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Where Have All the Ballots Gone?

On this week's pod: The Utah GOP drops their lawsuit against SB54. We speak with party chair Rob Anderson about the decision and a possible effort to remove him by the state central committee. Turnout for Tuesday's election could be dismal. How will that affect the 3rd District special election? Utah gets a waiver from the feds to expand Medicaid. Republicans in Congress unveil their tax reform proposal. Plus, we play the "simultaneous game" and tell you who had the best...


Who needs this year's election? Bring on 2020!

On this week's pod: Candidates are already being discussed for the 2020 gubernatorial election. Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake stands up to President Donald Trump, but does it really matter? Is political correctness ruining Halloween? We speak with Salt Lake County GOP Chairman Jake Parkinson about his call for District Attorney Sim Gill to step down for mishandling the Gary Ott investigation. Plus, the simultaneous game and best week/worst week. Bryan Schott and Mike Winder make you...


Orange is the new red, white and blue!

On this week's pod: Ben McAdams is challenging Mia Love in 2018. How serious of a threat is his candidacy to the two-term Republican? Who won the 3rd District debate on Wednesday night? Did it matter? We speak with Boyd Matheson, President of the Sutherland Institute, who is mulling a run for US Senate in 2018. Plus, the simultaneous game and "Best Week/Worst Week." Bryan Schott and Mike Winder make you the smartest person in the room when you talk politics.


Pick a torch!

This week on the podcast: Steve Bannon wants to find a challenger for Sen. Orrin Hatch next year. The Boy Scouts are going to allow girls to join. Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson unloads on current Mayor Jackie Biskupski Mia Love's campaign is gearing up for a possible challenge from Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. The opposition to Our Schools Now is ramping up. A State School Board member takes a shot at Alexander Hamilton. We speak with John Curtis,...


In it to win it

Mia Love may get a challenge in 2018 from Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. Will the Las Vegas massacre change the gun debate in America? Our guest this week is 3rd CD candidate Jim Bennett from the United Utah Party. Plus, the "Simultaneous game" and "Best week/Worst week." Bryan Schott and Mike Winder make you the smartest person in the room when you discuss politics.


Unleash the Armenians!

On this week's podcast: Count My Vote is back. Ben Shapiro speaks at the University of Utah. Salt Lake City wrestles with Columbus Day. Research shows Donald Trump voters don't care that he's not consistent. Donald Trump ensures that you'll be talking about the national anthem during Thanksgiving dinner this year. Democrat Kathie Allen joins us to talk about her underdog campaign for CD3. Plus, the "Simultaneous game" and "Best Week/Worst Week." Bryan Schott and Mike Winder bring you...


Political Popularity Contest

Count My Vote returns. That initiative could dramatically change Utah politics. Lawmakers pass bills to enable Operation Rio Grande. Donald Trump speaks to the U.N. and sees his poll numbers start to rise. We talk with Stan Lockhart with National Popular Vote Utah about the effort to get around the Electoral College as a way to elect presidents. Plus, we debut our new segment: "Best week/Worst week" where we discuss who had the best and worst week in politics. Bryan Schott and Mike...


Mitt, Hatch, and tin foil hats!

This week on the podcast: Mitt Romney wants to run for the Senate if Sen. Orrin Hatch steps down. Count My Vote is back to kill the caucus/convention system. GOP Chair Rob Anderson is flying into some political turbulence. Jon Huntsman is finally heading to Washington for his confirmation hearings to be ambassador to Russia. "Dealmaking Don" continues to confound Congressional Republicans by making deals with Democrats. Sen. Orrin Hatch pulls off a stunner by introducing legislation to...


The unpredictable path of Hurricane Trump

President Donald Trump rolled his own party in Congress this week by making a deal with Democrats. Does this portend stormy weather in Washington going forward? President Trump also announced he was ending a program designed to shield the children of undocumented workers from being deported. We talk with one of those DREAMers, Ciriac Alveraz. She has lived in Salt Lake City for 17 years, graduated from the University of Utah and has a full-time job. What are her hopes and fears as...


I'm right, you're evil!

Bryan Schott and Mike Winder make you the smartest person in the room when you discuss politics. We talk about the dumb reactions from the left and the right to the devastation happening in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. This is a perfect example of why we can't have a constructive conversation about politics in this country. Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski has bungled the response to the homelessness crisis in downtown, prompting the state to step in and fix it...


Don't count your votes before they "Hatch"

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is recommending the reduction of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. What's the endgame? Why is this such a legislative priority. Sen. Orrin Hatch is putting off a decision about his political future. We discuss why that helps him and possibly hurts those who want to run for his seat. We talk with Rich McKeown of Count My Vote about the likelihood that they'll re-launch their ballot initiative next year to eliminate the...


Elections, negative ads, and Nazis. Oh, my!

John Curtis is the GOP nominee in Utah's 3rd District. We break down why he won and what's next as we turn to November's special election. We also speak with Danny Laub, Curtis' campaign manager about how he approached the three-way GOP primary race and how negative ads may have impacted that election. Julie Dole is no longer the Salt Lake County Recorder as Republicans picked Adam Gardiner to fill the vacancy in that office. We try to make sense of Donald Trump's insane press...


Daddy issues will kill us all

Bryan Schott and Mike Winder once again make you the smartest person in the room when you discuss politics. Negative campaigning is taking over the GOP primary in Utah's 3rd Congressional District. How much of an effect will it have on next week's election? Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are working out their collective daddy issues, but it could lead to the end of human civilization. Mike points out how having Trump in the White House has boosted the economy, but Bryan tries to...


Daddy has to step in and fix the problem

Time to make you the smartest person in the room. Ballot problems in two counties for the GOP congressional primary this year have the conspiracy theorists in overdrive. Will those problems have an effect on the outcome of the election? Polls show Utahns do not want Sen. Orrin Hatch to run for a third term. We explain why the "will he or won't he" game the Senator is playing with his re-election is freezing the field for next year and giving him an opportunity to have an impact on...


Chaos from the Potomac to the Great Salt Lake

The GOP primary in CD3 is heating up. Outside groups are pounding Provo Mayor John Curtis with ads, mailers and websites. Will they have an effect? The 7-year-long Republican effort to repeal Obamacare went down in flames. Can anybody govern in Washington anymore? Anthony Scaramucci blows up the political media. We talk with Salt Lake County GOP Chair Jake Parkinson about how they're going to replace Gary Ott and the investigation into Julie Dole. We play the simultaneous...


Hero or villain on healthcare?

The sad Gary Ott situation is finally coming to a close. Who will replace the Salt Lake County Recorder, whose mental fitness has been called into question, after he steps down? Is Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, a health care hero or a villain? Democrat Jenny Wilson jumps into the 2018 Senate race. We talk to her about her candidacy and whether she considers herself part of "the Resistance" to Donald Trump's presidency. Former Governor Jon Huntsman is finally going to be nominated to...


Collusion Collision

Donald Trump, Jr., son of the President, pulled one of the stupidest moves in the history of American politics when he attempted to collude with the Russian government. We break down the politics surrounding the latest Russia revelations. Rep. Chris Stewart is our guest this week on the podcast. The Republican says the latest Russia developments are quite troubling, but any talk of impeachment is premature. The congressman also discusses the threat of North Korea and the complexities of...


The whole state is on fire

This week, State Auditor John Dougall fills in for Rep. Mike Winder, who is on vacation. Gordon Hayward spurned Utah for Boston. Lots of people think that will hurt Tanner Ainge's political campaign. We'll tell you why those people are wrong. Speaking of Tanner Ainge, the Republican joins us this week to talk about his run for Congress. He says he would tackle entitlement reform as a representative and wants to curb excessive government spending. Senator Orrin Hatch is raising...


Dipsy Doodles

President Donald Trump may have finally crossed a political line with his tweet attacking MSNBC's Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski. The outrage came swiftly from both Democrats and Republicans, but these constant distractions from the White House are killing any chance Republicans have of getting things done in Washington. Rep. Jason Chaffetz is leaving Congress for Fox News. What will he be remembered for by Utahns, and when will he start laying the groundwork for a run for governor...


Special election wrangling

This week, Mike and Bryan look at how the special election in Utah's 3rd Congressional District is a game changer for Utah politics. We talk with GOP Chair Rob Anderson about his efforts to dig the party out of debt. We explain why everybody needs to calm down about the special election in Georgia. Plus, as always, the "simultaneous game." Bryan Schott and Mike Winder make you the smartest person in the room when you discuss politics.