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Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.

Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.




Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.






Building Biodiversity for a Successful Farming Future

As we near next month’s UN Biodiversity Conference – COP 15 – we take a look at a different side of climate change: biodiversity and conservation. On this month’s episode, Senior Biodiversity Specialist Nadine Azzu tells us about her expectations for the conference, and we learn more about the landmark agreement that first brought biodiversity to the table: The Convention on Biological Diversity. We also hear about three IFAD projects that put biodiversity and conservation at the forefront...


The Inside Scoop on Climate Change in Africa

This month’s episode of Farms.Food.Future is all about climate change in Africa. We focus on accomplishments – and shortcomings – on the continent. IFAD’s own Jo Puri introduces IFAD’s climate goals and the expectations for COP27. Our regional specialists Paxina Chileshe and Pathe Sene give us updates on projects in Africa as well as an African perspective on expectations for COP27. We talk to a climate activist and podcaster from Kenya who shares her work with us as well as a message for...


Fighting Climate Change in South Asia

From chefs in India to fisheries in the Maldives, on this month’s episode of Farms.Food.Future. we examine how the relationship between agriculture and climate change is affecting South Asia. We also reflect on 75 years of independence in India and Pakistan and learn about IFAD’s work in Bhutan and the Maldives. Having spoken to youth leaders and participants, we wrap up our agribusiness hubs miniseries with a conversation with the donors who make this work possible. Our guests tell us...


Racking up Renewables in Africa

This month we’re focusing on renewable energy. Fossil fuels are dwindling and access to energy is already a scarcity in Africa. Now, people are turning to renewable energy technology. We’ll first talk with energy specialist Dan Martin to learn about these technologies and how IFAD incorporates them into their projects. We also talk to a farmer to learn more about the reality of renewable energies on the ground. This episode also continues to look at nutrition. We talk with Dr. Roba about...


Good Nutrition Better Lives - Focus on Africa

In Africa, just under 800 million people are facing food insecurity. And that situation is made worse by a triple crisis - COVID-19, climate change and conflict. In this podcast our team in Nairobi, Dakar and Cairo take us on a journey through the nutrition landscape for small scare farmers across the continent of Africa. Also in podcast 34 we go to Lesotho to see how CO2 emissions from farming are being reduced. We have the second part of our series focusing on Youth Agribusiness Hub -...


Building Resilience in a Time of Famine

20 million people in the Horn of Africa are at risk of starvation, largely due to a four year drought which has created the driest conditions in the area in forty years. Dr. Joseph Awange and IFAD’s Satu Santala look at the root cause of famine and the solutions we can put in place. Also joining us is climate specialist Paxina Chileshe who looks at resilience building for rural communities in east and southern Africa. Plus, we hear from two farmers in Kenya about how they are dealing with...


Insects as Food and Feed

This month's episode focuses on the use of insects as food for humans and feed for livestock. Dr. Eric Smaling from Wageningen University provides a global perspective on increasing the impact of edible insects. Dr. Sevgan Subramanian at ICIPE talks about turning plagues of pests into protein. IFAD's Antonio Rota also joins us. Chef Joseph Yoon of Brooklyn Bugs and Shobhita Soor of Legendary Foods Africa talk about the culinary, cultural, nutrition and business side of things. Back in the...


Closing The Social Justice Gap

This month we focus on the issue of social justice for rural communities. We talk to IFAD’s Associate Vice President Jo Puri about the problem of growing social inequality. Wageningen University's Professor Ken Giller looks at how food systems can be transformed for rural prosperity. And then Food For Soul's Lara Gilmore tells us how she and her Michelin starred chef-husband, Massimo Bottura, are opening up opportunities for social and economic mobility. Also news from the Alliance for Food...


Putting Nature at the Heart of Farming

In this month’s edition we focus on biodiversity and agriculture. As the CBD COP15 takes place in China we're talking about a new biodiversity strategy – putting sustainable agriculture at the heart of IFAD’s operations. Also we’ll be hearing from IFAD projects that mainstream biodiversity conservation in Haiti, Turkey and Eswatini. And we see how ecological farming in Bangladesh is reaping rewards. Plus we’ll be making a deep dive in to yak wool production and news of how artificial...


Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In this month’s edition we’ll be focusing on International Women’s Day 2022. We’ll be talking to the IFAD gender and social inclusion lead Ndaya Beltchika. Also we have news from projects that won the IFAD Gender Awards with reports from Tunisia, Nigeria, Kenya, Nicaragua and the Philippines. And we’ll also be hearing from a Buddhist nun in South Korea. Known as the philosopher chef, Jeong Kwan has an interesting take on sustainable food systems and cooking. This is Farms. Food. Future. – a...


What's in Store for Food Security and Farming in 2022

Three big things for 2022 in the world of food security and agricultural development - we'll be finding out all about that with IFAD’s Associate Vice President Dr Jo Puri. Also we check in on how the UN Decade of Family Farming is doing as it approaches it's third birthday. Plus fish farming in Zambia and Uganda. We find out what canoes have got to do with adapting to climate change in Tonga. And we take a look at soil scanner technology at work in Africa. Then we’re taking a trip to the...


Innovating Agriculture Into the Future

In our end of year edition we’re focusing on all things innovative in the world of agriculture with agro-preneurs from Australia, Africa and Asia. We're talking to the people at Nurture Farm who are helping small scale farmers access the right information at the right time. We’re finding out how Eden Green Technology are changing communities with just 1 1/2 acres. And forget Hello Kitty we're saying Hello Tractor. Also we have news from an innovative farming operation in Australia which has...


Expanding the Blue Economy in East and Southern Africa

In this month’s edition we focus on the blue economy in East and Southern Africa and potential opportunities and the challenges for government, the private sector and small-scale producers. Speaking to us is IFAD’s Sara Mbago-Bhunu, ocean expert Dr. Ishmeal Kimirei and aquaculture specialist Richard Abilla. We’ll also hear from the private sector and the people on the ground as talk to small-scale producers in Eritrea, Mohamed Seid Ibrahim and Masqela Hailemariam. And they share how they...


Adapt Now - climate change and small scale farmers

In this month’s edition we focus on climate change and farming, talking with Simon Wilson of the Green Climate Fund. IFAD’s Jyotsna Puri will be telling us about ASAP+ as we approach the UN Climate Summit, COP26, in Glasgow. Also there's a new report on crops and climate change from the University of Cape Town. And IFAD’s President, Gilbert Houngbo, talks about the findings in IFAD’s Rural Development Report with Raj Kumar from news agency Devex. We have news direct from the farm in...


Balancing Biodiversity with Agricultural Development

We’re focusing on the upcoming UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting, which is taking place in China this October. With agriculture one of the major causes of biodiversity loss, IFAD's Jo Puri will be talking about how can we balance biodiversity conservation with agricultural development. And Renée Ankarfjärd will be telling us all about the Biodiversity Advantage Two Report. Also we’ll be talking to IFAD’s Associate Vice President Donal Brown about the ongoing response to the...


Connecting Farmers to the Food Systems Summit

In this month’s edition we continue to focus on the first ever UN Food Systems Summit and we’ll be hearing from IFAD's President Gilbert Houngbo and hearing the messages for the Summit from farmers living in developing countries. We talk to Ertharin Cousin, one of the official Champions of the Summit, CEO and President of Food Systems for the Future, and ex-head of the World Food Programme. Also we’ll have Jonathan Davies, lead on agriculture at the International Union for the Conservation...


Food Systems Facing the Future

In this episode, we hear from IFAD’s Associate Vice President Donal Brown, who tells us about how IFAD is preparing for the UN’s Food System Summit and gives us updates on the COVID 19 crisis. We then cross over to Peru for the final part of our series on Women Leaders in Afro Caribbean Communities in South America, this time focusing on climate change. After that, we have news on vertical farming, strategies to fight gender imbalance, and a report from Linda Odhiembo on how regional...


Food systems: From Farm to Plate

In this month's episode, we focus on food systems. Kicking off we have Martin Frick, Deputy Special Envoy for the Food Systems Summit, who tells us what exactly a food system is. We then check in with IFAD’s Associate Vice President Meike van Ginneken about IFAD's perspectives on the summit and what it can bring to the debate. Next, we talk gender and cuisine with Brazilian Chef Bela Gil, who also tells us how chefs can use their influence to encourage sustainable consumption. We also hear...


Putting Environment at the Heart of Farming

In this episode we celebrate World Environment Day. IFAD’s Marie Haga and Jo Puri talk about how IFAD is balancing development and the environment when it comes to development. And then with Africa Climate Week coming up we have innovative tales from East and Southern Africa. Plus a new report on Nature Based Solutions in agriculture. We talk to Kehkashan Basu, a UN Human Rights Champion, about how the environment inspired her. Also we check in on changes to environmental policies in...


Episode 19 Farming, COVID and Mental Health

In this episode, we have the latest from IFAD’s Associate Vice President Donal Brown on how small scale farmers are dealing with the COVID 19 Crisis. Also we talk farmers mental health under the pandemic. Then we see how Geographical Information Systems are helping make investments in the right place at the right time in Malawi. Also we have news from West Africa on a competition for the best husband, from Europe on art and agriculture and our mini-series on Afro-descendent communities in...