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EP 006: The Most Important Meeting of the Day

In this episode of Devi TV, Devi shares with you an experience that she had this week that is a great reminder for all of us about making time for what is most important in life. It all started with a practice that her Grandma used to have. We hope that you will enjoy this story from her youth and that it will instruct your life this week, as it has hers. If you are new to the show, please remember to subscribe to receive the latest episodes as they are released and if you loved what you...


EP 005: How to Use Your Breath to Shift Your Energy

There are people all over the world right now doing different things in many different ways, but the one thing that we all have in common, that we are doing right now... is that we are breathing (assuming that we are alive, that is). Have you ever had a rough day and noticed yourself unconsciously sigh or maybe caught yourself holding your breath and didn't even realize that you were doing it? A lot of us breathe unconsciously in life and deal with fluxations in our energy levels on a daily...


EP 004: Making Space for Grace

This episode is designed to remind you of something that you may or may not already be aware of and that you are not currently acting upon. If you are in action in your life and feeling overwhelmed, stuck or worn out - you're going to really benefit from the practice that Devi shares in this episode. Enjoy learning about one of Devi's favorite scheduling hacks that makes all of the difference in achieving your goals with ease and grace. Enjoy! Please remember to subscribe and let us know...


EP 003: Values-Based Communication

Have you ever noticed how it feels to speak to someone who shares your values and what it can be like to converse with someone who doesn't share your values? In this episode, Devi talks about Values-Based Communication and the importance of learning to communicate inside of someone else's values to have them receive the gift of your message. Please remember to subscribe to receive the latest episodes as they are released and if you loved what you heard today, we'd love a great review too!


EP 002: Living Namaste

In this episode, Devi shares her unique life practice of "Living Namaste". If you are looking to build greater love and connection in your life and would like to have the people in your life show up as their greatest and best self - you'll want to listen to this week's episode. Make sure to subscribe and give us a great review!


EP 001: Welcome to Devi TV, the podcast!

Welcome to Devi TV! Get ready for a great journey together! Here we go... Remember to subscribe!