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EXO-Ls Are In The Army Now

So you thought we'd stay gone for a minute? Nah son, we're back, and still have way too much to say. Check out the timestamps to find out what was on our mind this week. We also would like to present a challenge to EXO-Ls and Armys everywhere. In the interest of academia and good old-fashioned competition we'd like to know: who can out-sell the other in America? If EXO's new material can chart within the top ten of the Billboard 200 we'll do a special deep dive episode (and possibly a...


Bangtan Minaj

This past week BTS came back and stomped over everyone's faves. That's it, really. Nah, we actually had a lot to talk about this week, which resulted in another long-ass podcast, so we also present to you timestamps for your convenience. Also of note: because of technical difficulties there is a little feedback present in certain spots. It's not extremely distracting, but that's up to you to decide. Timestamps: 58:00- G-Idle 8:25:00 Loona/BTS 48:08:00 BTS 1:16:36 Somi Leaves JYP 1:34:07...


NYAN Bonus Clip: Are You A Red or a Velvet

An outtake from our latest podcast that was already getting too damn long. We talk about Red Velvet: the good, the bad, And WHY CAN'T THEY BE VELVET ALL THE TIME, DAMMIT?


Dating and Dillusional

Hey NYAN fans! Just because we love you so much we've got timestamps for this episode too! No guarantees that it's completely accurate,we got off topic a bit at the end, 1:21 Sunye comes back to the music industry. 16:40 CL out in the media 34:42 HyunA, E'Dawn and the Series of Unfortunate Events 1:20:06 American R&B and Kpop 1:22:50 Does BTS Care about U.S. popularity? 1:31:20 Kpop & politics 1:34:31 The future of BTS in the Kpop industry Music:PENTAGON - (펜타곤) _ Shine - (빛나리) - (First...


Is Kpop Over [Our] Skin?

Over [Our] Skin Colorism in our Kpop you say? Not on my podcast!’re on the wrong podcast. We’re aware of the extent of this week’s episode, so we’ve listed timestamps for your listening pleasure. TIMESTAMPS 1:20 2PM’s Taecyeon signs with another music company 11:20 Is CL trying to tell us something? 30:00 Bom makes a comeback 38:30: How long will B.A.P. be together? 59:00 BTS’ Jimin says something controversial; we discuss colorism in Kpop in general 1:43:40: Who is Shaun and how...


Really Really Stay Off Instagram

It's a stacked pod, as our 7-person panel discusses the latest Kpop news and no one holds back! Topics include B1A4's contract renewal, Amber and Tiffany's push for America, Blackpink's continued success and Mino's Instagram saga. Plus, two crazy Got7 stans give a review of the American tour! Music: Winner - REALLY REALLY [ LGX REMIX ] by LGXstudio @Youtube


Back to Blackpink

It's time for me to beg on my knees for forgiveness for the lateness of this episode. Please accept this extra-sized episode as my apology! In this episode,we take a deep dive into what makes Blackpink tick. We also discuss G-Dragon's creepy stalker, and send Tiffany a few words to the wise. Music: BLACKPINK - AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST Trap Mashup i am souls@Youtube


NCT Solo

And we're not talking about Han. We're back, poppin' bottles for Yubin's debut and pouring one out for After School. Join us as we discuss whether we should curb our expectations for Blackpink's new mini. Wanna One overstimates America and which NCT member has solo potential? Music: G)I-DLE - LATATA (AZWZ Remix)


Not Your Average Fake Love, Netizens

It's a very different episode of Not Your Average Netizens, with the candid diva herself, Youtuber THE BLACK NOONA! She joins us as we talk a LOT about BTS. Seriously, it's a lot guys. We also have quite a bit to say about their fans. There's also La Reina Yubin, Basement Blackpink and Creepy Uncle YG, idols behaving badly, and we pour one out for FIESTAR. Oh and somehow R.Kelly slithers in there too. It's gonna be live y'all. Remember to rate and review, and keep your eyes peeled, because...


Cults are bad, OK?

It's another episode of Not Your Average Netizens, we aren't squeeing over boy bands for once, and thus progress is made. We are impressed with rookie idols G(IDLE) bitch-slapping foes and taking names. We also horribly mangle their names. Park Bom makes a much-appreciated appearance, and JYP just can't catch a break, as we know accusations of being a cult-loving weirdo can become a bit inconvenient for your career (hi Mr. Cruise). Remember, if you enjoyed listening to this episode rate...


Wanna Scandal

On this episode of Not Your Average Netizens, we ponder the fate of Blackpink, discover what happens when Irene rejects the red pill, and find out things about Kang Daniel we never really wanted to know. Plus, it's an NCT bonanza as the boys go disturbingly soft and fluffy with "Touch" and Ten and Taeyong go disturbingly sexy with "Baby Don't Stop." I mean, they're called muscle shirts for a reason, Taeyong. Music courtesy of MWN on Youtube:


Bad Boy, Betrothed Bae and Gay-bews

K-pop discussion from older fans, in all manner of ridiculousness and irreverence. Thank you toJoshua Moore Garcia for the intro. Peep his other mixes at his Soundcloud page:



NYAN officially returns and starts off the year with their kpop award show! Song: iffy - Sik-K Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:


It's Not NYAN Without Nico

Into the New World Translation: I want to tell you, even though the sad times have already past Close your eyes and feel, how you affect my mind, how you attract my gaze. Don't wait for a miracle, there's a rough road in front of us with obstacles and future that can't be known, yet I won't change, I can't give up. Keep your love unchanging for my wounded heart Looking in your eyes, no words are needed, time has stopped. I love you, just like this. The longed end of wandering. I leave...


Hit A Girl Or Smoke A Plant

A full podcast including the Iron's prison sentence or lack thereof, the return of Shalice and their gods JJ Project, Jung Yonghwa's controversial lyrics, Goo Hara's vague social media post, Hyunseung's sincere apology, and the unfortunate reality of Stellar.


Ladies Night

In this episode Alice and Kiara school Juliette on back in the day. We also discuss Jay Park signing with Roc Nation, a'rumblins' of a new JYP group within the next year, KARD's debut, and a VIXX LR comeback. Intro: Laboum - only u Outro: TheEastLight. - I Got You Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:


Kokobop Takeover

Alice, Shanna, Nico, and Kiara get together to talk about a few of the new releases which mostly ends up being Kokobop, Kiara recaps her Monsta X concert experience, and Nico talks about some of the problems surrounding Henry. Intro: EXO - What U Do Outro: HOTSHOT - Jelly Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:



On June 30, 2017 NYAN celebrated its 3 years of posting episodes and also discussed updates to the T.O.P, Apink, and Gain stories as well as what could possibly be going on inside YG. We also answer a fan question and chat a little about Kcon! Intro/Outro: Hyorin x Kisum - Fruity Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:


Apink Receives DEATH THREATS

In this episode it's boys night! T.O.P's drug scandal gets an update, BlackPink beat BTS at their own game, Broduce 101 ends with the final lineup, and Apink receives death threats. Intro: BewhY - Scar Outro: Henry - I'm Good Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:


The Adventures Of T.O.P and the P.O.T

In this minimal episode, Tim, Nico, and Kiara discuss some updates with T.O.P and the aftermath of getting caught, Gain's social media self incrimination, and another beef in the KHipHop genre. Intro/Outro: Heize - Don't Know You Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr: