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If it's news making, trending, or stupid...I will shoot it down.

If it's news making, trending, or stupid...I will shoot it down.


Pasadena, CA


If it's news making, trending, or stupid...I will shoot it down.








Podcast 169 "Congratulations! It's a Fire!

Fires are raging out of control in California again, whooptee whoop. However, the cause of one of the more destructive ones is so ridiculous that it leads me into multiple tirades.


Podcast 168 "Kicked Squaw in the Nuts"

World famous ski resort "Squaw Valley" in California has decided to go woke and remove "squaw" from it's name, because somebody named Amy on Twitter was offended, which leads me to investigate more name changes for things in 2020, because....2020, bruh.


Podcast 167 "Killer B's"

For Satan's own amusement, WAP rapper Cardi B interviews the very old and senile Democratic nomination for president of the United States, Joe Biden. It goes about how you'd expect, with lots of my yelling in between.


Podcast 166 "Pointless"

The bullfuck virus and woke politics have all but killed organized sports. Will you continue to watch meaningless games in empty buildings, or admit this all sucks donkey butt?


Podcast 165 "Cannery Whoa"

Cancel Culture has come for the necks of Goya foods, after their CEO dared to get along with President Orange Man, which leads me to examine other "foods" you might fined in the canned food aisles. Even good ol' Trader Joes can't escape the grip of the Woketardians!


Podcast 164 "White Flight"

Cancel culture rears it's ugly head in the cartoon voice-over world, kicking out veteran white actors that played "other" characters. suggests more words and phrases that should never exit your mouth. The "It's Sowah" guy loses his job at CBS.


Podcast 163 "Ad Nauseam"

Many advertising icons are under attack by the outrage mob, and companies are caving in. I proceed to examine more product mascots and some of their ads, many of which would REALLY make PC babies cry.


Podcast 162 "Offensive Lines"

The more I dig deep into the actual reasons for the protests, the rioting, the looting, and the pandering, the less surprised I am. >>>>WARNING!!! If you are easily offended, listen to the intro, then bounce. You have been warned.<<<<


Podcast 161 "Attack of the Vaginal Mayors"

Due to unforeseen events, Menstrual Hygiene Day was very quietly celebrated, much to the dismay of Toronto mayor John Tory, who is very, very proud of it. Looking around, he is hardly the pussiest mayor in North America, as the recent chaos has revealed.


Podcast 160 "Radio's Shitty Music Hall"

Once legendary L.A. radio station KROQ has a new program director, and has incorporated terrible pop music into its rotation, adding one more nail into the radio coffin. The final nail comes in the form of the god-awful, soulless Billboard Top 40, which I rip the absolute fuck apart for the third year in a row.


Podcast 159 "Capital Punishment"

Once I get the Bullfuck Virus news out of the way & quickly rant about how truly awful The Simpsons is, I examine the Instagram group chat messages that got former L.A. King and now former Washington Capital skater Brendan Leipsic a permanent trip to the penalty box.


Podcast 158 "Bee Afraid"

Concerned that Americans are getting skeptical about the severity of the Bullfuck Virus and the continued need for lockdowns, the PANIC/FEAR camp has come up with a buzzy, stingy reason to keep you scurrred. A stupid Tik Tok challenge has kids pissing themselves, leading me to recall my own pee pee pants story. The sign language translators working next to our empty suit leaders get all my respect, while attention starved celebs on quarantine do not.


Podcast 157 "Little Green Balls"

An L.A. Times story about our balls being a safe space for Coronavirus comes right after a popular Tik Tok challenge involving people dipping their nuts in soy sauce. Greta Thunberg appears in an Earth Day interview, from the cozy confines of a production set. Gayle King and others rave about how clean the environment is while we are off the streets and unproductive. Bill Gates becomes a media whore to push his globalist agenda, and nobody bats an eye.


Podcast 156 "Yo! BAP Raps!"

I drop the Bullfuck Virus coverage in favor of yours truly dropping verses of his favorite classic hiip hop tracks from 88-93. Word!


Podcast 155 "49 Favorites and a Snitch Ain't One"

Once I get done skewering Coronavirus snitches, I celebrate my 49th birthday by reminiscing about 49, or 25, or 12 of my favorite things of all time.


Podcast 154 "Music To My Ears"

I am completely sick of hearing about the Boogeyman Virus, as well as talking about it. I am doing a complete 180 and instead will be sharing my very favorite video game music selections from the 8 and 16 bit era.


Podcast 153 "Buc'n A"

As the Coronavirus mania continues, some really, REALLY big news breaks. Bored, elitist celebrities get together online to sing an already terrible song. A dopey, toilet seat licking influencer offers no apology for her disgusting behavior. The oversaturation of Coronavirus reporting makes me turn to an old friend for comfort.


Podcast 152 "Emptiness"

The Coronavirus hysteria has made the general public even more obnoxious, as they empty all the store shelves. Everything fun has been canceled, and certain A-list celebs are now claiming to have been tested positive to keep the act going. Fuck this insanity.


Podcast 151 "Paper Chase"

Once I rip into a couple of worthless vegan assholes, I then skewer the PANIC/FEAR that is the Coronavirus "outbreak". Thanks for making toilet paper a black market item. ASSHOLES!


Podcast 150 "Raging Bull"

I celebrate Podcast 150 by listening to and skewering the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life: The State of the State address, delivered by California Gov. Gavin Neutered. Bring a shovel!