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The New York Times vs. Kavanaugh is Groundhog Day | Katie Petrick

After having to listen to media pundits and politicians gripe about the unproven sexual assault allegations in September 2018 involving Kavanaugh, the same old song is being played this month, exactly one year later. Groundhog Day reset itself on Sunday, Sept. 15, when The New York Times published a piece called “Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She Did Not.” Written by Times reporters Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin, the authors of a forthcoming book on Kavanaugh titled The...


Ep. 94 – NYC Schools: Yes To Climate Activism, No To Chocolate Milk

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're answering all your deep burning questions. Plus, New York public schools can't seem to get anything right, from allowing students to cut class in the name of climate activism, to the proposed ban on chocolate milk...and it's all because life is too good. The Big Apple continues to give Los Angeles competition for the title of worst public education system in the country. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | #DrDukeShow


Ep. 93 – California First State To Require Abortion Drugs On Campus

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're talking about a first-of-its-kind program in Austin, Texas that makes it easier for women to get abortions at taxpayer expense. Plus, a college student says her professor nearly flunked her for making a pro-life brochure that criticized Planned Parenthood. But we start in California where a bill has just been passed making it the first state in the nation to require universities to provide access to abortion drugs on campus. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️...


Ep. 92 – Failing Scores Force District To Go Old School

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're talking about the increasing frustration leftist college professors are having as conservative YouTube stars are teaching students how to think for themselves. Plus, a heartwarming story out of Florida where a fourth grade boy, who was teased for making his own University of Tennessee t-shirt, receives some incredible news. But we start in Madison, Wisconsin where years of failed reading pedagogy may finally be turning a corner thanks to the...


Ep. 91 – School Tells 4-Year-Old Boy To Cut Hair Or Identify As A Girl

Ep. 91 – School Tells 4-Year-Old Boy To Cut Hair Or Identify As A Girl by FreedomProject Media


Dems: How To Lose 2020 In 10 Candidates | Katie Petrick

It was just one night, and that was the best thing about the latest Democratic debate for the 2020 presidential nomination. Moderated by members of ABC News, the debate lasted a paltry 2 hours and 45 minutes. Much of the time was spent between the three frontrunners and elderly candidates of the bunch: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. #KatiePetrick | Full Story: https://bit.ly/2lTvcWa


Ep. 90 – Online Clinic Prescribing Transgender Treatments For 3-Year-Olds

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we discuss a high school in the UK that is under fire after banning skirts to be more accommodating to transgender students. Plus, a school in North Carolina is also in hot water after assigning a worksheet asking students about their sexuality, religious beliefs, neighbors, and home life. But we start with an online gender clinic that is using Skype and FaceTime to prescribe transgender treatments for kids as young as three years old. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️...


Ep. 89 – Young Americans Love Obama More Than USA

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” as we honor the men and women who lost their lives 18 years ago in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania, we are drawn to a new poll that finds patriotism, religion, and children are no longer strong values held by younger generations. Plus, a Yale professor says every person she surveyed in Eastern Europe claims life was better under Soviet rule. But we start with young America, and their view that Barack Obama is not only considered the best...


Ep. 88 – Teen Banned From School After Visiting Firing Range With Mom

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we’re talking about a 16-year-old boy who was banned from school after visiting a shooting range with his mom. Plus, a new man-on-the-street video finds students at George Washington University support canceling college loan debt, but not credit card debt. Their justification is quite interesting. But we start in Wisconsin, where a school district says the key to becoming more diverse and inclusive is recruiting minority teachers. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️...


Ep. 87 – Colorado School Defies New Law Requiring Radical Sex Ed

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we’re looking at the failure of the fad known as Social Emotional Learning. Plus, a new bill in Wisconsin would require cursive writing to be taught in elementary, but some say these students should be coding instead. But, we start in Colorado, where another school says it will NOT follow a new state law requiring radical sex ed to be taught in the classroom. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | #DrDukeShow


Ocasio-Cortez Claims “Young People Are More Informed” | Katie Petrick

Ocasio-Cortez took to the platform where she frequently speaks truth to power: Instagram. In a live video, she was asked whether the “new generation” was too delicate, to which she vehemently responded, “No! I don't think they're too delicate at all. I think that they're badass.” But she did not stop there, because she cannot, and she will not. Ocasio-Cortez went on to claim the brilliance of those millennials and those one generation younger, known as Gen Z. #KatiePetrick


Ep. 86 – Professor Says Trump Responsible For More Deaths Than Hitler & Stalin

Than Hitler & Stalin 🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we’re talking about President Trump's impact on higher education and how he's managed to drive leftist professors absolutely crazy. So we kick off the crazy train with a Duke professor emeritus who claims Donald Trump may be responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | #DrDukeShow


Ep. 85 - College Daycare: Professors Can Lose Tenure If They Aren’t ‘Nice’ Enough

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're back on the college campus looking at a study that finds young Americans trust their college professors more than the military, police, and religious leaders. Plus, an artificial intelligence system designed by a prestigious college to identify hate speech finds minorities are the worst offenders. But we begin with a story out of Arkansas where new campus rules say professors can lose tenure if they aren't nice enough. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️...


Ep. 84 - Shocking Study Exposes What Students Actually Learn In College

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're going to look at a course at the University of Michigan that's being called 'straightforward political indoctrination.' Plus, a white psychology professor in Connecticut says he's been "blinded by his whiteness." The same professor said he would be OK with the demise of the white race. But we start with a study of 1,100 public and private universities in America, that provides a startling look at what today's students will ACTUALLY learn in...


Ep. 83 - Drag Shows Used To Exploit Those With Down Syndrome

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're going to be looking at a white privilege survey given to Colorado teachers. Plus, a clinical counselor says Drag Queen Story Hour is "the greatest grooming program ever devised." But we kick things off with a really disturbing trend headed to the U.S.: the exploitation of those with Down Syndrome by performing in drag shows. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | #DrDukeShow


Ep. 82 – Scholastic Books Will ‘Woke’ Your Kids

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're talking about Classic books being printed with trigger warnings. Plus, a new study finds... wait for it ... trigger warnings are basically useless. Who could have guessed? But we start with Scholastic Books and their new children's catalog pushed in schools across the country that is saturated with progressive politics. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | #DrDukeShow


Ep. 81 – California Bill Protects Students Disrupting Class

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're taking a look at the New York Times “1619 Project,” which includes new curriculum challenging teachers to reframe U.S. history in the classroom to push fake facts, quotes, and evidence. But we start in the land of fruits and nuts, where the state of California is preparing to pass legislation that would BAN the suspension and expulsion of any K-8 student who is “willfully defiant” in school. | SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | #DrDukeShow


Ep. 80 – Students Treated As Lab Rats Using Gender Unicorns

🚨On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're talking about a Florida math teacher who refused to address a biological male student with female pronouns...and now the entire school is undergoing gender inclusive training. Plus, a study finds nearly 80% of transgender minority students report having mental health issues. But we kick things off in California where a transgender middle school science teacher is in hot water after handing out a gender identity sheet, without the school’s...


Ol’ Joe Delivers Gaffes Galore | Katie Petrick

Air Date: 8.23.2019 | There are gifts that keep on giving, and right now the biggest gift with the prettiest bow is Joe Biden and his gaffes. Biden has been known to misspeak a time or two, but in the past three weeks, he has made his campaign staffers age three decades and seek medical help after trying to cover for him. #KatiePetrick


Ep. 79 – Chicago Teachers Praise Socialism Following Trip To Venezuela

Air Date: 8.22.2019 | 🚨SUBSCRIBE ➡️ https://bit.ly/2NLCV6s | On this episode of the “Dr. Duke Show” we're talking about how the LGBTQ is quietly changing norms and education. Plus, the New York University Gender Studies department says milking cows is like sexual abuse. But we start with a group of Chicago union teachers who recently visited Venezuela thanks to a crowd funding campaign, and now they're praising socialism. #DrDukeShow