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Brian Audley "The Hardcore Reserves"

We sat with Brian Audley, guitarist of Incendiary, for an In-depth interview on his origins in music and the history of Incendiary. We spoke about everything from what it takes to be a successful and focused Hardcore band in 2018, to his love of wrestling. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FB: https://www.facebook.com/IncendiaryHC/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/incendiaryhc TWITTER:...


Michael Alig "The 'It' Factor"

We sat with Michael Alig in Coney Island NY for an in depth interview. Michael discusses everything from his rise as a Club Kid in NYC to his current plans and various projects hes been involved in over the last few years. Michael was open and honest about his past and shared his insights into the way he sees the world after his 17 year incarceration for manslaughter. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find out more about Michael's projects,...


Q-Unique "Life is like..."

We sat with Q-Unique for an in depth Interview about his lifelong musical journey from Hip-Hop to Rock , and back to Hip-Hop Again. From his early days with Rock-Steady crew to playing in a band with Fieldy from Korn, Q-Unique often has found himself in a situation he may not have expected, but he explains his approach to stepping up to the new roles he finds himself in. We joked in the podcast that he seemed like Forest Gump in the way that he often bumped into other musicians or situations...


H.R. "Love Conquers Everything"

We sat with H.R. for a quick interview where he spoke about his health, his music and still living life with that P.M.A. H.R. (Paul Hudson) is lead singer and front-man for Bad Brains and Human rights. https://www.instagram.com/therealofficialhr/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/badbrainsofficial/?hl=en https://therealofficialhr.com/ Pic was taken by Jeff Pliskin (Raised Fist Propaganda) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please visit our...


Roy Mayorga "Bands Of Brothers"

We sat with Roy Mayorga in his hotel room in NJ, on his day off from touring with Stone Sour. Roy gave us his unique perspective on playing in bands for more than 30 years. From Nausea to Late night with Seth Meyers, Roy has done it all and has no plans on slowing down. Catch Stone Sour on Tour now, opening for Ozzy Ozbourne on his farewell...


John Nolan "Keeping The Kids Alive"

We sat down with John Nolan to talk about his musical history. He speaks to us about everything from his very time he saw a show to his current tour and album with his solo project. John tells stories about all of his years in and out of Taking Back Sunday as well as his time with Straylight Run, before getting back in again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music and Tour Dates THE JOHN NOLAN BAND http://www.johnnolanmusic.com/ TAKING BACK...


Philip H. Anselmo "Choosing Mental Illness"

We were able to get a short interview with Philip H. Anslemo at the beginning of his tour with the illegals. "Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue" is the name of his new record and Tour and Phil explains to us his physical and mental state at 50 years old as well as his love of horror films, why he does Horrorcore Records and his favorite Long Island band Suffocation. We got a lot out of this interview in the short time we were slotted and Phil admits to being happier and more focused than...


John Lafata "The Great Lie"

We sat down with John Lafata for an extensive interview about his past in Long Island Hardcore bands such as MIND OVER MATTER, NEGLECT and DEATHCYCLE and also what it was like play in legendary NYHC bands, MADBALL and SHEER TERROR. John brings us up to date with his latest band THE GREAT LIE and some of his philosophies about music, life and what hes learned. We also get a great tour story or two....


John Lafata "The Great Lie"

We sat down with John Lafata for an extensive interview about his past in Long Island Hardcore bands such as MIND OVER MATTER, NEGLECT and DEATHCYCLE and also what it was like play in legendary NYHC bands, MADBALL and SHEER TERROR. John brings us up to date with his latest band THE GREAT LIE and some of his philosophies about music, life and what hes learned. We also get a great tour story or two. .....


Kevin Egan "We're Not Gonna Take It"

Kevin Egan sat with us to talk about his history with music, NYHC and his own bands. Growing up in Holbrook NY, Kevin was a long way from NYC and the music thriving on the lower east side at the time. But having stumbled upon early NYHC and some like minded friends such as Tom Capone, Kevin made his way into the band BEYOND and NYC hardcore history. Kevin walks us through the history of all of his bands and musical endeavors and explains why "We're Not Gonna Take It" is one of the best songs...


Young Dirty Bastard "Frequencies"

We sat down with Young Dirty Bastard, son of Ol Dirty Bastard to talk about his life. YDB was open and honest with us about his dad, his own relationship with music, his family and some of his ultimate goals in life. The interview turns into a roundtable discussion at times as we ultimately come to and understanding of the world according to Boy Jones. *Also present and can be heard throughout the interview was Jeff Pliskin, owner of Raised Fist records who books YDB and will be putting out...


Jeff Pliskin "Raised Fist Propaganda"

Jeff Pliskin, owner of Raised Fist Propaganda seems to be everywhere these days. When hes not behind the camera, shooting celebrities or musicians, hes hanging in his native Long Beach, Long Island, plotting his next lofty goals with his company. We sat with Jeff to speak about his history with RFP and how he lives the premise of the company, which is essentially to promote a lifestyle that intertwines Punk Rock, Reggae, and Skateboarding – 3 things that played a crucial role in his life....


Eddie Leeway "Born To Inspire"

Eddie Sutton is a legend. Of course you may know him as "Eddie Leeway" from playing in the Queens Hardcore/Metal Band LEEWAY on and off for over 3 decades. But, forget what you think you know about Eddie or even the music scene that has surrounded him and hes contributed to for all these years. This was a conversation where Eddie made it clear that nothing was off-limits and he was here to share his story, answer questions, reminisce about the old days and bring us up to speed on all his new...


Shawna Potter "War On Women"

War On Women is a co-ed, feminist hardcore punk band based out of Baltimore, MD. Their lead vocalist is Shawna Potter and she is of course, so much more than just your average singer. Beyond handling vocals for the band she is also the founder of Hollaback! Baltimore, co-founder of & trainer for Safer Space Program, writer, activist, public speaker, amp repair technician, and ordained clergy. Shawna took the time to have a great conversation about as many topics as we could fit into this...


Brian Deneeve "Hired Gun"

We sat Down with guitarist Brian Deneeve to discuss his life in music. Brian gave us a detailed history of most of the muic projects hes been involved in since playing in his very first band out in Suffolk County Long Island. Brian talks about his various stages in bands form being a main songwriter to being often hired as a touring backing musician. Highlights include: His first band Domain. Joining FATA Signing with Ferret records Signing with Vagrant Records Recording with Garth...


Eddie Reyes "6 Degrees"

Eddie Reyes has been mentioned on various episodes of this podcast and it often seemed that a lot of the bands we discussed had a connection to him in some way. We've joked that the LIHC scene from that era was always "6 degrees to Eddie Reyes". So we were happy to finally get the oppurtunity to interview him. Some highlights include. -Eddie talks about his first shows and introduction to hardcore. -He talks about wanting to beat up George -George and Ed talk about their first band...


Ras Israel Joseph I "Continuing The Message"

We spoke to Ras Israel Joseph I about his incredible journey in music and his spiritual outlook on life. Highlights include: -Growing up on Long Island -First Bands he joined, -Getting jumped at a Bad Brains show -A full breakdown and explanation on the religion of Rastafarianism. -First Meeting and current relationship with H.R.(Bad Brains) -Auditioning for BadBrains -Time with the Brains and relationship with other members. -Solo Music. -Meeting Todd Youth. -Origin and Future of his...


Christian Mcknight "The Power of Now"

We sat with Christian Mcknight in the upstairs office of Vaux haul to talk about his life in and around music. Although Christian has played in bands like most of our guests, his most notable achievements center around booking bands around long island and new york for more than two decades. Christian gives us a candid walk through his ups and downs in the music business and how its changed over the years and its often changed him. Through introspection and even some earlier financial losses...


Goretex "Heavy Metal King"

We sat with GoreTex for an extended interview about his history in Non-Phixion, Heavy Metal Kings, and his solo career. Highlights include: -Creating a Fanzine at 13 -Signing with Serchlight ( Mc Serch 3rd Bass) -Non phixion breakup and reunion -Meeting up with David Blaine -Stretch and Bobbito -Hanging w Russell Simmons -Working and falling out with MC Serch (3rd Bass) -Being shopped to various labels in the 90s -Working with Geffen and A&R problems -signing with Matador Records -Being...


Gary Bennett "Never Say Die"

We sat with Guitarist Gary Bennett to discuss his life as a guitarist. Gary brings us up to speed on his history in and out of Sheer Terror and the state of KILL YOUR IDOLS and the difference between the bands. Gary gives us his long and prolific history in long island hardcore and a few of his past bands including Big Sniff and Black Anvil. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHEER TERROR...