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After All Is Said & Done - then we will know, won't we? But perhaps we can know now, if we choose to. The question then is, will we choose to?

After All Is Said & Done - then we will know, won't we? But perhaps we can know now, if we choose to. The question then is, will we choose to?


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After All Is Said & Done - then we will know, won't we? But perhaps we can know now, if we choose to. The question then is, will we choose to?






AAISAD 0279 – Communist China. Belarus’ Lukashenko. Putin Regime’s Assassination attempts, Alexei Navalny. Joe & Kamala. Evil Women vs James Younger. The soon-coming Fall of America.

Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime’s strategic maneuvering vis-a-vis the Philippines… Alexander Lukashenko’s totalitarian Belarus – Elections, Belarus doesn’t need stinking elections! Putin’s Totalitarian Russian Regime’s latest attempted assassination of opponent Alexei Navalny. Tell us Joe, why Kamala? “…most importantly who we want to be.” Evil female powers put young James Younger at the mercy of the mercilessly monstrous. The coming harvest of the United States of America – felled...


AAISAD 0278 – Complementary Currency. Lemonade to Lemons. Government! Wicked Agendas & World Regime Master Plans. Coming Evil Worldwide Regime!

From the Great Depression with love, “Don’t take any wooden nickels?” Complementary Currency. When life won’t let you make and sell lemonade – Lemonade to Lemons. Federal Government, Legislative Branch, incompetence. Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime, Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime, Islamist Regimes… and WWIII, followed by the coming Evil One-World Regime – or – the Evil One-World Regime arriving prior to a WWIII, and preempting it.


AAISAD 0277 – “One People, One Nation-Empire, One Leader”? Conform, Resistance is Futile! Hitler…& Evil Regimes. Who shall resist? Faith in God & Christ. Israel

Political speeches, notably Presidential addresses, such as State of the Union addresses and campaign “stump speeches.” “Our” this and that. Hitler’s Fascist Regime, Lenin’s Communist Regime, Stalin’s Communist Regime, Mao tse Dung’s/Tsung’s Communist Regime, Kim’s Communist Regime, and all Evil Regimes, be they Socialist – Communist or Fascist, or Islamist, or another Totalitarian/Authoritarian regime. The Last Evil Regime – the coming World-Wide Evil Regime versus the last nation standing,...


AAISAD 0276 – Sharks or people? Kidnapper-rapists…or girls like Linda Stoltzfoos? Putin or Alexei Navalny, Ukraine’s Jamala, Crimea & the Tatars? Einstein or God, the Bible, & even Jewry?

Sharks, including Great White Sharks, or people? How is it that the US Federal Government under Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham-Clinton decided sharks’s lives were more important than people’s lives? How is it that in America and all ‘western’ nations/’free’ nations, the lives of kidnapper-rapists…are deemed more precious than those of kidnapped, raped…girls like Linda Stoltzfoos. Is Alexei Navalny correct – do ‘All autocratic regimes come to an end’? Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime vs....


AAISAD 0275 – Great White Sharks…& wicked government. US European Command, Germany to Belgium with NATO Military HQ. US Military redeployment in EU. Putin’s Russian Regime…

Julie Dimperio Holowach destroyed by Great White Shark 20 yards from shore of Bailey Island, Harpswell, southern Maine, while swimming with daughter. 1997 – date the National Marine Fisheries Service banned fishing for great white sharks in US territorial waters. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper – moving 1/3 of US Military Forces from Germany to USA and other locations in Europe; moving US European Command to Mons, Belgium to be co-located with NATO’s military HQ. Vladimir Putin’s Russian...


AAISAD 0274 – Presidential Race 2020 X-Factors – Part 2. Communist Chinese Regime and Taiwan. Putin’s Russian Regime. Coming Worldwide Regime.

Presidential Race 2020 X-Factors, Part 2. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, his words regarding Communist China, former President Richard M. Nixon…(Dr. Henry Kissinger). Communist Chinese Regime vs. Taiwan…USA. Putin’s Russian Regime vs. USA. The coming world-wide regime to end all regimes.


AAISAD 0273 – Presidential Race 2020 X-Factors – Part 1. “Full Shutdown”? Gov’t. power seizures … regime building. Communist Chinese Regime & Putin’s Russian Regime. Coming one-world regime.

Presidential Race 2020 home-stretch or stretch-run – what could change the outcome? Part 1. “Full Shutdown” versus “moderate program” of frequent hand-washing, “social distancing,” and “mask wearing”? Las Vegas… in a world of hurt. Republican versus Republican over statewide… executive orders to wear masks…. “We are at war!” – so-called “Wartime President!” … but what is the war really about? Zimbabwe, Hungary, and other regimes exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to remain in power, increase...


AAISAD 0272 – Confederate Flag Ban. Piracy & Africa. South Korea – assault, rape, & sexual crimes resulting in murder by suicide of girls & young women. AI Wars.

What’s in a flag? “Common mission, common histories…?” Acceptable flags vs. unacceptable? Piracy and Africa and Blacktivist narrative. South Korea, sports coaching regimes, spy cam porn, a microcosm of a world of persistent vicious assault, rape, and video recording of girls and young women, even resulting in Murder by suicide – K-pop stars Sulli and Goo Hara, and other lovely very young women driven to commit suicide! The role of technology … in the sexploitation of girls and young women in...


AAISAD 0271 – Putin’s Russian Regime. Democrat-sponsored Blacktivism & Anarchy & Crime surge. Old but vital template for world domination.

Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime, Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime – and the world planners’ coming World-wide regime. Democrat Party-sponsored Blacktivism, Anarchy, violent crime… and the coming General Elections. Vanessa Guillen. 14-Point Plan for World Domination, circa 1773 – Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) – more relevant than ever, and being employed successfully.


AAISAD 0270 – Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime, Putin’s Russian Regime, Leftists’ aka Democrats’ regime-building in USA, & 4th of July bloodworks.

Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime versus Chinese in Hong Kong and abroad. UK PM Boris Johnson, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, suspending extradition treaties, offering visas, and paths to UK citizenship for Hong Kong Chinese citizens. Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime versus Russians, including Khabarovsk Governor Sergey Furgal, and former defense journalist Ivan Safronov. Democrat leftists and their ruinous, anarchy-enabling, flip-flopping…rule, including Mayors Jenny Durkan, Seattle, Keisha...


AAISAD 0269 – Islamist Terror in UK. Police – who needs them? Hollywood’s Racist Narrative. NY, NY. Washington, DC & 51st state? Leftists & Red Rules 1919, Communist Manifesto…NWO.

Islamist Terror in UK – Glascow, Scotland June 26th, Reading, England June 20th. Minneapolis, MN – Police, who needs police? not the City Council. What about firearms? Hollywood purge of non-blacks for purportedly making “racist” comments sometime, somewhere. None dare call it deliberate discrimination against Christianity and Jewry, by Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, NY Attorney General Letitia James, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Washington, DC & Elections 2020… Democrat-controlled...


AAISAD 0268 – Linda Stoltzfoos. Saharan Dust storm. Earthquake in Huatulco, MX. Biden. Blacktivism, mobs. Violent Crime. Ayn Rand & Atlas Shrugged. Burning Man…

Linda Stoltfoos, 18-yrs-of-age, missing in Lancaster County since Sunday, June 21, 12:30pm. Massive dust storm from Saharan Africa pervades Caribbean, moves on to continental USA. Huatulco, Mexico – Earthquake 7.4 magnitude, lives lost. Joe Biden Jr. pandering and demagoguing his way to the White House. Socialism. Blacktivism – Only Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter Most, Only Black Mobs Matter. Violent Crimes – Kidnap, Rape, Sex Trafficking of 13 & 15-yr-old girls. Murder & Attempted...


AAISAD 0267 – WHO’s second wave… Steroid dexamethasone reduces COVID-19 deaths. Disbanding, defunding of police departments. North Korea. Dying Civilization…Regime Changes.

WHO’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on risk of second wave… of coronavirus. Age newborn to 19 years – only 1/2 the risk of contracting coronavirus vs. 20 years and up. Readily available, inexpensive, steroid drug dexamethasone found to reduce deaths of severely ill COVID-19 patients. Blactivism & demise of republic in Minneapolis, NYC, LA… as Democrat politicians disband police departments, steal funding of police departments, and allocate those stolen funds to black groups. Black...


AAISAD 0266 – Blacktivism, “Black Lives Matter”? “Government-sanctioned racist terror”? Leftism, The Red Rules, Communist Manifesto… The Most Dangerous Man in the World – Part 3.

Blacktivism, Only “Black Lives Matter,” or “Black Lives Matter” Most? Whose black lives, which black lives? Drexel University Associate Professor’s lust for “White Genocide!” “Hate speech”? Role played by the Entertainment Capitol of the World, Los Angeles, Hollywood…the media elites, print media, academia, and the Democrat party. 1919 – Communist Rules for Revolution, aka “The Red Rules” 1846 – Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto 1773 – Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild)’s 14 point plan for...


AAISAD 0265 – The Most Dangerous Man In The World, Part 2. Leftism, Socialism, Democrat Politics 101, Elections 2020.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World – Part 2. Leftism, Socialism, Revolution… Democrat Party Politics 101. Presidential Race 2020. Leftist Narratives – Blacktivism, Blackout Tuesday, Black Lives Matter, … Subversion of Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Military.


AAISAD 0264 – Presidential Primaries? Blacktivism, Blackout Tuesday. Trump, Law & Order President. State of the Union?

Presidential Primaries – originally scheduled: MT, NM, SD, Washington, D.C.; postponed primaries: PA, MD, IN, RI. Blacktivism & Blackout Tuesday, across the nation, spurred by the entertainment industry. President Trump – “the President of law and order”? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Trump to imitate “fanner of the flame” Barack Hussein Obama and not be a “fanner of the flame”? The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire – the USA…. The World: what is coming? The WHO’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus...


AAISAD 0263 – The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part 1.

Who is the Most Dangerous Man in the World – Part 1.


AAISAD 0262 – Pompeo, ‘Hong Kong not autonomous.’ Marxist admirer Bill de Blasio’s police state NYC! Amy Cooper’s frightening ordeal on Memorial Day in Central Park’s Ramble area, & afterwards.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo decries Communist China’s usurpation of Hong Kong’s autonomy. NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and his love affair with the Marxist Sandinista regime of Nicaragua, and his “progressive” command & control regime in New York City, threaten to close NYC churches permanently. One of the instruments of de Blasio’s oppression, the Commission on Human Rights. Bill de Blasio, ‘Leftward ho!’ A leftist activist party by any name, Democrat, the New Party, WFP. Self-defense...


AAISAD 0261 – ‘Open up ASAP.’ Joe Biden, “Uncle Toms”; US Rep. Clyburn & pragmatism. UK’s Cummings & Johnson. COVID-19 Vaccines & India. Afghanistan & Islamist Taliban Terror!

Trump tweets, states ‘should open up ASAP.’ US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order prohibiting church services. New Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. US Rep. James Clyburn on Joe Biden’s ‘Uncle Tom’ narrative. UK – Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings. COVID-19 vaccines, including AZD1222, and India, specifically Serum Institute of India. New Yorkers questioning whether to leave the city they love. US National Parks and...


AAISAD 0260 – Jinping’s Chinese Communist Regime vs. the people of Hong Kong. UK & EU, SIS II. Islamist Terror in TX. Iran Islamist Regime vs. Israel. Trump & Biden. Sweden’s example.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Communist Chinese Regime’s act against Hong Kong. Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime’s prelude to violent suppression of Hong Kong dissent. Post-Brexit UK and EU spar over access to cooperative crime database, Schengen Info. System. Naval Air Station Corpus Christi attacked by homegrown Islamist terrorist. President Trump – Mosques in America = essential places that provide essential services. [?] Iran’s Islamist Regime demonizes and threatens Israel...