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Walker repealed and replaced with Evers/Barnes

We review Tuesday’s historic election that swept Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, and Sarah Godlewski into statewide office and overwhelmingly re-elected Tammy Baldwin to fight the Trump administration in Washington. We look at highlights and a few lost opportunities. We welcome Anita Johnson to discuss her organizing work and her role in the Citizen Action lawsuit the expanded access to early voting, which had a decisive late night role in Walker's defeat. We are also joined by Robyn...


Godlewski Gets Out The Vote Down Ballot

We welcome Citizen Action coop member Sarah Godlewski who is in the final stretch of her amazing campaign for State Treasurer. Sarah reminds us how important it is to vote all the way down the ballot on Tuesday, November 6th. We discuss the terrorist attack by a white nationalist in Pittsburgh and how the tragedy is a direct consequence of the hatred sewn by Donald Trump, and the Republican politics of division. We discuss the despicable new Trump ad vilifying immigrants, which some believe...


Election spotlight on ‘Sconie

This week Wisconsin is ground zero for the 2018 election with the visits of Presidents Trump and Obama. The panel discusses the effort by Trump and Wisconsin Republicans to inject immigration and other conservative issues into an election dominated by GOP failure on healthcare. We encourage listeners to vote early and volunteer on election day or work at a polling location. We close with a discussion of the State of New York’s lawsuit against Exxon Mobil, saying It deceived shareholders on...


GOP’s Pre-existing Political Problem

We discuss how healthcare, particularly pre-existing conditions, remains the top issue in Wisconsin elections. The panel forecasts their top 3 agenda items for progressives in 2019 if Tony Evers wins the Governor election and Democrats gain control the State Senate. Gabriel Gomez, a Citizen Action co-op member and candidate for State Assembly District 21, joins us to discuss his campaign.


Election Horse Race Heats Up

This week the panel is forced (yet again) to interpret the infamous Marquette University Law Poll, which now declares a dead heat in the Governor's race. We dig through the electoral and movement ramifications of the disturbing confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime SCOTUS appointment. Will it energize right-wing voters in November? Will it build the strength of the #metoo movement? We take a deep dive into the bizarre U.S. Senate debate this week between Tammy Baldwin and Leah...



We discuss the sham FBI investigation into the credible charges of sexual assault leveled against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and predict the likely outcomes of the shameful Senate confirmation process and the electoral fallout from Donald Trump's latest degrading remarks. We also talk about the Fight for $15 movement’s victory this week at Amazon, and the strike in Milwaukee that resulted in 23 arrests outside a McDonald's. Robert reviews the week’s healthcare news, including Assembly...



We discuss the shamefully rushed Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process that played out this week and what does it mean for the progress of gender equity in America? We then welcome Citizen Action co-op member and candidate for State Assembly candidate Chris Rahlf to discuss breaking news this week that her opponent, Rep Rob Brooks, made racist and sexually abusive comments to 3 female GOP state legislators. We welcome State Senate candidate Jeff Smith to discuss his campaign and fundraiser...


Scott Walker's Pre-existing Condition

Our panel analyzes the latest MU Law poll. We review how healthcare is becoming a dominant issue in the election, particularly Walker’s support for allowing discrimination against people with pre-existing health conditions. We also discuss the sleazy effort to divide the Bryce family by featuring Randy’s brother in an ugly negative ad that drew a heartfelt angry response from Randy’s mother. We welcome State Senator Chris Larson to discuss the huge opportunities for Democrats in the State...


Walker campaign in the gutter

Scott Walker’s dive into the gutter has our attention this week. Not only did Walker try to blame Tony Evers for racial disparities in education, his latest TV ad erroneously claims that Evers plans to release rapists. murders, and kidnappers. Continuing the low lights from Wisconsin conservatives, we discuss a barely coded racial slur by the editor of Right Wisconsin, who called MPS students "little convicts." Next, we look at Trump’s role in creating the “blue wave” and his growing...


Baldwin pledges to protect everyone with pre-existing conditions

With Labor Day in the rear view mirror the general election campaign is now in full gear. Our panel analyzes Scott Walker’s strategy of focusing on Evers’ handling of a teacher licensing case. We also discuss Tammy Baldwin's pledge to protect Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions and the huge amount of national money pouring into the state's Attorney General race. Rebecca updates us on WI Choice’s forum next week featuring Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes. In the second half of the show,...


Progressives running hard in Republican districts

Our panel dissects the new MU Law poll and the onslaught of new political TV ads (spoiler alert: the Governor's race is a toss up). We then welcome Citizen Action Co-op member and State Assembly 60th District candidate Chris Rahlf who is running a strong campaign in a long time Republican district. We discuss the opportunities for Democrats in rural and small town areas and encourage volunteers to join Chris and knock doors untouched for years. Southeastern Wisconsin NORML ED Eric Marsch...


Citizen Action Co-op Members Win Big on Primary Day

We discuss Tuesday’s primary election in Wisconsin and celebrate huge victories by Citizen Action members Mandela Barnes, Sarah Godlewski, Marisabel Cabrera and Jeff Smith. Our panel begins to handicap the Governor and U.S. Senate races. and we welcome Citizen Action co-op member and candidate for the State Assembly Kim Butler to discuss her important race in Western Wisconsin.


Lee Snodgrass: Citizen Action’s endorsed candidate in Senate District 19

Lee Snodgrass, Citizen Action’s endorsed candidate in Senate District 19, joins us to talk about her campaign, the importance of the race to gaining power in the legislature, and encourage volunteers to meet Lee and help get out the vote in the Appleton area this Saturday.


Get Out The Primary Vote

We focus on next Tuesday’s Primary Election in Wisconsin. The panel discusses the Democratic governor primary and whether anyone other than presumed front runner Tony Evers can emerge the winner. We also review other important state legislative primaries, including Jeff Smith in Senate District 31 and Marisabel Cabrera in Assembly District 9. We announce Citizen Action’s endorsement of Earnell Lucas in the Milwaukee County Sheriff's race. Lee Snodgrass, Citizen Action’s endorsed candidate in...


Supporting Citizen Action Co-op Members

Special guest panelist, Luz Sosa, educates us on ICE’s detainment and the attempt to deport of Citizen Action/Accion Ciudadana member Ricardo Fierro, a major civic leader who is married with 7 children. The shocking case reveals the moral bankruptcy of our current immigration policies. We are joined by Citizen Action board member Carmen Cabrera to discuss the important primary election for co-op member Marisabel Cabrera on August 14th and why you need to volunteer to help her win a seat in...


Marijuana Referendums

We welcome Eric Marsch, executive director of NORML Southeastern Wisconsin, to discuss the marijuana referendums sweeping across the state this summer for the November election and how they are moving the legalization issue forward in the state. We also are joined by Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member & candidate for State Treasurer, Sarah Godlewski, to talk about her campaign. Don’t forget to vote for Sarah on Tuesday, August 14th. We also discuss new national polling finding...


Interview with Mandela Barnes for Lt. Governor

We welcome Citizen Action of Wisconsin endorsed Lt. Governor candidate Mandela Barnes to talk about his race. We review the latest Marquette Law Poll and take a deep dive into the Democratic Governor’s primary. Robert tells us about the news conference this weekend with Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi about the GOP’s continued sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. Join us Saturday, 7/21, at 10: 45am, at Independence First (540 S. 1st St. in Milwaukee.) And of...


Trump’s New Healthcare Sabotage

We do a deep dive into Donald Trump’s latest sabotage of the Affordable Care Act and its political implications for the 2018 election. We look at Trump’s new arch-conservative Supreme Court nominee and how Democrats are turning to healthcare as the center of their strategy to defeat his appointment. We welcome Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member and Milwaukee County Board Supervisor, Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, to talk about her resolution opposing Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy....


What Does the Progressive Upsurge Mean for Democrats?

In a special episode of Battleground Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson and Lt. Governor candidate Mandela Barnes join regular panelists Rebecca Lynch and Robert Kraig for an in-depth conversation about the progressive upsurge in Democratic primaries. Are the victories of strong progressive candidates a threat to Democratic election prospects in 2018, or are they a sign of a new reform politics that can change America? In addition, the panel digs into the question of what it means to be a...


Supreme Power Grab

We welcome Candice Owley, President of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals to discuss this week’s Janus ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that seeks to gut union and worker power. Will these right wing politicians in robes succeed, or will their rigging of the system backfire by sparking a new era of labor activism and protest? We also talk over the implication of Justice Kennedy’s decision to step down from the Supreme Court. Will it make the Supreme Court even worse?...