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Your Daily Dose of Patriotism. A MAGA voice committed to defeating censorship, the modern Left, and Cancel Culture. We are about Facts, not Feelings. We share all data, regardless of how "offensive" the data may be.

Your Daily Dose of Patriotism. A MAGA voice committed to defeating censorship, the modern Left, and Cancel Culture. We are about Facts, not Feelings. We share all data, regardless of how "offensive" the data may be.


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Your Daily Dose of Patriotism. A MAGA voice committed to defeating censorship, the modern Left, and Cancel Culture. We are about Facts, not Feelings. We share all data, regardless of how "offensive" the data may be.




The West Is Taking It On The Chin

Hello again! Sorry for being gone, lots of distractions. We cover all the current crap today, even the Will Smith finger slap. Biden looks older, he might be half deceased. Start talking shit on your friends who supported Kamal. They’re idiots and should buy you drinks. Ukraine is still at war, but the left wants your worried about women swimmers with testicles and kids learning about “sexuality” in Florida schools. DeSantis has the LGBTQXYZ mafia on tilt. Disney too!


Omicron Panic. Kamala Dumped. Roe v Wade and more…

Big case at the Supreme Court. I don’t think this goes the way liberals want…Kamala loses another big time staffer, experts think she left to work for the Stacey Abrams campaign for Georgia Governor. Omicron seems mild, but New York and Lefitsts are desperate for it to be a killer. They don’t want to lose ANY power.


Rittenhouse Fallout And The New Terrorism

Didn’t have long to celebrate the Rittenhouse verdict, did we? Terrorist attack in Waukesha exposes liberals. Don’t spend the holidays with them anymore. There’s a new variant and opportunity for communism here and abroad. New York already hit the panic button.


Rittenhouse Jury Still Going. Biden And The ”Boycott”

3 days of deliberations and no verdict for Kyle…this isn’t good for him. Let’s analyze it and some of the clues, including the foreman/woman asking to take the “jury instructions” home for the night. The Ahmaud Arbery case is almost to the jurors too, could we have both verdicts tomorrow?! Also Biden threatening a weak ass, fake boycott of the Beijing Olympics. Oh and Bill Maher….


Rittenhouse Jury Into Day 3 - Mistrial? Hung Jury?

Update on what happened today in the Rittenhouse trial. I’m more worried than I was yesterday…let’s talk about the “Provocation” consideration allowed by the judge. Poll- most people think Biden is physically and mentally unfit. 5 reasons why Kamal Harris won’t be President in 2024, from an excellent Fox News analysis.


Bannon and Rittenhouse Are The Same

The Bannon and Rittenhouse “cases” are the same. I’ll explain what is really at stake, especially with Rittenhouse. The jury is now deliberating, what will happen? Biden has a tiny ceremony to sign the infrastructure bill, and he thanks someone…it drove me nuts to hear. Democrats are retiring in droves before the 2022 mid-terms. And Biden is racist for not helping Kamal, one reporter actually claimed this!


Lebron James Is Dumber Than Kamala

Lebrun James tries to troll Kyle Rittenhouse and it blows up in his face. Kamala goes to Paris and no one knew or cared. Politico is mad about that. The Defense closed their case, closing arguments coming soon. Biden is lying about everything, again. Also, inflation doesn’t just happen. And I’ll talk anout why this is the Golden Era of naked liberalism - they stopped hiding their true colors.


Free Kyle Or Else - The Witch Hunt

Kyle takes the stand and it was tough to watch. Liberal tried to ruin him. This has always been about taking guns away and painting us all as white supremacists…but Kyle shot 3 white dudes? I’ll walk you through what happened today, the judge is awesome. Brian Williams is leaving MSNBC. His contract is up next month, they weren’t going to sign his disgraced ass to a new deal. Europe can’t be COVID snobs anymore. And it’s weird seeing kids get shots all day on TV


Add-On To Tonight‘s Show - Big Day In Rittenhouse Trial

I forgot to talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse case! Big day for the defense today, as the “One Gun” antifa witness has to admit to not only having one bicep, but NO TESTICLES under cross examination. It was too fun to watch!


Massive Arrest in Durham Probe - More Coming From Collusion Hoax!

Durham just getting started, we will talk about former DNI Radcliffe and what he says is coming. Biden approvals at another all time low in USA Today poll. Aaron Rogers is great…because he made CNN mad. Mayor Pete says vaccines will stop the supply crisis, and he and a CNN reporter discuss the racist “construct” of bridges and roads. Also, the prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is doing a better job for the defense!


Virginia Shows Up! Democrats Will Say It‘s ”Racism”

Terry McAulife LOSES. Youngkin closes out a tremendous campaign. Republicans make it close in NJ, but Murphy might pull it out due to late night “mail in” votes. Democrats are going to say this happened because Republicans are racist and voters are stupid. Good. Because we know parents showed up to save their kids. And people are done with mandates.


The Fight Back To Sanity Starts Tomorrow - Virginia!

I think Youngkin wins it tomorrow! Also, let’s talk about New Jersey. Murphy might go down. Both races have been “nationalized”. Schools, COVID mandates and high taxes are big issues. Also, Biden couldn’t provide any help for Democrats in these races. I predict a fun night tomorrow!


Virginia Baby!

Youngkin opens up an 8 point lead in the latest Fox News Poll. I think he’s going to beat McCaulife! Trump is on the ballot as they say, if Youngkin wins Trump is running in 2024. Also, schools are taking 9 year olds to gay bars. And hosting cross dressing rallies. And they wonder why parents are mad? Also, Biden and his ridiculous infrastructure bill hire another big snag today. Good!


The Biden War Is On - Save Our Culture

Joe Biden needed a diaper during his town hall, but he is still THE tool for the progressive Left. They plan to roll out truly psychotic ,erasures in the next 30 days. Shipping Containers are the supply problem, senile Joe could fix it with one executive order. Dave Chapelle doesn’t care what trans Netflix employees think, but would meet with them under some hilarious conditions. The Virginia Governor’s race is a dead heat, McCauliffe pulling out all the liberal celebs to bail him out....


China Orbits Missiles and #EmptyShelvesJoe

China demonstrated a new low orbit missile…that can hit any global target. Our military leadership was stunned. #EmptyShelvesJoe is trending, but it’s no laughing matter. Kamala wants to tell you who to vote for at church. “Transgender” girls are allowed to rape your daughters at Loudon County schools.


The Woke ”Commandments” and Arrow Control

John Gruden the latest example of sinners against the “woke commandments”. Documents revealing that Ashli Babbit want armed when she was murdered during the Jan 6 “insurrection”. Inflation is getting worse, everything will be more expensive.


Biden Likes Firing ”Heroes” and F*ck School Boards and The FBI

The FBI can go f*ck itself if it wants to investigate parents for fighting liberal school boards. Biden is glad hospital employees are being fired. He also claims he called an emergency room to help a friend…who claimed she couldn’t be seen because the ER was busy. Must have been Covid, right? McConnell caved, seems like he should have let the Democrats squirm.


Biden Approval At 38%. Also, You Might Be A Terrorist

Biden’s losing streak is getting impressive. If you don’t want your kids learning Critical Race Theory, you might be a terrorist. Attorney General Merrick Garland wants the FBI to get involved if you dared to criticize CRT. CNN ratings as bad as Biden’s approval, and a school shooting today didn’t follow the liberal narrative.


Your Kids Aren‘t Safe With Facebook or Biden

Facebook taking a hit from their “whistleblower”. Biden slurs his way through Michigan. Youngkin gaining ground in Virginia. Manchin may cave and vote for a 2 Trillion “infrastructure” bill…but will Sinema? The feminist harpees will keep attacking her in restrooms and on flights, let’s hope it backfires. Soros gets exposed in “pandora” papers leak!


Afghanistan Blame Game. Democrats In Chaos

Democrats can’t come together on budget reconciliation or infrastructure. Their “progressive” wing wants all or nothing. Terry McAuliffe doesn’t think parents should have a say in what their kids are taught in Virginia schools. Biden’s cabinet blaming the state department for Afghanistan. Arizona has a new GOP hopeful for Governor, and Georgia has some evidence of ballot stuffing.