GUITAR PLAYER magazine, and Special shout-out to G7th Capos for the custom “No Guitar Is Safe” capo we award RAFA at the end of the episode.


163 - Dave Shul Groove Guitar Deep Dive

From his years touring, recording, and songwriting with MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD to his runs with BILLY PRESTON, SLY AND ROBBIE, OZOMATLI, BUSK!, P!NK, and other headliners, San Francisco guitar ace DAVE SHUL has been in demand for over three decades — especially by bandleaders who want some serious FUNK guitar in their ensemble. Inviting us into his San Francisco recording studio — which he shares with his good friend, the great drummer JAY LANE (DEAD & Co.) — Dave whips out a couple of Telecaster-style guitars for us to play and takes us on a deep exploration of what it means to throw down fat grooves on an electric guitar. Hosted and created by JUDE GOLD. THIS EPISODE IS PRESENTED BY GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE and GUITARPLAYER.COM. As a thank you for having us over, we present Shul with a G7th Performance Capo (with the title of this podcast laser-engraved into to the top of it) and a pair of Straptight Strap Locks.


162 - Prashant Aswani Rocks Out on His New Charvel Signature Model and Drops Two Singles

Guitar virtuoso PRASHANT ASWANI has worked with everyone from HERBIE HANCOCK to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, but it's on his solo material (you'll hear TWO brand-new singles from Prashant on this episode — BEFORE they're released!) that Prashant's guitar personality really comes through. For this episode, host JUDE GOLD "flies the 'copter" up to Prashant's badass guitar lair in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Prashant plugs in his new Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal PA-28 signature-model solidbody and plays for you, jamming with Jude throughout the show. This episode is presented by GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE and GUITARPLAYER.COM. Guitar Player — "Play better, sound better." Special thanks to G7th Capos for the special Capo gift we give Prashant at the end of this episode. KEEP IT ALIVE 'TIL YOU'RE 95, y'all!


161 - Jake Faun (David Lee Roth, Winger, and More)

From high-profile tours with DAVID LEE ROTH and WINGER to studio dates with platinum pop acts such as SELENA GOMEZ and DNCE, U.K.-bred guitarist JAKE FAUN is already in high demand -- and he only arrived in Los Angeles about four years ago! On this episode, Jake plugs in various guitars, jams with host JUDE GOLD, and demonstrates the approaches that have helped him forge his style. He also dives deep into the chicken pickin’ techniques that power his popular “Fast Country Guitar” series of YouTube videos. This episode is presented by GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE. Speaking of GUITAR PLAYER magazine, on this episode, we also pay tribute to the great GP music writer JESSE GRESS, who died this week at age 67.


160 - Celebrating Jeff Beck with Steve Lukather

For fans of guitar, it’s hard to imagine a world without JEFF BECK. To help us process this unfathomable musical loss, we “land the ‘copter” in front of STEVE LUKATHER’s house, where we go inside and join the Toto/Ringo Starr guitar ace by a warm fire and get his take on his friend Jeff Beck’s life, legacy, and music, as well as his thoughts on the profound influence Beck has had on how most of us play electric guitar. And, yes: Luke has had plenty of exciting adventures with Jeff Beck, which he relives here. Tip: For a deep dive into Steve Lukather’s playing, music, and career, go back and listen to him plug in with us on Ep. 64 of this show: No Guitar Is Safe, “The guitar show where guitar heroes plug in.” Hosted by JUDE GOLD. Presented by GUITAR PLAYER magazine.


159 - Vinnie Moore Plugs in and Reflects on UFO and His New Solo Album

The lead guitarist of UFO since 2003, renowned guitar virtuoso VINNIE MOORE plugs in one of his new Kramers, runs it through a great sounding old Marshall, and shares the licks and approaches he employs on his new solo album, DOUBLE EXPOSURE, and also with UFO. Presented by Guitar Player magazine and Hosted by JUDE GOLD.


158 - Deep Purple's Simon McBride Shares His Mesmerizing Guitar Approaches

Ready to “fly the ‘copter” all the way to Germany? Well, being that I was just on tour opening shows for Deep Purple all over Europe (so cool!), you know there was NO WAY I was not going to land an interview with their brilliant new guitarist, Simon McBride. This exciting episode takes us all the way to the KP Arena in Oberhausen, for an inspiring backstage guitar hang with the Irish 6-string virtuoso, who plugs in his custom Paul Reed Smith and demonstrates for you many of the captivating guitar approaches he employs each night on stage with his legendary bandmates — Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, and Don Airey. (Bonus: Concert clips from the show later that night!) Simon also reflects on what it means to take over the guitar chair from longtime Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse — who, after 28 years in the band, stepped down earlier this year — as well as what it’s like follow in the footsteps of Deep Purple’s founding guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore; trade licks each night with the band’s formidable keyboardist, his good friend Don Airey; and start off one of the world's most iconic rock songs each night by playing the mega famous riff that opens "Smoke on the Water." Thank you for listening! — Jude Gold, Host and Creator, No Guitar Is Safe, "The guitar show where guitar heroes plug in." This episode is brought to you by Guitar Player magazine and Guitar Player: Play better, sound better.


157 Musashi "Moose" Lethridge's Caffeinated Blues-Ska-Funk-Metal

From his own solo tunes to his guitar and bass work for the English Beat, the Uptones, Sacrilege B.C., and other headliners, Musashi Lethridge -- "Moose" to his friends and fans -- is a soulful guitarist/bassist/singer/one-man band. In this epic guitar hang with his longtime friend — your host, Jude Gold — Musashi plugs a steel-string into his P.A. system (he even adds a wah pedal!) and chronicles his musical adventures by playing ska, blues, metal and other musical examples that have helped form his musical sound.


156 - Q&A with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Jackson's Jon Romanowski

From what makes a metal concert transcendent to the shocking things people throw on stage to his gear of choice to his love for Jackson guitars — including the brand new Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 just released today — Anthrax founding member Scott Ian sits down with Jude Gold and a Slime Green (Jackson's color name) SL3 for a heavy discussion about heavy guitar. The talk even covers Ian's 14-fret Jackson (which, you'll find out, he used to channel the sound of a famous hip hop DJ). EXTRA: Jon Romanowski, a V.P. at Jackson/Charvel, goes over every detail of the new Soloist and shares how it's built and how it came to be. PRESENTED BY TASCAM and the new TASCAM MIXCAST 4 podcast/streaming workstation.


155 - Yasmin Williams' Thrilling Steel-String Approaches

New guitar hero alert! Virtuoso steel-string fingerstylist and composer YASMIN WILLIAMS is a guitar star on the rise. In this exclusive interview, the young Washington D.C.-based guitarist performs her solo pieces and riffs for you, and demonstrates the techniques and inspirations that are the hallmarks of her captivating style — a shimmering sound that has landed her appearances everywhere from NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series to the Kennedy Center to features in the New York Times and other huge news outlets to a solo set at the Newport Folk Festival. She also busts out a dulcimer hammer (whaaat?) and shows you “Karate chop harmonics.” Love this episode? Thank TASCAM and the Tascam Mixcast 4 for bringing it to you. Thank you, Tascam! No Guitar Is Safe podcast, “The guitar show where guitar heroes plug in,” is created and hosted by JUDE GOLD.


154 - Jim Peterik Performs His Platinum Hits and Shares the Stories Behind Them

Playing and deconstructing several of his hit songs for you, JIM PETERIK — who you might know from such radio smashes as Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” 38 Special’s “Hold On Loosely,” and Ides of March’s “Vehicle” (a number one song Peterik wrote when he was just 18) — is on the show! He’s one of rock’s most successful songwriters. Today, we’re “flyin’ the ‘copter” over to Peterik’s Chicago-area recording studio to play guitars with the legendary rocker and find out how he used his immense talents as a tunesmith to forge a spectacularly successful career. ALSO: On the show with Jim is Ides of March founding member LARRY MILLAS. This episode is presented by TASCAM and the new TASCAM MIXCAST 4 podcast workstation. No Guitar Is Safe is hosted and created by Jude Gold.


153 - Jamie West-Oram Demonstrates the Fixx's Shimmering Guitar Parts

Demonstrating and deconstructing the riffs behind the Fixx’s greatest hits, JAMIE WEST-ORAM plugs in and lets your ears revel in his famous stereo sound. Deconstructing smash singles such as “One Thing Leads to Another” and “Red Skies,” Jamie also shares guitar parts from the Fixx’s new album, Every Five Seconds, as well as takes you on a tour of his pedalboard and reminisces on the famous “blizzard of cups” gig at Oakland Stadium — a concert your host, Jude Gold, attended in the ninth grade. Presented by TASCAM and their super-cool TASCAM MIXCAST 4 workstation — the perfect piece of gear for anyone who does podcasting and/or live streaming.