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Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.

Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.




Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.






New Frontiers in Sustainable Farming

In this episode, we say goodbye to a year full of uncertainty and changes, but also adaptation, innovation and improvement. IFAD’s Associate Vice President Donal Brown will give us the latest on IFAD’s response to the pandemic and its expected impact in 2021. We’ll be talking about disability inclusion and about Gender-Based Violence and hear from the Slow Food Foundation about the Terra Madre 2020 event. Experts on agroecology Miguel Altieri and Salvatore Ceccarelli will be joining us to...


Innovations In Agriculture during COVID-19

In this month’s programme we’ll be travelling around the world hearing about new technologies that focus on ensuring food security. But first we hear the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on agriculture in the developing world from Marie Haga, Associate Vice-President at IFAD. Our journey begins in Côte d’Ivoire in Sub Saharan Africa, where Florent Clair from Chemical Industrial Company UPL will tell us about their latest biotechnological products. Heading up northeast from...


Recovering. Rebuilding. Resilience. under COVID19

In this month’s programme we get the latest on the COVID 19 Crisis from IFAD’s Associate Vice President Donal Brown. News on nutrition from Laos and a report on getting youth right in development. We also talk to a leading light of the agro-ecological movement in Italy Marco Minciaroni. Plus – lights, camera, action - we hear from IFAD’s Director for the Near East, North Africa and Europe about her recent move in to the film business. Then we have the next in our Meet the Experts – this...


Building Back Better - Investing In Farming Under Covid-19

In this month’s programme, we hear from IFAD's Associate Vice President Marie Haga about how vital it is under COVID-19 for governments to invest in rural communities in developing countries. Also we talk to coffee giant Lavazza about how coffee growing communities are fighting the pandemic. And news on ways to fight land degradation in Africa from the World Agroforestry Centre. We have the next episode in our Meet the Experts mini-series and another adventure with IFAD's Recipes for Change...


Building Farmers’ Resilience to Cope With COVID19

As COVID 19 remains prevalent, our attention is on building farmers’ resilience, specifically in Latin American. We start with a conversation with FAD’s Associate Vice President Donal Brown who shares how COVID 19 is effecting farming communities across the developing world. Then, our first offering is a new series, Meet the Experts. Followed by stories from Brazil, Bolivia, Chili and Peru. We conclude with our Recipes for Change segment with celebrity Italian chef, Carlo Cracco. For more...


Keeping Farmers in Focus in a COVID 19 World

Keeping Farmers in Focus with the latest on the COVID 19 Crisis and how farming communities are coping with the crisis. We spoke to IFAD’s President Gilbert Hongbou. We also took a at the world of livestock farming with Antonio Rotta, to explore what the hot issues are and where the innovations are coming from. Plus we visited livestock projects in Kenya with Guyo Roba in Nairobi. Also we talked to the boss of the 4 per thousand initiative, Paul Luu – about how healthy soils can act as a...


Young People In Agriculture Before, During, And Post COVID-19

How is IFAD helping young farmers cope with the COVID-19 crisis and build resilience for the future? This month we will hear from IFAD's Associate Vice President, Paul Winters, on this topic and more. Rahul Antao, from IFAD's youth team, will tell us all about youth empowerment and the agribusiness hubs. We will take you to the Pacific Islands where Recipes for Change Chef Lance Seeto has some news to share about his new Fijian restaurant. Danietta Apisai will also join us from Kiribati for...


Balancing The Pandemic, Biodiversity And Farming

We have news on how farmers in the developing world are dealing with the COVID 19 crisis from IFAD’s Marie Haga. Also IFAD’s UN Goodwill Ambassadors actors Idris and Sabrina Elba talk to us about why they support IFAD and its recently launched Facility that’s designed to deal with the impacts of the crisis. We celebrate World Environment Day with IFAD's Margarita Astralaga. And we have the latest on why land rights are so important. Plus Italian Celebrity Chef Carlo Cracco tells us all...


Investing In Food During Coronavirus

In this month’s programme we have an update on IFAD's operations and the corona virus pandemic. We are also focusing on Food and Forests. We have news on nutrition and development with IFAD’s Joyce Njoro. And we hear from two of Africa’s most important chefs Chef Ali Artiste and Chef Ska Moteane. They've been out and about visiting IFAD projects in their region. Plus more news of what IFAD is doing on forestry with a look at Morocco. And we hear from Chris Smaje who champions smallholder...


Dealing with the Covid-19 Crisis

We’re coming to you ahead of schedule with an extra edition to give you an important update from IFAD’s President Gilbert Houngbo on the impacts of corona virus on IFAD’s work with farmers in developing countries, and what we’re putting in place to keep doing what we do. The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the world’s economy is going to be extremely severe. And that includes the agricultural sector. Restrictions on the movement of people, goods and services, as well as containment...


Indigenous Peoples in the Farming Front Seat

With the 19th UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues taking place in New York in April we focus on Indigenous Peoples issues around agriculture. Talking to us is Mattea Galletti, IFAD’s lead technical specialist on indigenous peoples’ issues, Wolde Tadesse, a board member of the Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility at IFAD, and Dalí Nolasco Cruz a member of the Indigenous Terra Madre Networks Advisory Board. Also news on what happened when the Farmers Forum got together here in Rome....


Women Powering the Farming Future

It’s International Women’s Day and we speak to IFAD’s lead on gender and social inclusion Ndaya Beltchika. Also we have news from partner projects working on the frontline for women’s rights in Uganda and India. After that we’ll be putting the Glam back in to the Green movement and what sustainable fashion means for farmers And we hear how solar cookers could be an interesting option for lowering emissions from cooking in developing countries. This is Farms. Food. Future. – a podcast...


Keeping Farming Real

In this month’s programme we look at one of the most pressing issues facing farming today – that of youth and what’s being done to offer interesting and viable options for life on the farm for young people in developing countries . We have highlights from IFAD’s Advocate for Rural Youth Sherrie Silver and African pop star Mr Eazi - that’s from their recent interview on the BBC. Also we’ll look at how IFAD is standing out from the crowd when it comes to getting the job done of development in...


Action on Climate for Farmers

In this month’s bumper edition of Farms. Food. Future. presented by Brian Thomson we’ve been all over the UNFCCC COP25 Climate Conference in Madrid. We have news from farmers in South Africa, on biodiversity and agriculture in South America, we look at the outcome of the UN Climate Conference and we hear what chefs, footballers and IFAD have in common. This is Farm. Food. Future. – a podcast that’s Good for You, Good for the Planet and Good for Farmers brought to you by the International...


Farmers On The Climate Front Line

Find out about the upcoming climate conference in Madrid and why it's important for farmers. We hear from Malawi where women are leading the way to create a thriving farm sector against the backdrop of increasingly severe weather and drought. Over in Bhutan we have news fresh from the Himalayas about new adaptation techniques that help farmers improve their family’s food security. And celebrity chef Cristina Bowerman tells us why she supports IFAD's Recipes for Change initiative. This is...


It's all about Farms. Food. Future.

Every month we’re asking you to pull up a chair, sit down and tune in as show host Brian Thomson chats about the the challenges smallholder farmers in developing countries are facing around food security. Farms. Food. Future. is brought to you by the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development and includes interviews with the experts plus a dose of celebrity. We talk to people across the world, those who see the need to act and of course – let’s not forget the people who make it...