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Air Interdiction Agent Mark Thomas on flying rescue missions during Hurricane Harvey

Air Interdiction Agent Mark Thomas discusses his experiences flying rescue missions in a Blackhawk helicopter during Hurricane Harvey in Texas.


When you are called to war, everything changes

Sargeant Lisa Crutch of the United States Army was always drawn towards the Military. At the age of 30, she enlisted, and years later received orders to be deployed to Iraq. Sargeatn Crutch shares her journey, and how everything changes once you've experienced a war.


First responders as a community of impact

Host Mark Ericson sits down with Chief of Police in Hampton, New Hampsire, Richard Sawyer. Hampton, New Hampshire is famous for being a tourist attraction, and swells in population for the summer months. The chief will talk about the challenges the department faces in the line of duty, as well as the community impact the Seacoast of New Hampshire has as first responders.


How one overdose survivor thanks first responders

Ryan Fowler is a 3 time over-dose survivor. Now, in recovery, and thru his work, he talks with firefighters and other first responders about his story. It was a pair of firefighters who revived him when he overdosed for the last time, and through telling his story with fire departments, Ryan was reconnected with the two firefighters that revived him on the day of his last overdose.


K-9's in the line of duty

First responders aren't always human. Police K-9's have a valuable role in our communities as first responders. Mark Ericson talks with one organization that trains K-9's to serve our communties. www.workingdogfoundation.org


One call can change everything: Sergeant David James lives to tell his story

Being a first responder comes with lots of unknowns. The life of a first responder can change dramatically and quickly when called to the line of duty. A regular shift can take on a whole new meaning with just one call. The law enforcement career of David James, Sargeant for the Richmond County Sheriff’s office, began in 1986. One day in March of 1990, David’s life and career changed forever.


My path to the land of Sobriety: Officer Patrick Cullinan's personal journey

First responders experience many trafic circumstances throughout their careers. As a result, many organizations work to create a space for first responders to talk about what they went through. Patrick Cullinan, struggled during the first part of his career in law enforcement, and lives to share his story, how his career has changed for the good, and discusses the importances of "coming clean".


Project S.A.V.E: A 7 year old saved from cardiac arrest

Host Mark Ericson talk with Richard Lamphier about Project S.A.V.E, a division of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. It's thru their program, and training efforts, that first responders were able to assist a 7 year old child in cardiac arrest. www.choa.org


Todd McAllister: Maintaining balance as a long time first responder

Todd McAllister began his career as a first responder and transitioned to the sherrif's department after being inspired by his twin brother. The challenges of a first responder are many, but Todd has a strong sense of balance between those challenges and having respect for the relationships and bonds he's built while in the line of duty.


Scott Benjamin: Firefighters perform many levels of rescue

Columbus firefighter Scott Benjamin shares his experience about a recent rescue at a nearly frozen pond. Being a first responder means being ready whenever a call comes in, and Benjamin demonstrates his call to duty, and explains what's involved when a call of this nature comes in.


Robert Merner, Police: His story of the Boston Marathon bombing 2013

Currently, Robert Merner is the police chief of Portsmouth, NH. Just 5 years ago, he was one of 3 key officers and investigators involved in the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th, 2013. Host Mark Ericson talks with Merner about his career, what happened that day, and what role he took in the investigation.


Mark Rine Columbus Firefighter: His story beyond the line of duty

Columbus Firefighter Mark Rine was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2012, doctors said he wouldn't live more than five years. He's still alive and still doing what he can to help other firefighters save themselves. This is his story.