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Lessons From The Burning Bush

We often read the story of the Exodus but how often do we see what it has to teach us about the moment of history we are in right now? Listen along and hear 5 lessons that we can take into our own lives from Moses's encounter with God at the Burning Bush.


Part 12 Bring Your Fulleness

Where do you suspect Jesus would stand in some of the current social issues? Where do you find yourself when it comes to the Black Lives Matter and US Immigrant Rights movements? What personal issues have come up for you to work through? Where does your faith community stand? What keeps your community from being able to move issues forward that you care about? How do you use emotion and times of inspiration toward real systemic change?


Part 11 Pulling All Things Together In Love

Forbes says, The church or communities of faith have a Word, which if the Word could be heard it could show us how we are one, how we can work for the common good, how we could serve God and have the fulfillment we long for. The church is sitting on this word. It is related to the golden rule, it is related to the great commandment, it is related to love, it is related to caring for one another. How is the church often quick to defend and protect the Word rather than share the Word? What...


Part 10 A Fuller Picture Of God

Spend a few minutes with God reviewing your togetherness experience. How do you know God? What has your experience taught you about God? How does your personal experience of salvation express itself in the world? How have you become Christ to others? What does your experience teach you about what God hopes for? How do we aspire to God’s hope for humanity? Mata says that beyond his own experience of God, listening to other people’s experience brings him a fuller picture of God. How have you...


Part 9 Created For Abundant Life

Can you have faith without questions? Jesus came to give us abundant life. How can we help in the co-creation of life? How can we be life promoters? Christians often talk about the Kingdom of God. How do you understand the Kingdom of God versus the kingdoms of this world? Talk about what you believe will remain of this world, and what will pass away. How does that change your perspective on any worldly attachments you might have? Giving our lives to God is not only about sharing our things....


Part 8 Covenantal Restoration

We have constructed the ideas of race, so it has become very real…we refer to it, and we make reference on a regular basis to different racial groups…the role of the church is to look at the Imago Dei. —Terry Leblanc How does our construction of race affect our image of God? The body of Christ contains all of our images in it. How does the church break the hierarchies that prevents us from organically embodying the fullness of the Imago Dei? Imagine the two sided coin of justice and...


Part 7 Refusing To Be Enemies

Can you imagine being surrounded, having no access to water or electricity, no permit to build…and having your orchard uprooted, and STILL peacefully resisting, STILL loving your enemy? Are you a hope dealer? How do you keep hope alive? How do we grow into people of reconciliation? Who refuse to be enemies? How do we promote future generations to lead out in love?


Part 6 The Politics Of Radical Difference

Seeing through the lens of your community, who are the “crucified” people? Who is burdened by the systems in place? Do you live with ongoing vulnerability of violence against your body? If so, where do you find sanctuary? How can the faith-filled become sanctuaries to the suffering? Are you willing to stand on the bridge with people who are different from you for the sake of unity?


Part 5 Holy Mischief

When hearts are broken open, hope emerges. And then there is joy. Joy is a communal virtue, as is hope. And when you have hope and joy together you have mobilizing…trouble making.—Simone Campbell What does social justice have to do with salvation? How do we, as the faithful, respond to injustice? Why do you think communities of faith, if seeded in the love of Christ, produce fear and hate? Winning in often looks like the American dream: more money, more stuff. What is a less toxic measure of...


Part 4 Stone Catchers

Check in with your heart on the issue of racism in America, both past and present. How does a heart reconcile such violence against humanity? Does anyone ever profit from throwing stones? When and how does the church step in to advocate for injustice? Change must come through us, the faith-filled. To the best of your ability (acknowledging that we all have blind spots to our character defects) admit where you cast judgment. Do you have an understanding as to why that is true for you? What...


Part 3 The Idol Of Whiteness

Idols separate us from God. Wallis suggests that whiteness as an ideal is idolatry. Society worships whiteness. Take some time to contemplate what hearing this brings up in you. Express how you feel and/or what questions this brings up for you. The church of the future will continue to be larger than boarders. It continues to move towards God’s ultimate dream of a united humankind. This means people who have had animosity for generations will be worshipping side-by-side. Can you imagine it?...


Part 2 Beloved Community

How are you seeing disparity between what we say we believe and how we act as Christians? How are you feeling lately about the term Christian? About what is done in the name of God? How do you define yourself ? How do you feel knowing that churches lie, and people believe those lies? Have you experienced this? What does it take to move into an awakening from these lies? It’s hard to reframe our expectations if we are not willing to challenge our beliefs. How do you think through your belief...


Part 1 Restoration Of Relationship

Reggie Williams reveals that racism is a construction of systems and structures around an ideal race: white, European, and masculine. What is your view of this from where you live? Is it in your sight? In your periphery? Out of sight? Christ is always with those whose backs are pressed against the wall by oppressive regimes… Christ is (where he says in Mt 25) in society as the hungry, as the imprisoned, as the naked, as the thirsty… —Reggie Williams If you shun people who are not the ideal,...


The Fourth Sunday Of Easter

The Fourth Sunday of Easter. Jesus tells a story that confuses everyone but in it is a deep message about who God is and how we relate to God. Listen along to this message. And stop by our Facebook page and let us know you are listening!


The Third Sunday Of Easter

Join us on the road to Emmaus as we learn to see Easter in a new way.


The Second Sunday Of Easter 2020

The Second Sunday of Easter 2020. Focusing on the gift of breath and the ancient practice of the Breath Prayer.


Easter Sunday

Here it is folks our Easter Sunday 2020 Sermoncast. Sorry for the delay.



Could it be that in the teachings of Jesus we find some ancient truths to happiness? Listen along as Missiongathering Charlotte and Pastor Andrew explore that possibility.


Taste And See

Missiongathering Charlotte's Sermon Podcast


4 Years in Charlotte NC

We celebrated 4 years of work here in Charlotte NC!