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Two dads discuss the intersections of politics, religion, entertainment, and everyday life. Follow us on social media:,

Two dads discuss the intersections of politics, religion, entertainment, and everyday life. Follow us on social media:,
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Two dads discuss the intersections of politics, religion, entertainment, and everyday life. Follow us on social media:,






Episode 24 - Aborting Consistency

The mainstream pro-life movement (by which I mean the Republican Party) is extremely frustrating. It’s frustrating because it has no consistency; even to people who oppose abortion, pro-life actions and arguments often don’t make a lot of sense. Links: statementTextWashington PostFederalisttalks to James Franco


Episode 23 - After the Red Scare

For more than two years, Democrats in the media and in Washington have been counting on the “Russiagate” scandal to destroy Trump. With the completion of the Mueller report, it seems that that isn’t going to happen. So what do they do now? From CNNFrom NPR From Fox News


Episode 22 - Social Monopoly

Facebook jails, twitter bans, Youtube demonetizes, and Google buries. Do the tech giants have “monopolies?” Are they too powerful? Too biased? Do we need government to step in and regulate them? Tim Pool on Facebook dyingTim Pool on Twitter dyingNew Zealand mosque attack shows need for Congress to regulate FacebookEpisode 21 (Social Capital) was a record-setter for most listens in the first week. Thanks to all of you who listened, and extra thanks to anyone who shared or told a friend!


Episode 21 - Social Capital

A recent poll of Iowa Democrats showed 56% of likely caucusgoers are okay with a candidate who wants to the US to be more socialist. This is a shocking change from a generation ago. Socialism is bad (spoilers!), but why is it bad, and how can we discuss it productively?


Episode 20 - Plankeye

“Judge not,” they say. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” they say. But is it really wrong to judge? And what does it even mean to judge someone? Joel and Josh are together again after two solo shows. Links: “My Faith Does Not Discriminate”The Bible (all of it!)


Episode 19 - History Is Not About You

History is complicated, but complex history is a nuisance when you have an agenda to promote. In this episode, Josh tackles 5 common historical narratives and explains why none of them really explain history. Links: Philippine-American War1400-year warThe “wage gap” mythThe Moors in Europe


Episode 17 - DIY Religion

Can people really get by without some concept of God? Many people in the modern world believe that “religion” is outmoded and that ideas like “sin” are obsolete, if not outright harmful. But can people really operate without any such ideas? What happens when they try? Links: Trump tweets support for Bible literacy classesJefferson’s “separation of church and state” letter"Raising Children Without the Concept of Sin"“The Story of the Madman”This episode features music by Caleb Hugo.


Episode 16 Is Not Fake News

Two huge incidents of “fake news” have further tarnished the reputation of the press this past week. First there was “Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress.” Then there was “MAGA teens harass Native American.” Both were top headlines for one day before being revealed as fiction. Why does this happen? What can we do about it? Links: Trust in news media is up vs 2016BBC, Fox News, and PBS are most trustedCNN and MSNBC go impeachment-crazy over Buzzfeed storyDon’t forget to follow us on...


Episode 15 - Magic Numbers

Corresponding with the rise of the “alt-right” in recent years has been the rise in popularity of what its proponents call “race realism.” This new iteration of racism is supposed to be more “scientific” than ones from the past, but is it really? Does the idea of judging people by race even make sense at all? Links: TweetThe Steve King boil-overRe: Race RealismNazi ScienceInformation on the link between fatherlessness and poverty


Episode 14 - Left Behind

Why can’t the Republican Party sell? Border security should be a winning issue, so why do Republicans keep losing? Why can’t Christian movies sell? Religious themes have and should appeal to a wide audience, but so why does Christian art seem limited to “for us, by us?" National attitudes on immigration reformNumbers of unaccompanied minors cross the Southern borderHas Hollywood Finally Found God?Why Christians Movies Are So TerribleThe Prince of Egypt


Episode XIII - A New Hope

Many people perceive 2018 to have been a bad year, but was it really? By many metrics, it was actually really good. We can’t always fix the world’s problems, but many of the problems we perceive are actually the product of broken interpersonal dialog, but that’s something we can definitely change. Links: More than 50% of humanity is now middle classTerrorism is decliningThe Koreas on a road toward peaceJoel’s latest in the Des Moines RegisterThe Gamestop Video


Episode 12 - The War In Error

President Trump gave a big Christmas present to his libertarian-minded subjects last week when he announced plans to withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. We discuss this unexpected move and the broader “war on terror." Links: The Establishment Will Never Say No To a WarHoward Deanin livesin dollarsMany Afghans Shrug at 'This Event Foreigners Call 9/11'Among many Afghans, 9/11 remains unfamiliar or poorly understoodUS Defense Spending Compared to Other CountriesThe...


Episode 11 - This Episode Replaces Human Labor

Indoor plumbing was invented over 3000 years ago, but it didn’t become mainstream until the 19th Century. What gives? Josh goes solo to speculate about what causes technology to thrive or stagnate, and why we shouldn't fear it, even when it replaces human labor.


Episode 10 - Vive la Révolution

What’s the difference between protesting, civil disobedience, rioting, rebellion, and revolution? When does each happen and when is each effective? "What’s Really Behind France’s Yellow Vest Protest” by Cole Stangler: Video of the the Free DC project Joel was involved with: Don’t forget to follow Constructive Interference at, and


Episode 9 Requires the Season Pass

No one likes EA, and people are starting to do something about it. We discuss how the “big release plus DLC” model of video game publishing is giving way to an evolutionary release model, talk about some of our favorite multiplayer games, and Josh calls his wife a “household manager."


Episode 8 - A Precarious Fence

Everyone is talking about illegal immigration this week, but how much of what is being said actually makes sense? We discuss the both "sides" of the issue, explain why both are probably misguided, and don't quite make it to a conclusion about the role of Christian charity. Like and follow Constructive Interference at on Facebook, and @thecishow on Twitter. SHOW NOTES & SOURCES: Cato study on immigration:...


Episode 7 - A Literal Press

The recent Acosta/Trump fiasco sheds light on several problems plaguing the news media. What is the "free press," what should it do, and why doesn't it? We discuss the "Trump vs. Free Press" narrative, fake news, and the reasons why many people prefer their news to be biased.


Episode 6 - Nobody Likes Purple

Politicians like to talk about "reaching across the aisle," but do voters really want bipartisanship? If two groups don't want to go in the same direction, how can they share control? Joel gives his tribute to Stan Lee. Make sure to follow our social media pages: and


Episode 5 - Cold, Hard Coins

We talk about the midterm election? No! We talk about video games. What are our favorites, why do we like them, and how is the industry evolving?