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Atlantic Voice is the home of east coast documentary storytelling. Settle in for thoughtful radio docs and interviews that dive deep into the people of Atlantic Canada and what they're up to.


Halifax, NS


Atlantic Voice is the home of east coast documentary storytelling. Settle in for thoughtful radio docs and interviews that dive deep into the people of Atlantic Canada and what they're up to.




The Living Wake

Throughout his life, Craig Mackie used his voice to help others. And he decided to do the same as he faced death, and his choice of medical assistance in dying. A documentary by Jessica Doria-Brown.


The F Word (no, not that one.)

Failing: we've all done it. So why don't we talk about it more? 2 scholars at the University of New Brunswick say there's a lot to be gained from opening up about what goes wrong in our lives.


Rita Joe & The Next Generation

"The way I see it, Rita Joe did not spend decades fighting to find her talk, for me to not try," Mi'kmaw historian Mercedes Peters tells a crowd at the Halifax Central Library. The crowd is there to listen as Mi'kmaw writers and thinkers share personal histories and imagined worlds, all inspired by the legendary poet. Producer Moira Donovan was in the audience too, and brings us inside the event, put off by the Afterwords Literary Festival.


Changemaking with Joy

Alone and pregnant, Joy Chukwu-Osazuwa arrived in St. John's from Nigeria to pursue her PhD dreams in 2018. By 2023, her science degree and family life are thriving - and so are her side hustles, all dedicated to helping other international students and immigrants find their way in Canada. Joy is a CBC Black Changemaker for 2023, and this is her story. Reporting by Heather Gillis.


Inflation Island

One province holds a dubious distinction in the cost of living crunch: PEI has had the highest inflation in Canada for almost two years. How are Islanders coping? The CBC's Laura Meader and Maggie Brown bring us their stories, and sacrifices.


Disability, Day to Day

Michelle Butler Hallett is an award-winning novelist from St. John's. But she turns the pen on herself in her very personal essay, "You're Not Disabled, Disabled." Michelle reads from that essay and shares her experiences of varying mobility and being policed by others, with the hope of sparking compassion and conversation.


Outside the Monastery

Meet some of the Buddhist nuns who make their home in the eastern corner of PEI. They're often the subject of curiosity, but when they looked to expand their residences - they found confrontation instead. A documentary produced by Janna Graham.


6 Degrees of Separation Through 88 Keys

Upright pianos aren't the household fixtures they used to be, to the point they're often given away for free. When CBC producer Myfanwy Davies acquired one such freebie, it sparked this story: of household pianos, and the people who love them. An archival episode from 2016.


Migaloo's Mission

A lot of the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere ends up in our oceans, particularly the North Atlantic. We head out on a Newfoundland expedition using underwater drones try to answer pressing scientific questions, like: why is the North Atlantic so good at absorbing carbon, and how much more can it hold?


The Night Sky Over Mi'kmaki

When Hilding Neilson isn't studying exoplanets or teaching students at Memorial University, he's considering the night sky from a cultural perspective. As an astronomer and a member of the Qalipu Mi'kmaw First Nation, Hilding works to Indigenize astronomy - from pushing for more diversity behind the microscope, to changing the colonizing words often used to describe our interactions with outer space.


Speaking of Home

Arabic-only playdates, Saturday morning Chinese songs: New Canadians face a big parenting challenge of instilling their heritage languages in their children. CBC producer Mariam Mesbah meets some families around Moncton making that happen - and why this is about so much more than grammar.


Surrogacy: Dream, and reality

Terri Taylor of Fredericton always dreamed of becoming a surrogate, but she never imagined all the complications and questions along the way. In this archival episode from 2018, producer Moira Donovan follows Terri's journey, and dives into the ethics and legal red tape of surrogacy.


Literary lobster fishing with Nicholas Herring

The hard work of lobster fishing, and the humbling nature of the open ocean. That's a little bit of the inspiration behind Some Hellish, the debut novel from Nicholas Herring of Murray Harbour P.E.I. He joins Atlantic Voice to talk about his book, which just won a $60,000 Writers' Trust prize for fiction.


What we learned (and didn't) from the N.S. mass shooting inquiry

7 months, 230 witnesses, 7,200+ documents. A lot happened during the Mass Casualty Commission's now-wrapped public hearings, and the CBC's Angela MacIvor was there every step of the way. She rounds up the revelations, police tape and red flags exposed about the 2020 tragedy that left 22 Nova Scotians dead.


I Still Live Here

Mary Ann Nui loves visiting her childhood home off the Labrador coast. That home? Davis Inlet, so notorious for the intense poverty that led to the Mushuau Innu being resettled in 2002. Go beyond those headlines and see Davis Inlet through Mary Ann's eyes, as a place where love and hardship intertwine, and where she still goes back to in her dreams.


One in Six: Uterus Half Full

1 in 6: it's the number of couples who face infertility worldwide. It's also an in-depth and intimate look into one couple's journey to conceive, told through a new podcast helmed by Jen White from CBC St. John's. This week we hear from Jen and her husband Neil, with an excerpt from Episode 1 of One in Six: Uterus Half Full.


Trash Talk

Most of us don't think much about our garbage, beyond putting it out by the curb. But the 2 guests on today's show take trash to heart. Meet a PEI artist putting her own plastic waste on display, and a St. John's author who asks us to open our eyes to the often invisible world of discards.


The Charmer

Once upon a time, there was a man who helped people feel better: Uncle Wes Abbott. Known in his small Newfoundland town as "a charmer," producer Andrea McGuire unravels the myth and mystery around Uncle Wes, his charming talents, and the powers of belief in this documentary.


Shine A Light: The story of Petapan

What's Petapan? As one organizer puts it: a spark. Visit Fredericton for the 2022 edition of this gathering of Indigenous east coast artists, as founders, fashionistas and the future generation weigh in on Petapan's energy and inspiration.


Africville, the podcast

In making their podcast Africville Forever, cohosts Alfred Burgesson and Eddy Carvery III didn't just want to memorialize the Black community that once stood on Halifax's shores. They wanted to push revival and ask questions about racism, justice, and family. Thanks to Podstarter Productions for clips from Africville Forever featured in this episode.