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A short-form podcast by Nori where we discuss current events around the world of carbon removal from the atmosphere with a rotating cast of guests.

A short-form podcast by Nori where we discuss current events around the world of carbon removal from the atmosphere with a rotating cast of guests.


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A short-form podcast by Nori where we discuss current events around the world of carbon removal from the atmosphere with a rotating cast of guests.






Welcome to Carbon Removal Newsroom!

Carbon Removal Newsroom is a Nori podcast which tracks carbon removal policy, technological development, and deployment. Episodes are typically +/- 10-20 minutes long, and come out whenever we see something in the news that we feel deserves an episode.


Microsoft commits to being carbon negative by 2030

Microsoft has joined the ranks of prominent tech companies pledging to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emit. Elizabeth Willmott, Microsoft's Carbon Program Manager, comes on the show to tell us more. Microsoft's announcement: "Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030"


Boulder, Colorado is striving for carbon removal leadership

Boulder, Colorado is making moves to support carbon removal as a city. Brett KenCairn, the City of Boulder's senior policy advisor for climate & resilience, and director of the Urban Drawdown Initiative, comes on the show to explain what is happening on the front range. N.B. It wasn't James Madison but Louis Brandeis who popularized the phrase "laboratories of democracy". FastCompany article: "How Boulder is creating a path for cities to scale up carbon sequestration" Urban Drawdown...


The state of blue carbon: are whales carbon-negative?

Steven Lutz from GRID-Arendal comes on the show to discuss whether whales are or can be carbon-negative, and if and how this could be monetized in carbon markets. "Living whales are worth an enormous amount of money" in the Washington Post GRID-Arendal website


American Farmland Trust's primary focus now on climate change and agriculture

American Farmland Trust is treating climate change as their "primary thrust" in their advocacy work. This is a major commitment by AFT to make strides in agricultural work to reverse climate change. American Farmland Trust website


Intuit to remove fifty times its emissions by 2030

Intuit has partnered with Project Drawdown to negate fifty times its emissions through carbon removal by 2030. Project Drawdown's Executive Director, Dr. Jonathan Foley, is on the show to explain Intuit's commitment, their collaboration, and whether this is the beginning of the tech industry's surge into carbon removal. Intuit's press release Project Drawdown website Drawdown Learn website Dr. Jonathan Foley's Twitter Dr. Jonathan Foley's website Project Drawdown on Twitter


Vote Climate U.S. PAC's 2020 voter's guide includes carbon removal

Vote Climate U.S. PAC published a voter's guide for 2020 presidential candidates which includes a section for ranking candidates on carbon dioxide removal. Today, the founder and president of the organization, Karyn Strickler, joins the show to tell us more. We've never seen this as a criterion for evaluating politicians and is probably a reflection of carbon removal's growing prominence. Vote Climate U.S. PAC 2020 Presidential Candidates Voter's Guide


A Kickstarter Called Negative: carbon-negative bracelets are now for sale

Tito Jankowski and his team at AirMiners and beyond have created a carbon-negative bracelet called Negative with direct air captured CO2 from Climeworks and Carbon Upcycling Technologies. It's being funded and is for sale through Kickstarter. Kickstarter for NEGATIVE: A bracelet made with captured atmospheric carbon


At the United Nations, the first annual Global Climate Restoration Forum is held

The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR)'s CEO Rick Parnell joins us from the United Nations to tell us about their First Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum, and the creation of their Global Coalition for Climate Restoration. They're raising the profile of carbon removal and trying to foster scalable climate solutions with decisionmakers. Foundation for Climate Restoration website.


The Nori Lightning Sale is now live

People can now buy Carbon Removal Certificates from the Nori marketplace. This is the first time this has happened and is the first step in Nori launching its full platform. Nori CEO Paul Gambill is on the show to share the news about the Nori Lightning Sale. This episode is posted on Reversing Climate Change and Carbon Removal Newsroom. Link to remove carbon with Nori:


The Green Amendment Movement, carbon removal, and Andrew Yang

The Green Amendment Movement is an effort to constitutionally protect the environment, and Maya van Rossum has been leading this charge. Two states have them, most do not, and others are working on it. Andrew Yang recently announced his support for such an amendment at the federal level, which had us wondering: if governments are constitutionally required to provide a clean environment and stable climate, does that obligate their support for carbon removal? Maya's website:...


Stripe & Shopify announce major support for carbon removal

Last month Stripe announced a major initiative to support carbon removal. Last week Shopify followed suit. What is going on in tech that is helping carbon removal get so much traction? Nori CEO Paul Gambill joins the show to help explain. Decrement carbon: Stripe's negative emissions commitment We need to talk about carbon (Shopify)


A Case for Separate Targets for Emissions Reduction and Negative Emissions

Duncan McLaren, Professor in Practice and Research Fellow at Lancaster University, comes on the show to talk about a recently published paper he cowrote called "Beyond “Net-Zero”: A Case for Separate Targets for Emissions Reduction and Negative Emissions". Alexsandra Guerra hosts and digs into if and how emissions reductions and carbon removals should be treated as distinct activities. "Beyond “Net-Zero”: A Case for Separate Targets for Emissions Reduction and Negative Emissions" by Duncan...


Democratic Primary raising the profile of carbon removal

Giana Amador, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Carbon180, joins the show to discuss the growing profile of carbon removal within and through the Democratic Party's 2020 Presidential Primary.


OpTIS, a new data-driven agtech tool, is now freely available

Pipa Elias, Director of Agriculture, North America at The Nature Conservancy, comes on the show to tell us about the progress with OpTIS, The Operational Tillage Information System, and how this intersection of data science and agtech could affect agriculture and food systems in the United States. Pipa's article: "OpTIS: New Data Drives Conservation Solutions" @PipaElias


Anthony Myint wins the Basque Culinary World Prize

Anthony Myint has been one of the leading restauranteurs using regenerative agricultural products in their food. He recently won the Basque Culinary World Prize for his efforts, and his activism—now more on the policy front—hasn't slowed down. Basque Culinary World Prize website The Perennial Farming Initiative


VERGE 19 announces the Carbon Removal Startup Showcase

GreenBiz is hosting VERGE 19 from October 22nd-24th in Oakland, California. They have a special track of the conference called VERGE Carbon, featuring quite a lot on carbon removal. There is a special exhibition that entrepreneurs can apply for called the Carbon Removal Startup Showcase. The deadline is August 30th, 2019. VERGE Carbon; Referral code: V19NORI Carbon Removal Startup Showcase VERGE Accelerate


OpenTEAM launches its open-source tech ecosystem for farm data

Dr. Dorn Cox comes on the show to tell us about the work of OpenTEAM (Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management), and their efforts to foster the interoperability of farm data platforms by using an open-source ethos and scaling by collaboration. The press release Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology Email:


Reintroducing the Fossil Energy Research and Development Act

Erin Burns, Director of Policy at Carbon180, testified in front of the House Science Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy regarding the Fossil Energy Research and Development Act. Erin explains what it is and how it might play out. We also get a brief update on the USE IT Act, which Erin told us about last time she was on Carbon Removal Newsroom.


Indigo Ag announces The Terraton Initiative for soil carbon sequestration

Ed Smith, VP of Indigo Ag and head of Indigo Carbon, joins the show to talk about The Terraton Initiative: Indigo Ag's new effort to sequester one trillion tons of carbon dioxide through regenerative agriculture.