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State Attorneys General Update

As state attorneys general play a more prominent role in policy issues, Shareholders Alissa Gardenswartz and Sarah Mercer discuss recent trends they’re seeing across the country and some examples of consumer protection powers being used in traditional and also creative ways by state AGs to address issues in their states.


Repealing TABOR: Colorado Ballot Initiative #3

Colorado's Initiative #3 seeks to repeal the Tax Payer Bill of Rights, more commonly known in Colorado as TABOR. Brownstein Shareholder Sarah Mercer and Associate David Meschke provide background on the initiative, an overview of the ballot initiative process and insight on what could happen now that the initiative has been appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court.


Emerging Issues in Health Care Policy

Earlier this spring, the Trump administration asked judges to toss out the entire Affordable Care Act, setting up another likely Supreme Court battle and raising questions about the future of health insurance for millions of Americans. Meanwhile, the 2018 election brought a "blue wave" to Colorado, with Democrats in full control of state government for the first time in many years. Corporate Department Chair Mike King moderates a discussion with Denver Shareholders Mike Feeley, Sarah Mercer...


Steps to Investing in Opportunity Zones

The Treasury Department has released the latest set of regulations providing guidance on investment in the Opportunity Zones created by the Tax Reform Act. Brownstein shareholders Nicole Ament, Greg Berger and Erik Jensen discuss the new regulations and how to structure investment in Opportunity Zones to take advantage of the deferral of capital gains taxes.


Health Care Update (May 2019)

With the presidential campaign cycle in full swing, both parties have shown renewed interest in reforming the nation’s health care system. As the House convenes its first Medicare for All hearing, questions remain about the high price tag of the proposal and whether Democratic leadership will actually bring the legislation to a vote. Drew Littman moderates a conversation with Emily Felder, Nadeam Elshami and Jerome Murray, providing insight into the likelihood of a bipartisan bill on health...


An Infrastructure Package: Can It Happen?

Experts have recently made a startling claim: the United States will need to invest more than $4.5 trillion by 2025 to fix its failing infrastructure. Debates over ways to generate revenue — whether to invest in new technology or repair existing systems, and how to achieve infrastructure development without promoting environmental degradation — remain ongoing. Geoff Burr, Greta Joynes and Brian McKeon, in a discussion moderated by Mark Begich, discuss ways the 116th Congress is likely to...


A Deep Dive Into the USMCA

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has been signed by each country’s respective leader, but its fate now rests in the hands of legislators. Past difficulty enforcing NAFTA labor standards have left members of Congress wary and cautious. Mark Begich moderates a conversation with Lori Harju, Milan Dalal, and the newest addition to the Brownstein team, former House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Ed Royce, in which they discuss the trade agreement’s probability of success and shed light...


Finance in Five: Junior Debt and Customary Subordination Provisions

In this episode of the Finance in Five podcast series, Corporate Shareholders Jay Spader and Mark Oveson take five minutes to discuss how to distinguish different types of junior debt and the accompanying subordination agreements.


Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

Employment Shareholder Lisa Hogan discusses Colorado Senate Bill 85, the Equal Pay For Equal Work Act, with proponent Charlotte Sweeney. Lisa and Charlotte, who tend to be on opposite sides in employment cases, try to unpack the complicated issue of equal pay and the possible impacts of this proposed legislation.


Advocating for the Arts on Capitol Hill

Arts Advocacy Day is a sight to behold: 85 leading national arts organizations and over 450 attendees from 48 different states roam the halls of Congress, meeting with legislators and staff to discuss policy issues affecting the arts community. Brownstein advisor and former Sen. Mark Begich sits down with artists Rita Moreno, Ben Folds and Brian Stokes Mitchell, along with Bob Lynch from Americans for the Arts, to discuss the connection between arts and the economy and the importance of...


Defense Policy in the 116th

With any new Congress comes notable change, and the national defense policy landscape on Capitol Hill is no exception. These changes bring new questions: What can we expect to see from a new dynamic in the House Armed Services Committee? Will the National Defense Authorization Act spur unprecedented conflict, and how much opportunity will there be to add new riders to the bill? Moderator Greta Joynes teams up Ari Zimmerman and Barry Jackson to answer these questions and more.


Update: 2020 Presidential Campaign

The 2020 campaign season is finally upon us, and the Democratic field is beginning to take shape. Scores of presidential hopefuls have already announced their candidacy, and the campaign trail is heating up in early voting states like Iowa and South Carolina. John Sonsalla moderates a conversation between Democrats Drew Littman and David Reid, along with Republican Elizabeth Maier, in which they tackle pressing issues, such as ways Leader McConnell will use his powers to target Democratic...


A Discussion With Ben Folds, Musician and Advocate

Ben Folds is known for being a talented musician and songwriter, but he also performs a vital role for the music community as an arts advocate. Ben’s an active member of the Artist Committee of Americans For The Arts, a leading nonprofit arts advocacy organization that Brownstein partners with. In a conversation with Drew Littman, Ben discusses his experience navigating the political arena and talks about how issues important to the arts community can transcend party lines.


Congressional Regulation Over Big Tech, Consumer Privacy and Fair Competition

Big tech companies face increased scrutiny from a new Congress eager to address concerns over fair competition and consumer data protection. Al Mottur and Greta Joynes, in a conversation moderated by Drew Littman, explain the “tech-lash” against big Silicon Valley companies. Al and Greta address the many issues confronting tech titans in this new era of heightened regulation, including congressional oversight which could be affected by 2020 campaigns.


Tribal Issues: How Economic Opportunity Can Develop Amid Federal Regulation

Tribes nationwide are seeking ways to develop sustainable economic growth, but opportunities to do so are often governed by federal policy. Ryan Smith moderates a conversation between Sarah Walters and Sarah Auchterlonie in which they discuss methods for developing economic opportunity within tribes, such as tribal lending. By addressing how tribes’ financial interests are intertwined with federal regulation and policy, like the CFPB’s underwriting rules and the U.S. Department of Labor’s...


Brownstein Government Relations Podcast Series: Senate Update (February 2019)

In our latest Senate update, Democrat Brian McKeon and Republican Elizabeth Maier, along with moderator Drew Littman, discuss how the 116th Congress will set itself apart. Will substantive legislation make its way through both chambers in 2019, or has the shutdown stifled meaningful progress? Looking ahead to 2020, which senators are vulnerable for re-election and which ones can we expect to see on the presidential campaign trail? Brian and Elizabeth navigate the current tumult on Capitol...


Energy, Environment, and Resources in the 116th

The new Congress has set in motion a wave of change, and the effects are going to be felt by many in the near future. What implications will committee shakeups have for individuals and corporations in the energy, environment and resource sectors? Will Green New Deal legislation be purely symbolic, or can it be crafted to receive bipartisan support? Bill McGrath and Greta Joynes, in a discussion moderated by Jon Hrobsky, dive into these questions, providing insight into how the 116th Congress...


Cannabis Policy Update

The now-20-year movement to legalize the use of cannabis shows no sign of slowing down. From efforts to harmonize federal law with state laws, to blockchain technologies linked to financing cannabis-related businesses, the industry is widening and drawing increased scrutiny. Drew Littman moderates a conversation between Will Moschella, Nadeam Elshami, Brian Wild and Milan Dalal, in which they address current DOJ enforcement actions, the future role of the federal government in regulation,...


Blueprint Denver

David Gaspers, principal city planner at City and County of Denver, joins Brownstein Shareholder Caitlin Quander for a discussion about Blueprint Denver, the city’s land use and transportation plan for the next 20 years. Through Denver’s two-year outreach and planning effort, input from thousands of Denverites has resulted in a draft plan. Learn where Denver is working to target investment and how land use decisions will be made through the lens of social equity.


Oversight in the 116th Congress

Many in Washington anticipate a congressional agenda packed with investigations come January. But how exactly will those take shape? Drew Littman moderates a conversation between Greg Brower, co-chair of Brownstein’s Government Investigations practice, and Will Moschella, who prior to his career at the DOJ served as the chief legal counsel and parliamentarian of the House Committee on the Judiciary. They discuss Congress’ oversight tools and available enforcement actions, the limits of its...