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Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.

Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.
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Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.






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Seg. 1: Albert Bloch | Seg. 2: Calvin Arsenia

Segment 1: A new documentary explores the life of abstract expressionist painter Albert Bloch. Albert Bloch lived the final decades of his life in Lawrence, Kansas. But at the height of his career, he was a member of a band of artists that helped create modernism in Europe. Tim de Paepe , filmmaker, AB David Cateforis , chair, KU Department of Art History Segment 2: Calvin Arsenia's new album is a milestone in his professional and personal growth. A Kansas City harpist and vocalist just...


White Castle Dreams

If fast food is an American ritual, the hamburger is our "secular wafer." That's according to the author of a new book, Drive Thru Dreams . He says the story of fast food begins with the invention of the hamburger in Wichita, Kansas. Adam Chandler , author Drive-Thru Dreams


Seg. 1: Fall Drinks | Seg. 2: Best Italian Food

Segment 1: Fresh cocktails for a new season. As summer winds down, two mixologists join us to share their favorite autumnal cocktails. Brock Schulte , bar director at The Monarch Bar Jill Cockson , owner of Swordfish Tom's Segment 2: The best Italian food in Kansas City. Our food critics recommend their favorite Italian dishes across the city, from classics like spaghetti and meatballs, to experimental plates of carrot pesto or bone marrow. Carlton Logan , KCFoodGuys.com and the Kansas City...


Seg. 1: Art in Malls | Seg. 2: Antoni's Back

Segment 1: Artists are reviving the shopping mall experience. There's a new trend in malls. Whereas the spaces artists were transforming a couple decades back tended to be abandoned warehouses in industrial parts of town, now the suburban shopping mall's providing that canvas. Dave Claflin , marketing consultant for area shopping malls Segment 2: Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski is in town with a cookbook. The food expert from Netflix's Queer Eye wrote his new cookbook while filming seasons 3 and...


Seg. 1: LGBTQ in Shawnee| Seg. 2: Inclusive Playgrounds

Segment 1: Derrick Rieke is an unlikely but powerful LGBTQ rights advocate in his community. When Derrick Rieke spoke out, at a Shawnee City Council meeting, he told his personal story wrestling with being gay from fourth grade well into adulthood. He was addressing a room full of people he knew, many of whom were there to oppose the ordinance he was fighting for. Derrick Rieke , vice president, Max Rieke and Brothers Inc. Segment 2: New all-inclusive playgrounds are a step toward making...


Changing Your Mind (R)

As the 2020 presidential primaries heat up, and issues like gun control and climate change continue to polarize us, we revive a timely-as-ever conversation about the obstacles that prevent us from changing our minds, even when faced with evidence that contradicts our position. David McRaney, journalist, host of the podcast You Are Not So Smart Randy Nudo, director, Institute for Neurological Discoveries


Seg. 1: Replicability Crisis | Seg. 2: Aisha Sharif

Seg. 1: A KU professor is raising the bar for the standard of evidence in psychology. A recent study reveals that a high percentage of treatments long believed to be supported by evidence don't measure up to today's standards for repeatability. What that means for the field of psychology, and why a KU professor is obsessed with learning more. Alex Williams , director, Psychology Program, KU Edwards Campus John Sakaluk , assistant professor of psychology, University of Victoria Seg. 2: A...


Seg. 1: Sprayseemo | Seg. 2: Opera Family | Seg. 3: Space Meatball

Segment 1: Muralists descend on Kansas City to make art. In its third year, Sprayseemo has become a big international festival for creating outdoor public art in Kansas City. Amy Harrington and Jason Harrington (AKA Riff Raff Giraffe), artists and festival organizers Segment 2: A world-renowned opera singer performs in his native Kansas City, alongside his mom. Ben Bliss grew up with opera. His mom's been a professional opera singer since he was a kid. But he came to opera on his own terms...


Seg. 1: Greeting Card Diversity | Seg. 2: Light Pollution

Segment 1: Making greeting cards more diverse. Cards are about relationships. So if none of the greeting cards on the shelf represent the person you're reaching out to, or the occasion you're celebrating, it won't feel quite right. Hallmark's trying to make more communities feel "seen" in the greeting card aisle. Monic Houpe , product director, Hallmark Christy Moreno , editorial director, Hallmark Segment 2: Why Kansas and Missouri astronomers are fighting to save dark skies. With 80% of...


Seg. 1: Gay Softball | Seg. 2: First Fridays

Segment 1: The Gay Softball World Series comes to Kansas City. As the Gay Softball World Series gets under way here in town, the Kansas City Royals host their first ever official Pide Night at the K. Scott Switzer , Executive Director, Gay Softball World Series 2019 Rick Leavitt , founder of a gay softball team and league in Florida 25 years ago, now a Kansas Citian Segment 2: First Friday has lost its festival license. Now what? In the aftermath of a lethal shooting at First Fridays in...


Bibliofiles: Back-To-School

Segment 1: Books in school, according to a librarian. A retired Shawnee Mission school librarian reflects on the change she's witnessed in school libraries over the decades, particularly given the role of online searches in student research. Jan Bombeck , retired librarian, Shawnee Mission School District and Johnson County Public Library Segment 2: Books about school, according to the Bibliofiles. School is a perfect microcosm and therefore a perfect setting for a good story. But as one of...


Seg. 1: One More Cup | Seg. 2: Black Restaurant Week | Seg. 3: Sly James the Cat

Segment 1: A Waldo coffee shop looks back on 10 years. As One More Cup approaches its announced closing date, one of the owners joins us to talk about what neighborhood hangouts mean to their communities. Stacy Neff , One More Cup Segment 2: Kansas City prepares for its first-ever Black Restaurant Week. What's the idea behind Black Restaurant Week, and how does it fit into the big picture of race in restaurant culture, in Kansas City and beyond? Marquez Beasley , event producer, Black...


Seg. 1: Emmett Till | Seg. 2: Boys Who Dance

Segment 1: The way we remember Emmett Till is still rooted in race and geography. A KU professor who thought he knew the Emmett Till story was shocked by what he learned when he traveled to the Mississippi Delta for himself. That sent him on a journey to try to sort through the tangled threads of this haunting history. David Tell , author, Remembering Emmett Till Segment 2: Men and boys in ballet speak out. After Good Morning America's Lara Spencer mocked Prince George, age 6, for his...


Seg. 1: Gandhi's Grandson | Seg. 2: Mouse Divided (R)

Segment 1: Mahatma Gandhi's grandson reflects on his family legacy. As the world begins celebrating Gandhi's 150th birthday, Park University brings the iconic leader's grandson and biographer to town for celebrations and talks. The elder Gandhi sought to attain purity as a way of leading entire nations to peace; his grandson believes that we can contribute to that greater good, even while falling short of perfection in our lives. Rajmohan Gandhi , research professor, University of Illinois...


Hot Dogs and Creative Grillables

As Labor Day approaches, the food critics recommend great hot dogs in Kansas City, and an expert offers advice on how to grill unexpected foods, such as pound cakes and apricots. Mike McGonigle , McGonigles Market Jenny Vergara , contributing editor, Feast Magazine Carlton Logan , KCFoodGuys.com and the Kansas City Eats Facebook group Liz Cook , food critic, The Pitch


Seg. 1: Community News | Seg. 2: Race And Museums

Segment 1: What's up in northeast Johnson County? As part of our continuing conversations with community newspaper editors, here's some inside perspective on the news in the Shawnee Mission Post. This episode's focus: contested municipal elections in Overland Park and Shawnee, and non-discrimination ordinances in several cities countywide. Jay Senter , editor, Shawnee Mission Post Segment 2: The story of a new play inspired by the 30 Americans exhibit. A new play, Coloring Within The Lines,...


Seg. 1: Back-To-School Bras | Seg. 2: Toni Morrison Remembrance

Segment 1: Why the cost of bras that fit is an issue for teens. Talking to grownups about wearing a bra is hard for pre-teens and teens in any income bracket, but getting bras that fit is that much harder when the social barrier is compounded by a financial one. How a lack of access to bras affects girls in school, and what one local activist is doing about it. Tiffany Price , founder, Hold 'Em Up 4 Care Libby Price , her cousin and young volunteer Segment 2: The legacy of Toni Morrison, as...


Seg. 1: Simon Tam | Seg. 2: Chiefs' Name

Segment 1: On taking a bandname all the way to the Supreme Court. Is it possible to be offensive to oneself? That's a question Simon Tam, frontman for a band called The Slants, brought before the U.S. justice system. He's using his story to encourage Asian American professionals in leadership positions to "lean into" their values. Simon Tam , author, Slanted: How An Asian American Troublemaker Took On The Supreme Court , keynote speaker, National Association of Asian American Professionals...


Seg. 1: Technology In Prison | Seg. 2: Unidentified

Segment 1: A KU research team got a grant to bring technology training to women's prisons. The population of women in U.S. prisons has risen 834 percent over the past 40 years. More than half of the women now in prison are mothers of children under 18. After interruptions in their educations and resumes, technology training could help them begin planning for re-entry. Hyunjin Seo , associate professor, digital/emerging media, University of Kansas Segment 2: Reports of UFO sightings are being...


Portrait Session: Robbie Makinen

Transit isn't about vehicles; it's about people. When Robbie Makinen lost his vision in 2013 and suddenly had to get around town without his sight, he came to understand that more clearly than ever. Here's his story. Robbie Makinen , CEO, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority