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A weekly dive into the big questions about this city of ours, hosted by Christina Greer, Azi Paybarah and Harry Siegel, and produced by Alex Brook Lynn.

A weekly dive into the big questions about this city of ours, hosted by Christina Greer, Azi Paybarah and Harry Siegel, and produced by Alex Brook Lynn.


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A weekly dive into the big questions about this city of ours, hosted by Christina Greer, Azi Paybarah and Harry Siegel, and produced by Alex Brook Lynn.








Episode 201: Dead Souls, Brooklyn Edition

A jam-packed episode for a jam-packed week of New York news, with Yoav Gonen of The City and Chris Sommerfeldt of the Daily News talking about all the candidates in Brooklyn who didn't even know they were on the ballot (including one candidate who isn't even alive), a dispatch from Alex Brook Lynn in Paris about sending formula across the Atlantic to frantic N.Y. moms, and Caroline Lewis of WNYC and Gothamist explaining what's happening with the state's rollout of legal weed and with the...


Episode 200: The Livest One

For the 200th episode of FAQ NYC, a conversation about the Notorious B.I.G. and Brooklyn with Justin Tinsley, author of the new biography It Was All a Dream: Biggie and the World That Made Him.


Episode 199: Albany Strangeness in the Multiverse of Map Madness

Map master Steven Romalewski and penetrating politics reporter Brigid Bergin do their best to explain what the hell is happening with our upcoming election, where the maps are still being drawn and not even the dates, plural, for various contests aren't entirely certain. Plus, Nick Pinto of the brand-new NYC journalism venture Hell Gate breaks down his story there about the NYPD's Stonewalling Attorney Called Out for Lying and Forging Emails.


Episode 198: The Cave Cop Who Transformed New York City

Michael Daly recalls his friend Jack Maple, the maker of the maps that changed everything.


Episode 197: Flipping the Albany Script With Eddie Gibbs

An awful lot of New York politicians end up going to prison but Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs, who spent 17 months in Rikers as a teen followed by four and a half years in state prisons, is the first to do it the other way around. He joins the pod for a conversation about that, "the bad old days" and the state of the city now, and rapping and performing comedy with legends including the late Big L and Biggie Smalls.


Episode 196: Everything At Once

A conversation from early Wednesday afternoon, before Frank James' arrest, about the train shooting and also Brian Benjamin' resignation.


Episode 195: The Big, Slow Ugly

Josefa Velasquez joins from Albany to break down the stop-and-start, hurry-up-and-wait path toward New York's forthcoming and already late $216 billion or so budget (and everything else) deal.


Episode 194: The More Things Change

Jeff Mays of the New York Times breaks down Kathy Hochul's troubles with Black voters, and Craig McCarthy of the New York Post looks at what is, and ain't, new with the NYPD's neighborhood policing initiative, its anti-gun unit, and its quality of life enforcement push.


Episode 193: The Coming Home Health Care Conundrum

Chinese American Planning Council President and CEO Wayne Ho joins the pod to talk about what Albany can do to make the economics of this work for New York's aging population, and much more.


Episode 192: Shots Fired in a Vital City

Elizabeth Glazer, the founder and co-editor of the new publication Vital City, joins the pod to talk about rising crime and the rising criminal justice reform tide in New York City, and what reformers can do to move past squishy root-causes rhetoric.


Episode 191: Chief Shenanigan Enthusiast

Prof. Christina Greer explains what makes Eric Adams like "a really good point guard" — and the Nets could use one for home games, by the way — and Amir Khafagy breaks down his reporting for Documented on how the city has let down the Twin Parks fire survivors now that they're no longer front-page news.


Episode 190: ‘Ain't Gonna Change Nothing’

Super-reporter Greg B. Smith breaks down why Eric Adams' promise to remove the homeless from the trains "right away" has been going nowhere fast.


Episode 189: This week in Mayor Adams

Alex Brook Lynn asks Katie Honan to walk us through a few of the top news items regarding our mayor in this past week in this shorter-than-usual FAQ episode. Katie gives our listeners some context for the Mayor's reaction to criticism over some of his controversial appointments and his interaction with the press, and we talk about the first few days of NYPD interaction and intervention with homeless people in the subway.


Dark Store Days: The State of New York Real Estate

We have a real estate roundup with three of NYC's favorite reporters covering the subject: Rebecca Baird-Remba from Commercial Observer, Stefanos Chen from The New York Times, and Rachel Holliday Smith from The City. For the past two years we have seen so much fluctuation: rents dip and then rise sharply, blocks of store fronts abandoned, hotels turned shelter turned back to hotel, and corner deli turned dark store. Our three guests unpack the prominent real estate issues facing New Yorkers...


Hustlers and Bureaucracy Choke the Undocumented Workers Fund

Rommel H. Ojeda talks with Harry Siegel about the sorry state of the Undocumented Workers Fund. The fund has been riddled with scams targeting workers and their debit benefit cards. The company responsible for the fund's distribution debit cards, Blackhawk, has abdicated all responsibility, leaving some workers without relief while their bills pile up.


Episode 186: Paid in Full

The great Ben Max rejoins Chrissy, Katie and Harry to talk about Eric A’s first trip to Albany, "fish-gate," and much more.


Episode 185: An Island Apart

Graham Rayman of the Daily News runs down the slow-motion disaster at the city's jails, and map maestro Steve Romalewski breaks down the new maps Albany's Democratic majority just drew up, and explains how we got here despite a voter-approved constitutional amendment for non-partisan redistricting .


Episode 184: The Blueprint

Eric Adams has talked the talk about balancing public safety and justice. Now, he's got to walk the walk.


Episode 183: Every New Yorker’s Nightmare

A look back at an exceptionally busy and difficult week in New York City.


Episode 182: A Nonprofit War on Workers?

Assemblymember Ron Kim breaks down his new report accusing a prominent social service organization of stealing wages from home-care workers, with the help of 1199SEIU.