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169: Italian Suite (by motion_correct)

Please share this episode with friends and family. — The homie motion_correct just got back from a tour of Italy and brought back some fire records. Luckily for us, he put together this Vinyl Exam exclusive mix of his top picks. Take a listen! Tracklist: Gd’a Ipotesi - Quando Le Parole Battiato - Aria di Rivoluzione i Gres - Yellow Green il Baricentro - Afka The Physicians - My Girl From Harlem Kaleidon - Polvere Osanna/L’uomo - Non Sei Vissuto Mai Picchio dal Pozzo - Seppia Tilt - In...


168: The Primordial Ooze of Metal

This episode, Keith dives in to the music that influenced the first wave of heavy metal and that was the early portion of the first wave of heavy metal.


167: The Bizzle - Part 1

Please share this episode with friends and family. — Sama highlights the story of Jesse Brenner (aka The Bizzle) of the Bizzlecast Podcast and his connection to pop culture, African music, seeing Black Panther with his Mom, and Modiba. — Patreon Supporters: Official Vinyl Examiners - Bryan Seybold and Yan Wang Executive Producers - Ben Lack (Brass Animals) and Austel Grey (Zerosystem) Join our Patreon group and get awesome awards: Instagram/twitter:...


166: Four Flies Records

Four Flies Records is a label dedicated to finding and releasing (or re-releasing) Italian cinema and library sounds. Their output is now significant and Keith owns somewhere around a third of what they've put out. It stared with the purchase of the excellent Zoo Folle soundtrack but they've been up to a lot since then too. This episode Keith talks about the records he has from Four Flies and plays a few of his favorite tracks from the releases. They're a label worth your time, so if you...


165: The King of Abyssinian Soul

Sama touches briefly on the magic of Mahmoud Ahmed, the King of Abyssinian Soul. -- Patreon Supporters: Official Vinyl Examiners - Bryan Seybold and Yan Wang Executive Producers - Ben Lack (Brass Animals), Austel Grey (Zerosystem), and Jeannine Cuevas Join our Patreon group and get awesome awards: Instagram/twitter: @TheVinylExam


164: Tripmaster Monk

Last episode we re-aired a mix from Tripmaster Monk, originally released for the Knocksteady podcast. It's called 'Ninja Funk and Gangaster Ballads - an Ode to the Brotherland'. We got great feedback on the episode, we're glad you enjoyed it! This episode we sat down with Tripmaster Monk to talk about music, production, mixing, record collecting and lots more.


163: Ninja Funk and Gangster Ballads (a mix by Tripmaster Monk)

A few years ago, Tripmaster Monk released a mix on the Knocksteady podcast called 'Ninja Funk and Gangaster Ballads - an Ode to the Brotherland'. The mix is chock full of Japanese tracks, Japanese breaks and drum breaks from other sources. We think this mix is dope and Tripmaster Monk has graciously allowed us to re-post here. Hope you enjoy! Next episode (164) we'll talk with Tripmaster Monk on this mix, record collecting, beatmaking and lots more.


162: The Oldest Light We Can See (Interview with a Cosmologist)

Please share this episode with friends and family. — Sama snags an interview with cosmologist Kevin Crowley of Princeton University that touches on The White Stripes, 5th grade band, the birth of the universe, and much more. Make sure to check out our previous episode featuring 5 of Kevin’s favorite albums (link below). Kevin’s top LP picks: -- Patreon Supporters: Official Vinyl Examiners - Bryan Seybold...


161: The Face of a Dog with Kevin Crowley

Sama does his first LP Review, a new series akin to The 45 Review of previous seasons. Kevin Crowley, whom Sama met at Princeton, is a musicians and graduate student. Here he discusses the five records he would save if his collection was on fire. Here were Kevin’s picks: 1. Ty Segall - Goodbye Bread 2. Bobby Womack - BW Goes C&W 3. Wire - Chairs Missing 4. Cecil Taylor - Live at the Cafe Montmartre 5. The Incredible String Band - The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter -- Patreon Supporters:...


160: Eclectic Mixtape

This episode, Keith puts together an Eclectic Mixtape featuring music from a modern soul band with a $452 recording budget, a somewhat-known 70s influence on metal bands, a dope record fusing flute and funk and more.


159: West Coast Nuggets with motion_correct

The backstory behind this episode is simple enough. Sama was hanging out with motion_correct, listening to some records and jamming, when suddenly one track snapped to the foreground. The song sounded grungy and epic by all means, and it instantly became clear we needed to discuss this on the podcast. So the next day, Sama treks back to motion_correct’s house to record a quick chat about this 4-side compilation album featuring some incredible West Coast Nuggets. While you’re here, make...


158: Tracy from Vamp

A few months ago Keith and Sama recorded an episode of The Vinyl Exam in Vamp, the Oakland record store. Unfortunately the audio was lost to time (and computer glitches), but after running into Tracy at a local record swap in LA they talked records and set up this conversation between Keith and Tracy where they talk records, music and Vamp's 5th anniversary. NOTE: This episode is posting Thursday, March 1 instead of Monday, March 5 to allow those in the Bay Area to check out some of the...


157: Awestumn 2017 (DJ Mix)

We are a little late on this one but here’s our homie Matt Scott’s annual DJ mix! Make sure to check out the 2015 and 2016 mixes too! 2015: 2016: — Patreon Supporters: Official Vinyl Examiners - Bryan Seybold and Yan Wang Executive Producers - Ben Lack (Brass Animals), Austel Grey (Zerosystem), and Jeannine Cuevas Join our Patreon...


156: The Nadir

This episode, Keith takes a look at what a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band did during a period that saw their popularity slipping and their die-hard fans turn away. While the band repeatedly made decisions that alienated fans, they did so with an eye on taking musical chances and the result is easily the most interesting music of their career.


155: Culture Shock Vol. 1 (by motion_correct)

This episode we have an eclectic international mix by motion_correct. Check out what he has to say about it! "The song selection for this mix is meant to reflect my appreciation for world music. Transitions between songs hopefully evoke a sense of traveling to both foreign and familiar places. Despite the differences in styles a common groove may be noticed throughout the mix which is intended to stitch together these seemingly disparate sounds." Tracklist Nektar - Nelly the Elephant...


154: Gus from Cvlt Nation

This episode, Keith has a conversation with Gus Butler, record collector, teacher and author of the article "Buzzsaw: An oral history of the HM-2 pedal" on Cvlt Nation. The HM-2 has become shorthand for a specific subgenre of extreme metal and refers to the edgy guitar tone the pedal creates. Keith and Gus discuss the pedal's role in extreme metal (past and present) and the boutique-made clones available today, as well as record collecting and a few other topics as well. Here is a link to...


153: Dan the Beatman

This episode, Keith has a conversation with Dan the Beatman (who has been a guest on the The Vinyl Exam previously) to talk about Dusty Fingers' 20th anniversary, records and what's in store for the future. If you want to get some Dusty Fingers music for yourself, contact Dan here: (Facebook profile Beat Danny Mann) Happy holidays!


152: The Legends of Benin - Part 2

Sama picks up where he left off in Episode 151 and discusses the other two Legends of Benin: Antoine Dougbe and Honore Avolonto. The Legends of Benin is a compilation that was released by German-based label Analog Africa. Check out Part One of this episode here: Other Links: — Patreon Supporters: Official Vinyl Examiners - Bryan Seybold and Yan Wang Executive Producers - Ben Lack (Brass...


151: The Legends of Benin - Part 1

In the Season 04 kick-off episode, Sama highlights a recent addition to his afro-beat collection: The Legends of Benin. This compilation was initially released by German-based label Analog Africa. Sama touches on the history of this remarkable record label, its founder Samy Ben Redjeb, and two of the four legendary bandleaders on the album. links: — Patreon Supporters: Official Vinyl Examiners - Bryan Seybold and...


150: Season Finale Part Two

Director's Cut in Effect to end Season Three! Keith and Sama say a quick hello before introducing two bits of audio in the vaults. Part 1: A second conversation with Jim Figurski, recorded a few weeks after the conversation that aired in episode 81. Jim and Keith talk more metal, what makes a band great, and other thoughts on the Vio-Lence LP. Part 2 (About the 35 minute mark): Platurn and Sama discuss the Icelandic music mix that's been in the works for a while and currently slated for a...