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Reflections on politics and culture in Canada

Reflections on politics and culture in Canada
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Reflections on politics and culture in Canada




An Update on podcasts, blog posts, and plan for the year

It has been 2 months since my last podcast and I thought I might not be doing them anymore. But the audio muse has moved me, mainly because of the importance I see in the upcoming October 21 election. With scandals, resignations, vote spits, and all the rest of it beating our psyche's every day, I decided to slowly start weighing in on what is happening. This podcast summarizes some recent thinking, with reference to some recent blog posts I've written. All of my offerings are just my...


Ideas Behind Conflicts About the West

This is a challenging podcast, one that I debated publishing. It evolved from some reading I’ve been doing about the current conflicts playing out in the news. As I read, I came across four primary philosophical assumptions about the west. I think they pinpoint some core ideas that are contentious and form the background for much of the debates around immigration, race, identity, and moral obligations. These may be worth thinking about because the question I hope you will consider is, are...


Media Getting Money From Government

This week, the Liberal government moved a huge step towards controlling the mainstream media. The industry is in steep decline due to online competition so the Liberals feel it needs to be bailed out. This is a significant development in the relationship between journalists and government officials. It becomes one of dependence and mutual back-scratching. It will actually be bad for liberal voters and I outline why in this podcast.


Canadaman Takes a Break

I've been doing some soul searching about my podcasts and videos. Sometimes it's a good idea to take a step back from what one is doing to see it as a larger picture. For reasons outlined in this podcast, I am taking a break from podcasting here in order to better focus on my other site, Please pop by there and subscribe so you can continue to listen, although the political content will be much less.


Friendships and Politics

The media is filled with talk of the divisions in western countries. It seems to be a problem in all western democracies, and Canada is no exception. Of interest to me are the reports of families and friendships being disrupted and sometimes ruined over political differences. I hope this has not happened to you, dear listener.

How I Came to Freedom Ideas (not a typical path)

My journey to the ideas of political freedom did not begin with books or even with politics. It started with inner exploration and eventually branched out into the ideas and love of liberty that I now espouse. So I thought it might interest listeners to know what I discovered within and how it translated into freedom thought and morality.


Lest We Forget

At one of the Remembrance Day memorials, I walked by an old man sitting quietly. He looked tired but determined to be there. He was looking down towards the ground, seemingly lost in thought. As I approached, he looked up at me. I asked, "Sir, are you a veteran?" He sat up straight with sudden dignity and looked me in the eye, "Yes, I am." I held his gaze, feeling the entire weight of gratitude to be living in Canada due in part to his sacrifice and said: "Thank you". He smiled. I smiled. We...


I Joined the PPC

"Maxime Bernier" is my leader! 😀...for the moment. This is the audio from a video I made last month. I'm interested in being part of something that is just starting out, so I joined the People's Party of Canada. We'll see how it goes.


Discussions About the Donald

Whatever the feelings about Mr.Trump, I've noticed that conversations about him are extremely challenging. In fact, the opening sentence will almost always indicate how the conversation will go and it seems to go badly regardless of whether one is pro or anti-Trump. The Canadian version of this problem is Mr. Trudeau. Same problem, different name.


Do You Really Want That Law?!

While it often feels right to state "there should be a law!", we might want to think twice about succumbing to this notion. This episode is aimed at those Liberals, New Democrats, Greens, and Conservatives who see legislation as the answer to everything. There's a major downside...


Our Collectivist Thinking (and how to overcome it)

If you are a fellow freedom fan, you no doubt believe your ways of expressing your ideas are always in line with individualist thinking. But the language of collectivism is the conceptual ocean in which we all swim and it's challenging to not fall into the word usage of the majority. I explain this further here and offer a way of revising our use of words so as to establish one of the first inner freedoms. That of the concepts we use and the words for expressing them.



While reluctant to evoke the "D" word, given the reactions to it on all sides of politics, I was thinking about the meaning of the word and ruminated on how far one can take it. Which group has a primary claim on it? Who decides what it is? In other words, how diverse is diversity?


My definition of a Libertarian

The word "libertarian" is appearing more often in the news these days. The prominence of Maxime Bernier and the new PPC is the latest. Of course, the naysayers and vested interests come out and immediately try to cast the word negatively. On CBC it was referred to as a "form of Conservatism that focuses on the individual". This is nonsense as it is not a form of conservatism in any way. Here is my view of what a Libertarian is.


Starting as Undecided

This is audio from a video I made just after Maxime Bernier left the Conservative Party to form his own. At the time, he had not yet created the PPC. I am trying to remain open to Mr. Scheer, challenging as that is. These were my thoughts at the very beginning and I thought that starting out as an undecided was a good place to begin.


Close to You – Local Elections

Ontario recently elected new city councilors. I live in Toronto, so was watching everything closely. This was recorded on election day so I did not know the outcome. While it certainly matters how it turned out, it's the reason for its importance that I talk about here.


Assessing Politicians

Over the years I've learned to look at politicians as people first, with all the foibles that involved. While the media attempts to present us with their biased "for or against" viewpoint, I've found my own formula for cutting through the noise and assessing politicians. Try it out yourself and let me know if it helps. There is no perfect method for discerning the value of someone, but this helps me look past the media-driven opinions to form my own. (this was recorded on a windy day in a...


My Personal 8 Year Rule

I always vote against politicians and/or parties once they’ve had power for 8 years. When there are no official term limits, each citizen should consider this rule when voting.

Mr. Trudeau Gropes to Town

As much as I wish this was not a topic for discussion, the era of metoo seems to demand that something be said. While the mainstream media who live Justin are happy to let this fade into history, I cannot simply ignore it. Here are my thoughts recorded in the week following this story. It was recorded in a noisy park. My apologies for the background sounds.