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A weekly dive into the big questions about this city of ours, hosted by Christina Greer, Azi Paybarah and Harry Siegel, and produced by Alex Brook Lynn.


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A weekly dive into the big questions about this city of ours, hosted by Christina Greer, Azi Paybarah and Harry Siegel, and produced by Alex Brook Lynn.








Episode 278: ‘This Is Why Eric Adams Makes Sense’

Hosts Christina Greer and Harry Siegel discuss a damning new federal monitor report on New York's disastrous jails system, the mayor's political appeal and much more.


Episode 277: The Booksellers of Brooklyn Take Flight

Davi Marra and Briana Parker tell Harry Siegel about their plans for Lofty Pigeon Books, opening in Kensington at the end of the summer, and Dimitrios Fragiskatos tells Azi Paybarah about what led him to open Anyone Comics in Crown Heights — where Azi had his wedding! — and then Everyone Comics in Long island City.


Episode 276: A Retconned Origin Story

Hosts Katie Honan and Harry Siegel discuss the mayor's new account of being arrested and incarcerated as a teen, City Hall’s plans for newly arrived migrants, this summer’s lifeguard shortage and much more.


Episode 274: "At Best to Be Pitied, at Worst to Be Reviled"

In this off-cycle edition, host Katie Honan and organizing and outreach specialist at the Urban Justice Center Karim Walker discuss the arduous path from being homeless to being housed, the endless need for fresh socks, and the breakdown in trust that comes with a broken system.


Episode 273: City Stressed Out

In the wake of Jordan Neely's killing, hosts Christina Greer and Katie Honan break down subways, migrants, Black leaders, and more...


Episode 272: Party City: Casinos, Weddings, and Galas, Oh My!

From the $229 Billion Big Ugly to the downstate gambling boondoggle to free weddings at Gracie Mansion, hosts Christina Greer and Katie Honan run down another jam-packed week of everything coming up aces for at least some New Yorkers.


Episode 271: We Need To Hold the NYPD Accountable

Councilwoman Selvena Brooks-Powers of Queens joins the pod to discuss some of the council's street-safety and transportation bills and much more.


Episode 270: Digidogs Unleashed In ‘Fear City’

The GOP is swinging wildly at the Manhattan DA, the NYPD is sending in the bots, again, and much more from another jam-packed week in New York City.


Episode 269: Budget Breakdown: Mo Money Mo Problems

In this week's episode of FAQ NYC, Christina holds down the fort with special guest host Ben Max of Gotham Gazette. They break down NYC financial constraints, the delayed Albany budget, and Gov Hochul's recent chief judge nominee. They also discuss how the vision of Mayor Adams is meeting the realities of his governing style, the budget delays of Gov Kathy Hochul due to bail reform, and whether the Knicks and Nets will do well in the playoffs. It's a packed episode...Go Mets.


Episode 275: A Two-Trumpet Town

In the latest installment of his occasional series, Into Something, Greg Glassman and fellow trumpeter James Zollar play together, and talk about what it takes to make it a musician in the Big Apple and much more.


Episode 268: Trump Got Arrested and Life Went on As Usual Around NYC

An instant vintage time capsule of a street scene outside the courthouse that seemed like much ado about nothing.


Episode 267: What It Takes to Build Community Power

Rev. David K. Brawley, pastor of St. Paul’s Community Baptist Church in East New York and co-chair of the community organizing group Metro-IAF talks about the legacy of the Nehemiah Homes, what Mayor Eric Adams should know about mobilizing faith in politics, how to tackle New York City’s affordable housing crisis and much more.


Episode 266: Eric Adams' Excellent(?) Albany Adventure

The mayor's first trip last year was something of a let-down; will the sequel exceed expectations? Plus, a war on rats, a climate shot in the dark and much more.


Episode 265: What's In a (NYC).Name

Rebecca Bratspies discusses her book, “Naming Gotham: The Villains, Rogues, and Heroes Behind New York’s Place Names,” and dig into what our street names say about who gets to write the city’s history.


Episode 264: Who ❤️ We ❤️ NYC.nyc?

A conversation about Alvin Bragg's bid to take down Donald Trump, the NYPD's disdain for the CCRB, a much maligned new version of a beloved old logo, and much more.


Episode 263: Invisible Viruses on the Big Screen

Dr. Steven Thrasher — curator of the Viruses on Film series screening at BAM now — talks about the experience of people coming together to watch movies about something that's everywhere but can't be seen. .


Episode 262: Of Mayors and Mekons

A story about the time that Phil Banks said stop-and-frisk wasn't a thing, plus a post-credits mini-concert from Jon Langford of the Mekons, performing last week in Alphabet City.


Episode 261: A Bad Look for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

The progressive icon didn’t pay her hair person or makeup artist until after the Congressional Ethics Committee started looking into her Met Gala appearance, as a guest of Vogue, in that “Tax the Rich” gown. Meantime, the city’s budget season is heating up and the mayor and the City Council have very different ideas about how much the city should be spending and Eric Adams is fed up with masks. All that and much more from another jam-packed week in New York City gets discussed on the latest episode of THE CITY’s FAQ NYC podcast.


Episode 260: A Pot Seller’s Post-Prohibition Plan

Bronxite Jason Morales has been selling pot, and racking up pot-related arrested, for 20-plus years. Now, he's thinking about a license and hoping for some support from the state that's promised to do legalization the right way and make right its historical wrongs — but has yet to issue a single license in the borough.


Episode 259: Phil, Till the Next Episode

Was Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Philip Banks’ “episode” — his word — in which he answered a couple pre-submitted questions from the public, but refused to answer one from a journalist, the newest entry in the Eric Adams extended universe?