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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells! Theme Music: Audio Network


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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells! Theme Music: Audio Network




Crime Alert 04.16.24

22-year-old woman poses as homeschooled teen to gain access to middle school age boys. Porch pirates are getting creative! For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.



Fifteen days after Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelley are reported missing, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation announced the recovery of two bodies. The identity of the remains has not be confirmed as yet, but we do know the remains have been sent to the Oklahoma Medical examiner's office for identification, as well as the cause and manner of death. Initially police said there was evidence of suspicious circumstances in Veronica Butler‘s car. That evidence was a small amount of blood inside the vehicle. Police have now released new information. The vehicle was found on a dirt path, 1,000 feet off of Oklahoma State Highway 95 and near the car, police find multiple puddles of blood, leading investigator to conclude the woman were shot, before they were abducted. Reports began to surface that a caravan of law enforcement vehicles including swat teams was traveling in the panhandle of Oklahoma. Local reporters said there were some 20 vehicles including swat and other law enforcement vehicles in Cimarron County which split into two groups. One group went to the home of Tifany Adams, the ex-mother-in-law of Veronica Butler, while the other group of law enforcement traveled to a different location in Cimarron County. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has now announced four people have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelley. Tiffany Adams, the ex-mother-in-law of Veronica Butler, and Adams boyfriend, Tad Cullum, are in custody. Cole Twombly and Cora Twombly were also arrested, all four taken to the Texas County Jail. They each person faces 2 counts of suspicion of first-degree murder, 2 counts of kidnapping, and 1 count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Joining Nancy Grace Today: www.carynstark.comSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.15.24

Man arrested in connection with shooting that injured three. Angry customer smacks employee in the face with a bible on Easter Sunday. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


Abused at 8, Murdered at 13; The Sad, Short Life of Madeline Soto

AUTOPSY REPORT WILL NOT BE RELEASED. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will explain what happened to Madeline Soto and Dave Mack will dig into the back story of the entire family. You will find out by the time she reached 13-years-old, Madeline Soto had already been sexually abused for years. When she was a “missing 13-year-old" from Florida, the news covered every tidbit of information about the search for the teen. One piece of evidence that made it to the press was how Madeline Soto told a friend when she turned 13, she was going to live in the woods. That is why police searched the woods for Madeline. Subscribe to Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan : Apple Podcasts Spotify iHeart Transcript Highlights 00:00:28 Introduction, talk about parents protecting children 00:04:28 Talk about Madeline Soto saying she wanted to live in the woods 00:05:31 Discussion of ages 12 and 13 00:09:04 Discussion of Madeline not taking cell phone 00:12:29 Talk about family being told about evidence 00:16:42 Discussion of time children go to school 00:20:07 Discussion of Madeline Soto seen in vehicle 00:21:49 Talk about being haunted by evidence 00:26:26 Discussion of Madeline Soto 00:30:26 Talk about video surveillance of suspect 00:33:22 Discussion of 60 charges against suspect 00:37:32 Discussion of evidence of previous abuse See for privacy information.


'MOMMY' Sends Tot Elijah Vue to TORTURE CAMP WITH CONVICT LOVER, Court Imminent

Elijah Vue, 3, is still missing. The toddler was last seen at the home of her mother's boyfriend, Jesse Vang. Vang had been taking care of the boy for about a month to reportedly help mother Katrina Baur with care and discipline. The day Vue vanished, Vang said he was disciplining the boy, ordering him to stand next to Vang's bed and pray. Vang fell asleep. Three hours later, when Vang woke up the boy was gone. Both Vang and Baur have been arrested, and charged with crimes related to child neglect. A judge had paved the way for Vang to be tried. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Darryl Cohen Thomas E. FischerMike HadsellMeghan KreinSee for privacy information.



June 12, 1994. Nicole Brown Simpson calls Mezzaluna Trattoria, a restaurant in Brentwood, California. Her mother had left her reading glasses on the table. Ron Goldman, who worked there, offered to to drop the pair off at Brown's home after work. Just after midnight, police found Goldman's and Brown's bodies in the walkway leading up to her condominium. Both have been stabbed to death. As OJ Simpson becomes a suspect, he leads police on a slow-speed chase in his white Bronco which is televised as the former Heisman Trophy winner leads a cadre of cars down the interstate. Simpson is charged, but is acquitted in what was called the "trial of century." OJ Simpson, dead, after a cancer battle. Joining Nancy Grace today: for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.12.24

Father kills son, torches body in failed murder-suicide plot. 9-year-old boy caught trying to drive himself to school. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.



Richard Allen Davis is an ex-con out on parole after serving 8 years of a 16-year sentence for kidnapping. Paroled to a halfway house for convicts with alcohol and drug addiction, he gets an overnight pass and drives his ford pinto 60 miles up the California coast to Petaluma. Davis goes to a park, smokes a joint and drinks beer, 2 blocks from the home of 12-year-old Polly Klaas, having a slumber party with two friends. Davis sneaks into the home, grabs a knife from the kitchen, and goes to the room where the girls are setting up sleeping bags. He threatens the girls with the knife, ties 2 of them up, gags them, and kidnaps Polly Klaas. It takes the girls 20 minutes to free themselves and they run to Polly's mother, Eve Nichols. who calls the police. The search for Polly Klaas begins. 90-minutes after kidnapping Polly Klaas, Richard Allen Davis gets his pinto stuck in a ditch. The owner of the secluded property, Dana Jaffe, gets spooked and calls the police. Police talk to Davis, help get his car out of the ditch, and send him on his way. Two months after Polly's disappearance, Jaffe calls the police again after finding a sweatshirt, girls' clothing, and other items on her property. Jaffe says she thought it looked like a crime scene and tells officers about the stranger from 2 months earlier. The search for Polly Klaas has been international news for the last two months and Investigators quickly pull up their records from the incident and find the name, Richard Allen Davis, and ex-con with a long rap sheet who most recently served time in prison for kidnapping. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Marc Klaas – Polly’s father Eddie Freyer – Lead FBI Agent in Polly Klaas CaseSam Dordulian - Sexual Assault Attorney, Former Los Angeles County Sex Crimes Prosecutor, Founder of Dordulian Law group,, Twitter: @DordulianLaw Dr. Sara G West - Forensic Psychiatrist, Specializing in Sexually Deviant Behavior, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine forensicpsychiatryMD.comJohn Woolfolk, Reporter, San Jose Mercury News @JohnWoolfolk1 See for privacy information.



5:30 p.m. April 2: Cudahy Police respond to reports of human remains found along Lake Michigan. At Warnimont Park, cops recover a severed human leg. Three days later, Milwaukee police find another unspecified human body part at a playground 11 miles away. A third set of unidentified human remains are recovered from a park just blocks from the previous discovery. In the meantime, Sade Carleena Robinson, 19, is reported ‘critically missing’ by Milwaukee Police on April 1 when she fails to show up for a shift at Pizza Shuttle. Robinson’s mother, Sheena Scarbrough, says Robinson texted her that afternoon to ask for money, which Scarbrough says is very unusual for Robinson. The next morning, police respond to reports of a car fire near 30th Street and Lisbon, 2 miles from Robinson’s home. Fire investigators determined no one was inside the car, but family members identified the car as belonging to Sade. Sade Robinson’s family joins the searches near the playground over the weekend. While police find unidentified human remains, Robinson’s family discovers a blanket belonging to Sade. The distinct pink blanket pictures Sade with her beloved dog, Coco Chanel, who passed away. As more human remains are discovered, the family is losing hope Sade will be found alive. Authorities descend on a home 8 miles away in West Milwaukee. Investigators spend more than 24 hours searching the upper unit of the duplex, reportedly discovering blood in the stairwell and on a comforter. The homeowner is detained in connection with the remains found. Milwaukee Sheriffs reveal Maxwell Anderson remains in custody as a person of interest connected to the remains found along Lake Michigan. Anderson has not yet been criminally charged but does have a rap sheet. Anderson has several convictions including disorderly conduct, domestic abuse, and DUI over the last 10 years. In two incidents, Anderson became violent with relatives, and in a third, beat a stranger who intervened in an argument between Anderson and a woman. Anderson is said to work as a bartender for several establishments in the Milwaukee area. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Matthew ManginoDr. John DelatorreCrimeOnline.comSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.10.24

New renter kills homeowner, buries his body in the backyard. D.C. visitor tries to set Union Station's Freedom bell on fire. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.11.24

Man executed in L.A. restaurant. K9 Midnight safely returns toddler to his parents. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.



As the Kohberger defense team moves ahead with their trial preparations in hopes of moving the proceeding out of Latah County, they put together a research project. In that research project, they hired a polling company to survey area residents to ask questions about how much the residents may know about the murders. The company had reached around 400 residents before a concerned citizen recorded one of the survey phone calls and contacted the district attorney's office to complain. Prosecutors say the polling company was asking questions to plant negative opinions of Kohberger in potential jurors' minds in the hopes the calls would serve to prove that local people were prejudiced against Kohberger and that the trial should be moved to another county. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Tara MalekChris McDonoughDr. Leslie DobsonBody Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan See for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.09.2024

Mother stabs 4-year-old son to death. Walmart shoplifter claims it was 'just a game!' For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.



A sixth lawsuit naming Sean Combs, alleges his son, Christian ‘King’ Combs, attacked a stewardess while aboard Victorious, an 85-foot superyacht chartered by Sean Combs. Grace O’Marcaigh claims Christian Combs forced her to take shots from a spiked bottle he brought aboard. O’Marcaigh goes on to say Combs groped her, removed his clothes, and attempted to force her into oral sex. Another stewardess walked in on the attack, startling Combs and allowing O’Marcaigh to escape. O’Marcaigh claims Rodney Jones has audio recordings of Combs forcing himself on her. Sean Combs is named for aiding and abetting his son in the attack. Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones' lawsuit alleges there is evidence of the sexual assaults and sex trafficking as hidden cameras record everything throughout Combs’ homes, which is why homes in LA and Miami were raided. Combs’ former bodyguard, Gene Deal, commented that if there are cameras in Combs’ homes, there may be compromising video of “politicians and princes.” The claims are reminiscent of cameras Jeffrey Epstein allegedly used as an “insurance policy” against powerful friends like Prince Andrew. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Bernarda VillalonaScott JohnsonBrett BrownBarry See for privacy information.


Missing Autistic Boy, Sebastian Rogers, MOLESTED?

A vigil was held over the weekend in the Hendersonville community as the search for Sebastian Rogers moves into its sixth week. The Rogers family says they are holding onto hope that the teen will come home safe. This, as father Seth Rogers says his son was molested in the past. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Sheryl McCollum – Forensics Expert & Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder; Host of Podcast: “Zone 7;” X: @149Zone7 Joe Scott Morgan – Professor of Forensics: Jacksonville State University, Author, “Blood Beneath My Feet,” and Host: “Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan;” Twitter/X: @JoScottForensic Dave Mack- CrimeOnline Investigative Reporter See for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.08.24

Pastor hires hitman to kill his daughter's boyfriend. St. Paddy's day festivities lead to ironic mugshot for this woman. For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.


Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan: Home Invasion Hoax -The Death of Thomas Waddell

Deborah Frazier calls 911 and tells them two burglars have shot her boyfriend, and as she is on the phone, a gunshot is heard and Frazier tells the dispatcher she has been shot in the leg by one of the burglars. Police arrive and discover the first person shot, Mr. Thomas Waddell, is in the back room of his apartment, wrapped in a blanket and a garbage bag and secured with duct tape. On this episode of Body Bags Joseph Scott Morgan will explain all of the things police will have to believe for Deborah Frazier's story to be true and Dave Mack will explain how Frazier was using a second boyfriend to con Mr Waddell out of his life savings! Subscribe to Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan : Apple Podcasts Spotify iHeart Transcript Highlights 00:00:42 Talk about everything that has to be believed for the story to be true 00:02:48 Discussion of not believing a story 00:04:20 Discussion of “victim” shooting her boyfriend in the head 00:05:53 Talk about cases too difficult to believe 00:10:54 Talk about self-inflicted gunshot wound 00:14:19 Discussion of the victim who just retired 00:18:54 Talk about determining how long person has been dead 00:23:19 Discuss investigation of digital background 00:28:34 Talk about GSR test 00:33:02 Discussion of police on scene, gunshot recorded 00:37:57 Discussion of what has to be believed by investigators 00:40:12 Talk about Pictures of a life shared, scattered on the floor See for privacy information.


'Drunk' TV Star CRASHES, Curses EMTs Over $$ Blouse, Now Blames Crash Victim

"General Hospital” star Haley Pullos, charged after a wrong-way crash, is now saying she was not responsible for the damages caused to one of the other drivers. Pullos is charged with driving under the influence after her car flew over the dividing barrier, and into oncoming traffic. She careened off one car and collided head-on with another car that was going about 60 mph. Police reportedly recovered marijuana edibles and alcohol from the actress’ car. Firefighters had to use "the jaws of life" to free Pullos from her car. That's when the "General Hospital" actress lashed out at the responders shouting, “This is a $400 f**king shirt!” Now the actress is claiming she was not responsible for the damages that crash victim Courtney Wilder allegedly received. Documents filed by Pullos’ legal team say Pullos denied all the allegations levied against her in the lawsuit and went on to say the damages were caused by negligence or content of Wilder. Joining Nancy Grace Today: Dr. Shari SchwartzRobert CrispinSheryl McCollumJoseph TremblayJen Smith DailyMail.comSee for privacy information.



As a Halloween party in an upscale neighborhood gets out of hand, neighbors call 911 saying there are too many cars and drunk teens in the neighborhood. As Preston Lord and his friends leave the party, one of Lord's friends has a necklace stolen by another group of teens. A fight breaks out when Lord tries to get the necklace back. He is beaten by a group of teens who knock Lord unconscious and kick him while he’s on the ground. Witnesses recount seeing the attackers “hump” Lord and someone in a white suit returning to stomp on Preston Lord, still unconscious in the middle of the street. As Preston Lord lays unconscious on the pavement, friends determine his heart has stopped and other partygoers perform CPR until police arrive and take over. Lord is taken by ambulance to Chandler Regional Hospital, then transferred to Phoenix Children's in extremely critical condition with a severe brain injury. Preston Lord succumbs to his injuries. For those involved, Lord’s death is fodder for social media, some trying to figure out how to cash in on the reward money offered for information about what happened. The suspects discuss the fight over Snapchat with one of the messages reading, "My mom wants in on the $10K.” These messages are some of the first real clues police begin to follow. A tipster notifies police that Talan Renner admitted to a friend that he threw the first punch, and Owen Hines told a friend “he only kicked him in the stomach.” Nearly all the witnesses point out Treston Billey and Dominic Turner as aggressors due to their distinct costumes that night. Turner wore all black, while Billey donned a white suit. Using the suspects' digital media, investigators find Taylor Sherman, who admits to taking a video of Preston as he is unconscious on the ground and sending it out on Snapchat. Talyn Vigil also sent a message reading, “I hit a kid and this kid fell, hit his head. Then they kicked his head in the ground, then I got word he died so idk.” The day Preston Lord passes away, Talan Renner’s millionaire father, Travis Renner, goes to work trying to cover up the teen’s involvement. Renner and his business partner allegedly hand out NDAs and push a story that despite Talan Renner having thrown the first punch, Talyn Vigil was truly to blame for Lord’s death. Renner tells the school his son is being bullied, and whisks Talan away to his $800,000 golf club cabin in Show Low, Arizona for a week while Talan’s hands heal from the fight. Meanwhile Talan Renner brags to friends on Snapchat, “I got in a fight, a big group fight, and I accidentally killed a kid. I guess I’m just too strong.” Joining Nancy Grace Today: Ray GiudiceDr. Shari Schwartz Julie LewisCrimeOnline.comSee for privacy information.


Crime Alert 04.05.24

Woman forges documents to loot dead man's assets. These guys stole the wrong golf cart! For more crime and justice news go to See for privacy information.