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Big Blue Wave?

We dig into the results from Tuesday’s special legislative elections in Wisconsin and the ramifications for the general election. Next, we welcome Lindsay Dorff, Northeast WI Organizing Cooperative Steering Committee member, to discuss gerrymandering in Wisconsin and the pending Supreme Court verdict for the Gil v Whitford case. Lindsay also tells us about the Citizen Action Northeast Cooperative’s member assembly this Saturday and their Governor candidate forum next Saturday, June 23rd....


Thank You Judge Abrahamson

In the wake of her retirement announcement, we thank Justice Shirley Abrahamson for her decades of distinguished progressive leadership on the State Supreme Court. Robert debriefs Battleground Wisconsin's dust up with the Walker Campaign the Republican Party, and the Vukmir Campaign, over our image from last week’s show, which made state and national headlines. We also dissect Scott Walker’s new TV ad that attempts to put pants on his pig of a health care record. Robert also analyzes a new...


Open Political Season

With the deadline for election nomination papers passing Friday, we welcome special guest Senator Chris Larson to dig into the official opening of the Wisconsin political season. We bat around the races for Governor, U.S. Senate, and the critical special election the the 1st State Senate District in Northeast Wisconsin. In addition, it turns out that Scott Walker's election year pivot to a constructive position on health care was only that, as his administration took new steps this week to...


Milwaukee Buck vs. Milwaukee Police

We discuss the release of police body-cam footage showing the use of a stun gun on Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown after police unnecessarily escalated an encounter over a parking violation. We review a news report that Foxconn is already changing the production plans at its yet to be built Wisconsin factory, again calling into question the long term sustainability of an environmentally threatening project that will create far fewer jobs than progressive alternatives. We review the...


Taking on Andre the Jacque

We welcome back former Battleground WI panelist Jorna Taylor to dig into breaking political news. We discuss the huge opportunity for progressives to elect a state senator in the District 1 special election on June 12th now that the unpopular Rep. Andre Jacques has come through the GOP primary despite establishment opposition. We also discuss Peter Barca’s decision not to run in Congressional District 1, news that Republican Ed Brooks will resign in Assembly District 50, and get Jorna’s...


GOP Sewer Primary

We discuss the courageous new Tammy Baldwin TV ad exposing her mother’s battle with drug addiction and its impact on her family. The ad and tone of Tammy’s campaign stands in sharp contrast to the sewer war between Nicholson and Vukmir that escalated this week with Vukmir saying Baldwin was a member of “Team Terrorism” and close with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. We review a bad week for some Democratic governor candidates and the Illinois Attorney General sues the EPA over...


Walker Air Blitz Begins

This week's show starts with an analysis of Scott Walker's first reelection ad, doubtless the beginning of a record dirty money air blitz on Wisconsin voters. Next we look at the latest mean spirited attack on people living in poverty: a U.S. House bill supported by the Trump Administration which would cut over 70,000 Wisconsinites off food assistance, including 23,000 children. We discuss the latest on Foxconn, and preview the upcoming Governors's candidate forum on education issues, at...


Rural & Small Town Organizing

We welcome Citizen Action North central WI organizer Joel Lewis to discuss a new multi-year rural organizing project we launched this week with our national network, People’s Action, in 10 states targeting 72 counties. The project aims to counter Trump’s fraudulent right-wing populism with a progressive populist movement built from the bottom up in rural and small towns. We also review Walker’s DNR rubber stamping both the diversion of 7 million gallons of Lake Michigan water for Foxconn...


Who should be our next governor

We discuss the current very open state of the Democratic gubernatorial primary race and the news that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and and progressive talk radio celebrity Mike Crute may enter the crowded field. Marina Dimitrijevic from the Wisconsin Working Families Party joins us to discuss the Wisconsin Choice campaign to focus the primary on bold progressive issues, and to give activists the opportunity to vote in a straw poll on the candidates. Finally we welcome members of the...


Ryan exits stage right-wing

We return from our week off to news that Paul Ryan will not seek re-election. We discuss the implications nationally for Republicans and explore its impact on CD 1 candidates. We review last week’s spring election results, including 49 Citizen Action members winning their races. We welcome Andy Buck from the Painters Union to discuss the epidemic of wage theft in the construction trades and promote their Day of Action next Friday 4/20, 11-1pm in Milwaukee and Madison. Citizen Action co-op...


You can’t always get what you want

We discuss Walker being forced to call special elections in two state legislative seats this week after an appeals court judge denied his request to delay. The special election will be on June 12th, with a primary set for May 15th. We preview next week’s Spring Election on Tuesday, April 3rd: including, dissecting the WMC’s sleazy child sex predator ad that has greatly upset the family of the victim and we welcome Citizen Action Co-op member, Sarah Godlewski, to discuss why it so important...


Rep. Amanda Stuck Interview: How the GOP failed Kimberly-Clark and the Fox Valley

We welcome State Representative Amanda Stuck to discuss her effort to invest in Wisconsin’s paper industry in a smart and progressive fashion, in stark contrast to Scott Walker's Foxconn boondoggle. We also discuss breaking news in week’s special legislative session, Sen. Kathleen Vineout’s surprising vote on gun safety, and we recap Saturday’s governor candidate forum in Wausau. Finally, we assess the failure of Leah Vukmir’s bill to expand prison spending and dramatically increase...


End of Legislative Session Mayhem

With our regulars Matt Brusky and Rebecca Lynch on furlough, we welcome State Senator Chris Larson and State Rep. Evan Goyke to discuss the tumultuous end of the Legislative Session. We dig into some of the most dangerous eleventh hour proposals being considered by the radical conservative majority, and their panic over the impending blue wave that is swamping conservative candidates around the country. We close this week's program with an exclusive interview of Supreme Court candidate...


Attorney General Schimel wants to arm teachers

We review this week’s Spring Primary Election results and looking forward to April 3rd General Election. Robert reviews the latest Gov. Walker healthcare scheme which vainly attempts to cover one of his greatest political vulnerabilities. We dive into Attorney General Brad Schimel’s shameful election year call for arming teachers in Wisconsin schools in an effort to fire up gun advocates. Finally we review explosive new research from the ACLU documenting that that hundreds of thousands of...


Tim Burns for State Supreme Court: A breath of fresh air in corrupt Supreme Court

We welcome Tim Burns, Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s endorsed candidate for State Supreme Court (primary next Tuesday, February 20) to discuss his novel willingness to run on his progressive values and fight for average people against the big corporate interests that are rigging the system. We also talk about the latest mass school shooting in Florida and the GOP’s serial appeasement of gun extremists. We also are joined by Citizen Action Western Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative member...


You get a Foxconn deal, and you get a Foxconn deal...

We discuss Gov. Walker’s plan to lure Kimberly-Clark a Foxconn-style public subsidy. We then dig into what elected Democrats from the region and the some of the Democrat governor candidates are saying and proposing as alternatives. We preview our Democratic Governor candidate forum in Eau Claire this Saturday at 9:30 am that will kick off Citizen Action's endorsement process. We also talk about the new data showing unexpectedly high enrollment in Obamacare. What are the implications for...


Walker punishes poor families to help his re-election

Gov. Walker rightly understands that he and Republicans are in serious political danger heading into his 2018 campaign. In an attempt to cover up political failings, Walker called a special session this week to further punish the working poor and struggling families in Wisconsin. Instead of calling a special session to address the shortage of family supporting jobs in most parts of the state, Walker chose to divide us by scapegoating the poor. Next we discuss a new reports revealing that...


Scott Walker’s SOS distress signal to voters

Our panel reviews Gov. Walker’s State of the State (SOS) address which reveals a massive re-branding effort heading into the 2018 election. Robert analyzes Walker’s 11th hour conversion on health care designed to address his biggest electoral vulnerability. We welcome AFSCME Council 32’s Mike Horecki to talk about Walker’s belated effort to close Lincoln Hills after 7 years of pressure from workers and advocates to address the destructive impact of his policies. Health Care Co-op Organizer...


SD 10 Surprise

We start with the electoral wave that hit the west coast of Wisconsin on Tuesday with the surprise victory of Democrat Patty Schachtner in Senate District 10. We welcome Eric Couto, executive director of Wisconsin Progress, to discuss the implications of the SD 10 upset and the critical role of recruiting and training great candidates to run for office. Our panel takes a closer look at the Governor’s race following the release of campaign finance reports and the first public poll. Robert...


Walker Beckons Disillusioned Chicago Millennials

We discuss the Trump administration’s decision to legalize the imposition of Medicaid work requirements designed to force people off health coverage. We look closer at the historic number of GOP House resignations that are increasing the odds of a Democratic sweep in 2018. The panel analyses the state of Wisconsin’s gubernatorial election with this week’s addition of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, and Walker's curiously overwrought reaction. We dissect the laughable $7 million WEDC ad campaign...