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Connecting today's political discourse with the past 40 years of politics. Using audio taken from C-SPAN's vast Video Library, each episode focuses on a theme tied to current events providing a unique perspective on today's news.


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Connecting today's political discourse with the past 40 years of politics. Using audio taken from C-SPAN's vast Video Library, each episode focuses on a theme tied to current events providing a unique perspective on today's news.






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TOP STATE OF UNION ADDRESS CLIPS: From President Reagan through President Biden

How closely do you watch State of the Union addresses on C-SPAN? Test your State of the Union knowledge with the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" -- We play the most-viewed clips in the C-SPAN Video Library for each President who has given a State of the Union speech since C-SPAN began. Do you know: • Which SOTU clip is also the most viewed of any clip in the C-SPAN Video Library? • Which topic that is still very much in the news today has the most entries on this list? • Why does Nancy Pelosi...


One Year from South Carolina -- Remembering What Joe Biden Used to Say About Iowa and New Hampshire

First votes are scheduled to be cast in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary in just about a year. South Carolina goes first. If President Joe Biden gets his way. But there was a time, in fact, several times, that presidential candidate Joe Biden was happy with Iowa and New Hampshire going first. In this episode of C-SPAN's "The Weekly," we go back to prior Joe Biden campaigns for president and hear what we said then about the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire leading off the...


New Faces, New Stories, New Speeches - The New Members of Congress

What's new in Congress? How about over 70 new faces -- new members of the House with new stories, new perspectives, and new thoughts. Many have already given their first House floor speeches. Hear what they said in this best-of roundup of the first speeches from new members of the new 118th Congress. This episode of C-SPAN's podcast "The Weekly" is all about the new. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


POP QUIZ: How closely did you watch the House Speaker contest?

Four days and 15 votes. You know the outcome But how closely did you watch the historic contest for House speaker? Pop quiz: • Who mentioned the New York Yankees? • Who mentioned the Detroit Lions? • Who mentioned the Green Bay Packers? • Who mentioned a Bill Murray film? • And how many times was popcorn talked about? • What did this House speaker contest have in common with three others from the past quarter century? And -- get this -- have you ever before heard the House chaplain's opening...


Yes or No: Do Congressional Hearings Allow For Nuance? ANSWER THE QUESTION!!

Ah, the "Yes or no" question. A staple of any congressional hearing. Congressmen and Senators often demand witnesses quickly answer questions as yes or no. They frequently cite time constraints -- perhaps after giving lengthy statements. But does "yes or no" provide Congress or the public deeper understanding, broader explanation, or even nuance? In this episode of C-SPAN's "The Weekly," hear some of the most remarkable "yes or no" exchanges from hearings we've covered. Is this an episode of...


Best-of Congress Farewell Speeches 2022: Owls, Clowns, Volcanoes -- and "Dilly Dilly

Missed any of the farewell speeches from Senators and Representatives leaving Congress in 2022? Good news -- Fret no more! The C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" special farewell-to-2022 episode has you covered. Learn: -Which Senator mentioned owls -Which Congressman mentioned clowns -Which Senator had a major piece of legislation named after him -- voting for it in one of his final votes -And which Congressman had a volcano named after him Plus: -Why was Newt Gingrich mentioned in farewell...


Elon Musk Loves Chocolate Milk

Lots of people -- politicians very much included -- have lots of things to say about Elon Musk, now that he owns Twitter. But what did politicians say about Elon Musk before he bought Twitter? Find out in C-SPAN's podcast "The Weekly." Hear from members of Congress talking about Elon Musk in the pre-Twitter days, back when Democrats celebrated him for SpaceX, Republicans recommended he join President Biden's cabinet, and one Representative cheered on his "insane" love for chocolate milk....


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Six Other Senate Party Defectors

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and the Six Senate Party Defectors. A new indy band out of Arizona? Nope -- it's the new episode of C-SPAN's podcast "The Weekly." First, some fun facts: • Of the six most recent Senate independents, Kyrsten Sinema is only the second from a state not in New England. • The Senate now has three Independents serving at the same time -- the most ever. • And Sinema is the first independent or third-party Senator who is a woman. Since 1890 and before Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in...


Gaslighting. Word of the Year. In Congress.

Merriam-Webster declared gaslighting to be 2022 word of the year, based on searches on its website. Here's another place gaslighting was word of the year: Congress. In 2022, both sides filled their rhetoric with mentions and accusations of gaslighting. How did Congress define gaslighting? Who said what in Congress citing gaslighting? And how did one member of Congress connect gaslighting -- to big cats? You'll find out in the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly." We demonstrate how Congress used the...


Taylor Swift: Ticketmaster Hearings? We've Been There Before

After the Taylor Swift ticket debacle, will Congress hold hearings into Ticketmaster, focusing on antitrust and competitiveness? If it does, it wouldn't be the first time Congress asks questions of Ticketmaster. In C-SPAN's "The Weekly," we recall two prior times Ticketmaster and Live Nation CEOs have had to testify to Congress about their merged companies - in the House and in the Senate. This podcast preps you for a potential third Ticketmaster hearing, with Taylor Swift as its focus....


Thanksgiving: Seven Things You Didn't Know About Dulles Airport

It's Thanksgiving. Chances are you're travelling. It's possible you're flying. And you might even be at an airport-- stuck. If that's the case, listen to C-SPAN's podcast "The Weekly." We present Seven Fun Facts about Dulles Airport. All connected to politics and the presidency. It's the perfect way to pass time during a miserable experience at any airport. What are the Seven Fun Facts? Listen to "The Weekly" and find out! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Two Biggest Surprises in Campaign 2022 -- The Grand Finale

You like surprises? Campaign 2022 had lots of them. Brace yourself to experience the two biggest plot twists of Campaign 2022. What were they? Who said what? And what did the two incredible, earth-shattering surprises have to do with --- Hawaii? Don't miss the big reveal in C-SPAN's podcast "The Weekly." It's the grand finale to C-SPAN's coverage of Campaign 2022. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Veterans Day: 40th Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This Veterans Day marks the 40thanniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It's commonly known as the Wall -- for the nearly 60,000 names inscribed on the reflective black granite for the Americans who gave their lives in service to their country. The Wall has been the site of many presidential visits of the past four decades -- including on Veterans Day. For Veterans Day 2022, the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" looks back at the 40-year history of the Vietnam Veterans...


Campaign 2022 Debate Questions: Trump, Trump, Trump, Biden, Trump

Was the 2020 election stolen from Donald Trump? Is Joe Biden the legitimate president? Do you support Trump? Does he support you? If you've been watching C-SPAN's coverage of the 2022 midterm elections -- after all, October is famously known as debate month at C-SPAN -- you've probably heard moderators and reporters ask these questions. Over and over. In C-SPAN's podcast "The Weekly," it's a special round-up of C-SPAN's debate coverage. But with a twist. You won't get the answers. You get...


Halloween: Trick or Treat or Tried and True Talking Point

If it's Halloween, it's time for politicians to include ghosts and goblins and ghouls in their rhetoric. It's an ageless formula for campaign season: The calendar nears October 31 and out come all manner of menacing metaphors, mentions of masks and costumes, and a cacophony of cringeworthy Halloween language. What have been the scariest Halloween mentions in politics? What have been the silliest? And which Senate candidate said in an ad: "I'm not a witch"? (Hint: Turns out, her opponent...


Thumping and Shellacking: Presidents React To Mid-Term Elections

One called it a thumping. Another called it a shellacking. But whatever adjective is used, one thing you can be sure of: When Presidents conduct press conferences after mid-term elections, their reactions are often real, raw, emotional -- and unrehearsed. With the 2022 mid-term elections approaching, the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" starts with the historic 1994 mid-term elections -- when Republicans won both chambers of Congress -- and hears reactions from every president since. Which...


Top Ten Moments Involving Moderators of Senate, House, Governor, and Mayor Debates

While C-SPAN provides extensive coverage of Campaign 2022 debates, the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" provides a Top Ten List from Senate, House, Governor, and Mayor debates in campaign seasons past. Last week: Top Ten Moments from Candidates. This week: Part II -- Top Ten Moments from Moderators. You may remember some. You may be hearing some for the first time. But either way, it's a chance to hear Alex Trebek get booed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Top Ten Moments from Senate, House, Governor, Mayor Debates -- Part I

Quick: Think of your favorite moments from a campaign debate. OK, got it? You probably have in mind something that happened during a presidential or vice-presidential debate, right? But what about a Senate, House, Governor, or Mayor debate? Drawing a blank? No worries ... the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" has you covered. Because -- YES! -- it's that time of year: Time to watch C-SPAN's coverage of Campaign 2022 debates. Which also makes it time to download and listen to Top Ten list of Most...


Cheney For President?

Liz Cheney for president in 2024? Perhaps. Dick Cheney for president in 1996? Perhaps. As speculation swirls around Liz Cheney potentially running for president, the C-SPAN podcast "The Weekly" looks back to her father spending a year testing the waters, with speaking gigs in Iowa and New Hampshire and around the country. In the end, did Dick Cheney run and become the Republican nominee for president of the United States in 1996? The answer is finally revealed in "The Weekly." Learn more...


Politicians Know: You don't have to be Jewish to talk about the Jewish High Holidays

Shana Tova! This week's "The Weekly" podcast demonstrates you don't have to be Jewish to mark the Jewish New Year. From Presidents like Barack Obama and George W. Bush to Vice Presidents like Dan Quayle and Al Gore to Senators like Patrick Leahy and John McCain -- hear non-Jewish politicians talk about Rosh Hashanah. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices