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A podcast with Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo

A podcast with Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo


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A podcast with Al Jackson & Frank Caliendo






Is Felicity Huffman Repentant - Hate Speech & The R Word - Garrett/Rudolph Brawl Fallout

Al & Frank get back together to discuss actress Felicity Huffman's 11 day stretch of jailtime and whether or not she's been reformed. Then they discuss the many forms of Hate Speech and the us of the R word in today's society before finally touching on the Myles Garrett/Mason Rudolph brawl on Thursday night football and its fallout.


Impatience, Athletes dispensing Judgement Online & Katie Hill's Political Downfall

Al & Frank return with a discussion on impatience, professional athletes that dispense judgement on their social media channels and the downfall of congresswoman Katie Hill and more.


What Is Acai - Short Term Memory - A Caloric Debate & Sentencing Inequality

Al & Frank convene a discussion on how to pronounce Acai, talk about short term memory loss, enact a debate on calories and have a back and forth on sentencing inequalities in the legal system.


Live from Dallas For The Bob & Tom Experience - plus The Glory Of Frank's Calves

Al & Frank get together in Dallas to be a part of The Bob & Tom Radio Experience and discuss the latest victim of #CancelCulture in the 24yo Viral Beer Fundraiser From ESPN's College Gameday who is now involved in controversy from tweets he sent when he was 16 and which now puts the $1.4million his campaign has raised in jeopardy.


The Evolution Of Workplace Security & International Comedy Audiences w/Guest Ronny Chieng

Al & Frank discuss the climate and vibe of workplace security in this seemingly ever intense world, Frank talks about his guest spot on the Logan Paul podcast and Frank sits down with comedian & Daily Host contributor Ronny Chieng to discuss differences between American and International comedy audiences.


The Ability To Be Fearlessly Honest w/guest, comedian Jeff Dye

Al & Frank discuss facetiming with famous people, and Frank sits down with comedian Jeff Dye for a discussion about being fearlessly honest in comedy in today's culture & climate.


Al The Russian Nesting Doll & Taking Chances In Comedy

Al & Frank discuss Al's recent dental procedure, talk about the difficulty in resisting the urge to respond to wannabe trolls on Facebook and other social media, and discuss taking chances in comedy and going against type.


Al Goes Viral & The Devil's Casserole

Al & Frank are back to talk about how Al went viral this past week, question why we have wisdom teeth and touch on something called The Devil's Casserole.


White Chocolate, Hot Sauce & Social Media PLUS Bonus guests The Sklar Brothers

Al & Frank discuss the finer(?) points of white chocolate, what makes a good hot sauce (red or green) and debate the benefits of critiquing social media posts. PLUS, bonus audio as Frank sits down with special guests The Sklar Brothers (@SklarBrothers) & John Holmberg, from 98 KUPD (@98KUPD) in Phoenix for a discussion on their various acting roles and sports media involvement along with an introduction that we call impression jazz.


The Entertainment in Government, Offense & Media w/ Chris Spangle

In continuation of last week's podcast, Al & Frank along with guest Chris Spangle, host of the We Are Libertarians Podcast (@werlibertarians @ChrisSpangle), discuss the two-party system, how politics has become entertainment, and how to navigate the minefield of offense as creators and discussion providers.


A Thoughtful Discussion On Gun Violence w/ Chris Spangle

Al & Frank are joined by Chris Spangle (@ChrisSpangle), host of the We Are Libertarians Podcast ( for an open discussion about gun violence in America in light of recent events in El Paso, TX & Dayton, OH


The Comedy Of Social Media w/ Guest Ryan Davis

Al & Frank are joined by comedian Ryan Davis (IG: @ryandaviscomedy) for a discussion of comedy, language, social media & more.


Al's Home Dilemma & Frank Sits Down w/Comedian Erik Griffin

Al talks about a situation he's got going on at home and Frank had the opportunity to sit down for a discussion with actor/comedian Erik Griffin ('I'm Dying Up Here', 'Workaholics').


The Dalai Lama & Counting Calories

Al's mind had been on the Dalai Lama while Frank's has been on counting calories as they both try to be serious!


Justice, Patriotism & The 4th Of July

Al & Frank discuss Frank's issues with the fourth of July along with related talk of patriotism and justice.


Self Reinvention, Politics & Parody And Whitewashing History

Special Guest John Holmberg (from 98KUPD FM in Phoenix joins Al & Frank again to discuss the dangers of reinventing oneself, the politics of parody and the whitewashing of history


The Importance In The Context Of Context

Al & Frank delve into context...both in and out of and how it may be more important today than ever in regard to podcasting, broadcasting and narrowcasting.


The One Where Frank's Wife Is Special Guest

Frank's wife Michele joins the guys to talk about her toe picture obsession, PTSD by proxy, the Netflix documentary series 'Abducted In Plain Sight' and more.


Graduation Ambiguity & The Meaning Of Ownership

Al & Frank talk about Elementary School "graduations", meeting sports heroes and discuss what the meaning and value is of ownership.


The Piracy Of Privacy

What cost is privacy? Can we even still hold onto the notion that we have any privacy in the digital world? Al & Frank discuss their fears of lack of privacy, whether it can be held onto and what might be happening to it as they try and be serious about the wide scope of what is privacy and who controls it.