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A New York Islanders Podcast hosted by Michael Schuerlein, a long time NHL Credentialed blogger who talks news, insights, and everything between. Features regular guests, from media to former players.

A New York Islanders Podcast hosted by Michael Schuerlein, a long time NHL Credentialed blogger who talks news, insights, and everything between. Features regular guests, from media to former players.


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A New York Islanders Podcast hosted by Michael Schuerlein, a long time NHL Credentialed blogger who talks news, insights, and everything between. Features regular guests, from media to former players.




We Are All Angry!

There comes a time in every fans sports life where things just don't go well. Your team loses, players get hurt or take stupid penalties. It just happens. Or like me, you wake up angry and you wind up accidentally breaking two different laces on your boots..... It's not every day the teams coach comes out after the game and informs the media that he too, is PISSED OFF. But here we are, and in Episode 50 - we have a little fun with the attitude. In two and a half years doing this podcast I...


Hockey Is Back, And So Am I!

Episode 49. I never thought I would be almost 50 episodes into a podcast, but I am glad that I am getting to experience this journey along with all of you great fans! 2020 sucked. I mean, really there's no getting around that. Between COVID, quarantine and everything that's gone along with it. That said, in the same breath you can also say that hockey was REALLY FUN once it returned and the Islanders did really well, making it to the Eastern Conference Final. But, here we are - in January of...


Talking Eastern Conference Finals, With Mark Lazerus

Being born in 1980, on the cusp of New York Islanders greatness is pretty cool on paper. I can say that I was alive for the four consecutive Stanley Cup wins and the core of the four, sure. I can also say that I can remember the tail end of greatness, and know for sure being present when some of the above mentioned core group retired and had their numbers raised to the rafters. But, beyond that - if you were born in 1980 (1993, 1994 as the outliers) not much fun was to be had until last...


It Took Seven, With Chris Schuerlein

It's not every day you get to record a podcast episode with your best friend and cousin - but that is exactly what I got to do today in Episode 47. It could maybe be something we do more of in the future. Twice the Schuerlein, twice the fun! Chris and our other cousin are actually working on an 80's movie podcast - I have helped them with some technical things as they were just setting up. I was actually supposed to record with them a few weeks ago, but we got sidetracked (haha - summer...


Make it Six, With Jeff Capellini

Elimination games are hard, which we know the Islanders have had to have a few "do overs" since the opening play in versus Florida. The Islanders could've swept Florida, they didn't - they needed an extra game and finished the series in four. The Islanders could've swept Washington, they didn't - they needed an extra game and finished the series in five. Now, while the Islanders could NOT have swept the Philadelphia Flyers, they could have eliminated them Tuesday night in FIVE games - but...


No Caps, All Isles

This, is super - super, strange. No, not the fact that we haven't spoken since before the world changing pandemic. Not even because it's been 173 days since the last podcast episode. Perhaps, it's a bit in part because we're discussing hockey yes, but only because the league shutdown for a few months and we are now discussing playoff hockey, IN AUGUST. Regardless, this is life right now - and we're going to make the most of it. I know for me, much like ALL OF YOU - I've become accustom to...


We Have A Trade To Announce!

Trade Deadline 2020 We have a Trade to Announce - actually multiple trades and it all started earlier this month when the New York Islanders sent a 2021 Second Round Pick to the New Jersey Devils along with AHL Defenseman David Quenneville for Defenseman Andy Green. On it's own, the trade was good - Greene fills in for the injured Adam Pelech and in his four games with the Islanders have been very good. It's destabilized the Islanders back end and given Barry Trotz his well defined pairings....


Talking Wins, Scoring and Trades With Tim English

Episode 43 features something completely foreign to me after a year and a half of podcasting - an "in studio" guest. This presented an exciting dynamic, but also a host of new audio problems I haven't had to deal with before. I learned a bit this episode and have some corrections when we visit it again in the works. Featured this episode is a local buddy and fan of mine - Tim English. He's just as passionate as I am (and way more prepared stats wise). We talk about a variety of topics this...


It’s Break Time, For Some Of Us

Episode 42! Man, I hate doing that to you guys - it's been far too long between episodes. We're back though, with a running start out of the gate for the first time in 2020. In this episode, I talk about a lot that's transpired since Episode 41, the games since, some of the struggles and even some of the good things the team has accomplished. I go into detail on some of the stats over a period of games and how, for a while - the two leading scorers on the Islanders had only 5 points each...


Who Are The Islanders?

Episode 41 Who are the Islanders? That's a great question and it's something that I realize is a legitimate question later on in this episode. It's also an important question, as it will determine what, if anything Lou Lamoriello will do to improve the roster later on in the season. The Islanders record sits at 20-7-2 with 42 points at this point of the season, good for 3rd in the East at the time of this episode. The team sits 4 points back of Boston, 9 from Washington. The Isles have 3...


The Isles Are Breaking Records

Episode 40, two episodes one one week - we are at mid-season form over here on The Isles Faithful Podcast. If you're reading this in your Podcast app, please head over to our website at The Isles Faithful to learn more about the show! This episode, a shorter one - but we talk about this amazing stretch of games the Islanders have been playing. They are 15-0-1 in their last 16 games, points in 16 straight games which is the best in franchise history. Not only is it a record, it's the most...


Talking Streaks And More With Mike Tracey

It has been a whirlwind of the last two weeks for me personally, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter. I had no choice but to put the podcast on the back burner for a bit. It all started with the death of my Grandmother two weeks ago, I was running around with the family with visitation and the funeral - you know how that goes (lot's of food...). Then I had some other stuff come up, and it just didn't happen. Well, that's all behind me and boy did the floodgates open! In Episode 39,...


Talking Streaks With Dan From Isles Anxiety

Episode 38 comes at you fast and furious. Well, not so much. In what should be the last of an erratic schedule of recording for the podcast (I am over this cold, finally), this episode is chock full of interesting tidbits during this odd NHL scheduling quirk for the New York Islanders. The Isles have won their last 7 straight games in various fashions: come from behind victories, shootout wins, overtime wins, complete dominations in regulation and as Barry said - even games the team was...


The New Kids Are Good

Episode 37 is a short one. In this episode, I talk about the Islanders and their .500 hockey as new kids Noah Dobson and Oliver Wahlstrom making their debuts in the NHL. We also go into detail on the power play, some of the struggles of the team and even some goaltending. Semyon Varmalov took a few games to get going, but he finally found his win over the weekend against Florida and Thomas Greiss has looked sharp, especially Monday against the Blues. Brock Nelson continues his strong usual...


Season 2 Kickoff with Jeff Capellini of CBS

It's been a long summer and offseason, hasn't it? When we left off in May with The Isles Faithful Podcast - we were reeling in a sense, not from the season ending but more of HOW it ended against Carolina. Overall, it was clearly way MORE than we expected, but there was clearly some work to be done by Lou Lamoriello and crew. This summer saw a few additions, a few subtractions and a ton of extensions. Free agency saw the Islanders miss out on their number 1 target, only for him to sign with...


Episode 35: The Sweeping

That's it - that's a wrap on the 2018/2019 New York Islanders season. The Islanders swept the Penguins in Round 1, only to be swept by Carolina in Round 2. But this isn't exactly how we pictured the Islanders season, as we've said over the past few episodes, it's not how we expected any of this really. From start to finish this season has been a fun one. From Barry Trotz to Robin Lehner and everything in between. That in between includes the latter as a finalist for many awards and the...


Episode 34: Round 2 Preview

This is a non-traditional episode from me here at The Isles Faithful Podcast. It's a quick one, a few thoughts as we wait the final few hours before the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I know I thought we'd be saying that 8 months ago, right? Yeah. The Islanders opponent this round - those Jerks from the Carolinas - the Carolina Hurricanes. That's another team everyone pegged to have the season they've had and also knocking off the Metro winner Washington Capitals. I am genuinely...


Episode 33: Sweeping Up With Mark Parrish

Former New York Islander forward, current NHL Network analyst Mark Parrish has returned to The Isles Faithful Podcast for Episode 33! UPDATED 4/22/19 There were TWO audio issues that I found, made a few mistakes when I put the episode together. They are now corrected, please make sure you refresh your podcast apps to get the correct audio file! Thanks! In this episode, (an explicit version, I am sorry folks - it's PLAYOFF hockey talk!) Mark and I talk about this unexpected run into the...


Episode 32: Loud And Proud Isles Are 2-0

Episode 32, a raspy voiced episode - from all the fun from games one and two at Nassau Coliseum. This episode I catch back up with most of the things that have happened through these amazing two games we've seen. Now it's off to Pittsburgh to face the Penguins in their barn - always fun. To help usher in this matinee game, is Chase Williams of WPXI Pittsburgh as he talks the Pens Perspective and keys to the game. The Islanders have a real good chance to put a further strangle hole on the...


Episode 31: Talking Islanders With WBAB’s Roger Luce

In Episode 31 Mike gets back to talking Islanders hockey, this time with Roger Luce - one half of the WBAB 102.3 Morning Show Roger and JP. For those that do not know, Roger is the long time public address announcer for the New York Islanders. Roger has been in that position since 1998, though since the move to Brooklyn has had to take a step back and allow Alex Anthony to take a bulk of the work (he's equally as good, btw). It's an understandable shift in availability as you'll hear Roger...