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Biweekly podcast from The Sacramento Bee covering the latest news in California.

Biweekly podcast from The Sacramento Bee covering the latest news in California.
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Biweekly podcast from The Sacramento Bee covering the latest news in California.






The Liberal List: How far to the left is California moving?

California Democrats have pushed the state further and further to the left. With Gavin Newsom as governor and President Trump in the White House, many lawmakers within the Democratic Party think there's still room for California to become even more progressive. Lawmakers in order of appearance at the beginning of the show include Assemblyman Todd Gloria, Sen. Ben Allen, Sen. Bob Hertzberg, Sen. Connie Leyva, Sen. Hannah Beth-Jackson, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. Later in the show,...


Candidate Conversation: Marianne Williamson

Author and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson has qualified for a spot on the Democratic debate stage by hitting 65,000 donors. She recently spoke with The Bee to discuss her vision for the county. For more information, please visit


Candidate Conversation: Jay Inslee

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has qualified for a spot on the 2020 Democratic presidential stage. Running to combat climate change, he's hoping he can resonate with California voters. To learn more about Inslee, please visit Send show feedback to host Bryan Anderson at


Candidate Conversation: John Hickenlooper

Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper sits down for a one-on-one conversation. He insists he is progressive enough for California and discusses his views on marijuana legalization and gun violence. To learn more about Hickenlooper, please visit


More people than ever are dying in California jails

For months, Jason Pohl and Ryan Gabrielson have been investigating inmate deaths in county jails. This McClatchy/ProPublica collaboration found that in-custody deaths have risen substantially since California began shifting responsibility for thousands of offenders from state prisons to county jails. For more information about today's episode, please visit Send show feedback to host Bryan Anderson at...


Candidate Conversation: Pete Buttigieg

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg sits down for a conversation about his vision for the country and his political future. The 37-year-old South Bend, Indiana, mayor is the first candidate in modern history to be both openly gay and a military veteran. Despite his age, he insists he's qualified to take on President Trump. To learn more about Buttigieg and his plan to expand the Supreme Court, please visit...


Candidate Conversation: Andrew Yang

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang sits down for a one-on-one conversation. He insists he is a viable contender because "the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math." On the show, Yang discusses his views on universal basic income, immigration and taxes.


Officers shot Stephon Clark. A debate over deadly force is now brewing in Sacramento.

In March 2018, two Sacramento police officers shot and killed Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man. Following the District Attorney's decision not to prosecute the officers, protesters took to the streets in opposition. Despite a largely peaceful protesters, Sacramento Police decided to arrest 84 people. Among the detainees were three reporters. Sacramento Bee reporter Sam Stanton discusses what he saw, as his colleague was put in handcuffs. Later in the show, Democratic Assemblymembers Kevin...


Democrats are 'the enemy': CA GOP picks new leader

California Republicans flocked to Sacramento last weekend for the party's annual convention. The GOP selected a new leader, and questions remain about how Republicans can return to relevancy in the state. Later in the show, Sen. Dianne Feinstein makes the cut for our Buzz of the Week segment for her heated interaction with children pushing the Green New Deal. Got Buzz of the Week suggestions? Call 916-326-5538. Send show feedback to host Bryan Anderson at


Medicare-for-all, universal, single-payer: What exactly does Gavin Newsom want?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has ambitious goals for the state when it comes to health care. But what exactly is his vision for the state’s health care system? This week on the podcast, Bee reporter Sophia Bollag explains. Later in the show, Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, discusses an audit request to examine the state’s handling of the Motor Voter program — which began registering Californians to vote in April 2018. His proposal comes in response to a Sacramento Bee investigation that...


When Paradise became hell

The Camp Fire has taken the lives of 86 people and has put PG&E in financial peril. We take a look back at the most devastating wildfire in California history. Later in the show, Travis Allen discusses his campaign to be the next leader of the California GOP. He believes the party should align itself closer with President Donald Trump. Finally, in place of our Buzz of the Week segment, we play the full, unedited interview with Congressman Adam Schiff that was cut off in our last episode. For...


CA Democrats have lots of power. What will they do with it?

California Democrats will have historic majorities in the Legislature. But what will they do with it? Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate leader Toni Atkins discuss their plans. Later in the show, Congressman Adam Schiff discusses his plans for investigating President Donald Trump. He also weighs in on the government shutdown, possible presidential plans, and the status of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Finally, Dutch Newsom wins Buzz of the Week for his cameo during...


Kamala Harris aide resigns over sexual misconduct claims

Questions are being raised about whether Sen. Kamala Harris knew about her aide's sexual misconduct claims. Harris denies having any such knowledge. Later in the show, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra discusses the state's ongoing lawsuits against the Trump administration. Finally, one state senator makes an interesting offer in our Buzz of the Week segment. For more information on today's episode, visit


Blue wave hits California. What should Gavin Newsom do with it?

Movers and shakers in the world of California politics offer advice for Gavin Newsom, the state's next governor. Two political consultants also evaluate what the midterms mean for Republicans and Democrats going forward. Guests on today's show (in order of appearance) include Kristin Olsen, Jon Coupal, Gov. Gray Davis, Roger Salazar and Mike Madrid. For more information on today's episode and how to assist wildfire victims, visit...


48 hours in California's House battlegrounds

If Democrats want to regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, they'll likely need to pick up a few seats in California. Orange County has become the epicenter for fierce and expensive congressional fights, as Republicans look to fend off their toughest competition yet. For more information on today's episode, visit Got Buzz of the Week suggestions? Call 916-326-5538. Send show feedback to host Bryan Anderson...


Nuts! Walnut growers in trouble amid Trump's trade war

California walnut farmers could be the latest casualty in President Trump's escalating trade. Countries like China have retaliated with tariffs on agricultural commodities coming out of the United States. To address the problem in the walnut industry, Trump is giving producers $34.6 million. This pales in comparison to the $1.5 billion California walnut growers generate each year. Later in the show, billionaire Democratic activist Tom Steyer explains how he is using his Trump impeachment...


Inside California's ongoing DMV saga

State motor vehicle departments across the country are seeing rising wait times for customers. California's Department of Motor Vehicles has become the epicenter of a problem with long wait lines, as it struggles to implement new laws and modernize technology. Later in the show, Rep. Tom McClintock and Democratic challenger Jessica Morse discuss their bid for a contested House seat. Finally, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox makes it onto Buzz of the Week for his passionate...


Can Gavin Newsom fix homelessness?

Gavin Newsom discusses homelessness in California, Kevin de León evaluates the future of the Democratic Party, and Brett Kavanaugh is featured in Buzz of the Week. For more information on today's episode, visit Got Buzz of the Week suggestions? Call 916-326-5538. Send show feedback to host Bryan Anderson at


Introducing California Nation

The Sacramento Bee presents California Nation, your go-to source for the latest political news from the world's fifth-largest economy. Each show, we focus on what's happening way out West and how it could shape the national conversation. We'll be back in your feed soon with our debut show!