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Episode 23: Kraken Crypto Exchange CEO Jesse Powell Talks Regulation

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken knows its business is facing an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Kraken CEO and co-founder Jesse Powell told Bloomberg Law the exchange—one of the largest in the world—was ready for increased scrutiny and expecting regulation this year. Powell said Kraken also believes in self-regulation and has tried to create several industry-led regulatory groups. “I feel like we’re doing a pretty good job of regulating ourselves,” Powell told Bloomberg Law in a Code &...


Episode 22: ITI's Dean Garfield Talks Artificial Intelligence

It may be too early to regulate the robots. But the U.S. government needs to play a big part in the rollout of artificial intelligence to make sure it benefits society, Dean Garfield, president and CEO of ITI told Bloomberg Law. "Whether you call it collaboration or national strategy, I think some exercise aimed at motivating the country to recognize the importance of AI is critically needed," Garfield said.


Episode 21: Talking EU Digital Taxes, Privacy with Ambassador O'Sullivan

EU Ambassador to the U.S. David O’Sullivan talked about multiple policy changes companies are facing in tax and privacy regulations in an interview at the SXSW annual tech conference held in Austin, Texas.


Blockchain Gaming Raises Legal Gambling Questions

The virtual kitten you bought online might seem docile, but it may upend how courts interpret gambling laws. Online gamers and game developers have battled in courts for years over whether in-game prizes, like a digital sword or piece of gold, can be considered items of value for gambling law purposes. Now online games built on blockchain technology, like CryptoKitties and Ethermon, might challenge future judges’ interpretation of how to apply those laws, Alexis Kramer, Bloomberg Law tech...


Episode 19: Google & Oracle's Copyright Feud Rings In Another Year

A multi-year copyright battle between two tech giants could end with major changes in store for the software industry in 2018. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will weigh whether Alphabet Inc.’s Google infringed on Oracle America Corp.’s copyright when it copied bits of code, known as APIs, from Oracle’s Java programming language, or if that was a fair use under copyright law. The outcome of the case could ultimately upend how software developers and tech companies create...


Episode 18: Social Media Companies Could Face Liability Changes in 2018

The increasing pressure on social media companies to police content on their websites might get heavier in 2018. Legislation moving through the Senate and House would impact how internet publishers that allow users to post content, such as Facebook and Yelp, need to patrol their sites for content that promotes sex trafficking or prostitution.


Episode 16: 2018 FCC Moves May Shape America's Media Landscape

The battle over who will be serving up Americans their news and media content is headed for the courtroom in 2018. The FCC's moves in 2017 to rollback media ownership rules could lead to a surge of TV broadcasters consolidating stations and reshaping American's access to local journalism.


Episode 15: 2018 Blockchain and ICO Outlook with Don Tapscott

Blockchain, the emerging technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is poised to take off in 2018, Don Tapscott, best-selling technology author and Blockchain Research Institute co-founder told Bloomberg Law. The technology can revolutionize how citizens interact with their governments by helping ensure elected officials stay accountable to constituents, and keeping personal information safe from hackers to begin with, he said.


Episode 14: Talking Self-Driving Cars with Intel

Self-driving vehicle technology rolled into a shifting regulatory landscape in September. Intel Corp.’s senior vice president and general manager of its automated driving group, Doug Davis, discussed how new guidelines and legislation will impact the technology.


Episode 9: Domain Names to the Right of the Dot

Episode 9: Domain Names to the Right of the Dot by Lydia Beyoud


Episode 7: So You Wanna Revamp Tech's Favorite Visa? Get in Line

The tech industry has long argued for more H-1B high-skilled visas to help fill their ranks with scientists, technologists and engineers. But President Trump and his advisers have also criticized the visa as undercutting American workers and pushing down wages. While tech companies might be on board with some ideas in politicians' various proposals to overhaul the visa program, such as raising the caps on the visa and increasing the number of times they can be issued annually, other...


Ep 6: The Un-United States of Self Driving Cars

How soon will you see more self-driving technologies being tried and tested on a road near you? It likely depends on what state you live in, and the auto and tech industries are concerned that answer may get even more complex in the new Trump administration. Bloomberg BNA tech and telecom reporter Michaela Ross interviews Elliot Katz, co-chair at DLA Piper’s connected and self-driving car practice, about how Trump’s newly sworn-in Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao will navigate this...


Ep 2: Brexit (Part 2) A Curve Ball for the EU's Unified Patent and Data Protection Regimes

This episode of Bloomberg BNA's Code & Conduit podcast focuses on the possible impact the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union might have on efforts to streamline patent litigation and new data protection rules across Europe. Peter Leung, a senior legal editor for Bloomberg BNA's Intellectual Property news division, discusses the uncertain future of a specialist patent court that was expected to be located in London. George Lynch, a senior legal editor with Bloomberg BNA's Privacy...


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