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Mike Dowd "Redemption"

Michael F. Dowd is a former New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer, drug distributor, and associate of the Diaz organization who was arrested in 1992 for running a drug ring out of Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.[1] He is the subject of the 2014 documentary film The Seven Five[1][2][3][4] directed by Tiller Russell and produced by Eli Holzman. In this episode Mike speaks of what the documentary missed nd got wrong as well as what he is working on thes edays, which includes a...


Lars Frederiksen "Street Music"

We spoke with Lars Frederiksen on a break from his touring with Old Firm Casuals. Lars spoke about many things including his upcoming show with Rancid opening for The Misfits at Madison Square Garden, his songwriting process in all of his bands and his connection with the East Coast and...


Andy West "Human Nature"

Andy West is Vocalist for Kill Your Idols, a hardcore band form Long Island, York. Andy phoned in from Florida, where he currently resides for an interview just before KYI does some summer shows. In thsi episode, West discusses many things including his musical history, the reasons behind Kill Your Idols’ initial breakup in 2007, how and why they got back together and even some candid stories of history battling his...


Ian Mcfarland "The Promise"

We had the chance to speak extensively with Ian Mcfarland about his current film THE GODFATHERS OF HARDCORE and his life and history as a filmmaker, a director, an editor and a band member. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ian McFarland Instagram & Twitter: @Ian_McFarland Buy Film Digitally: https://smarturl.it/tgfhc Facebook: @GodfathersOfHardcore Instagram: @thegodfathersofhardcoremovie Twitter:...


Neil Rubenstein "Contrarian"

We sat with Neil Rubenstein to discuss his life and history in comedy, tour managing, music and criminology. ________________________________________________________ Everything you need to know about Neil can be found at his site http://neilrubenstein.com/ ________________________________________________________ Please visit our Sponsor! Nautilus Coffee www.nautilusroasting.com


DJ Mighty Mi "Then And Now"

DJ Mighty Mi called in from Las Vegas to discuss his history as a dj, producer and various projects and people he's worked with over the years. DJ Mighty Mi Spotify Playlist Soundcloud Contact DJ Mighty Mi on Twitter __________________________________________________ Check out our sponsor: Nautilus Coffee


Jimmy G. "Living The Dream"

Jimmy invited us to the Murphy's Law rehearsal space at Astoria Soundworks, just before leaving for tour. We sat with him and discussed the ups and downs of his past few years of the band and his personal life. ________________________________________________________ https://www.facebook.com/Murphyslawnyhc/ https://www.songkick.com/artists/343069-murphys-law ________________________________________________________ Sponsored by: NAUTILUS COFFEE https://nautilusroasting.com/


Dave Castillo "Existential Risk"

Dave Castillo is a busy man. Aside from being the frontman of Primitive Weapons and White Widows Pact, he is the sole member and creator behind his new project Confines. Beyond all of his musical endeavors, he is a co-owner and booker at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York. In this interview, Dave discusses his many roles in his musical life plus a hint of his philosophical background in the living room of his apartment. Confines https://confinesworld.bandcamp.com/ IG:...


Alex That "The Natural Stimulant"

We recently sat down with Alex That, founder of Caffeine Nightclub, Record Label, World Tour & Clothing Company. Caffeine is a pioneer of the Electronic Dance Music movement. A phenomenon that played a pivotal role in introducing EDM to Long Island taking DJs global since 1991. This movement gave both experienced and up and coming DJs a platform for showcasing their talent not only locally but eventually worldwide, touring from Deer Park to NYC, Quebec, Madrid, Tokyo, Shanghai and many more...


Joe Rubino "Ice Cold"

For More than 25 years, Joe Rubino has been playing bass in bands all over Long Island. Joe gives us a brief history on everything he has done with music from LIHC mainstays TENSION, to his new band THE ICE COLD KILLERS. Joe also talks about being and owner and Master Barber at his shop TWO KINGS BARBERSHOP. Check it out..._______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Ice Cold Killers- www.icecoldkillers.hearnow.com Tension -...


Drew Stone "Cross-Pollinate"

Drew Stone stopped by on a Sunday morning for an interview. We discussed everything from his Dad's influence on his career, to his bands to many of the films, documentaries and music videos He's produced, filmed and/or worked on. http://www.stonefilmsnyc.com/ "Drew Stone is an American film director, producer, film editor and musician. His works include music videos, commercials, documentary films and television. He played an active role in the early stages of the Boston hardcore punk...


Daryl "DMC" McDaniels "Won't Stop Rockin'"

We did an extended interview with Daryl "DMC" MCDaniels, in George's living room, in Selden, N.Y. DMC talked about growing up in Hollis, Queens, his life in Run-DMC, his Comic book company, his work with adoptees and so much more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Run DMC official site http://rundmc.com/DMC/ Daryl Makes Comics http://www.dmc-comics.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/THEKINGDMC Book...


Jessica Pimentel "The Crusher"

We spoke with Jessica Pimentel in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Jessica spoke about her first shows and how she quickly fell in love with metal and NYHC. Jessica also talks about her early roles and how she eventually landed the role of Maria Ruiz on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. We talked about her study of Tibetan Buddhism and how its helped her in her life and career. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alekhines Gun-...


Mike De Lorenzo "Trifecta"

Mike D. stopped by for an extensive conversation about his life in music. From Staten Island to Long Island Mike has been in some of the most important bands to come out of this area. Hear the untold stories of how it all began, where it ended up and the history of a metal kid with a stellar thin moustache. _____________________________________________________ Mike D....


Noah Levine "Question Everything"

(**Note--The first few minutes we had a slight audio problem on Noahs track. It was just a tiny bit low in volume and noisy. But all is fine about 3 minutes in.**.) We had an intimate and wide ranging conversation with Noah Levine about everything from his punk-rock upbringing, his books and retreats, to recent controversies hes encountered, his current projects and Noah's unique approach to it all. _____________________________________________________ Noah is a Buddhist teacher,...


Justin Beck "Hand To Mouth"

We sat with Justin Beck Guitarist and songwriter of Glassjaw and part owner of MerchDirect in his personal recording studio at his home in Long Island, New York for an interview that encompasses his unique perspective on music and business. In this episode, we discuss many things with Beck including growing up in the LIHC scene and the history of Glassjaw and how some of those experiences and underlying philosophies have affected the decisions he's made with MerchDirect and ultimately has...


Mark and Adam (Taking Back Sunday) "Twenty"

We sat with lead singer Adam Lazzarra and drummer Mark O'connell from Taking Back Sunday to discuss their past twenty years in the band, the upcoming shows and tours in 2019, being inducted into The Long Island Hall of Fame, their new record "XX" and a lot of information and stories we hadn't heard before. News, tickets, links to social media and music can be found at: http://www.takingbacksunday.com/ Mark on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkOconnellTBS Adam on...


Brian Audley "The Hardcore Reserves"

We sat with Brian Audley, guitarist of Incendiary, for an In-depth interview on his origins in music and the history of Incendiary. We spoke about everything from what it takes to be a successful and focused Hardcore band in 2018, to his love of wrestling. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FB: https://www.facebook.com/IncendiaryHC/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/incendiaryhc TWITTER:...


Michael Alig "The 'It' Factor"

We sat with Michael Alig in Coney Island NY for an in depth interview. Michael discusses everything from his rise as a Club Kid in NYC to his current plans and various projects hes been involved in over the last few years. Michael was open and honest about his past and shared his insights into the way he sees the world after his 17 year incarceration for manslaughter. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find out more about Michael's projects,...


Q-Unique "Life is like..."

We sat with Q-Unique for an in depth Interview about his lifelong musical journey from Hip-Hop to Rock , and back to Hip-Hop Again. From his early days with Rock-Steady crew to playing in a band with Fieldy from Korn, Q-Unique often has found himself in a situation he may not have expected, but he explains his approach to stepping up to the new roles he finds himself in. We joked in the podcast that he seemed like Forest Gump in the way that he often bumped into other musicians or situations...