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S2E32: NHS, Good or Bad Thing?

A: Good ;) The gang are finally reunited for the penultimate show of the series! This week we're celebrating the 70th birthday of the NHS ("A slice of socialist utopia"); and calling out the usual torrent of Tory bulls**t. ___ Week in Bull***t / Right-Wing Watch It's a bumper one this week, with Theresa May celebrating negotiating a soft Brexit with her cabinet as if it's something incredible, the Tories claiming EU laws for their own, and allying with far-right nationalists in the European...


S2E31: Millennial Politics ft. Nathan Rubin

The summer tag-teaming continues - this time Rowan's out, and Warren's back in - so we can keep you hydrated with with cool, refreshing glasses of podcasting goodness. This week it's about the Alt-Right landing on UK political shores, the UK's role in torture and rendition, and an interview with Nathan Rubin of Millennial Politics. ___ MEANWHILE ON TWITTER We don't really have words for this. Check it out for yourself: Alt-Right...


S2E30: Where Are EU Now

Warren is away this week, but Raj and Rowan have a very special feature we've been working on for a few weeks! What do British MEPs do now that Britain has decided they shouldn’t have a job anymore? Once the UK leaves the EU, all 78 of our sitting MEPs will be out of a job. It's a unique situation. We wanted to know what those MEPs are doing now, how they’re preparing for Brexit day and what things have changed since the referendum result was announced back in 2016. So, we spoke to six of...


S2E29: Withdrawal Symptoms ft. Elizabeth Economy

Raj is away having a nice time this week, but Warren and Rowan hold down the fort in his absence. Luckily, they're 66% of the hosts with 95% of the knowledge. Get ready to hear about: ___ BIG THINKING - The EU Withdrawal Bills Brexit expert (brexpert) Rowan talks through the EU Withdrawal Bill that has been flapping its way through parliament this week. Various people have been trying to get things amended and/or not amended, and we talk about the fallout from the negotiations and what's...


S2E28: What's Happening With Rights? ft. Sajjad Karim MEP

Warren's sunning himself over in Europe, barking orders in slurred English with a Gin & Tonic in hand. Raj and Rowan are picking up the slack this week with a focus on rights. What's happening with them? ___ MEANWHILE ON TWITTER Paul Dacre's off. Sayonara motherf***er. ___ BIG THINKING - Worker's Rights in the Digital Era Rowan takes us through a recent Aeon article by George Zarkadakis - "Workers of the World Unite on Distributed Digital Platforms". What challenges does the digital...


S2E27: Will Podcast For Food ft. Jasmine Andersson

MEANWHILE ON TWITTER James Cleverly continues to the be Britain's foremost public twitter idiot. Chuka Umunna catches some heat from, er, the Labour party over his offer of an unpaid internship in his office. We discuss how they undermine fair wages, exclude those from poorer backgrounds, and generally make the world worse. ___ FEATURE - The North/South Divide Jasmine Andersson of Pink News discusses growing up in Hull, Northern perceptions of the South, and the issues of regional...


S2E26: Happy GDPR Day

The gang are delivering you a pure hit of C&D goodness this week, with no expert guests but plenty of wikipedia-based knowledge and agitated views. ___ MEANWHILE IN YOUR INBOX... Rowan leads on our celebration of GDPR day - what's gone wrong (or right) with our inboxes? What does GDPR even mean? And what are the impacts for society and our tech future? ___ FEATURE - What's Happening with Grenfell We skip our usual interview-based feature, for Warren instead to deliver an overview of what...


S2E25: Don't Inhale Polls

We're back this week with another round from polling expert ("poll-lord") Sir John Curtice, plus we look into wage increases and Grammar school funding. ___ WEEK IN BULLSH*T - A 0.4% wage increase has been widely reported this week. After the street parties which swept the country following this news, we dissect how this is not only long overdue, but also a complete joke. ___ FEATURE - John Curtice Raj gets back to talking to polling expert John Curtice. We talk Brexit, Trump, and the ins...


S2E24: Poll Position ft. Sir John Curtice

Another week, another podcast! The gang are chatting Eurovision, gammon and votes for 16-17 years olds, but first they have a big feature... ___ FEATURE Raj sits down with Sir John Curtice - polling methodology expert, survey researcher, and something of a Twitter celebrity - to discuss expectations and interpretations of the recent local elections. What can we extrapolate from the results? How far does Labour have to climb? How certain is any 'prediction'? ___ MEANWHILE ON TWITTER Rowan's...


S2E23: Marx's Grave - A Communist Plot ft. Lewis North

Another tasty episode of C&D out for you guys, now featuring Warren's new microphone, giving him a sexier voice than ever before POLITICS WATCH We cover the recent local elections here in the UK. Why does a victory for Labour still feel like a bit of a disappointment? Why did it turn out this way? And what have we got to do to truly undo the Tories hold on politics, when the Windrush scandal and Brexit chaos are not apparently enough?! ___ BIG THINKING It's Karl Marx's 200th Birthday, so...


S2E22: Who's Developing Who? ft. Martin Kirk

This week we’re talking aid and international development, with returning champ Martin Kirk (/TheRules). Labour’s new policy vision for aid and development was released last week, and we talk about what they're doing differently, how the aid industry is set up, and how the very idea of development needs to change if we aren’t going to turn the planet into a boiling hellscape. That Labour international development paper in full:...


S2E21: Citizens That Definitely Were But Now Maybe Aren't ft. Genista Tate-Alexander

The gang are ditching regularly scheduled programming this week for a deep dive into the f***ing horror that is the Windrush scandal, with special guest Genista Tate-Alexander. We cover what its about, how it's effecting communities, and why this suffering is a natural result of the Tories' and Home Office's “hostile environment” policy. How bad is it? Why is it so flawed? And how is transforming our society? David Lammy’s furious speech in Parliament on the issue:...


S2E20 The New 'Doughnut' Economics ft. Kate Raworth

The boys are back in town, after a well-earned Easter break, bringing your fresh ideas and even fresher takes to resist the crushing anxiety of a world gone mad. ___ FEATURE Academic, economist and humanitarian Kate Raworth sits down with Warren to discuss her paradign-shifting book 'Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways To Think Like a 21st Century Economist". It's an incredibly accessible read packed with insight from both economic theory and real experiences working in the humanitarian sector....


S2 BONUS: The History Of Neoliberalism

The gang are enjoying a well earned break for the fortnight, but don't worry - we've got that top-class content still rolling in for you. This week we're releasing one of our most popular features - The History of Neoliberalism - as a single podcast, having originally been released across episodes 9-13. In it, we: - Summarise neoliberalism - Explain mainstream economics up to the 1970s - Discuss Hayek, Friedman and the birth of neoliberalism - Offer a critique of neoliberal theory. - Touch...


S2 BONUS: Generation Screwed ft. Michael Hobbes

The gang are enjoying a well earned break for the fortnight, but don't worry - we've got that top-class content still rolling in for you. This week it's the extended version of the excellent interview Rowan held with Michael Hobbes, long-form journalist at Huffington Post Highline. His article "Millennials are Screwed" is a great combination of storytelling, data and a nifty aesthetic that challenges our lazy assumptions about why Millennials are struggling to get by. Maybe we're not so...


S2E19: The New Old Fear of Media ft. Dr Heidi Tworek

FEATURE - Historical fears of Mass Media Manipulation Following last week's breakdown of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, this week Rowan sat down with Dr. Heidi Tworek, a professor of International History at UBC to discuss the "new old fear" of mass media manipulation, and how our current media landscape resembles earlier times. Check out the original article that inspired our conversation: Check out Heidi's recent brief advising journalists in the digital...


S2E17: What Women Want? ft. Sophie Yates Lu

The gang return, on time and on form, kicking off the latest episode with a continuation of last week's feminism theme, before drifting on to other matters... ___ FEATURE We chat with Sophie Yates Lu about the recently released What Women Want 2.0 survey - which asked British women the simple question "what do you want?", and analysed the data. Sophie discusses some of the key themes, her thoughts on what has and hasn't changed, and her hopes for how this data can be used by policymakers...


S2E14: Trust Falls ft. Anthony Skews (Political Theorist and Author)

This week we discuss the Edelman Trust Barometer 2018, a global survey of trust in institutions and governments. Trust has been declining for the last 18 years running - we talk about why, including the contributions of social media and “fake news”, and whether or not this is a good thing. Check out the Trust Barometer here: ___ In our feature this week, Rowan sits down to speak to author and political theorist Anthony...


S2E13: Apocalypse Soon? (A Brief History of Neoliberalism Pt.5)

Rowan survives a house-fire and noxious fumes to join Warren and Raj this week for the grand finale of 'A Brief History of Neoliberalism'. Last week we discussed how the political left embraced neoliberalism, through the Third Way politics of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. This week we look at the rest of the industrialised world, discuss the 2008 financial crisis, and reveal how neoliberalism has taken the opportunity to double-down since the Great Recession. Will it be this way forever?...


S2E12: Third Way to the Danger Zone (A Brief History of Neoliberalism Pt.4)

Rowan returns to the fold this week, still without a home but at least with an 'adequate' AirBnB. Get a degree they said. Do a masters they said. Get a white-collar job they say. It'll all work out they said... Rowan's slow-motion crushing beneath the iron wheel of capitalism sets us up quite well for Part 4 of our on-going series 'A Brief History of Neoliberalism', which is now becoming not-so brief. Last week he explored how Thatcher and Reagan spearheaded Neoliberalism in the West over...