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S2E06: Cruel Britannia? w/Rianna Walcott & Genista Tate-Alexander

Raj is holidaying with bae this week, so Warren and Rowan are left to pick up the pieces - joined by friend-of-the-pod Genista Tate-Alexander. We chat the new Independent Group of MPs; highlight the Government's worrying ability to strip citizenship without due process; and chat the whitewashing and nostalgia for the British Empire - a major narrative behind Brexit. We finish with Genista's interview with Rhianna Walcott, co-founder of Project Myopia - seeking to diversify and decolonise...


S3E05 - Where There's a Weyl, There's a Radical Market ft. Glen Weyl

The gang return with a single-issue episode - discussing Eric Posner and Glen Weyl's book "Radical Markets", bringing together ideas from the extremes of the political spectrum. Ideas include eradicating private property, redistributing wealth, pursuing social justice... through a free market encompassing *everything*. They've also got interesting ideas about direct democracy, immigration, anti-trust laws and personal data. Rowan interviews one of the authors, Glen Weyl, who explains the...


S3E04: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Credulous ft. Giusppe Porcaro

Covering things we missed in the last two weeks: The big vote of no confidence! We are referring of course to Greek president Alexis Tsipras, who survived a confidence vote this week, something that as many as six people in the UK noticed. Brexit continues to be a straightforward affair for everyone, and Berlusconi wants to be EU Commission president. Right-Wing Watch: Old People are sharing fake news at an astonishing rate. I feel like we knew this already, but now it's confirmed by...


S3E03: Algorithms are Policy feat. Carla Hustedt (Bertelsmann Foundation)

After a few quick news hits we missed over Christmas, we launch straight into: Right Wing Watch: the so called "migrant crisis", and how we do almost nothing to help refugees compared to basically everyone else. An interview with Carla Hustedt of the Bertelsmann Foundation about how algorithm design affects us all and her work to inject some ethics into their creation. Finally, some reasons to be cheerful in 2019! We're leaving depressing stuff in 2018! Read about Carla's work here:...


S3E02: Architecture is Policy with Cindy Cohn

In this slightly depressing pre-Christmas episode we talk to Cindy Cohn of the Electronic Frontier Foundation about her work in digital rights, how we can build a more free digital realm, and the EFF's issue of McSweeneys, "The End of Trust". We then talk about homelessness and how it's been made much, much worse by the Tories. We promise to have a more cheerful episode next week. Merry Christmas! Check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation and their book "The End of Trust" here:...


S3E01: A Startling Return To Jaunes

We're back for another season! This week we're talking about the yellow jackets protest in France - where has this come from, an is this a movements progressives can support? Brexit rumbles inexorably onwards and we bring you a special, comprehensive update. What will happen now? Who knows, but it's probably going to be a nightmare. Finally we speak to Sophie of Berlin think tank Polis-180 about how they're building a democratic, crowdsourced think tank to get people closer to Government....


BONUS: Season 1 Highlights, Part 2

Raj walks us through the edited highlights of season 1 of Connected and Disaffected. We're on a break right now, but in the meantime you can support us by: Following on Soundcloud Following on Twitter – Following on FB – Email your comments and ideas -


S2BONUS: Dr. Elizabeth Economy and China's Third Revolution (FULL INTERVIEW)

Another Summer Holiday gift for you all - the extended version of Warren's interview with Dr. Elizabeth Economy, on her recent book 'The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State'. In a wide-ranging discussion, we touch on China's recent history, it's increasing global influence, some of the environmental and financial challenges it faces, and the economic and political changes ahead. We also ask - what does this mean for us, in the West? Check out Dr Economy's book...


BONUS: Season 1 Highlights, Part 1

Raj walks us through the edited highlights of season 1 of Connected and Disaffected. We're on a break right now, but in the meantime you can support us by: Following on Soundcloud Following on Twitter – Following on FB – Email your comments and ideas -


S2BONUS: Kate Raworth & Doughnut Economics (FULL INTERVIEW)

Kate Raworth is an academic, historian and humanitarian who has become something of an economics superstar in the past couple of years. Her arguments begin with a simple point: the economic systems that dominate global political thought have not only lead to vast inequality in the world, but are wholly unable to mitigate or prevent the overwhelming threat of climate change. What we need is a new way of thinking about 'economics', not simply as supply & demand and everything that happens...


S2E33: The Grand Finale

It's the last show of Season 2! We've had a blast producing episodes for the past year, and for our final episode we thought we'd do a retrospective of our favorite moments from this season. No it's not a clip show. Although there are clips. Find all our previous episodes here: Featuring: Speaking to UK MEPs (E30) International Women's Day (E16) Bitcoin (E5) Peter Frase and Jacobin (E3 + E4) Prof John Curtice (E24 + E25) Sajjad Karim MEP (E28)...


S2E32: NHS, Good or Bad Thing?

A: Good ;) The gang are finally reunited for the penultimate show of the series! This week we're celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS ("A slice of socialist utopia"); and calling out the usual torrent of Tory hypocrisy. ___ Week in Bull***t / Right-Wing Watch It's a bumper one this week, with Theresa May celebrating negotiating a soft Brexit with her cabinet as if it's something incredible, the Tories claiming EU laws for their own, and allying with far-right nationalists in the European...


S2E31: Millennial Politics ft. Nathan Rubin

The summer tag-teaming continues - this time Rowan's out, and Warren's back in - so we can keep you hydrated with with cool, refreshing glasses of podcasting goodness. This week it's about the Alt-Right landing on UK political shores, the UK's role in torture and rendition, and an interview with Nathan Rubin of Millennial Politics. ___ MEANWHILE ON TWITTER We don't really have words for this. Check it out for yourself: Alt-Right...


S2E30: Where Are EU Now? ft. UK MEPs

Warren is away this week, but Raj and Rowan have a very special feature we've been working on for a few weeks! What do British MEPs do now that Britain has decided they shouldn’t have a job anymore? Once the UK leaves the EU, all 78 of our sitting MEPs will be out of a job. It's a unique situation. We wanted to know what those MEPs are up to, how they’re preparing for Brexit, and what has changed since the referendum result back in 2016. So, we spoke to six of them on the topic... All the...


S2E29: Withdrawal Symptoms ft. Dr Elizabeth Economy

Raj is away having a nice time this week, but Warren and Rowan hold down the fort in his absence. Get ready to hear about: ___ BREXIT WATCH - The EU Withdrawal Bill Brexit expert (Brexpert?) Rowan talks through the EU Withdrawal Bill that has been flapping its way through parliament this week. Various people have been trying to get things amended and/or not amended, there's been a lot of horse-racy distraction, so we break down what all this actually means for Brexit. ___ FEATURE - China's...


S2E28: What's Happening With Rights? ft. Sajjad Karim MEP

Warren's sunning himself over in Europe, barking orders in slurred English with a Gin & Tonic in hand. Raj and Rowan are picking up the slack this week with a focus on rights. What's happening with them? ___ MEANWHILE ON TWITTER Paul Dacre's off. Sayonara motherf***er. ___ BIG THINKING - Worker's Rights in the Digital Era Rowan takes us through a recent Aeon article by George Zarkadakis - "Workers of the World Unite on Distributed Digital Platforms". What challenges does the digital...


S2E27: Will Podcast For Food ft. Jasmine Andersson

MEANWHILE ON TWITTER James Cleverly continues to the be Britain's foremost public twitter idiot. Chuka Umunna catches some heat from, er, the Labour party over his offer of an unpaid internship in his office. We discuss how they undermine fair wages, exclude those from poorer backgrounds, and generally make the world worse. ___ FEATURE - The North/South Divide Jasmine Andersson of Pink News discusses growing up in Hull, Northern perceptions of the South, and the issues of regional...


S2E26: Happy GDPR Day

The gang are delivering you a pure hit of C&D goodness this week, with no expert guests but plenty of wikipedia-based knowledge and agitated views. ___ MEANWHILE IN YOUR INBOX... Rowan leads on our celebration of GDPR day - what's gone wrong (or right) with our inboxes? What does GDPR even mean? And what are the impacts for society and our tech future? ___ FEATURE - What's Happening with Grenfell We skip our usual interview-based feature, for Warren instead to deliver an overview of what the...


S2E25: "Polls Should Be Taken, Not Inhaled" ft. Sir John Curtice

We're back this week with another round from polling expert ("poll-lord") Sir John Curtice, plus we look into whether the 'national wage rise' is real (probably not), and why the government funding Grammar School's is so painful. ___ WEEK IN BULLSH*T - A 0.4% rise in real wages has been widely reported this week. Following the street parties that swept the country after the news, we dissect how this is not only long overdue - but also probably not true. Lies, damn lies, and statistics... ___...


S2E24: Poll Position ft. Sir John Curtice

Another week, another podcast! The gang are chatting Eurovision, gammon and votes for 16-17 years olds, but first they have a big feature... ___ FEATURE Raj sits down with Sir John Curtice - polling methodology expert, survey researcher, and something of a Twitter celebrity - to discuss expectations and interpretations of the recent local elections. What can we extrapolate from the results? How far does Labour have to climb? How certain is any 'prediction'? ___ MEANWHILE ON TWITTER Rowan's...