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Breaking down the government shutdown

Columbus Dispatch Washington D.C. bureau reporters Jack Torry and Jessica Wehrman discuss the latest news in the government shutdown. We further discuss how President Donald Trump still wants to build a wall to enhance border security, why this is such an unusual shutdown, and what we can expect to see in the upcoming weeks.


Walmart whacks CVS

Public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and political reporter Marty Schladen discusses the recent news in the ongoing Side Effects series produced by the Columbus Dispatch. During this episode we address how Walmart has blasted CVS Caremark and would stop doing most business with them. We further explain what pharmacy benefit managers are, what this means if you get your prescription drugs from Walmart, and unpack the current issues that Walmart has with CVS.


What’s going on in the Ohio Statehouse?

Dispatch public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and political reporter Jim Siegel discuss what’s been going on in The Ohio Statehouse. During this we breakdown Monday’s news of how Larry Householder was elected Ohio House speaker, how things might change in the Ohio House, and what’s been going on in the Ohio Senate.


All eyes on Ohio’s crackdown of PBMs

Dispatch reporters Cathy Candisky and Lucas Sullivan talk about the newest installment in the on-going Side Effects series. During this we talk about what pharmacy benefit managers are doing in Ohio that increases drug prices here, across the country. We further discuss the current rebate process, what this entails, and ask the question of if these rebates are actually kickbacks. Finally, we talk about how these rebates relate to Ohio and how this can raise the price of your drug costs.


CVS Caremark price slash

Dispatch projects reporter Lucas Sullivan discusses the latest findings in our Side Effects series. During this we talk about how the Dispatch asked Medicaid about CVS slashing reimbursements and how Medicaid has ordered CVS to reinstate the prices. Finally, talk about the potential move for a carve out of PBMs altogether in the state of Ohio.


Interview: Republican candidate for Ohio auditor Keith Faber

Keith Faber, a former president of the Ohio Senate and now a state representative from Celina, is seeking to be the next Ohio auditor. We talk to him about his plans for the office and his record.


Interview: Democratic candidate for Ohio auditor Zack Space

Zack Space, a former Democratic congressman from Dover, is his party's nominee for state auditor in an unusually competitive election year. We discuss his vision for the office and why he thinks he's better suited than his Republican opponent.


Louise Valentine working to flip 19th Ohio Senate District

Democrat Louise Valentine, is taking on Republican Rep. Andrew Brenner in the 19th Senate District, which includes northern Columbus, along with Delaware and Knox counties. Valentine, a consumer analyst for L Brands, sits down to talk about health care, education and why she thinks this red district has become a competitive fight.


Alternative choices for governor

It's not just between Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray. A pair of minor-party candidates, the Green Party's Constance Gadell-Newton and the Libertarian Party's Travis Irvine, also are running for Ohio governor. They discuss their candidacies, and their objections to major party rule, in the latest Buckeye Forum podcast.


Danny O’Connor takes another run at 12th Congressional District

Democrat Danny O’Connor, who lost by less than 1 point in the August special election, is hoping for slightly better results this time as he once again duels Republican Rep. Troy Balderson in a district that includes northern Franklin County, Delaware County and all or parts of five other counties. O’Connor sits down to talk about health care, infrastructure, the Republican tax cut plan, and Nick Bosa’s decision to leave the Buckeyes.


Mary Lightbody, veteran educator, running in the Ohio 19th House District

Democrat Mary Lightbody talks about her views on a variety of issues, including education, health care and taxes, as she seeks to represent the district that covers Gahanna, New Albany and Westerville. The former public school teacher is now a senior lecturer at the Ohio State University-Newark, where she teaches future teachers. She is running against Republican Tim Barhorst, an insurance agent. The seat is currently held by Rep. Anne Gonzales, R-Worthington, who is term limited.


Why West Texas matters to the Midwest

We talk to Veronica Escobar, the El Paso woman who is likely to fill the congressional seat now occupied by Beto O'Rourke, the Democrat who is challenging Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. We talk about the border, trade, immigration, family separations and, of course, whether Beto actually can turn Texas Blue.


Listen: Medicaid might pay twice for drug work

Dispatch reporters Lucas Sullivan and Marty Schladen talk about the details behind how taxpayers may be paying twice for the same Medicaid drug services.


Allison Russo, Erik Yassenoff battle in the 24th Ohio House District

The two candidates in one of the state’s most competitive Ohio House seats, which includes Upper Arlington, part of Hilliard and Clintonville, and a western swath of Franklin County, come together to debate education, health care, taxes and other state policies. Russo has spent nearly two decades advising decision makers on heath care policy, most recently as policy research director for a health policy consulting firm. Yassenoff is CFO of his family's commercial real estate business and...


Dr. Beth Liston, Stu Harris battle in the 21st Ohio House District

The two candidates in one of the state’s most competitive Ohio House seats, which includes Dublin and Worthington, come together to debate education, health care, taxes and other state policies. Liston, a Democrat, is a doctor of internal medicine and pediatrics and a medical instructor. Harris, a Republican, is an attorney and veteran member of the Dublin Board of Education. The seat is currently held by Rep. Mike Duffey, R-Worthington, who is term limited.


Kathleen Clyde discusses why she is right for secretary of state

Dispatch public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and reporter Cathy Candisky talk with Democrat Kathleen Clyde on why she believes she is the correct candidate for secretary of state. We further discuss some of her proposals regarding voter registration, cyber security, and what’s the biggest difference between her and the opponent Frank LaRose.


Frank LaRose respects opponent but disagrees on policies

Dispatch public affairs editor Darrel Rowland and reporter Cathy Candisky talk with Republican Frank LaRose on why he believes he is the best fit for secretary of state. We further discuss Ohio’s voter purge system and talk about his proposal on voter registration. Finally, we hear his thoughts on how to get more people voting, and what types of machines they should be voting on.


Ohio Medicaid ditches PBMs

Columbus Dispatch reporters Cathy Candisky, Lucas Sullivan, and Marty Schladen discuss the breaking news regarding Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Medicaid. We further talk about how the Ohio Department of Medicaid is ordering the termination of contracts with pharmacy middleman that use "spread pricing," putting an end to a practice that has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions. Finally, we talk about how Medicaid officials directed the state's five managed care plans to move to a more...


How rebates raise your drug costs

Columbus Dispatch reporters Lucas Sullivan and Cathy Candisky recap what the definition of spread pricing is and how it plays a role in Pharmacy Benefit Mangers. Next we discuss how rebates demanded by pharmacy middleman from drug manufacturers are driving up the cost Americans pay for prescription drugs by billions of dollars. Finally, we provide some of the numbers regarding rebates that we found out during our investigative reporting.


Supreme Court says ENOT

Columbus Dispatch political reports Jim Siegel and Cathy Candisky talk about how the Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled against ECOT earlier this week. We further discuss what came from 4-2 ruling against ECOT, and mention some issues that are still lingering. Finally, we talk about where former ECOT students have gone since the school’s closing in January. Ohio Supreme Court backs state action, rules 4-2 against ECOT