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Heard on or every weekdays at 6a-9a(et) Follow me on Twitter! @DocThompsonShow Follow me on Facebook!
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Heard on or every weekdays at 6a-9a(et) Follow me on Twitter! @DocThompsonShow Follow me on Facebook!




Help Hurricane Victims, Are Stamps the new Currency?, & Sarah Mackenzie and Michael Santora - 10/12/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Jeffy v. the city of Ft. Worth… Visit to help out those who were hit by Hurricane Michael… Kanye West had lunch with the president… We look at Kanye’s ‘Yeezy’ company. Hour 2 This is the last episode of ‘The Morning Blaze’… Postal worker caught stealing and selling stamps… We take a look at how unstable the Democrats are thanks to Washington Free Beacon… Sears is on its way down the drain and we take a look at the sad pictures of the...


The Blaze v. Daily Wire, Fire Prevention Week, & Joe Bastardi - 10/11/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 We look more into Hurricane Michael now that it has made landfall… If you would like to help those who were impacted by the hurricane you can visit Mercury One’s website… Woman kicked off a plane after bringing her emotional support squirrel… Joe Bastardi, a meteorologist from WeatherBELL, talks Hurricane Michael. Hour 2 Is political correctness a problem in the country?... We look at the numbers of those who think it’s getting out of hand… Susan Kelvey...


Big Concept Wednesday, "Donald Drains the Swamp!", & Chris Stout - 10/10/18

Hour 1 Big Concept Wednesday... What’s going on with today’s kids? Young people are favoring socialism over capitalism in record numbers... Do Conservatives have a ‘Mr. Miyagi’?... Two years later and Hillary still doesn’t get it... Aaand she just legitimized Antifa... We need to learn self-reliance, not government reliance... Chris Stout joins the show, founder of After being injured in Afghanistan, Chris dedicated his life to getting homes to homeless...


Bully of Asia, The Face, & Ben Ferguson - 10/9/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Wedding preparations?... Brett Kavanaugh’s family is still being harassed… Trump announces Kavanaugh’s innocence… Maggie Steber, author of The Face, joins the show… She shares her story of a successful face transplant. Hour 2 Steven Mosher, author of ‘Bully of Asia’, joins the show to talk about Asia’s hunger for power… Journalist still missing after his visit to Turkey… The extreme left is wanting to get rid of the electoral college… Whole Foods applies...


Anti-Kavanaugh Protests, Too Much Government, & Dan Andros - 10/8/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Protestors went crazy this past weekend over Kavanaugh’s confirmation… Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has been so big that a UFC fighter congratulated him… A mob of protesters interrupts Ted Cruz’s interview with the press… Chanting Kavanaugh is a rapist… Dan Andros from joins the show. Hour 2 We take some calls to hear what you have to say about Kavanaugh… Was it right for Senator Daines to miss the Senate vote?... Cory Booker has something...


Gif or Jif?, Elite Universities vs. Asian Americans, & Mike Huckabee - 10/5/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Mixed feelings with Kavanaugh’s confirmation… We need someone more conservative than Brett… Cuomo questions Alyssa Milano cookies about her approval for Bill Clinton… Federal grant money for men and women. Hour 2 Doc tries to trick Kris… Who is telling the truth… Bette Midler tweets about ‘women are the n-word of the world’… John Lennon wrote a song about it back in the day… Joe Battaglia talks about his book ‘Unfriended.’ Hour 3 We speak with Mike...


Obama the Thug, #QuestionsForMike, & Dr. Jennifer Gardner - 10/4/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Virgin Airlines are now allowing mini horses as support animals… You need evidence if you are going to come forward with a sexual assault claim… Brandon Straka joins us to talk about the #WalkAway march in October. Hour 2 Brett Kavanaugh is the only one who drinks and has sexual assault allegations against him?... Obama called himself a thug… Did you get the emergency text from the President?... Stephen Moore talks about our economy. Hour 3 We have a very...


#TriggerAFeminist - 10/3/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 We are on a mission using #TriggerAFeminist… Anderson Cooper and Senator Hirono talk about Trump's press conference… Letter from Dr. Ford’s ex-boyfriend releases a statement about her… Swetnick liked the occasional threesome says her ex-boyfriend. Hour 2 When you use cuss words in an argument you lose credibility… Government set to take over your phone today… Chef Patrick talks about gender-neutral restaurants… Aussie’s are cutting back on alcohol. Hour 3...


Doc's Hidden Talent, Boycott Boycotts, & Eric Delloye - 10/02/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Doc’s hidden talent… Janet Jackson and her fans get triggered by Doc’s twitter trolling… What is Global Citizen’s Festival… Earning points to meet the TMB crew… Distinguished associate at Georgetown talks about white men in power with very violent language. Hour 2 We speak with producer Rick Eldridge who is producing a Fathom Film called ‘The Trump Prophecy’… Boycott boycotts…. Julie Swetnick, the third Kavanaugh accuser, comes out in an interview… What she...


SNL's Bad Jokes, Kanye West to Abolish 13th Amendment, & Gene Healy - 10/1/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 This might be the end for Kavanaugh… SNL reenacts Kavanaugh hearing… Was Matt Damon a good choice for an SNL skit?... Making fun of a man with a disease?... More double standards from the left. Hour 2 Old footage shows Matt Damon talking about handling accusations before social media… Kanye West booed for wearing MAGA hat… West's Trump speech… Tom Jippings from Heritage Foundation joins the show. Hour 3 Gene Healy, Vice President of CATO Institute joins...


Murphy Brown Comeback, Recap Kavanaugh Hearing, & Digging for Diamonds - 9/28/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 We recap the Kavanaugh testimony from yesterday… Montage of Kavanaugh claiming he likes beer, but who doesn’t?... You can’t be selective with your outrage… Dr. Ford’s story had some flaws… Lindsey Graham finally said what we all have been saying. Hour 2 Murphy Brown is making a comeback to TV… All because Trump was elected President… Vladimir Duthiers says the news tries to tell both sides but have to report the ‘truth’… Candice Bergen talks about how they...


Today is the Day, Update on Brett Kavanaugh, & Don Lemon on Ted Cruz - 9/27/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Brett Kavanaugh will either be a horrible person, or an innocent man who was attacked… More women are coming out against Kavanaugh while some are still anonymous… Three women are being represented by the same woman… How is that possible? Hour 2 Jim Acosta tries to make the president look bad… Acosta’s plan backfired… Adcomes out about Cory Gardner banning condoms and birth control… Don Lemon tells Christopher Cuomo, Ted Cruz deserved to be yelled at because...


'No Zero Policy', Shipley's or Krispy Kreme?, & Leif B. and Jocko W. - 9/26/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Teacher fired for being honest… Superintendent claims there is no ‘no zero policy’ but an interview says otherwise… Bus driver arrested for allowing children to drive school bus… Doc and Jeffy reminisce over their time in school. Hour 2 It’s national pancake day (Chef Patrick fails)… Will Kavanaugh’s accuser show up?... Mitch McConnell’s words take out of proportion… Taco Bell #1 again… Exotic treats that will make you say, really? Hour 3 Leif Babin and...


The Continuing Kavanaugh Circus, Drone Delivery, and Sam de la Rosa - 9/25/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Brett Kavanaugh gave an interview with Fox News... He has his talking points and he's sticking to them... A new accuser comes forward... Meanwhile, Ted Cruz tries to sit down for a dinner out with his family... and cue the hecklers... Hour 2 Legendary comic book artist Sam de la Rosa joins the show... He's one of the world's most prolific artists of the anti-hero Venom, and his work helped inspire the new Venom movie! And, yes, we're in September, but...


Good Week for Crazies, Arrested for Helping, & PayPal Bans Alex Jones - 9/24/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Good week for the crazies… Stormy Daniels’ attorney is now working with another accuser against Kavanagh… Alan Dershowitz calls Kavanaugh’s situation insane… Dershowitz isn’t even a Republican… Lots of jokes at Cruz’s wedding. Hour 2 A woman helps stranded pets from a storm, now arrested for not having veterinary license… Really?... Bikers for Trump take over the highway for Kavanaugh’s confirmation… Keith Ellison, your party says women are always...


#KrisCruzWeddingPredictions, Consent Contracts, & Zac Bonesteel - 9/21/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 More silly information released about Kavanaugh… The Browns finally win a game… Call Doc if you have a rude neighbor… Taking bets for possible outcomes from Cruz’s wedding using #KrisCruzWeddingPredictions Hour 2 Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser agrees to testify… Senator Gillibrand already made up her mind about the allegation… Katy Tur attempts to make Trump look bad… Charles Blow talks with Cuomo about the importance of anonymity. Hour 3 Still can’t believe...


Kavanaugh Bullied by Democrats, The View is Confused, & Robin Hutton - 9/20/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 What is going on with the Kavanaugh situation?... Do these celebrities really care about a ‘Blue Wave?’… Now the left is comparing Dr. Ford’s situation to Anita Hill… Jim Acosta interviews a friend of Dr. Ford. Hour 2 Robin Hutton, author of War Animals: The Unsung Heroes of WWII, talks about all the animals who helped in the war… President Trump delivers an update on Hurricane Florence… Still wet… What would you do if you found drugs that washed up on...


Bert & Ernie Gay?, Finding $10,000, & Julie Chen Says Goodbye - 9/19/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Slight Kavanaugh update… Kid finds ten thousand dollars and turns it in for a hundred-dollar reward… What would you do if you found that much cash?... Housekeepers not too happy with the Marriott going green. Hour 2 An entertaining event to attend would be PBR… Facebook is being sued for age discrimination… Jeffy is back with a podcast on Oct. 1… Bert & Ernie are gay?... More than a hundred thousand spent to study LGBT with Alzheimer’s. Hour 3 Julie Chen...


Chuck-E-Cheese is a War Zone, Did Russia Win?, & Kevin Muellerleile - 9/18/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 The professor who shot himself releases a statement as to why… Check-E-Cheese is a war zone… Man gets arrested for beating mother with spatula… His drug of choice… paint… They don’t want a trial or investigation. Hour 2 Alyssa Milano can’t get enough of Kavanaugh… Bradley Birzer talks about his book ‘In Defense of Andrew Jackson’… Victims are to be believed?... We don’t know if they are victims unless there is a trial… Mac Miller’s passing. Hour 3...


Why Now?, Chelsey Youman, & Kenneth Preston - 9/17/18

The Morning Blaze Topics: Hour 1 Why now? Why wait till Kavanaugh runs for SCOTUS?... All of this for the ‘Blue Wave’… Accusers should be punished with evidence… President Trump to nominate a more conservative nominee if Kavanaugh falls through… Ocasio Cortez with Jake Tapper on Kavanaugh. Hour 2 Alyssa Milano is a little late to the Kavanaugh induction process… New York Times makes an unfair impression of Nikki Haley... Chelsey Youman from talks understanding the law…...