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We are your new home for news and opinions from the Left Coast. Ethan Bearman hits you with numerous updates throughout the day based on what is happening in the news, YOUR INPUT, and guest interviews.

We are your new home for news and opinions from the Left Coast. Ethan Bearman hits you with numerous updates throughout the day based on what is happening in the news, YOUR INPUT, and guest interviews.
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We are your new home for news and opinions from the Left Coast. Ethan Bearman hits you with numerous updates throughout the day based on what is happening in the news, YOUR INPUT, and guest interviews.




Dispatch 30 Biden Is In

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced today that he is in to win, to get the Democratic Party nomination and defeat President Trump. His name recognition is there and the polls appear to be on his side, but can he win it?


Dispatch 29 Barr Blows Smoke Before Earth Day

Attorney General Bill Barr is a shill. With the full 400+ page Mueller Report out (redacted, of course) We The People can see the depravity of this administration and care-less attitude about laws and the country. Plus, it is Earth Day and there are things we MUST do today. To save ourselves.


Dispatch 28 Assange Black Hole

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had his asylum revoked from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and was immediately arrested. Will he be extradited to the US to face charges for conspiracy with Chelsea Manning? And as Assange faces a black hole, scientists around the world worked to finally capture an image of a black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy. Why it's worth spending that money on science, even with our problems here on Earth.


Dispatch 27 Blond Bombs

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen is out. She's done terrible things like the family separation policy, but her replacement might be much worse. Also, my wife and I watched The Inventor on HBO about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. This story exemplifies the 1% and great ideas still need due diligence, not just family connections and a deeper voice.


Dispatch 26 The Border is US

The president threatened to shutdown the border with Mexico and just backtracked on that threat and shifted it to our stupid War on Drugs. I explain what's really going on the latest data/headlines, and an easy fix if people could get over their Othering.


Dispatch 25 Just Say No To Idiocracy

California Governor Newsom is heading to El Salvador to get a better understand of why people are fleeing Central America while President Trump's rally in Michigan shows his naricissism, disconnect from reality, and his fear-connecting focus on The Other. He is why we need to connect with each other as human beings and stop the prophetic march of Idiocracy.


Dispatch 24 Death Tax To Pay Teachers

Teachers are an undervalued linchpin in our society. Senator (and presidential candidate) Kamala Harris is proposing a modest pay increase for teachers using an expansion of the estate tax to pay for it.


Dispatch 23 Health and Housing Hell

The Trump Administration has ditched any last pretense of caring about Americans Health Care by directing the justice department to not defend any part of the Affordable Care Act. Plus, California's housing crisis is making for strange bedfellows.


Dispatch 22 AG Barr Crushes Conspiracy Claims

Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in his report on Friday. Trump's new minted AG Barr handed Congress his summary on Sunday. No Trump/Russia conspiracy, but NOT an exoneration on obstruction.


Dispatch 21 Lock Them Up

"Lock Her Up" has been chanted innumerable times and led by people like imprisoned Michael Flynn, now former AG Jeff Sessions at a Turning Point USA conference, and President Trump himself at CPAC. Does that apply to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for their use of private email and WhatsApp for official state business? Plus, on the one year anniversary of March For Our Lives, we have the tragic news of a second suicide this week of a student at Stoneman Douglas High School.


Dispatch 20 New Zealand Rejects Violence While Finland Fights With Facts

After the New Zealand terror attack on Muslims in their mosques, leadership from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern regarding the violence. And former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley shows Americans ignorance regarding health care and socialized medicine like that in Finland. Why are we so resistant to facts and logic which would allow us to improve our country?


Dispatch 19 Second Jury Rules Roundup Causes Cancer

The tide is turning, we are winning against the corruption in regulation against the poisons we are told to be safe. A second jury has found that Monsanto's Roundup CAUSED cancer in a person. Ethan explains the science behind it, why we need to stop using these poisons, and what you can do. Plus a Not The Onion related to health.


Dispatch 18 Devin Nunes Dumb Defamation Lawsuit

Congressman Devin Nunes filed a frivolous and anti-Constitutional, anti-free speech lawsuit against Twitter, a user, and two parody accounts. Ethan breaks down the lawsuit, the law, and why this is so wrong and any Republican who supports free speech and the rule of law should turn their backs on him.


Dispatch 17 Why Government Regulation Boeing EPA

We The People look to our government for regulation of things over which we don't have control. Boeing's 737 MAX is grounded for what might be a self-regulation problem. The EPA watered down regulations over a deadly chemical. And a Not The Onion to end on a lighter note.


Dispatch 16 Biden Almost In Alongside Beto

Vice President Joe Biden almost announced his candidacy last night in Delaware and walked it back, Senator Klobuchar gave an interview with Chuck Todd this morning on MTP and mentioned Beto, who announced his candidacy this week! Ethan handicaps the Democratic primary. Who do you think is the team to beat Trump in 2020?


Dispatch 15 All Terror Attacks Are Wrong But Not Equal

After the horrific terror attack by a majority group member against a minority group, many messages came in asking "what about..." An explanation of the difference, why all of these attacks are wrong, and why the Democratic Party should make the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights a Party Plank and emphasized.


Dispatch 14 Peace Not Xenophobia or Otherism

Horrific terror attack against Muslims inside mosques in New Zealand. The fear of The Other is deep in our brains and must be overcome consciously. And President Trump hasn't helped with his latest comments in Breitbart to follow his years of inflammatory statements. Connect with your fellow humans today. Choose peace.


Dispatch 13 Death Penalty Death Knell

Should the government be in the business of killing its own people? California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered the closure of the execution chamber at San Quentin. Ethan discusses his evolvement on the topic and why including a brief description Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development, specifically pre-conventional morality. Plus a Not The Onion befitting the topic.


Dispatch 12 College Corruption Controversy

A disgusting fraud in the upper reaches of high education was announced today regarding the 1% fraudlently buying their kids into top schools. Not buy donating as alumni or legacy, but fraud. Is it time we get people to think more about the trades as careers?


Dispatch 11 Trump 2020 Brutal Budget Breakdown

The Trump 2020 budget proposal came out and it marks a clear line between Democrats and Republicans. Plus, breaking news about the Boeing MAX 8 aircraft which has had 2 crashes. And a food you wouldn't expect would have a health claim makes the Not The Onion headline.