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Get behind the scenes with the journalists reporting for the Express-News. Each week, host Luis Vazquez interviews a reporter for an in-depth account of a popular series or an exclusive story that has everyone talking.

Get behind the scenes with the journalists reporting for the Express-News. Each week, host Luis Vazquez interviews a reporter for an in-depth account of a popular series or an exclusive story that has everyone talking.


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Get behind the scenes with the journalists reporting for the Express-News. Each week, host Luis Vazquez interviews a reporter for an in-depth account of a popular series or an exclusive story that has everyone talking.








Episode 193: Bexar county judged stripped of cases

Express News courthouse reporter Elizabeth Zavala joins the show to break down how a Bexar County judge was stripped of most of the cases in her docket. Read: Embattled judge in Bexar County stripped of most of her court cases


Episode 192: When a boy is killed by police

A San Antonio police officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy, who crashed a stolen car into the police car. Crime journalist Jacob Beltran reports on the incident and ensuing outrage. Read More San Antonio boy killed by police was not a threat, attorney Lee Merritt says Family remembers 13-year-old boy killed by police, demands release of bodycam footage


Puro Politics EP 208: Police officers bully the media in Uvalde

An increasingly tense dynamic is developing between Texas police and the media. In recent days, law enforcement officers in Uvalde have blocked reporters from engaging with residents and covering the aftermath of the horrific May 24 mass shooting at Robb Elementary. Read: ‘That seems overboard’: Out-of-town police in Uvalde block cameras, disrupt coverage of tragedy’s aftermath


Puro Politics EP 207: Searching for answers after the Uvalde massacre

The mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde has devastated a community and shocked the nation. Columnist Cary Clack, who visited Uvalde the day after the massacre, believes something about the response to this shooting feels different. Morning of chaos: A reconstruction of how the Uvalde massacre unfolded


Episode 191: 2022 Primary runoff election preview

Express News metro columnist and host of the Puro Politics podcast joins the show to discuss the Lieutenants Governors race, Bexar county judges race, attorney general race, and district 28 race. Check out the Express-News voters guide for more information on all the primary races


Episode 190: Why S.A. moms are among hardest hit by national baby formula shortage

One of the first to write about the baby formula shortage, reporter Annie Blanks explains why San Antonio has the highest out-of-stock rate for baby formula of any U.S. metro area — and what this means for local families. Read: ‘How am I going to feed her?’: Baby formula shortage peaks in San Antonio, leaving moms scrambling


Episode 189: Vaccine refuseniks and U.S. military readiness

Military reporter Sig Christenson breaks down the ongoing controversy of military personnel refusing to obey vaccine orders. Read: Following orders is an absolute in the military — but with vaxx orders, it absolutely depends


Episode 188: Why Alamo Colleges fired a longtime SAC professor

Express News education reporter Danya Perez Express elaborates on the firing of a longtime San Antonio College professor due to a his involvement with the Texas Academic Decathalon. Read more: After 25 years, San Antonio College lost a valuable tradition, ousted professor says


Episode 187: Top 10 San Antonio restaurants in 2022

Express News restaurant critic Mike Sutter joins the show to break down his list of the top 10 restaurants in San Antonio!


Episode 186: Busting Texas tax myths

Express-News business columnist Micheal Taylor breaks down common myths about the Texas tax system and explains how taxes affect people differently at various income levels. Read: Low-tax Texas? That’s a tall tale, and state’s tax structure leads to fiscal distortions Taxes on wealth don’t impact the rich the way they do the rest of us


Episode 185: Exposing San Antonio's health inequities

Health care journalist Laura Garcia explains the work behind her special report on the health inequities that have plagued San Antonio and were made worse by the COVID 19 pandemic.


Episode 184: How to appeal property tax hikes in Bexar County

Business journalist Richard Webner discusses the rise in property tax values, who is responsible for them and how homeowners can fight back. We also talk bout his conversation with Hotel Contessa GM Dan Waters and the future of the hospitality industry downtown.


Episode 183: How a Texas law restricting drone cameras was struck down

Express News reporter Emilie Eaton breaks down changes to a drone law that restricted San Antonio area journalists and photographers from doing their jobs. Plus, she follows up on last year's report on domestic violence and how a program designed to help domestic violence victims is lacking resources.


Episode 182: How San Antonio’s history of redlining stunted opportunities for Latinos, Blacks

MySA Food and Culture Editor Madalyn Mendoza discusses her groundbreaking work on the continued grip of San Antonio's history of redlining neighborhoods. Read: ‘Tentacles’ of redlining continue to grip upward mobility in San Antonio


Episode 181: A proper Fiesta!

Express-News staff writers Rene Guzman and Deborah Martin join the show to talk about Fiesta 2022! We have your guide to the best Fiesta experience There are new routes for parades, and we also discuss the tragic loss of Hispanic Elvis.


Episode 180: Jury awards more than $10 million to family of man shot by deputies

Express news reporter Guillermo Contreras joins the show to discuss the recent jury verdict regarding the 2015 death of a man shot by Bexar County deputies.


Episode 179: Camp Bullis preservation efforts

Water and environment reporter Elena Bruess joins the show to discuss the federal conservation effort over at Camp Bullis, the fight for who controls water regulation in the area surrounding Medina Lake and when stage one water restrictions will be lifted in San Antonio


Episode 178: Previewing the Texas primary election

Express-News columnist Gilbert Garcia joins the show to preview the Texas primary elections on March 1st


Episode 177: Ukrainian protest in San Antonio

Features reporter Richard Marini and staff photographer Josie Norris join the show and bring us into the process of covering the Ukrainian protest in San Antonio.


Episode 176: Seeking justice for executed Fort Sam soldiers.

Express news staff writer Sig Christiansen joins the show to discuss the ongoing clemency bid for soldiers executed in 1917.