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NCT con Queso

It's another jam-packed episode where we give you a master class in Kpop 101! We examine NCT's English skills and their ongoing American promo, Leeteuk's lack of game and Wendy's special imitation skills. We also have a very special message for Jungook. Listen to the episode and tell us what you think at! TImestamps: 33:00 Hyuna and E-Dawn 13:03 NCT comes back with a Splash! 27:13 Is NCT pop or Kpop? What is Kpop? 34:00 Who really opened the door for...


NYAN Extra: Best Kpop Songs Of the Summer

It's October, which means fall is officially here, which means it's as good a time as any to rank our favorite Kpop songs of the summer. Join us as we rank our top five hits of the past few months! We also discuss our least favorite tracks as well as give our predictions for the standout songs of fall. Don't forget to give us your top five summer songs in the comments, or drop us an email at and let us know what you thought of our picks! Opening music:...


The Tonight Show with B(oys) in T(acky) S(uits)

We didn’t mean to talk about BTS so much this week, but, well they're everywhere. But if you are Bangtan-adverse never fear! It's clear from the time-stamps that we had plenty other Kpop-foolery on hand to discuss this week. 1:00 Cube Ent ain’t shit 19:30: Somi joins Teddy's The Black Label 34:18 Comebacks – Shinee and GOT7, 45:48 who are the best idol rappers? 1:03:59 often imitated…wendy and beyonce as bff? 1:07:35 iKon’s Bobby and Colin Kapernick and past transgressions of racism…Is...


EXO-Ls Are In The Army Now

So you thought we'd stay gone for a minute? Nah son, we're back, and still have way too much to say. Check out the timestamps to find out what was on our mind this week. We also would like to present a challenge to EXO-Ls and Armys everywhere. In the interest of academia and good old-fashioned competition we'd like to know: who can out-sell the other in America? If EXO's new material can chart within the top ten of the Billboard 200 we'll do a special deep dive episode (and possibly a...


NYAN's F-M-K Special

Here's a special little episode from last week in which the NYAN cast play fuck-marry-kill for your enjoyment. We laughed, we cried, we dropped our pins. It was a good time. This is not an official episode. A regular episode will be up tomorrow! Intro: Taeyeon - I Got Love Outro: K.A.R.D - Don't Recall Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:


Never Trust A Hwayoung

This week, we cover T.O.P leaving for the military, L.Joe leaving Teen Top, SPICA disbanding, Boys24 member Hwayoung exposed for talking badly about fans, Cube's claim that there will be a new Beast, and new truths in the T-ara bullying scandal coming to light. And as always, we discuss the relevant releases of the week. Intro: Block B - Yesterday Outro: Day6 - You Were Beautiful Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:...


NYAN Alex Left Def Jam For THIS?

NYAN responds to the recent sad news in kpop including P.O's mother's death and James Lee's withdrawal from Royal Pirate. We also hit topics like Alex Reid and BP Rania's ongoing problems and BamBam using daddy the RIGHT way on twitter. For 50% off your first premium purchase on Spottoon, enter our code at check out! Code: NYAN Intro/Outro: Zion.T - The Song Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr:


Shalice's GOT7 in Miami Special

This is an unofficial episode of NYAN in which Shanna and Alice cleanse their souls and recount their experience seeing GOT7 in Miami. A regular episode will be out Sunday. :) For 50% off premium content on Spottoon enter our code at check out! Code: NYAN Intro: GOT7 - HEY Outro: GOT7 - Prove It Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr: Find us on iTunes:...


NYAN vs The Coffee Shop Single

NYAN is back to bring you a multitude of slow coffee shop music. Thanks January. Shanna, Alice, Nico, Tim, and Kiara, are here to review these songs, shade Masta Wu, and discuss Eric Nam's sexiness, amongst other things. Once again, thank you to Spottoon. For 50% off premium content enter our code at check out! Code: NYAN Intro: SHINee - Juliette (thanks for making me relive this cringey song Tim) Outro: Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam - Cave Me In Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail:...


NYAN already said Goodbye to 2NE1, so why am I crying?

Now that 2NE1 is officially a wrap NYAN takes the time to discuss their goodbye single and cry in their absence. We also talk about recent releases, a racist Produce 101 contestant, and Tim losing his chance to marry Rain. Intro/Outro: 2NE1 - Goodbye Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr: Find us on iTunes:


NYAN Pledges Allegiance To Rain

NYAN welcomes back Tim and talks about the return of the kpop legend Rain as well as other comebacks such as Day6, Seohyun, AOA, CLC, and Ailee. We also discuss ticket prices for Hyuna's tour and the sad reality of the Wonder Girls phasing out of Kpop. Intro/Outro: Day6 - I Wait Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr: Find us on iTunes:


NYAN In The New Year

The episode in which we try to function without Tim. Alice, Shanna, Nico, and Juliette talk about the trends they would like to leave in 2016 as well as a few things that have been making headlines in 2017. Intro/Outro Song: Seventeen - Highlight Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr: Find us on iTunes:


NYAN Choice Awards 2016

In NYAN's last episode of the year we discuss our favorite and least favorite things from 2016. EVERYONE IS HERE. Well... except one. *cough* Shanna. We even get a surprise visit from Ashe! Listen while we get drunk, laugh at each other, and close the horrible year that was 2016. Intro/Outro Song: Amber - Need To Feel Needed Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Follow our Tumblr: Find us on iTunes:...


NYAN CANCELS TAEYANG (Some of them anyway..)

In this episode, we see the return of Noah! As well as NYAN getting heated over ALL the Taes (Taeyeon, Taehyun, and Taeyang). Listen while we talk about MAMAs, Taehyun leaving WINNER, and BigBang's recent album. Specifically... the words inside of it. Intro/Outro Song: Sleepy - Oh Yeah Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Find us on iTunes:


NYAN Thinks Jay Park is a Giver

The long-awaited debut of Shalicette (Shanna, Alice, Juliette) where we talk about Astro and BAP's Comebacks, TWICE unifying us all, Lay being a captivating Youth Ambassador of Communism, and Jay Park as an equal partner. Intro/Outro Song: Jay Park - Me Like Yuh Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Send us mail: Find us on iTunes: We would also like to apologize for being so inconsistent in...


NYAN is Disbanding Because of Star Empire

Murdy, Kiara and Juliette meet to talk about comebacks that by now have mostly happened. We also talk about your problematic faves in Zico and Jay Park, we joke and we poke fun and most likely Murdy offends all the BAP fans and sorry. Tweet at us: @NYANetizens Tumblr us: Send us mail: Find us on iTunes: Send me hate tweets: @Papamurdy (Or love <3)...


NYAN is full on Blood Sweat & Tears

This week we talk comebacks! Juliette and Shanna join your host Murdy as we cross 6 comebacks, and 4 debuts, including EXO's Lay, Ladies Code, BTS destroying, Queen Ailee and new group FNC will forget how to manage. Tweet us Send your hatemail/love And attack me directly Intro: Click Me - Zion.T Outro: Rap Monster - Rush (Ft. Krizz Kaliko)



This week, nearly all of NYAN meets to celebrate the podcast's baby in GOT7. We also fanboy/girl over Crayon pop, Murdy expresses his love for Eunji even with the less well loved A-Pink comeback, and we keep our promise about keeping an eye out for Dal-shabet with actual Dal-shabet fans in Niko and Kiara.


NYAN Let's go Again

This week we talk comebacks and debuts, along with which idols lesbians love, and the fact that true love is dead!



After a bit of a hiatus (Where I promise we recorded some stuff) We return with Tim aka Murdy's terrible first time ever editing the podcast. Murdy is joined by the terrific Juliette and of course the loud dog (sorry about that.) We talk recent comebacks and debuts as well as some anticipated comebacks, before we get into the trash that needs to be taken out. News was a little slow, so the focus was on a member of Super Junior showing his ass again and of course Iron and Kidoh's mess of a...