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Podcasts focused on Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. We discuss everything from current events, to sports to highlighting great organizations. There are podcasts highlighting everything!


Eau Claire, WI


Podcasts focused on Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. We discuss everything from current events, to sports to highlighting great organizations. There are podcasts highlighting everything!






More on Travis Hakes Development

Talk of the Town recaps what happened with the Travis Hakes situation over the weekend. Also, good news for Chippewa Valley Technical College and despite the rain, various events went off successfully in the region over the weekend


Raise Your Mug - The New EC Event District

Kathy Wright details how the first few weeks have gone at the new Eau Claire Event District. Including a review of the 2023 Country Jam weekend, the debut of the Reverb Music Event and the opening of the various event spaces. What are they already working to improve on...and what is this about a "ghost" and wondering if it made the move too?


Chippewa Valley Sports Watch presented by Toycen Ford

Is the Regis Rambler football program done dominating? Will Eau Claire North squeeze into the playoffs? Why this week is a "must win" for UW-Eau Claire Football


The Roast Presented by Cabin Coffee - Junior Achievement

Guests Kevin Schmidt – Local board member with Northwest Wisconsin Junior Achivement Susan Peterson – Regional Director for Northwest Wisconsin Junior Achievement We learn about a wonderful organization, Junior Achievement, and its regional presence which covers over 18,000 students. Susan and Kevin explore the role JA plays in the educational process. The way the organization brings real world experience into the classrooms. The real-life, practical knowledge that Junior Achievement provides. Why this is a wonderful experience for volunteers, who are able to give back simply by sharing their stories with area students. The annual JA Heros Gala, which honors long time friends of the program, is coming up in November.


Dan gives his opinion on the Travis Hakes news

Dan weighs in on the situation surrounding Chippewa County Sheriff Travis Hakes. Don’t forget about the upcoming dinner happening October 26th, get your tickets now! Marcon Unleashed


Its Time for a Collections Reality Check

Collections means so much more than just past-due payments! The Money Donuts® team meets with Kevin, Anthony, and Mitch from Royal’s collections to team to learn how they help borrowers understand their options to bring loan payments current, adjust to changing circumstances, and build sustainable budgets.


Let the Kids Play - 9/22

National Football League update through the first two weeks


Baking Goodness - Cake Donuts

No need to visit the local donut shop when you take the time to make your own cake donuts. Our fourth grade baker take us through the process to create your own little "donut stop" in your own home.


Travis Hakes: Rush to Judgement or Guilty?

Scott explains why Travis Hakes shows some signs of guilt, but also why patience is necessary from community before final judgement


Area's Indigenous Population History

Frank Smoot, longtime local historian and the museum developer for the Chippewa Area History Center, visits with Jodi and Olaf. He guides us through a discussion of the area’s indigenous population heritage. People have lived in this region for 11, 000 years yet it may be under researched and the reason why, is fascinating. Why the Ojibwa can be considered “immigrants” to Wisconsin? The Dakota’s history in the area. The relationship between various white settler groups and indigenous peoples


Mack Chat #38 - All in the Family

Sponsor Stelter Inc Guests: Sean, Paula and Megan Hanson The Mack Community feels like a family, and the school truly is a “family-experience” for the Hansons. Sean is the band director at McDonell. Paula teaches elementary music at Holy Ghost. Megan is a recent graduate and currently works at Holy Ghost. How has the school, and their faith, shaped their relationship. The interesting stories that led to Sean and Paula working at the school and why they elected to send all their kids here. Sean and Paula also discuss their deeper dive into the Catholic faith that has occurred over the years. The role music has played for them.


Buying Your 1st Home 101

It’s a competitive housing market, especially in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley, but that doesn’t mean its automatically difficult for prospective first time home buyers. With the right preparation and expectations, first timers can be very successful in the market place. - Money lending and understand there are many options - Time frame expectations. How long does the process take - The tax advantages to home ownership - Is a pre-approved letter necessary? - Is the Spring still the time to “buy & sell”? - What is the “perfect time” to buy and sell


Homecoming and Chris Kroeze

A major Chris Kroeze concert, delayed from this last summer, is finally going off this weekend in Menomonie in conjunction with the MHS Homecoming Celebration. Here is how this rescheduling came to be and the partnership between MHS and the city. In addition to the concert, hear about all the other exciting things happening around homecoming.


9/19 Talk of the Town

The talk show of record for Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. News out of Chippewa Valley Technical College with the announcement of a new mascot...important physical improvement at Regis High School...and the Eau Claire Area School District takes a look at graduation GPAs and what can be done to improve the numbers


The Unfiltered Game Plan presented by Valley Sports Academy

Brian Seubert, the owner of VSA, visits the podcast to give us insight on who he is. - Who is Brian? How having his (non-sports) dream career ripped from him, gives him important perspective he can share with VSA families. - The scope of all the businesses he owns, which goes far beyond VSA. - His mentors and inspirations - Where did the idea from VSA come from? - The future plans and his end goal with VSA


Law Talk presented by Herrick & Hart, SC #2

The podcast returns, introducing us to another member of the team, Allison. A native of the Upper Peninsula who was steered towards becoming a lawyer thanks to success in a unique high school extra-curricular. Her focus is family law and she details the particulars of that type of discipline. The team then turns its attention to discussing a recent case from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals that involves a 2019 Rusk County Dispute. Wiemer vs. Zeeland Farm Services. What is statute of limitations and how does it apply to this case? Also, is there a difference between alimony and maintenance? How does a court go about determining the amount of alimony/maintenance?


Adding a Rescue Dog to Your Family

Giving a rescue dog a forever home is rewarding experience. Heather is joined by La Crosse area accredited dog trainer Kerrie Hoar on this episode. Kerrie is the owner of the Crimson Hound, dog training service. The two discuss rescue dogs on this episode and what goes into adding one to your family. What are key things to know when adopting a rescue dog? Have an idea of how you see the dog working with you family. For instance, do you have children…do you want a dog that is a running partner…do you want your dog to be active or one that is more calming. Don’t under estimate the work involved with bringing a rescue dog home. Check out Kerrie’s business at crimsonhound.com


Not all Republicans are Behind Trump

Dan is back with you today catching you up on what you need to know about the presidential candidates for the upcoming election. Dan continues to have his concerns about Trump’s ability to defeat Biden and his track record in politics the last two years hasn’t been stellar. But, will anyone else be able to rise above him? Also, he reminds you to support the VFW on Starr Avenue which has re-opened. The Marcon crew helped raise over $1,100 dollars for the VFW and Dan encourages you to reach out to them to help with your fundraiser.


Let the Kids Play - 9/16

Derek takes at look at the Major League Baseball races and his thoughts as the UW-Eau Claire Blugolds hit week #3 of the football season at 1-1


Dunn County Sheriff

This week on the Menom Podcast The Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd joins Dustyn and Becca to talk about what it means to be a County Sheriff. How Kevin likes to have a sense of community for office and that it means to a lot to be a part of the community as an officer. How he got to become the County Sheriff. What does the County Sheriff do? That an officer in uniform will always be there for an officer in uniform to work together. A great episode about community on the Menom Podcast.