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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.


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Bold and blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day.




Communists Love to See America Grow Secular

America's entered a time where the "nones" -- those without solid religious footholds -- and the secularists and the atheists have taken over much of the politics and culture, and drummed into the minds of emerging leaders of the nation that faith has no business in government. But such separation of church and state as an example of what founders wanted is a figment of the far left's imaginations. Faith and religion must be alive and active in America else America falls to communism. Christy Stutzman speaks on the very critical need for Christians to get more involved in government and culture.


Libertarianism: The Other Party Meat

If you're like most American voters, you're sick and tired of listening to politicians promise this, that and this and that on the campaign trail, only to go on to their elected positions of power and forget their promises. And if you're like many other American voters, you're equally tired of politicians who throw in deep with the bureaucrat class and start ordering taxpayers around -- as if taxpayers are there to serve. Think during the COVID clampdown years; think during School Board battles to boot out evil LGBTQ agendas. Keith Redhead just won his seat for Ava Town Supervisor -- as a member of the Libertarian Party -- and he says Libertarian platforms are really beginning to resonate with Americans across the nation.


We Need More Christians In Politics

We Need More Christians In Politics If you're a Christian and don't vote -- shame on you. But if you're a Christian and do vote, and want to take more steps to get involved and help this country get back on track, then how about attending some local government meetings and speaking against the evils that are destroying communities? The local is where the rubber meets the road. If you want to see, for example, how the United Nations' push for zero-emissions is impacting your own community, just go to some local boards of supervisors or local planning commission meetings -- and use your voice to push back the alarmism. Too many Christians think politics and faith don't mix. But that's the wrong view. Bunni Pounds, author of the new "Jesus and Politics," tells why Christians should definitely be involved in the political world.


Shadow surveillance exists

If you are among the third of Americans who believe the deep state is alive and well, then you're quite right. But more than that: you're probably being spied upon by these same shadowy deep state forces. So says John Mills, retired colonel, and author of the new "War Against the Deep State." So what to do? Listen and learn and fight for freedom.


Alejandro Mayorkas Must Go

America has been flooded with illegals under this current White House administration, and aside from President Joe Biden, no one is more to blame than Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. And as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has said, over and over, he must go -- he must be impeached. In recent testimony, Myorkas smirked as MTG showed a photo of an elderly couple killed by an illegal 17-year-old boy. Is this how this White House prioritizes Americans? MTG's new book, "MTG," outs the deep state, swampy interests that attack all-things-Constitution. She also responds to the lies and deceits the media and left have swirled around her since she's taken to Congress to fight for the rights of patriots.


Bold and Blunt: Voter suppression a big Democrat lie

Another election, another case of voter fraud, another ding to America's election system. In ten years, will people even want to vote any more? Democrats have certainly been able to accomplish great things when it comes to turning Election Day into Election Days then Election Week and in many cases, even Election Month. The more the left is able to stretch out elections, the more their opportunities to commit fraud. Just look at the recent "shocking" case of fraud a judge found in Connecticut, so bad he threw out the election results. Fred Lucas, author of "The Myth of Voter Suppressions: The Left's Assault on Clean Elections," warns we're in for a long 2024 presidential election season.


Morals Increasingly Don't Matter to Americans

Look at the vote in Ohio for abortion as a constitutional right, for recreational marijuana, and then the national polls on the same subject -- where the majority of Americans want abortion on demand and weed as a right -- and it's alarming but true: Morals really don't seem to matter to the American people any longer. That's going to have a disastrous effect on the political system. More than that, it's going to lead our nation away from individualism and toward collectivism -- away from the God-given liberties we so cherish and into a massive government seizure of rights. Immoral people aren't capable of self-governance. Former Iowa congressman Steve King weighs in and warns.


America's End Times: Will the Republic Survive?

Historically speaking, republics fail in their second year. America's already defied that historical truth -- but for how much longer? That's the question historian and Reagan biographer Craig Shirley helps answer. But here's a hint: With Joe Biden as president, and a year or so left in his administration, the look forward isn't exactly rosy. Americans would do well to turn to God now, while there's still time, because the nation, in terms of levels of degradation, has certainly reached the point where solutions won't be found solely in the political world.


Americans, on election integrity, are very afraid

Only 37% of American adults think the coming 2024 elections will be open, transparent and honest. And it's no wonder: Democrats have been doing all they can to drum up chaos on the election counts because it suits their purposes. It's Democrats who can't generally win on principle -- because they don't have many. It's Democrats who can't usually sway voters by platform -- because they're thinly disguised communists. So it's Democrats who try to create as much problems at the polls as possible, so as to challenge results, so as to drag out elections, so as to create chaos over elections, so as to disenfranchise voters and call on courts and activist judges to make the ultimate determination of candidates. Add to that open borders and the Democrats' call to allow illegals to vote and what remains is a sad and sorry statistic: only 37% of American adults think the coming 2024 elections will be open, transparent and honest. Johnny Vieira is the founder of VotifyNow, a new app, that allows for real-time reporting of election problems and suspicions.


Fired For Refusing the COVID Shot

The thousands in America who were fired from their jobs for refusing to take the experimental Covid shots are heroes. Why? They stood strong for American principles at a time when the Americans in power cared little for principles. Common sense, under Covid, flew the coop and instead, fear became the guiding factor with tyrants like Gerald Rivera calling for all those who refused to take the shots to be confined to their homes -- that they deserved to lose their jobs and their freedoms. Thing is, in America, free choice is a core principle, particularly when it comes to making medical decisions. Mike Donio, a medical professional who spent decades in research and science, including in molecular biology, talks about how he was fired for refusing the shot, and how he believes the medical community, under Covid, collectively lost its mind.


Parenting In Times of Technology Perils

Parenting In Times of Technology Perils It's hard enough to parent properly these days without all the pitfalls that technology offers children. Pornography's everywhere; social media sells rot; movies offer violence as amusement; and the entire world of gaming seems focused on turning children into badly behaving monsters who wallow in gore and bloodshed. What's a parent to do in these tough times? Well, for one: Exercise some parental controls. Parents aren't helpless and should remind their children regularly who's really in control of the household -- including when, how long and whether kids have access to technology. But also: Parents can take advantage of the growing list of family friendly and faith based movies and entertainment that are surging of late. Sam Sorbo discusses her new movie, produced with and co-starring husband Kevin Sorbo, called "Miracle in East Texas."


Abortion Declines, No Thanks to Democrats

Democrats say they have the best interests of women and children at heart, but how can that be when their most consistent fight is one that undervalues the role of motherhood while outright killing God's creations? Babies are not political tools to gain votes; abortion is not a private choice between a woman and her doctor. And guess what -- the science the Democrats so love to cite when it suits their ambitions and purposes is very clear on what takes place in the womb, and how a baby develops and grows. Leftists can't get by with calling a baby a bunch of cells any more. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, discusses the Supreme Court, abortion and why some Democrats say they love God, yet still support abortion.


America's Clashing Culture Wars

It's more than Republicans versus Democrats out there. We're in a battle for the good of this nation -- against the evil that wants to totally undo this nation. It's more a spiritual war than a political battle that's dividing Americans on so harsh of lines, and once we realize that without God, the war cannot be won, then we can fight more effectively. American Exceptionalism comes from the idea that individual rights come from God and that government is only there to preserve and protect those individual rights. So if Americans move away from God, it's only natural that government steps in to that void, to become a sort of quasi-god of society. This is where America's at right now. This is why so much evil and burdensome government exists today: because Americans have pushed God to the side. Michael Phillips, says in his "Endangered Virtues and the Coming Ideological War," that even more troubled times are on the way, unless Americans turn back to God, turn back to godly principles, and turn back to what made the nation great and exceptional in the first place.


Joe Biden is Greatly Loved by Terrorists and Tyrants

If this White House weren't so weak, then Hamas terrorists wouldn't have risen up when they did, breached Israel's boundaries, and abducted and murdered hundreds. But when the president of the United States can't barely stand and walk by himself, the evil forces of the world take notice and plot ways to exploit the situation. Yes,Israel suffered a serious intelligence failure. But without a White House filled with players who hate America -- yes, actually hate America -- the intel failures could have been overcome and the hostages wouldn't be facing such peril. Lt. Col, Tony Shaffer, retired, talks about the many, many problems from this administration that have contributed to the rise of terror and the world of chaos that now confronts us all.


Government's January 6 Lies

It's been months and months and months since the famous January 6 chaos at the Capitol, and Americans by and large still don't have a good idea of what occurred. That's because the lies and agendas and coverups and disinformation flows from leftists, from RINOs, from deep-staters and their partners in propaganda crime in the media have enacted a full-blown campaign to stop and stifle truths. At least, that's what investigative journalist Lara Logan has found and is busily reporting in her 14-part docuseries on January 6, called "The Rest of the Story." She called January 6 a "setup" of epic proportions. Listen to learn why.


Alcoholism, Rape, Wretchedness and Rising Above

There's not a person alive who doesn't have some sort of struggle in life. So the question is: How to overcome? How to pursue the dream despite the darkness? God and faith are key to turning tragedies into successes. That, and the dogged refusal to quit. Guest Rob Carson is a syndicated radio talk show host, television presence and comedy writer, but he was once an alcoholic and unhappy car salesman who learned he was the child of rape. To say he suffered some dark moments in life is an understatement. He has much to offer about overcoming adversity, staying the course, turning to God for help and rising above the circumstances of life to realize the dream.


Big Pharma's Vested Interest in Keeping Americans Sick

If you think the medical community, Big Pharma, and government bureaucrats tied to Big Pharma would love a world where everybody was healthy and nobody needed medicines -- think again. There are billions and billions and billions of dollars that pour into the health field from tax payer pockets each year, simply to develop even more drugs and more pills and more medicines to address an ever-growing list of disorders, diseases and deemed illnesses. But the question must be asked: Is it wise to trust the people who profit most from medical problems when they claim to have the cures for medical problems? Big Pharma made massive profits from COVID shots, for example. But they were also the leading player behind the demand for everyone to take the COVID shots. Anywhere else but in the medical world, that'd be called a glaring conflict of interest. Dr. Mark Richards wrote the book on this; it's called, "Nobody Wants Your Healthy."


Big Business Caught Stealing Away Gun Rights

When Big Business works hand in hand with leftists in Congress to do Democrats' bidding that couldn't otherwise be done the duly legislative route -- then America has a problem. And that's just what Sen. Ted Cruz's office discovered taking place with banks and a business and a little thing called the Second Amendment. Democrats are very sneaky with their anti-gun agenda and it's incumbent on alert American patriots to watch how they'll bypass the legislative route to work with whatever private market force they can find to bring about their unconstitutional designs. Leftists will steal away all our God-given rights if we're not alert to their wicked ways.


Debate Debrief: Donald Trump is the only viable GOP candidate

If you are using the Republican presidential primary debates as a way to determine who you will support in 2024, you might just find yourself voting for Donald Trump. Tune in as Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times online opinion editor and host of the Bold and Blunt podcast, and Kelly Sadler, Washington Times commentary editor and host of the Politically Unstable podcast discuss the winners and loser from the second debate.


The Dangerous Democrat Quest to Erase Donald Trump

Democrats are on a hunt to take down Donald Trump any which way they can, but one of their latest attempts would -- if successful -- lead America down a perilous path of tyranny. What's happening? They're pushing into court a call to remove him from ballots for 2024, citing the 14th Amendment and its allowance to stop those guilty of insurrection from seeking political office. Thing is: Trump's not been found guilty in a court of law of insurrection. Thing is: Trump's innocent of insurrection. Thing is: Democrats don't care -- they just hate Trump and all he stands for, and will send America hurling toward tyranny if that's what it takes to erase him from Americans' minds. Mike McKenna, who served in Donald Trump's administration, speaks about this latest Trump Derangement Syndrome disease, and also on the need for a return to more moral, traditional times as a solution for all that ails this nation.