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All the news, analysis and (un)necessary commentary you need to start the day, hosted by Emmy-winning journalists, news addicts and real-life pals @jillwagnerTV and @Carlo_versano.

All the news, analysis and (un)necessary commentary you need to start the day, hosted by Emmy-winning journalists, news addicts and real-life pals @jillwagnerTV and @Carlo_versano.


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All the news, analysis and (un)necessary commentary you need to start the day, hosted by Emmy-winning journalists, news addicts and real-life pals @jillwagnerTV and @Carlo_versano.




Chauvin Verdict Watch, Space History & Pot Views

Derek Chauvin's fate is in the hands of 12 of his peers, Covid tests now available OTC, Capitol cop's cause of death, NASA's Mars copter takes flight and how Americans' views on cannabis have changed on this 4/20.


Open Vax Eligibility, Peloton Safety & Governor McConaughey?

All Americans who want a Covid vaccine can now get one. The question is whether that will be enough to get us to herd immunity. Plus, safety concerns for Peloton's treadmill, Tesla's Autopilot and more news from the weekend.


Police Conduct, Booster Shots & Love, Hate, Ate

America wakes up to another mass shooting and another fatal police shooting. Also, chances are we're going to need a third vaccine shot, Covid breakthrough case data and America's most underrated pop star.


J&J Fallout, Madoff Dead & Crypto Landmark

Jill and Carlo continue the conversation about vaccine hesitancy in the wake of the J&J vaccine "pause" and more.


What's Next for J&J Vaccine, Afghanistan Endgame & Toilet Paper Surplus

Jill and Carlo discuss the news about Johnson & Johnson's Covid vaccine being "paused": what it means if you've gotten the shot, and what it could mean for reaching herd immunity. Plus, an end to the Afghan war...for real.


Policing in America, Vaccine Hesitancy & Help Wanted

Jill and Carlo continue the discussion on vaccine hesitancy, plus the latest on several violent police encounters and why Major Biden is headed to doggy rehab.


Michigan Surge, Iran Nuke Sabotage & Movie Musical Chairs

The White House won't surge vaccines to Michigan as it sees the worst outbreak in the country, a police shooting in Minneapolis, an historic win at the Masters and more.


Biden on Guns, Amazon Union Update & Love, Hate, Ate

Jill and Carlo are discussing President Biden's action on gun violence, which comes during a particularly fraught week of shootings in America. Plus, overnight developments on the Amazon union drive in Alabama and Carlo's pet theory on anti-maskers.


Covid 'Breakthrough' Cases, Biden Tax Plan & Masters Without Tiger

Why it's nothing to be worried about when you hear about people who got infected after they were vaccinated. Plus, Brazil going vertical, Biden's plan to pay for infrastructure and why was Tiger Woods going 85 in a 45?


Vax-for-All, '60 Minutes' Blowback & Rich Get Richer

Jill and Carlo talk President Biden's new deadline for universal vaccine eligibility, why CBS News is under fire for last Sunday's piece on Ron DeSantis, the very rich and getting very richer and more.


Hygiene Theater, GOP vs. Corporate America & Baylor Wins!

The CDC finally gets religion on surface transmission, Republicans put up a united front on new voting laws, Tim Cook hints at an Apple car and Baylor spoils Gonzaga's perfect season.


Vaccinations Ramp Up, Box Office Comeback & Greatest Game Ever?

The latest pandemic headline from the weekend, another fatal attack on the Capitol Police, Amazon drivers are peeing in bottles and more.


Covid's Silver Linings (Bonus Pod)

In this special bonus ep, Jill and Carlo discuss the lessons learned during our pandemic year and how our way of life is bound to change in the After Times.


3 Million Doses a Day, Chauvin Trial Takeaways & Love, Hate, Ate

Jill and Carlo end the week with a look at vaccine uptake, Biden's infrastructure plans, Love, Hate, Ate and more. PSA: Be on the lookout for our BONUS Covid Silver Linings pod this weekend!


Spoiled Vaccines, Hate Crime Arrest & Play Ball!

Jill's back, just in time to fool Carlo into going back to the office. Plus, the news: J&J shots spoiled, a shocking hate crime in NYC, baseball is back and Netflix gets a big franchise.


Vaccine Hesitancy Drops, 'Human Infrastructure' & Final Four Set

Carlo's flying solo today, talking about the surge that wasn't in Texas, vaccination uptake, economic optimism, the plan for the Oscars and remembering Teri Leiker, one of the victims of the Boulder shooting.


Covid Origins, Derek Chauvin Trial & Return of the Dad Bod

Jill and Carlo talk about where the coronavirus may have come from, the first day of the Derek Chauvin trial and more.


Unstuck in the Suez, College Hoops & Shooting Victims

Breaking overnight: the ship is unstuck! The latest from the Suez Canal, the state of the pandemic, March Madness and attempts to answer your questions about which shooting victims are worthy of news coverage.


Biden Meets the Press, Trouble in the Suez & Love, Hate, Ate

What wasn't asked at Biden's first press conference, latest on the Boulder gunman and victims, another toilet paper shortage and Love, Hate, Ate Sea Shanty Edition.


Another Cuomo Bombshell, Maritime Traffic Jam & Cursed Olympics

Jill and Carlo are discussing the latest allegations against their governor, plus the new AstraZeneca vaccine results, an historic repeal of the death penalty and remembering Neven Stanisic of the Boulder shooting.