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The latest Coronavirus news from The Telegraph’s leading journalists, with analysis of the impact on health, business and travel in the UK and beyond.

The latest Coronavirus news from The Telegraph’s leading journalists, with analysis of the impact on health, business and travel in the UK and beyond.


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The latest Coronavirus news from The Telegraph’s leading journalists, with analysis of the impact on health, business and travel in the UK and beyond.




Has hospitality been unfairly targeted?

It employs nearly one in ten UK workers, but it’s the industry set to suffer the most when England's new tier system comes into force. CEO of UKHospitality, Kate Nicholls tells Theodora Louloudis why limited evidence of infection in pubs and restaurants means the sector has been wrongly singled out, with ‘devastating’ consequences. Read more on Christmas rules: | Read more on travel quarantine changes: | 'Dosing error in trials led to Oxford...


How promising is Remdesivir?

Over a year since the first recorded case of Covid-19 in humans, only one antiviral drug is approved for its treatment. The Telegraph’s Global Health Security team speak to Dr Michael Elliot, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Gilead Sciences, the company that manufactures Remdesivir. They discuss how useful it is, whether big pharma is solely driven by profit and the prognosis for severe coronavirus sufferers in the second wave. Read more on the Oxford vaccine:


The five challenges facing Joe Biden

After the US recorded its highest daily rise in new cases and hospitalisations, Deputy Editor of The Telegraph’s Global Health Security Team, Anne Gulland joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss the five mammoth challenges the President Elect will be seeking to overcome in his fight against Covid-19. Top of the list? Tackling misinformation. Track cases in your area: | Read more about the MS drug trial: | For 30 days' free access to The Telegraph:...


When will the UK be vaccinated?

After the Pfizer vaccine breakthrough, immunologist Dr Al Edwards tells Theodora Louloudis why the hard work isn't over even once a vaccine is approved, why talk of effective immunisation before Christmas is premature and how this particular vaccine could be particularly difficult to distribute. Read more about the rise in deaths in England and Wales: | Read more about unemployment rates: | Read more about Welsh exams:


Could we all be tested weekly?

As Liverpool becomes England’s first city to be offered mass coronavirus testing, The Telegraph’s Health Editor Laura Donnelly tells Theodora Louloudis why the trial could offer a glimpse into the UK’s future, and why its success hinges on public co-operation. Read more the UK's R-rate: | Read more about Paris' coronavirus infection rates: | Read Ambrose Evans-Pritchard' 'Boris has my full support on lockdown 2.0 - even though I think he’s...


Is Christmas "cancelled"?

With just eight weeks to go until the big day, Yolanthe Fawehinmi joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss the likelihood of households being allowed to mix nationwide over the festive season. Read more about England's coronavirus infection rates:| Read more about the leaked sage documents:| For 30 days' free access to The Telegraph: | Email: | See Privacy Policy at...


Time for a two-week lockdown?

Millions more Britons will soon be living under tighter coronavirus restrictions, but Sadiq Khan and Sir Keir Starmer are among the Labour MPs calling for even harsher measures. They want to see a two-week national ’circuit breaker’ lockdown, but would this diminish the problem, or simply delay it? The Telegraph’s Global Health Security Correspondent Sarah Newey tells Theodora Louloudis why the move isn't a silver bullet. Read Sarah's report from Manaus: | Read more...


Will the three-tier system work?

After Boris Johnson announces a new three-tier system of increasingly tough restrictions to determine England’s local lockdowns, University of London virologist Dr Elisabetta Gropelli joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss whether a focus on social interaction is enough to avoid the death rates seen over the country’s first wave. Find out what tier your area is in:| Read more about missed cancer screenings:| Read more about China’s mass testing:...


Donald Trump tests positive - what next?

After Donald Trump and his wife, Melania test positive for coronavirus, Oxford University Professor of US Politics, Adam Smith joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss how this will affect his campaign, and why - if everything goes really wrong - it could lead to a Democratic president before the votes are even counted. Read more about SNP MP Margaret Ferrier: | Read more about England's new quarantine rules: | For 30 days' free access to The...


A six-month lockdown?

As case numbers rise, restrictions rise too. In the wake of England’s new lockdown measures, The Telegraph’s Associate Editor, Camilla Tominey tells Theodora Louloudis whether these are merely the beginning, why Boris Johnson’s own experience of the virus is colouring his response and why she still views the PM as a libertarian leader. Read the new rules in full: | Read Camilla Tominey’s latest analysis: | Read more about the US death toll:...


Is Britain’s death toll about to jump?

Cases are rising and restrictions are being reimposed, but will an increase in UK infections lead to a spike in deaths? As the WHO warns of a rise in coronavirus fatalities across Europe from October, The Telegraph's Theodora Louloudis and Global Health Security Correspondent, Sarah Newey discuss how this could play out in Britain, and whether younger sufferers and breakthroughs in treatments are enough to stop a deadly second wave. Read more about how face masks could be giving people...


What now for the Oxford vaccine?

Nearly 180 vaccines are being trialled globally, but Oxford University's has been a frontrunner from the start. On Tuesday, a hitch in the road: the trial was paused in its third and final phase. Virologist Dr Elisabetta Groppelli joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss the significance of the decision, and whether global collaboration is needed to speed up the search. Read more about England's new lockdown rules: | Read more about the rise in cases in Italy and...


Back to work or face the sack?

Over five months since the public was told to work from home where possible, the Prime Minister wants Britons back at their desks. As well as concern for the economy, mental health and productivity, ministers are warning that working from home will make people more ‘vulnerable’ to being let go. Theodora Louloudis is joined by employment law solicitor, Melanie Morton to discuss the rights of employers to fire those who wish to stay home, and the rights of employees to refuse on the grounds of...


Has the lockdown lost us friends?

After months of reduced social interaction, it's hard to shake the feeling that things just don't feel the same with some of our friendships. And a new report suggests that's because they might not be. The Oxford University psychologist behind the study, Professor Robin Dunbar joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss the hindrances of virtual friendships, why physical contact strengthens relationships and the unwelcome side-effect of becoming friends with your neighbours over the lockdown. Read...


Quarantine: Which countries are next?

The late-evening announcement that those arriving in the UK from France will soon have to quarantine for 14 days has left Britons scrambling to get home. The Telegraph’s Deputy Travel Editor, Ben Ross joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss which countries could soon be added to the UK Government’s ‘red list’, whether France is likely to impose reciprocal measures and why this is the ‘worst case scenario' for the travel industry. Read more about the latest easing of lockdown restrictions and...


How Spain lost control - again

Spain’s coronavirus lockdown was the strictest of all – and it worked. But less than two months after the state of emergency ended, the country is once again topping the European league of Covid-19 transmission. Madrid-based journalist, James Badcock joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss why partying amongst the young and a patchy contact tracing system mean the country’s become the sick man of Europe. Read more about Britain's record recession: | Read more about...


The Covid-19 'long-haulers'

As MPs are warned that up to half a million Britons are suffering coronavirus symptoms months after first falling ill, Theodora Louloudis hears from those experiencing 'long Covid' and speaks to Professor Tim Spector, a leading King's College London epidemiologist about why some suffer for much longer than others, and whether those experiencing long-term symptoms still have the disease. Read more about safety concerns over 50 million NHS masks: | Read more about...


A homegrown vaccine?

As results of the first human trials of Oxford University vaccine show immune reaction produced without any serious adverse reactions, virologist Dr Elisabetta Groppelli joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss why she thinks the results are ‘very, very encouraging’, whether a vaccine is ‘one size fits all’ and how virus mutation could affect crucial immunology research. Read more about the potential coronavirus treatment from Synairgen: Read more about Test and Trace...


Normality by November?

As Boris Johnson suggests the nation could see a Christmas free of social distancing, the Telegraph’s Deputy Political Editor, Anna Mikhailova joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss what the Prime Minister’s latest update means for those currently working from home, whether newly-unveiled testing targets will give the country greater freedoms and why giving councils the power to implement local lockdowns is one of the government’s most significant steps yet. Read more about the UK’s current...


Why are Tory voters more likely to oppose face masks?

The move to make face covering compulsory in shops has caused anger - online, at least. And a YouGov poll suggests that those who oppose the move are more likely to be Conservative voters and Brexiteers. The Telegraph’s Parliamentary Sketchwriter, Michael Deacon joins Theodora Louloudis to discuss why the decision goes against Boris Johnson’s own libertarian principles and what leaving the EU might have to do with wearing a face mask. Read more from Michael Deacon:...