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Hosted by Lou Gum, Arizona Edition, KAWC's news program, is our focus on the issues facing Arizona. Through interviews with local newsmakers, KAWC keeps you informed on issues in the region.

Hosted by Lou Gum, Arizona Edition, KAWC's news program, is our focus on the issues facing Arizona. Through interviews with local newsmakers, KAWC keeps you informed on issues in the region.


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Yuma PR


Hosted by Lou Gum, Arizona Edition, KAWC's news program, is our focus on the issues facing Arizona. Through interviews with local newsmakers, KAWC keeps you informed on issues in the region.








Arizona Edition: Recruiting Hunters and Anglers to Fight Climate Change

A new report from the National Wildlife Federation highlights the role hunters and anglers play in observing and combatting climate change.


Arizona Edition: Revisiting Yuma StoryCorps Conversations from 2019

Listening samples from StoryCorps interviews recorded in Yuma in November and December of 2019.


Arizona Edition: Legalized Marijuana in Arizona Means Second-Chance for Past Offenses

Arizona Edition host, Lou Gum speaks with May Tiwamangkala and Martin Hutchins. Both are involved with marijuana-related expungement and the Reclaim Your Future campaign.


Kelly Touts Port Improvements in Infrastructure Package

U.S. Senator Mark Kelly visited the San Luis Port of Entry in Arizona to talk about funding for port improvements in the recently passed infrastructure bill.


Arizona Edition: Sen. Sinema On Build Back Better and Critics

On this episode of Arizona Edition, Sen. Sinema tells host Lou Gum that she will go her own way despite criticism from the left or right. She says her position on the Build Back Better proposal, or infrastructure, or any issue before the U.S. Senate, is bases on a belief in fiscal responsibility and limited and effective government. She also discusses what is in the Build Back Better bill and the Infratucture Investment and Jobs Act that addresses issues impacting Arizonans.


Arizona Edition: Changing Hospitals' Not-For-Profit Status "Important Decision for a Community"

A proposed joint venture between Yuma Regional Medical Center and hospital management company, LifePoint Health, a holding of the Apollo Management Group, a private equity firm, would change the hospitals' not-for-profit status to a for-profit model.


Workers Choosy, Employers Upping Wages in Yuma Job Market

Help wanted signs hang in the windows of many local businesses and with the winter tourism and AG seasons upon us – what is the job market like in Yuma and how are employers filling those jobs?


Singer-Songwriter and Yuma Native Mary Lou Fulton Releases Debut Album

Mary Lou Fulton is getting ready to release her debut album in October. Arizona Edition's Lou Gum speaks to the writer, musician, and journalist about her music and telling the story of her mother's Mexican town destroyed to make way for a dam in the 1960's.


Understanding Water Rights and Yuma Drought Impacts

Falling water levels in reservoirs along the Colorado River have forced cuts to some water users in the state, but headlines saying Arizona farms are losing their water are a bit misleading. Arizona Edition’s Lou Gum speaks to Yuma attorney Wade Noble about Yuma's water rights.


The Battle Over Education Funding in Arizona

KAWC’s Lou Gum speaks with Rebecca Gau, Executive Director of Stand for Children Arizona on Arizona Edition.


Stahl Sees Opening for Democrats Against Gosar in CD4

Republican Paul Gosar has represented Arizona’s Congressional District 4 since 2013. He'll face competition from at least one optimistic Democrat in 2022.


Yuma County Health Director COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 cases are up in Arizona, driven by the spread of the delta variant. On this Arizona Edition, KAWC’s Lou Gum speaks with Diana Gomez, Director of the Yuma County Health Services District.


Arizona Edition: Mosquitos Test Positive For West Nile In Yuma County

Mosquito test samples in Yuma County showed positive cases of West Nile virus, a mosquito born illness that can transfer to humans.


Arizona Edition: Sen. Mark Kelly Dicusses Infrastructure Deal

This week a bipartisan group of 20 United States Senators announced a $1 trillion deal on infrastructure. Though the details are still to be worked out, the framework received the support of 17 Republicans in a procedural vote.Arizona’s Senators, Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema, are part of the bipartisan group at the negotiating table. Sen. Kelly spoke to KAWC’s Arizona Edition about the deal, and why he thinks it will be good for Arizona and Yuma.


Arizona Edition: Saving the Colorado River

The threats to the Colorado River are many – climate change, overuse, invasive species, dozens of planned diversion projects, pollution – and that has motivated action up and down the river’s shores by a variety committed activists and regular people.


Arizona Edition: How the Cocopah Tribe and City of Somerton Work Together to Aid Their Community

This episode of Arizona Edition is part two of an interview that aired on KAWC’s Arizona Edition on July, 2, 2021.


Arizona Edition: San Luis Mayor Discusses Border Concerns

While the city of Yuma gets a lot of attention for its proximity to the United States-Mexico border, it isn’t the only Yuma County city on the border. That distinction also belongs to the small city of San Luis.


Arizona Edition: YRMC Explores Partnership with LifePoint Health

This story aired on KAWC’s Arizona Edition on July 2, 2021


Arizona Edition: The Arpaio Era and the Lasting Impacts, Part 2

Part two of this series aired on KAWC’s Arizona Edition on June 25, 2021. To listen to part one visit here.


Arizona Edition: The Arpaio Era and the Lasting Impact, Part 1

This is part one of a two part series that first aired on June 18, 2021 on KAWC’s Arizona Editon.